30 Side Hustle Ideas (2022)


Sometimes you might not feel like the amount of money you’re making from your job is enough so then what do you go for? That is when making money from side hustling apps comes in. The whole idea of side hustling is working a little extra to gain a little extra. Therefore, instead of getting demotivated by the little returns that you might get in the beginning of your job, focus on the larger picture and always keep moving forward. A side hustle job that doesn’t contrast your personality and is something that you are passionate about is just pure luck. Which is why looking for a side hustle job that you are most comfortable with is very important, so here is everything you need to know about side hustling apps.

30 Best Side Hustling Opportunities

1. Tutoring

If you are good at Math, English, or Science, you should look for a job as a tutor.

The demand for tutors is really high in the world right now.

Everyone wants their kids to excel and the best way to ensure that that happens is through a personal tutor.

If you are passionate about teaching, it is a great side hustle. 


Tutoring doesn’t take much time and you can finish your quota of work for each day in just an hour or two daily. This ensures that you have time for your main job as well as your side hustle without the risk of burnout. You can keep tutoring and turn it into a real full-time business or you can just earn a few hundred dollars each month.

The thing about tutoring is that you can either do it locally or you can take your business online and increase your audience as well as your revenue. The entry fee in this business is minimal and all you need is a good High-School level understanding of the subjects.

What to expect?

You should expect yourself to be working on gathering a user base via social media, local ads, word of mouth, newspaper ads, etc.

How much can you earn?

It depends on the subject, type of student, and the grade you’ll be teaching. The pay can range from $10-$75 per hour.

2. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the biggest market for retail and even wholesale products in the world.

Most people think that Amazon owns and sells the products on their platform, but this is not the case. 

Most of the products sold on the platform are from other businesses and third-party sellers who pay Amazon fees to display their products on the website.

Amazon Affiliate

They either ship the products themselves or let Amazon handle all the shipping and transactions themselves, even the customer service/returns, for an additional cost of course.

So, if you plan to open an online store as a side hustle, Amazon is a great place to look for. An online store cuts the cost of a real shop and increases the audience base at your disposal. 

There is a lot of competition on Amazon, but there is a huge audience too. You can use Amazon ads (which is highly recommended) to boost your visibility on the website and gain more traction. You don’t need to be on the top, just high enough to make some extra cash.

How long before you start earning money?

On Amazon, you can start earning within a month or two of filing your inventory on Amazon.

How much money can you make?

An online store is a very lucrative business and you could be earning six or seven figures as this can scale very quickly.

3. Teaching a Skill

There are other ways of earning cash by tutoring someone that doesn’t involve academics.

If you have a skill that you are good at and passionate about, you can use that as an opportunity to spread the knowledge you’ve gained and earn some extra cash along the way.

These skills can range from teaching how to ride a horse to giving swimming classes to art classes and much more.

Teaching a Skill

The possibilities are endless. You can either look for clients locally or you can look online. 

Surely you must also know a lot of people who are working as an instructor and teaching kids or even adults a skill that they’ve mastered over the years. If you do, just ask them how easy it is to keep this as a side hustle.

You can give one on one lessons or you can teach in groups. While groups will earn you more cash, they’ll also demand more time. So be careful

What to expect at the start?

When you’re just starting out, you need to post local ads (paper fliers, Facebook ads, craigslist posts, and other social media sites). Or if you are planning to work online, you can use one of the above-mentioned platforms to boost your audience.

How much can you earn?

This really depends on the niche you’re working in and the kind of clients that you get.

4. Instacart

Instacart is another way of earning money as a side hustle. Getting paid to shop sounds like a sweet deal and that is exactly what Instacart offers. 

Instacart is a grocery delivery service for those who cannot go out to buy them themselves.

This can be because they are busy or just too lazy.

So instead of going out to buy groceries, Instacart offers help from other people.


You can register on Instacart and go shopping for groceries for other people and deliver them to their doorsteps. It is that simple. 

Instacart is basically a glorified delivery service that allows anyone to become a delivery boy and get paid for it. On Instacart, you get credits for every delivery that you make. It can be a good source of some extra income, especially if you live in a metropolitan city that offers easy and cheap connectivity to nearby places.

Instacart offers flexible hours that you can choose on your own, so you don’t need to worry about a tight schedule. You can work late in the evening after your primary work or you can work on weekends.

How long will it take to earn money?

Earning won’t take long. You can get paid on your first job itself, so it really depends on the time it takes you to get your first order which usually takes 2-3 days.

How much will you be earning?

People have reported earning $500-$600 a week, but these are the people who spend all their time on this platform. If you spend your free time, you can easily make 100 bucks a week.

5. Proofreading and Editing

Editing and proofreading is probably one of the most popular ways to earn some extra cash.

It is a very in-demand service and would be a great help to get yourself some more money.

A lot of businesses, sites, and even non-profit organizations are in need of editing and proofreading services.

So, if you are someone who has a great grasp in the English language, you can become a freelance proofreader and editor. 

Proofreading and Editing

These are pretty easy jobs to begin with but they’re also time-consuming. The best thing about them is you can work whenever you want and don’t need to learn some crazy skills to be able to edit texts or proofread them. Editing is more complex compared to proofreading and will also get you more money. Proofreading is easier, less complicated, and less time-consuming. 

You can find clients on the internet or in your local area. Sites like Upwork will also help you find clients from all over the world.  

How long will it take to earn money?

You will be earning as soon as you find your client and finish the job they ask you to do. It will usually take a month or less. 

How much will you be earning?

Your income will depend on the type of client you get and the type of work you will be getting. How you do your work also plays a quiet significant role. The income council ranges from $8 to $20 per hour or more.

6. YouTube

YouTube is the most famous and a more serious long-term side hustle opportunity.

It can be the most fun too, as well as very hectic. It is similar to blogging except it deals with videos rather than written content.

You will not earn much in the first year but if your channel is good and follows the YouTube algorithms, you can expect the earning to grow if your channel grows in the second or third year.


 You can earn through sponsorships, where you will have to sponsor a brand in your videos and get paid for it. You can also earn through ad revenue and have your money split with YouTube, when people watch your videos they’re most likely to watch the ads too. You can also become an affiliate for various brands and products where you get paid a cut every time someone purchases from the brand through your videos. 

Even though this might get you good amounts of money, YouTube isn’t 100% passive income. If you stop uploading content, you're most likely to stop getting views to your older content too, but even then, it scales pretty fast and then you don’t have to work as hard as you did in the start and still earn a lot. 

How long before you start making money?

It is a long-term plan and you don’t earn much in the first year. So, it’s better to start it a few years before you start an actual job just to be earning a handsome amount. 

How much money can you make?

When it comes to YouTube it's all about the views. There is a lot of conflict about the income depending on the subscribers but it actually varies. What really matters is the number of views you get every month. 

More than 500,000 subscribers can possibly get you a full-time income and you might be earning 6 figures per year or even more. Some YouTubers earn a full-time income having far less subscribers like 100-200k. That much can be earned from ad revenue that YouTube has, so if you get to sponsor a brand and affiliate deals, you can earn a six figure income per year, easily. Most popular channels with 80-90k or 2-6 million subscribers and plenty of views earn in millions.

7. Blogging

Blogging is a side hustle idea that many people chose while working a full-time job.

You have to have some practice before you start blogging and it is slow to get started.

Once you have started, it provides you with a high long-term earning potential and blogging isn’t exactly stressful or demanding from a technical point of view. 

Start blogging with a narrow niche as it makes riches.


Choosing the content of the blog is important because you will have to stay consistent with your content in order to attract as much audience as possible. Something that is not just trendy but helpful like specific books or healthcare is a great way to start since trends die out pretty soon. 

There was a blog about swimming pools maintenance that earned $400,000 a year. So, choosing the topic that has interesting and helpful content is useful. 

How long does it take to make money?

With blogging, you have to understand that you are most probably not going to earn much the first 12 months. You should expect to earn below $1,000 a month. The first year of blogging is spent on dedicating work to gain an audience. 

Blogging takes dedication and time; it is not something to gain extra cash for a few months or a year. This is the type of side hustle that is more long-term and is one of the most lucrative side hustles that take over 2-4 years. Do not choose this as a side hustle if you want to get paid in months. 

How much money can you earn?

After a year or so, you can earn multiple six figures per year through blogging. That of course depends on the niche, your work, and the consistency. There are blogs who work so hard and have such good content and audience that they make more than a million dollars a year. Of course, these are an exception and probably run by a bunch of people who work on it full-time.

8. Podcasting

If you are someone who likes to gain and share knowledge

this can be a good idea for a side hustle.

You don’t have to be an expert on a topic to start a podcast

you can be an average guy with average knowledge about some topic and side podcasting can still work for you.


There is a stigma around podcasting that your voice should be deep and clear and you should have a deep knowledge base to start your podcast, but this is not true. There are tons of successful podcasts in which a host is an average person showing his ‘interest’ not ‘knowledge’ on a certain topic with a normal voice. 

You can start a podcast on any topic you like ranging from fitness to politics to science and celebrity drama. All you need is enough interest in the topic to talk about them on a regular basis. 

Podcasts earn money through sponsorships and advertisements. Even though some popular podcasts generate a six-figure revenue, this business isn’t as lucrative for the masses as YouTube and blogging are right now.

How long does it take to make money?

It depends on the popularity of your blog but it generally takes 6-12 months to generate a substantial flow of income

How much money can you make?

You can make decent amounts of money, but to get to a six-figure mark, you have to make this your full-time job and focus on popularizing the content.

9. Photography

Photography was thought of as a professional career and not something that common people could pursue.

But there have been a lot of advancements in technology that have made the semi-professional cameras that common people own worthy of taking high-quality pictures.

So, if you have a good camera and the skills required to take good photos, 


You can look for a job as a photographer in your local area. You can look for gigs at local parties and events. You can even charge people to take photos at weddings. 

It’s not just the advancement in camera technology but computer software that enhances these photos like Photoshop has also evolved to a point that even with mediocre camera skills, you can turn simple photos into good aesthetic photos.

All you need to do is gather up your gear and look for gigs.

How long does it take to make money?

Not long. All you need to do is showcase your skills on the internet and look for gigs in newspapers and social media and you’ll be paid on your first gig after you’ve discussed the terms of your job.

How much money can you make?

You can earn from anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a thousand per month depending on the niche you’re working in. Professional headshots, wedding, and engagement photos are two niches that pay well.

10. Translation

During the times of Sir Isaac Newton, knowing more than one language was seen as a necessary skill as well as a show of class and education.

People would learn languages just to showcase their skills and superiority.

In today’s time, if you know more than one language, you can put it to good use by becoming a translator and earning some extra cash on the side.


If you are multilingual, there are a lot of jobs available that require you to translate certain documents from one language to another. 

If you already speak these languages, then this can be a good idea for side hustling since the barrier for entry in this job is practically zero as you already know these languages. 

You can find work for your skill through websites like Upwork.com and Freelancer.com, which are freelance marketplaces that offer all sorts of professional services and clients. 

How long to make money:

It’ll just take you a month or two to research the necessary certifications that are required to enter this job and then you can start finding clients.

How much you can earn:

You can earn $5-30 per hour and possibly, even more, depending on the place you live in and the niche you’re working in. For example, an expert in legal documents usually earns more than the average.

11. Kindle Publishing

If you are a writer and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of physical products, packaging, inventory, returns, publishing houses, etc.,

then you can work by uploading your work on Amazon Kindle and selling your work as an eBook on the online platform.

You can publish a book directly to Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing and start earning money as soon as it’s published 

Kindle Publishing

How long to make money:

It usually takes an average user one to three months to publish the book, create the listing, and start selling.

How much you can earn:

Your earning can range from a hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. This income isn’t static. The income tends to rise in the beginning and then it slowly starts to reduce after 6-12 months for most sellers. If you want to maximize your earning on the platform, then you need to have a long-term plan where you market your book on social media and other platforms while publishing multiple titles like in a series.

12. Dog Walking

If you have ever lived in a major city, you must have seen some guy with at least 10 convoluted leases in his hand walking 10 dogs at the same time.

People who don’t know any better would think that this person is some crazy dog lover, but the fact is, that person was probably a professional dog walker.

If you love pets and have spare time, you can look for the easy job of dog walking. 

Dog Walking

Note that you should only look for this job in a city and rural areas will be really low paying for the work you’d be doing.

How long to start earning money:

On average, it’d take you around one to four weeks to start your career as a professional dog walker. 

How much you can make:

It really depends on the number of dogs you’re walking and the city you’re working in. You could be earning anywhere around $10-100+ per day. You can be earning more in expensive cities like San Francisco or New York.

13. Sell Advertising Space on your Vehicle

While some side hustle ideas require you to do some work, others will generate a passive income for you while you do nothing.

This is exactly what happens in selling advertising space on your vehicle.

If you own a vehicle, chances are that you are going to drive around for your personal use, so why not make some extra cash while doing so.

Sell Advertising Space on your Vehicle

You can set your car for selling ad space on your car. All you need to do is go to a client or use a site like Wrapify and put an ad on your car. 

You will get paid on a contractual basis for a given period of time. If you’re living in a densely populated area, you can get better deals.

How long to start earning money:

You’ll get paid the moment you agree to the contract. In some cases, you get paid after the completion of your contract. 

How much you can make:

It depends on the company that offered you an ad, the city you’re living in, and the time you agreed to keep the ad on your car. You can easily be earning a couple of hundred bucks a month for doing no extra work.

14. Start a Moving Company

You don’t need to look for opportunities on the internet to create a side hustle for you.

You don’t even need to create a big enterprise to earn some extra cash for yourself.

You can just gather a bunch of friends and get a truck to start your own moving job to get regular pay.

A moving business is pretty simple when compared to other business ideas in this list. 

Start a Moving Company

All you need is a truck, some friends, then you need to build a reputation and just do your work diligently. There is no rocket science with the work of moving. You will learn some key skills of arranging things in the most efficient way for fewer trips across places to save gas money.

How long to start earning money:

You can easily get your first job if you have good connections in a month or two and you will get paid from on your first gig.

How much you can earn:

The average cost of moving in the US is around $600. Subtract the gas money and that’s how much you’ll earn on every gig.

15. Painting and Sketching

If you are an artist and you are low on money, why not use your skills as an artist to gain some extra bucks?

There are a lot of websites that allow you to gain an audience for your skills.

The clients on websites like Fiverr pay quite well.

You can even use social media to your advantage to grow your audience. 

Painting and Sketching

A side hustle idea like this will earn you some extra cash while you continue to improve on your skills as an artist with all the gigs that you take.

How long to start earning money:

The sooner you find clients the sooner you’ll start earning. On average, you will be earning in a month or less.

How much you can earn:

The amount of money that you’ll earn depends on the type of client you’re working for and the kind of work that you’re doing. This can range from anywhere between $8 to $20 per gig or higher.

16. Drive for Uber or Lyft

One of the most popular ways of earning some side cash is the new trend of working as a driver for Uber or Lyft.

If you own a car all you need to do is register your car and yourself with the car-sharing app and get to work.

The app acts as the link between drivers and clients

All you need to do to register yourself is sit back till a client that is closer to you asks for a ride.


Even though this side hustle idea is quite popular, a suggestion would be to get into this job only if you are in a well-connected city and work at the right hours. Otherwise, the job won’t be as lucrative as you’d have previously imagined. Keep gas and maintenance costs in mind.

How long to start earning money:

You’ll probably be earning in a week or two.

How much you can earn:

It really depends on the city you’re in and the hours you’re putting in but you will be earning an average of $50-100 per day.

17. Flip Items on eBay

eBay is a great platform to buy and sell products online.

These products can be brand new, second hand, or refurbished.

Regardless of the kind of products they are, you can virtually sell almost anything on eBay.

This is where the job of flipping items on eBay comes in. 


Flipping items on eBay means to buy items at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price on eBay. This is a pretty popular strategy that many people use.

You can visit local garage sales, browse craigslist, or visit thrift stores to buy items at a lower price and then sell them for more money at eBay. 

You can boost your success rate by doing some research. See what is already selling on eBay and invest in those items. This will decrease risk and increase profit.

How long to start making money:

It shouldn’t take you more than a month or two to get started.

How much you can make:

It really depends on what you are selling and the amount that you are able to sell these items at. You can earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. If you are not careful with your spending, you might end up losing money on the things that you are unable to sell.

18. Start a Laundry Service

If you have lived in a cramped neighborhood, you’d know that most apartments don’t come with washing machines.

You barely have enough space to fit in a laundry unit in your apartment and you are forced to look for local laundry options.

If you already know that there is a demand, you can easily set up a laundry shop in your local area and charge people money for an easy source of passive income.


If your business expands, you can easily have 2-3 workers in your shop and earn from home. Better yet, you can easily set up self-service shops and you won’t have to manage or pay any employees. 

Even though this setup requires you to have an initial investment unlike other side hustle ideas on this list, it is one of the most lucrative ideas too.

How long to start making money:

If you’ve set up your shop in the right neighborhood, it’d just take you a week before you start to earn back your initial investments. Then, after a couple of months, you can start earning real hard cash.

How much you can make:

On average, a laundry shop owner can easily earn over a thousand dollars per week, but it really depends on the neighborhood you’re working in.

19. Airbnb

Airbnb is the platform that allows you to rent out rooms and flats.

If you own a spare room or property, you can set it up for rent on Airbnb and enjoy a stable flow of cash. 

You might have to put some cash upfront to furnish the room, buy extra towels and toiletries, etc., 

but after a while, it can turn into a very lucrative business opportunity.


Maintaining an Airbnb place does require more time to maintain, communicate with customers, etc., but that is what happens with almost every side hustle. Money doesn’t come for free and you have to put in the extra hours. 

How long to start earning money:

All you have to do is to list your property on Airbnb and wait for the customers to come in. Depending on the demand in your neighborhood, you might start getting customers in a month or two.

How much money you can earn:

You will approximately earn 7-12% of the property value each year. So based on the value of your property, you could be earning four figures or six figures each year. The demand for rented spaces in your area also plays a huge role in the amount of money you’ll be making each year.

20. Work as a Personal Trainer

You don’t need to be a gym freak to become a personal trainer.

If you are into personal fitness and you know more than the average bloke

you can easily apply as a personal trainer. 

You can gain knowledge along the way as your customer base increases and you get more and more gigs.


Working as a personal trainer has the benefit of a flexible schedule. You can easily schedule your meeting with your client and land on a timetable that fits you best. Personal trainer jobs usually pay well but it depends on the client and the city you’re working in.

How long before you start earning?

If you market yourself well, you can start working in a month.

How much money can you make?

Depending on the client and your resume, you can get paid anywhere between a few hundred bucks a week to a thousand.

21. Sell Arts or Crafts on Etsy

Etsy is a platform on which you can sell any kind of art and crafts ranging from hand-made jewelry to paintings and more.

You can even sell pre made jewelry.

So, if you have a knack for arts and crafts, try Etsy.

How long to make money:

It’ll take 2-4 weeks

How much you can earn:


depending on what you sell and how you execute it, you can earn anywhere from a hundred to thousand dollars a month.

22. Power Washing

This side hustle requires a little upfront investment but can pay off pretty fast.

This is how it works, you buy a machine called a pressure washer

it is a machine used to clean surfaces by shooting pressurized water through a little hose, once you have done that you need to find customers.

You can find customers through social media, ads, etc. 


They will pay you to clean whatever they want to. It is a great way to earn some cash. 

How long before you earn?

Within a month. 

How much do you earn?

$150-300 per project.

23. Transcription

Transcription is a process where you take a piece of audio of video content

and then write it down in words so viewers can read it too.

Many podcasts like to publish every episode in written format.

Many other companies who record audio, video presentations, phone calls, etc may sometimes want them in written format.


Your job as a transcriptor would be to listen to the words and write them down. 

There are a few ways to find clients, one of them being through sites. Upwork and Freelancer are websites that can help get clients from all over the world. 

How much time does it take to make money?

It takes less than a month to get started.

How much money can you earn?

You earn $5 to $20 per hour.

24. Writing Cover Letters and Resumes

If you have ever worked in HR department, recruitment process, or you’ve worked as a hiring manager, you can write cover letters and resumes for people.

How long to start earning money:

You can find clients in a week or two.

How much you can earn:

The average payment is over $500.


25. Host a Weekly Car Wash

If you really want to earn some extra cash on your weekends,

and you’re not afraid of working, you can host a weekly car wash and get going.

How much time does it take to make money?

It’ll just take you about 2 weeks to get noticed.

How much money can you earn?


You can easily earn a couple hundred bucks every weekend.

26. Become a House Sitter

People with big homes and a knack for travelling tend to hire home sitters to take care of their homes.

As a home sitter you just have to take care of their houses, pets 

and other possessions while they are gone.

It is a pretty sweet deal with minimal work if you ask me.


You can work from their house on your actual job while they are gone.

How much time does it take to make money?

It usually takes a month or two to find a client.

How much money can you earn?

It depends on your client but it is pretty valuable.

27. Lawn Care

If you like nature and taking care of it, you can go and take care of other people’s lawns.

You just need high quality lawn care equipment, a lawnmower, a truck to transport it, and that's about it. 

You can mow people’s lawns, clean and dispose of the leaves, raking, and fertilize in the spring.

You can even remove weeds and trim hedges. 


You can find clients from your local neighborhood or on the internet. 

How long before you start earning?

Around 1-2 months. 

How much can you earn?

$50-150 per day. You can earn more if you are working on bigger projects.

28. Online English Teaching

If you are good with English or a Native English speaker, you can earn money by teaching English online.

You may need to take an online course in order to get the certification. 

It is not always required but usually depends on the platform you’re teaching on.

You can get a group of students or one person to teach. 


There are various websites and platforms that you can register and start with your teaching in a while. Some of them are more formal and require certifications and other things, while some don’t need much hassle. Websites like each.italki.com, englishuntusa.com, cambly.com, and many more platforms will help. You can also Google “websites to teach English online” for more platforms. 

If you are teaching students from all over the world, you will have to reschedule because the time zones differ a lot. You might have to stay up really late or wake up really early to adjust to their schedules. But if you’re okay with that, it shouldn’t be a problem. It is a great way to earn cash almost immediately. 

How long does it take to earn?

It usually takes a month or less. 

How much do you earn?

$10-24 per hour.

29. Customer Interviews

Companies need feedback to improve upon their products.

Feedback is how companies understand the needs of their customer and change their business plans accordingly. 

Therefore, companies tend to place high value over customer feedback

and are always on the lookout for more quality feedback. 


Websites like User Interviews and Respondent.io enhance this by allowing users to take interviews with companies online or over phone.

If you do this, you can earn quite a hefty amount through these interviews.

How long does it take to earn?

It depends on how long before you get your first interview.

How much do you earn?

This is the best part about this side hustle as it pays a lot. The average compensation for your interview is about $50-100 an hour, which is more than the average hourly salary of most jobs.

30. Babysitting or Pet Sitting

This is perfect for you if you don’t have any digital skill or don’t want to work on a digital platform after work.

Babysitting and pet sitting has been the longest side hustles, dating back to the days before the internet.

Getting paid to get involved with pets and children can really be fresh and get your mind off of things.

This could be a good side hustle for you to use time to earn some cash. 


You can babysit anyone you know like your neighbors or find people who need a babysitter through certain sites. 

How long before you start earning?

1-2 weeks. 

How much money can you make?

$8-15 per hour. 

31. Become a Virtual Assistant

Since the pandemic is going on, there has been a surge in the need for virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants provide companies with the resources they require without being present in the company.

Big companies tend to hire virtual assistants as they don’t have to pay for their daily needs like coffee, office space, AC, etc., and they still get full work done.


So, if you’re someone with the right skills and you don’t mind working as an outsourced employee, you should look into becoming a virtual assistant. 

What long before you can earn?

Depends on your resume

How much can you earn?

Depends on the kind of work you’re doing.

What is Side Hustling?

Side hustling is just what the name suggests. It is a kind of side business that you are operating outside of your 9 to 5 job. It is that simple. Now let’s break down the structure of this work. ‘Side’ means that you are working outside of your normal work and ‘hustling’, even though it sounds shady, just means ‘determination’. This means that you’ll need the determination to keep side hustling. 

There are enormous benefits to side hustling but they cannot be met if you don’t have the determination to do so. After your normal day of work, you just want to relax and you want to spend your weekends with friends or family or maybe you just want to spend a lazy weekend with your dog. This is not going to work if you plan to side hustle. This also does not mean that you won’t have any time to rest. It is just that you need to understand that you cannot get anything without working for it.

The world of side hustling is one filled with never-ending possibilities. But before we delve into the opportunities, let’s get a closer look at the benefit of side hustling that transcends just money.

Benefits of side hustling

There are a lot of benefits to side hustling alongside your full-time job. Here, we have compiled a list that will get you motivated for your first side hustle.

  1. Full ownership and accountability: With a side hustle that you’ve chosen on your own, you are your boss. You have full ownership of your business and you are accountable only to yourself. This is such a good feeling to have since you can make your decisions you want to without anyone meddling with your business.
  2. Steeper learning curve: Starting your own venture is a difficult task and it forces you to learn and do things that you are not comfortable with. The steeper learning curve of all the skills required to keep your business alive, at least in the start, allow you to grow in both skills and confidence.
  3. Self-awareness and development: Exploring on your own and facing your problems all by yourself makes you more aware of the things that you like to do and the things you don’t like to do. You also get a clearer view of the skills you possess and the shortcoming in you. This allows you to develop much faster than you’d in a corporate environment. Understanding your personality traits allow you to be not just a good entrepreneur, but a good human being.
  4. Sense of purpose: The corporate sector is often portrayed as an evil organization that sucks the living hell out of people. And this is true. Most people, after working for a long enough time report having lost the sense of purpose and meaning in their work. Starting your own business can rejuvenate that spark inside you. You will finally be working on what you enjoy. A sense of purpose will start to surface.
  5. New contacts and opportunities: As you continue to grow your business, you’ll meet new people that can offer you new opportunities. Creating contacts and expanding your network will not only open the door for new possibilities but it’ll also allow you to work on your current endeavor in a far efficient manner.
  6. Peace of mind: When you are working on something that you deem meaningful, whether it is in a personal or general sense, you start to get some peace of mind from the idea that you are not wasting your days. Having this feeling is one of the gifts that you can give to yourself.
  7. Confidence: Working on your own will grow your confidence in yourself as your skills and sales improve. It is important to know that you need to take things slowly and failure is part of success.
  8. Extra Cash: Financial stability was the first reason that you decided to look into side hustling. Well, it is true. Side hustling can offer you some extra cash that will stabilize your life financially, to a certain degree. 

Best Online Platforms for Side Hustling


Upwork is one of the most popular platforms for side hustling. This is because it offers some amazing features like an online workspace for you and your client where you can send and receive files and other digital assets securely. It also recommends jobs that are most well weighed for you and allows you to search for jobs on your own.  Registration is a bit complicated as the platform can reject your registration if the niche you are working in is already saturated on their platform. 

Upwork charges freelancers a 20% fee which decreases if you work more with the same client.


Freelancer is another great platform that has been working for a long time now. The platform allows you to make a free account on the platform without having to apply for one or pass a test or an interview. Then you can bid on the projects that are available on the platform. You can bid up to 8 times a month using a free account. Freelancer charges 10% free and is meant for low experience, simple and low-paid jobs to build your portfolio.


Guru.com is just like Freelancer with the added benefit of a low transaction fee. Guru.com only charges a 2.9% fee. The free account only allows you to make 120 bids a year. The main downside of the website is the process of resolving a dispute. It is rather expensive if your project is worth $100 or less.


Fiverr is one of the biggest platforms on this list. It is definitely the most popular platform as well. This is because of the list of features that Fiverr offers. Fiverr allows you to create a robust profile by adding all your professional details as well as samples of your work through videos and images. 

The platform also enables its users to submit customized offers. You can have different payment tiers for different levels of work. This attracts a lot of customers due to the flexibility of work offered on the platform. Fiverr retains a 20% commission on your projects.


AnyTask is the new digital platform for your side hustle. You can register on this platform without proving your debit or credit card details. After the completion of a project, payment from the buyer’s card is delivered to you in a cryptocurrency called Electroneum(ETN). You can use this in any way you want or you can convert it into a currency of your choice. There is no seller fee on this platform. Instead, the buyer is charged 6% of the project cost.


Side hustling is more than just earning some extra cash on the side. If you are dedicated enough and you have a good future plan, you can really take this idea of side hustling and create a future for yourself. It’s not just some extra bucks but a real career opportunity that you should not ignore. There have been so many cases of people pursuing a side job just because they were interested in it and it turned to be their full-time job. So, side hustling should not be looked down upon. It is a means to uplift yourself and your confidence.

Amongst all the side hustling jobs that we have listed in this article you should look for the one that you are most interested with combined with the one that has the most profitable long-term future. One good way to choose a side hustle endeavour would be to rank the listings according to your interest and their profitability. Then, multiply these two metrics and choose the one with the highest rating. If two of them have the same rating, choose the one with better interest rating as that one will feel like less of a job and more of an adventure.

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