Top 15 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps (2022): Compared & Reviewed


In modern times, businesses are looking for advanced ways of growing their undertaking without inputting maximum efforts. How is that possible? With the aid of technology, mankind has progressed immensely in life. With creative ways, technology has helped pick pace with business tasks through smarter alternatives and lowered costs.

An appointment scheduling app is just another innovative way of enhancing your business activities. By saving resources like manpower, finance, and other resources, one can make favorable investments with the best of technology. For reasonable pricing and free version software, one can find relief with automated services that allow reduced labor operations.

The need for hiring a larger support staff can also be lessened as the software lowers the work pressure. One can also analyze the work allocations based on the appointments and modify their staffing requirements.

Choosing the best appointment scheduling app can be confusing with so many alternatives to select from, hence for keeping you notified of the best features of each app, we have positioned the 15 best software.

HubSpot Meetings tool is the best meeting scheduling app with bookings as per the prospect's convenience, with many other diverse services offered by its parent company.

With rapidly booked meetings, one can eliminate causing any disruptions due to consistent back

and forth of emails and other messages by the sales team.

The prospects also admire the power to schedule conversations as per their comfort, along with the ability to look up available agents. One can also send their prospects links to connect with a group of agents for meetings. Further, the app automatically backs up the data of each prospect to its CRM to maintain a list and expand your firm's reach.

The scheduled meetings can be linked, with your calendar enabling a view into the time slots and agents available. It can also be integrated: with other sources like Google Suite, Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, Office 365, and more.

HubSpot Meetings tool also enables its users to email targeted audiences, with the link to the page for easy access to appointment scheduling. This can help reach out to a larger client base and gain more visitors to your company's website without the need to implement and learn any codes.

Hubspot meeting

Features - 

  • Prospects can look up the agents available and schedule direct appointments.
  • Connects with Google and Office 365 Calendar to keep the available slots updated. 
  • Prospects can connect to group meetings with options for Robin round meetings and more.
  • Send out emails to new prospects with links attached to them, enabling a direct point of contact.
  • Manage your customer data on to the CRM with automated entries which allows valuable data for future administration. 
  • Delivers leads to the sales team for expanding the list of customers with improved conversion rates.
  • Handles and saves contacts, lists and prioritizes them for easy connect.


  • Use the free tool without any additional costs.
  • Aids the management to better organize their time and tasks amongst its employees.
  • Delighted customers with access to scheduled meetings. 


  • The features of this software are limited in terms of specialization. 
  • Not suitable for large organizations looking for diverse features.


HubSpot Meeting tool is a free software for regulating meetings and appointments with extended access to prospects and a better management system for employees. HubSpot also offers other sales-driven chat services, website-oriented services for paid plans. Its other software includes email designing and marketing, live chat services, and other features.

One of the best appointment scheduling apps for businesses with a global reach. enables connectivity to distinct countries with nine global languages to connect to any individual from any part of the world.

With usage in languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Modern, and simplified Chinese, Portuguese and Korean, it covers a broader space and aids in expanding your firm's operations. 

With its enhanced online booking system, service providers can set forth their availability to connect with customers along with a mobile-based interface for effortless usage. also facilitates 24/7 support and guidance to its users.

An API with customizable setup and integrations with social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and other apps like Google, WordPress, CMS, etc. It also offers auxiliary features like coupon codes and gift cards for a promotion system that retains potential customers.

With an advanced undertaking, it has established two categories of the app, one specialized for your clients to directly book sessions and another to manage your business skillfully.


  • Authorizes you to accept requests for a meeting either from the client app or from other sites like Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Admin app features an option to send out text messages or emails informing the teammates or the customers of changes in the schedule. 
  • Admin app to govern all the appointments and manage your staff's operation. 
  • A different app marked specially for your clients to book an appointment.
  • The software allows you to receive online payments from Stripe, PayPal, and many other sources.
  • Accepts deposits from clients.
  • Syncs with Google and Outlook Calendars for organizing timely meetings.


  • It comes with free software and a trial version to learn its usage.
  • Benefits your business with global languages to connect with any individual.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Direct online payments.
  • Coupons to enhance your business. 


  • The free plan includes limited users, bookings allowed each month, custom and other features, thereby urging to upgrade to its premium plan.

Pricing: with its 14-day free trial and a free app that enables 50 bookings/month with limited features and five users. Its basic, standard, premium plans cost $9.9, $29.9, and $59.9/month with 100, 500, and 2000 bookings/month, additional features, and 15, 25, and 50 users respectively. 

Calendar is the best digital calendar that excels at scheduling meetings. Calendar is an AI-driven software with varied purposes like appointing a meeting, calendar functionalities, and time organizer for your firm and its employees.

With specialized digital calendar services, it brings together: Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (iCal), as well as Outlook Calendar on the same dashboard for easy modifications based on the booking details. Its Calendar can also be shared with your clients.

An added advantage is that it stimulates analytics that helps you supervise the time spent in the meetings and improve the performance of your team members. 

Calendar's paid plans further enrich the conduct of your meetings with useful transcripts that assure an impactful performance. With the flexibility to operate from various devices, its software is easy to use. 

Its virtual assistance advances your business operations with the agility to memorize the appointed meetings, dates, and schedules, also assists in planning, making effective and suggestive shifts in the scheduled discussions, and inviting new prospects to your business. 

Viewing all of your events, listing, and planning them accordingly to deliver qualitative engagement is possible with Calendar. Managing your business is effortless with the influential and smart suggestions extended by it.


  • It is a competent digital calendar that syncs with Google, Outlook, and Apple calendar.
  • Work closely with your sales department and customer service agents by administering analytical data on time and tasks undertaken in the past calls.
  • Remember important dates, events, and customer appointments for smooth functioning.
  • Regular your business agendas and timelines and view from a single location.
  • Share detailed information on the date, time, duration, and volume of calls scheduled to your potential customers.
  • Given the authority to fix, shift or cancel events, your team leaders can conveniently organize team events.
  • Optimize your meetings based on the customer's call history.


  • Acquaint your business with the best digital calendar.
  • Works like a planner with all events, contacts, scheduled calls, and other details inclusive.
  • Its free version merits your business operations with favorable cost savings. 


  • It lacks some common features like reminders, notifications, etc.
  • More suitable for its calendar services than its appointment scheduling app.


Calendar's plans comprise a free app version with its basic plan and features that fits a basic team. Further, its standard plan starts at $8/month, pro plan starts at $10/month, with features that delight and assemble your enterprise with pro teams working with dexterity. 

Square has developed one of the most reliable and renowned apps for online payment users. For users who enjoy the Square’s payment procedure, considering the Square appointments scheduling app is preferable.

Easing your business functioning, Square Appointment aids with an easy interface and many other unlimited features. Bringing you and your client closer to each other, your business can grow variably with its services.

Regardless of the time, whether it's professional hours or late in the night, a user has the freedom to book meetings, reset and make changes, cancel the booking, etc., without any restrictions.

It gives them the flexibility to make changes according to their convenience.

At the same time, businesses can also manage their time, availability, and work schedule. A specialized service that permits the company to block hours out of ordinary working hours, lets them manage their time without any hassles.

The clients can also view these blocked hours and schedule the meetings based on hours of availability. An extensive firm with many branches and teams can utilize this app incredibly with the power to manage all of its services from one location. One can also set up the app to either manually accept bookings or automatically.


  • It works together with Google Calendar to widen the user's scope of operation.
  • Features to book, change bookings, or cancel an appointment for the clients.
  • A service that enables blocked hours to the users; to chart their availability more efficiently to its clients. 
  • Customers can directly book from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Access the app from any location and set up manual or automated ways of accepting bookings.
  • One can also charge fees for cancellation against the clients to administer a well-planned work schedule 
  • Get notified through text or emails on the bookings and their relevant details


  • Brand your services by placing your company logo.
  • Customers can delight in virtual gift cards.
  • Generate leads to your page with custom choices.
  • Directly make an appointment from social media platforms. 


  • Requires pre-payments either on the whole or partial amount.
  • Additional charges of some % and 10 cents for each swipe, tap, and dip.


Square Appointments offer a free plan for a single individual with 2.6% plus 10 cents based on each activity like swipe, tap, and dip. Its paid plans charge $50 and $90/month for up to 5 and 10 employees with an additional 2.5% plus 10 cents. Its quote-based plan offers ten and more employees.

Ranks as the ideal app for boosting the experience of your clients with unlimited schedules.

Yet another appointment scheduling app that lets prospects book from distinct languages.

The languages it encompasses are English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, etc and thus, it boosts your business to global horizons. 

With Appointlet, businesses can associate a limitless number of bookings for free. Its rational features back up the data related to each candidate for future reference and simultaneously processes payments. 

The links to your appointment booking page can be attached through emails, positioned on your company website, or other landing web pages for a direct and easy path of contact.

Increased control in the admin’s hand to lay down timings based on the availability and shifts of the team members. Ascertain unavailability with control over setting up breaks, offs, or even vacations onto your network without any hassles.

It eliminates unnecessarily scheduling and canceling of appointments. Your firm can also work on maintenance and upgrades with adequate downtime. With each confirmed booking, Appointlet with its automated services updates the client's and your business calendar. The clients enjoy bookings from any location and with the usage of any device, earning them a worthwhile experience.



  • Personalize your appointment scheduling page with alterations in the timings 
  • Choose how you display your teams and their members, in batches or all at once.
  • Organize automated emails with a set format along with reminders.
  • Flexible time settings to disclose the availability and unavailability of the team members through work hours or breaks.
  • Enables accessing Google and Office 365 calendars 
  • Integrations through Zapier with renowned applications like MailChimp, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, GoToMeeting, etc., for encouraging enhanced performance.
  • Identifies and operates as per different time zones depending on the location 
  • Masters bookings through several dominant languages, inclusive of English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and more.


  • Improved business functioning with global languages and adaptability to time zones.
  • Powerful integrations and free software with limitless bookings. 
  • Reasonably priced plan.
  • Customizable page setup.
  • Shareable link to the scheduling page.


  • Its free version restricts the features and customization options that are unlocked, with the paid plan 


Appointlet offers a free software version that furnishes limitless bookings, forms covering distinct areas, and types of meetings. To unlock premium features and more customizable options, its premium plan charges $8 per month for usage extended to each member. Personalize and brand your appointment scheduling page to attain the best results.

SetMore is the best free booking app with the easiest setup. It regulate your business activities with 24/7 access to your customers for booking meetings online. It centralize the functioning with all of your meetings scheduled under a single calendar.

This boosts the procedure with strategic management and timely executions. Curtailing the troubles caused by endless invoices, SetMore facilitates online payment systems for rapid, secure, and convenient transactions.

Video-based meetings with links benefit your clients with easy connectivity from any location. Its video meetings are integrated with Zoom, Teleport, and other useful platforms.

SetMore's proficient calendar also lets you seamlessly integrate with some of your favorite apps along with bookings. Design your studio with tailored features that fit your process and organization the best. Make your virtual space look more attractive with custom-made pages. Further, brand your services with your company's logo, customized URL links, color themes, patterns, and more. 

Get frequent reminders and pull up detailed information on each scheduled meeting and client. Integrations with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow appointment bookings and access to your firm's website without any additional efforts. Improving your brand image and creating awareness is easier with SetMore's appointment scheduling services.


  • Easily integrate SetMore's services with your company's website and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Customize and brand your URL. 
  • Add logos, colors, and appealing visuals to personalize your scheduling page.
  • Online payment system for fast and easy business transactions.
  • Connect from any location to your clients with web-based appointments and video meetings.
  • Establish your business calendar with customized settings and free utility.
  • Seamless integrations with apps of your choice with SetMore's power to adapt.
  • Operates smoothly with videoconferencing apps like Zoom and Teleport.
  • Holds the power to supervise and handle all of the centralized appointments from one platform.


  • Highly reliable and user-friendly scheduling tool.
  • Confirms delightful customers with its services.
  • 24/7 access to book sessions.
  • Free version for start-up and small organizations.
  • Secure pathway for online payments. 


  • Restricts its functions to a limited scope.
  • Plans and their implementation can be tough to understand.
  • Calls surpassing midnight require an additional appointment.


Use SetMore's unlimited appointment services for free with access for four users. Moving forward to its paid plans, the Premium plan charges $9/month for 1-2 users and special features like integrations with 2 calendars. Its Pro plan charges $5/month/user with Premium features and support on a priority basis.

Suitable for businesses seeking an easy to operate and cost-effective scheduler. Calendly’s appointment scheduler simplifies the setup system with quick and easy steps.

Firstly, start by establishing the method to be followed by your calendar, the page to schedule meetings is also freely shareable in the form of links.

Ultimately the customers can get onto the page and fix their appointments. The simple procedure allures more customers to connect and stay in touch with the firm without any hesitation. This makes business more manageable with minimal time spent in planning with readily available time schedules. 

Your business can work and achieve increased productivity with fast-moving operations. With its intelligent systems that fit every organization irrespective of its size, entrepreneurs like counselors, accountants, sales representatives, etc., can enrich themselves with its vastly ranging facilities.

Moreover, where start-ups begin with a smaller group and expand their reach, it can favorably suit their conduct of business operations. 

Maintaining contacts and scheduling meetings with your potential audience is much more beneficial than ever. Calendly also adjusts the capacity of the meetings based on the requirements of your clients and the availability, varying from a one-on-one session to the round-robin meetings depending on your teams and their availability.


  • Calendly integrates with a variety of calendars like Google, Office 365, Outlook, and iCalendar.
  • Another one of Calendly's prominent features is its ability to integrate with 700 plus third-party apps with the help of Zapier.
  • Integrates with third-party apps like Salesforce, GoToMeeting, and many more.
  • Send notifications through emails and text messages.
  • Calendly allows many customizable settings that let you take control of your business administration.
  • Determine the maximum number of meetings to be allocated in a day.
  • Prevent last moment rushed appointments with the help of notices set out.
  • Brand your page and undertake enhanced display and settings.


  • Incredibly easy to operate.
  • Known for attaining improved customer satisfaction with its usage.
  • Reasonably priced plans.
  • It has a variety of customizable options, significantly planned and availed.
  • Innovatively brand your services. 


  • Limits the number of calendars and users with its plans.
  • Every plan authorizes only a single user for each account.


Calendly furnishes its basic plan with free services with limits for up to 1 user and calendar. Its next upgrade takes you to its Premium plan costing $8/month/ user with limits of up to 2 calendars. Further, its Pro plan acquaints its users with services worth $12/ user/ month extending up to 6 calendars.

- Incredible appointment scheduler with engaging messaging services. is suitable for businesses that believe in engaging with their customers with thank you messages post every meeting.

Customers also feel valued for their time spent with your firm and this assists in building customer satisfaction.

Using, your business can prosper with automated text messages without having to manually type or send. It also organizes all the messages oriented with your appointments for proficient management.

This implies, it not only sends out reminders but also notifies about appointment bookings, shifts in the bookings (like cancellations and reschedulings).

By associating your events and activities through the calendar, your clients can effortlessly scan your availability and book accordingly. The bookings also immediately reflect on your planner, which helps stay in compliance with your schedule.

For huge firms that find it chaotic to handle all of the events from a single calendar, allows the formation of distinct pages of schedules for improved operations. One can simply brand their scheduler page with their company logo, color themes, and much more. Clients also appreciate the freedom to pick from the categories of meetings, dates, timing, and fixing the one that conforms with their needs.


  • integrates with Microsoft and Google Calendars.
  • For businesses that function with hefty workflow and are unsure about fixing certain appointments can categorize it as a distinct class which helps plan better.
  • It further organizes Zoom web conferencing for each meeting and authorizes payments through Stripe.
  • With the assistance of Zapier, businesses can enjoy the usage of external party services for enhanced results.
  • Sends out automated notifications on the details and status of the meetings scheduled.
  • It also sends out thank you messages to the customers after completion of the meetings.
  • Skillfully brand your services and scheduler with their assistance.


  • Engage with your customers through texts and place a larger impact on the market.
  • Brand your scheduler, conversations, and services 
  • Reasonably priced plan.
  • Enables rapid and easy third-party integrations. 


  • No free software version.
  • It includes only a basic plan without upgrades to premium features or prioritized services. 

Pricing: offers a single standard plan for all and eliminates any confusion caused by tiered plans. With its $10 monthly plan, every business can utilize one of its calendars, advanced automated system, and many other functions. Customers relish attainment of all features without the need to upgrade to newer plans.

One of the most impressive apps that stimulate direct booking with your clients. With every firm focusing on expanding its client base, ScheduleOnce acknowledges the troubles faced by businesses in reaching out to their potential audience.

By developing a direct pathway, ScheduleOnce permits connecting to the right prospect and assures improved conversion rates. It saves the excessive time consumed in studying the audience and generating leads.

Further, the customers are also happy without the time being spent on waitlists for assistance. Customers can fill out the forms named 'Contact Us' for direct connectivity.

ScheduleOnce gives prospects the power to pick the time and date as per the listed availability. It is also formulated with a smarter technology that identifies the clients and connects them to the right agent. They can also receive reminders for the appointments before the set dates and times. With adaptable services, the firm can conduct either group meetings or private meetings.

With complete control on which category of meeting requests to approve, the users enjoy utmost supervision. Your scheduler can also be designed with rules to abstain from unnecessary changes in schedules, cancellations, etc. Videoconferencing is also possible with the help of other external party apps.


  • ScheduleOnce lets you freely work with calendars offered by Google, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and iCalendar.
  • Personalize your business with an attractive appointment page and custom features.
  • Varies its services categorizing your firm as per its functioning, departments, teams, and many other factors.
  • ScheduleOnce integrates with Web Conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Webex, and CRMs offered by Infusionsoft, Salesforce, etc.
  • Some of its other integrations include Gmail, PayPal, Zapier, and more.
  • Clients can book appointments for individual meetings or group meetings as per the availability.
  • Users can reach out to their extensive group of leads without any issues.


  • Includes various calendar integrations in comparison with other software.
  • Clients enjoy picking the time and category of meeting as per their choice.Users benefit from the control to customize the appointments


  • Includes no free software version
  • More suitable for huge organizations with the ability to vastly connect to your leads and expand the services 


ScheduleOnce delivers services for up to 3 users for monthly pricing of $13.50/month. Further, it upgrades its users to its $9/month plan for each user and limits the number of users up to 100 users. Lastly, its third plan charges quoted pricing for large organizations with an allowance of 100 plus users. 

10. Fresha

Suitable for businesses that run salons and are aiming to broaden their customer base.Succeedingly serving the beauty community like the hairdressers, stylists, salons, etc.,

Fresha supports them remarkably. Learning the struggles faced by these small businesses, Fresha assists them with a free platform for booking all the client's appointments, formulating payment processes, and encouraging their qualitative growth. 

It helps promote your brand and confirms an increased number of customer visits. Another benefit that they enjoy is access to limitless appointments, without restrictions on the number of users to the software, etc.

It can be utilized from any location and any device, whether it is a desktop network for a larger salon or through mobile phones, the tool works smoothly on both interfaces. Along with appointment scheduling, its other services like business promoting services, control and supervision over the stock, and other analytical tools that help compare the measured growth.

Although it doesn't integrate with external calendars, it extends payment-oriented and POS policies that assist in scanning barcodes at the time of sales, it further prints the receipts, which can be stored on a data basis. The manager or owner of the salon has the power to view and supervise the bookings.


  • Fresha is the best appointment scheduling, payment generating, and promotional software type for salons.
  • Acquaints with automated set reminders and notifications through text messages.
  • Facilitates options for personalizing the business undertakings with suitable procedures.
  • It has an option for charging fees to appointment-oriented customers who fail to show up.
  • Establishes its cards assuring confirmed bookings 
  • Payment processing software along with a system that scans barcodes and prints receipts
  • Works as a marketing tool and expands inventory control services
  • Salons can also implement their reporting tools and identify potential areas of growth
  • With easy administration from any device, mobile phones, and desktop systems.


  • All of the solutions for a salon from a single destination.
  • Free software without any restrictions on the number of user and more.
  •  Reliable payment system.
  • Maintain receipts for handling records 


  • Incapable of integrating with external party calendars, thereby limiting its planner services.
  • More suitable for one industry type only 


With its listing in the market arena, Fresha is a competitive all-inclusive service for the beauty industry. It augments its services for free, without any charges, to facilitate and strengthen the beauty communities with favorable features and assured growth post its usage. Fresha extends a group of services.

11. Bookafy

Best appointment scheduling app with outstanding calendar syncing alternatives. Bookafy distinguishes its services from the rest of the software by operating and managing its calendar amongst such a wide user base.

Its calendar functions with distinct ways of customized setup that let you view activities based on your preferences. You can have your calendar set up for a single way calendar so that you can view just your events and activities, without the other parties’ calendar view. 

On the other hand, it’s a dual way calendar, syncing your calendar with your clients allows both to view each other's planned activities and availability.

With the power to diversify your scheduling options, Bookafy has mastered this platform with impressive services. Whether your customers are seeking a one-on-one meeting, group meeting, organized business events, follow-up meeting, or introductory, it delights the customers, as well as, the users with its performance.

Unlike other software, it enhances the control in the user’s hand, with their analysis of how the meetings are to be operated. Which type of department or agent will be able to assist in the best possible manner, and which type of meetings are to be conducted based on the availability.


  • Bookafy integrates with several calendars and lets users work with Outlook, Office 365, Calendar, and Exchange.
  • It offers different calendar functions by syncing it based on your preferences.
  • With newly formulated links for every Zoom and GoTo Meeting call, it assures privacy and security of operations
  • It also transacts and processes payments with Stripe and Authorize.Net.
  • With a competent API and web page, it lets you collaborate with renowned businesses
  • Personalize your scheduler with display settings like color themes, fonts, and more
  • Decide and fix the maximum time permissible for meetings, a time set between 2 sessions, the time for opening up appointment bookings, etc.


  • Advanced calendar syncing feature that shifts depending on your business needs.
  •  Enjoy ultimate control on how the appointments and meetings will be scheduled.
  • Personalize your scheduler to improve the experience of your customers


  • No free software versions.
  •  Suitable for larger organizations that require solutions to manage their calendars


Bookafy offers two paid premium plans to leverage the activities of large firms with an efficient planner. Its first pro plan charges $7 per month and acquaints the users with modifiable calendar settings and increased control. Further, its Pro plus plan costs $11 each month and enlarges your firm's scope.

12. Vagaro

Meets the ideal services delivered to the health-oriented, fitness-driven, and beauty enriched services. Vagaro is suitable for stylists, fitness trainers, wellness studios, etc., with it acting as an individual training app for these business types.

It facilitates online appointment booking systems widened for 24/7 access along with many other additional features.

Similar to Fresha, Vagaro also offers a POS policy, online payment processing platforms, control over the stock and management, promotional tools, and additional payroll services as well.  

Its ability to stream live videos also expands its scope of operation by enabling trainers and coaches to conduct, and teach their practices through remote teachings. Vagaro furnishes additional options to share your scheduler, unlike the practices followed by other appointment booking software. Whether it's your company's webpage or other social media sites, position a link to your appointment scheduling page for a better reach.

Further, one can share the link on the Vagaro app or even allow an option to directly display it on Yelp for a boosted customer base. Send out successful messages and notifications to your target audience with its automated with customizable options. Authorizes you to broaden paid memberships and lets you design, and brand your application and website.


  • Vagaro works as a private trainer to the wellness and beauty industry with a wide range of services.
  • With 24/7 virtual bookings, also promotes your services for a strengthened customer base.
  • Live stream your yoga, exercising, or other sessions through its remote teaching platform.
  • Handles your wellness center's payroll with its exceptional services.
  • Other services offered by it are; a POS system, payment executions, control and supervise your stock, etc.
  • Establish your business application and website. 
  • Further brand your website and applications. 
  • Shareable link to the scheduler via social media platforms and company website.
  • Other sources for sharing scheduler via Yelp and Vagaro app.


  • Many more options to share your schedules in comparison to other software.
  • Raises the growth and development of wellness and beauty industries.
  •  Offers diverse features and apps to its users  


  • Vagaro does not integrate with external party apps for calendars.
  •  Its plans can be expensive and unaffordable for small businesses 


With basic Vagaro services, it charges $25 per month for subscriptions to each employee. Further, its plans go up with monthly subscriptions costing $85 each month with up to 7 and more employees. Its top-up apps that include shopping carts, checking- in, etc., charge extra fees for personalized and unique services.

13. Genbook

 Best Bookings app for entrepreneurs from industries like- beauty, wellness, and photography.

Genbook lets you work from any location, any device, and at any time if you are connected to the internet.

With a massive user base of over 22,000, Genbook has supported businesses on a small scale to grow powerfully.

Users can conveniently send out reminders to their employees with the timings of the meetings and assure smooth functioning.

With a 24/7 accessible online bookings system, your clients can certainly fix meetings at their convenience. The rules for your calendar can also be set on an automated system, while users focus on other business aspects.

With maintained data of clients who are most likely to ghost the calls, it allows you to plan your work accordingly. Its smart calendar lets you customize and handle your undertaking within single clicks. Branding your schedule page with color combinations and such other display settings is simpler with Genbook.

It integrates with Wix, Google, Yelp, WordPress, Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and more. Make your business more enriching with client ratings linked directly through your online bookings page. With intelligent marketing strategies, it sends out engaging and personalized emails with welcome, thank you, and other greeting notes.


  • Smart Calendar that puts you in control to fix buffer time, block time, split the bookings, etc.
  • With its calendar, one can also identify double bookings, no shows, cancellations by clients. 
  • Optimize your work by viewing your daily, weekly, or even monthly progress.
  • With a total of three location support, it allows you to administer your business remotely from 3 distinct locations.
  • CRM that brands your business communication with reminders, notifications, and personalized texts to clients.
  • Real-time bookings with 24/7 access to the online system. 
  • Partners with Google and enables direct usage of Google's services. 
  • Integrates with other business and social media sites.


  • Promotes, brands, and enhances your business operations.
  • Gain insights and track your progress.
  • Excels your business with productive and profitable changes.
  • Send out reminders and emails that convert customers.
  •  Integrates seamlessly


  • Its plans are expensive for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • More suitable for large firms requiring ample features to boost their performance 


Genbook offers endless features with payment processing, reports, point of sale, and more with its paid plans and free trial. Its plans start at $25/mo for a single user, its next plan is suitable for teams with 2 to 5 users costing $49/mo and upgrades to $83/month with 6 to 12 users.

Best online assistant with appointment scheduling software. Acuity Scheduling is easy to use and facilitates 24/7 appointment bookings for your customers.

With real-time updates on your page, your customers can view the hours of available service, and pick what timing suits them best.

Operate from any location and handle your employees remotely. Make changes and control your schedule by customizing the planner as per your business needs. Such a flexible system motivates employees to work more efficiently. 

With automated reminders, your clients can remain updated with the status of the booked appointment without any doubts. Modify your operation by adjusting according to the time zone of the clients.

Further, the ability to cancel or reschedule the appointment makes it easier for clients and businesses to avoid ghosted meetings. The canceled slots can also be reappointed to other clients enabling increased proficiency in work.

Urges your customers to fill out forms on the bookings page to maintain valuable data. This can further help expand your customer base and engage to convert them into loyal customers. With the capacity to integrate with external party services, your business can function with more skills and knowledge. Its integration with Google analytics delivers it with intelligent reports and interesting insights.


  • A real-time calendar that updates the changes made in the appointments instantly.
  • Customers can conveniently make changes to their appointment without any rigidity in plans.
  • Processes payment with the assistance of PayPal and Stripe.
  • Zapier assists with its integrations to influential services like Google Analytics, Square, and more.
  • Handily share your schedule on your website, emails, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Maintain private client data through forms filled by them on the scheduler.
  • Easy connectivity from any location through its integrations with web conferencing apps. 
  • Control your scheduler, customize and brand its operations to bring in delighted customer experience.


  • Diminish no shows by customers with organized schedules.
  • Administer gifts, coupons, and alluring packages for your clients. 
  • Customize the reminders sent out to your customers.
  •  Secure client data for efficacy


  • Its tiered plans place limitations on the number of users and locations.
  • Smaller plans come with a watermarked scheduler


Its 7 days of a free trial gives an insight into its services, and its free software enables 1 location/user. Its Emerging plan costs $14/month, growing plan charges $23/month with 6 locations/members, and its Powerhouse plan costs $45/month with 36 locations/members, without any watermark.

15. Vcita

A one-stop solution for all of your business appointments, payments, and customer administration.

Vcita aids your business with strong and long-term relationships with your clients.

With vast client data, you certainly won't miss out on your customer's name, picture, and essential details.

Maintaining customer cards with relevant data becomes easy to administer customer retention. Without wasting your client's valuable time, Vcita assures booking that takes off in seconds. 

The scheduler can also be accessed from your company's web page, social media sites like Facebook or a direct Google search can also fetch the scheduler instantly. Along with the appointments, your calendar can also be marked with automated notifications to be sent out before the session.

These SMS reminders ensure increased engagement with your clients. Process rapidly, by operating and managing online payments and maintaining invoices more securely for future references. It also sends out decent reminders for payments to your customers. With promotion campaigns that create an enormous point of sales, you can customize with coupons, gifts, desirable widgets, etc.

Integrating with payment channels like PayPal, Stripe, and Square, your business can handle more customers with ease. It also integrates with other businesses for incorporating your firm's undertaking with advanced and diverse features.


  • A single platform with distinct solutions related to payments, business appointments, and customer management.
  • Connects to your clients via text messages with greetings, thank you notes, subtle payment reminders, and appointment notifications.
  • Enables video conferencing through Zoom and integrates with social media sites like Facebook.
  • Zapier allows its integrations with other applications like Wix, Weebly, Square, Google, WordPress, and many more. 
  • Organizes campaigns for users with coupons and promotional codes, interactive notes, etc.
  • Process secure payments with backed invoice data through channels like PayPal, Stripe, and more.
  • Appointments through direct Google search are also possible with its modernized approach.


  • Handles client data excellently.
  • Sends out engaging text messages and reminders.
  • Promotes and creates brand awareness for your firm.
  • Integrates with Zoom for smart video conferencing solutions.
  • Secure modes of payments.


  • Plans are highly-priced making, it is unfavorable for new startups and small businesses to adopt their services. 


Free 14-day trial for experiencing its dominant services. Depending on your firm's size, its plans vary with an Essential plan of $19 each month with a $12 per month virtual scheduling plan. The Business plan costs $45 every month and a $ 75 per month platinum plan, all billed annually.

Why are Appointment Scheduling Apps Important?

Every day, your support staff and sales force spend an enormous proportion of their day hunting for the targeted audience and reaching out to them. While a large portion of the audience reached out to, might not be the potential buyers, it expends a lot of time and exertion through the process.

Appointment scheduling apps have made business operations more simplified with an ingenious approach. Smart ways that automatically identify the audience, curtail the time spent by your staff. By reducing manual labor, your workers are left with additional time to bridge the gap and undertake other tasks. This helps maximize productivity with efficient time and labor management. Your company is also able to attain its goals more significantly.

Benefits of an Appointment Scheduling App

Allows booking of appointments with your clients, customers, and collaborators. 

  • Works as a platform for impactful engagement without any time spent in needless conversations. 
  • Your customers can enjoy direct appointment booking without having to wait in queues all day.
  • Helps customize the availability slot of your support staff depending on the circumstances.
  • Acquaint your customers with easy-to-use interfaces and effortless support, which in turn brings customer delight and retention.
  • Your employees can organize and manage tasks efficiently.
  • An incredible investment with assured business profits and customer conversion rates.
  • Aids your business to get identified as a renowned brand with smooth and efficient support staff.
  • Manages all of your business contacts and customers with its portal. 
  • Reduces cost of operation with minimal wastage of labor or time.

While the benefits are limitless, it proves how a competitive tool can shift the way your firm administers. With reduced labor work, your employees are also satisfied with timely appointments. It enables more determination and efficient efforts made on their behalf, facilitating increased productivity for the firm as a whole.

Further, with the free software version, a firm can benefit even more through raised profits, improved business management, and low costs.


After noticing the diverse features that each software extends, it's clear that each of their performance and impact in business operations differs greatly. While some feature services mainly for the beauty and wellness community, others include all the industries within their domain. But with specialized software support, all the areas of your salon or other undertakings can certainly grow significantly as they master their conduct in this area.

It's true that selecting the suitable software comes with thorough analysis, and to aid your decision, we have listed some questions to refer, that can ultimately lead you to your ideal choice;

  • Are you seeking ways to reduce time, efforts with heightened productivity?
  • Would you want your firms' calendar to reflect on a real-time basis?
  • Does the software allow publishing the link directing your appointment setting page through all of your desired platforms? 
  • Are you able to customize your scheduler with time blockages, buffers, and other required features?
  • Does your software send out notifications and reminders to your clients and employees?
  • Does it integrate with the apps of your choice?
  • Are you able to sync your calendars and implement the required methods of payment?

For these and other specialized features that you are looking for, determining the same by laying down your expectations can help your decision-making process. Customizable options play a major role in shaping the scheduler to fit your everyday business activities. The software and its ability to govern depending on the size of your organizations also help chart the suitable services. 

The costs allotted to the services and how it affects your firm's costs and savings can ensure you won't be wrong with your choices. One thing that remains constant with these apps is the advancements and expertise that arrives with them. It can surely enrich your business with boosted profits, delighted customer retention, and vastly spread prominent features.

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