Top 10 Best Business Card Scanner Software (2022): Compared & Reviewed


The corporate world is expanding and becoming more competitive than ever. Mushrooming of new companies is a common thing in today's time.

As new companies are rising and developing rapidly, companies are racing to create brand recognition and reputation. Building brand value and reputation is a primary criterion to clear the path of success.

While many strategies can be followed to create brand awareness, the first step is to create an attractive and engaging business card.

Most reputed companies and brands have their own business cards. The new and rising brands also prefer to make a business card for effective promotion.

Also, business cards authenticate a brand and increase credibility.

Even in the modern era, business cards are significant and useful for businesses. It is an important part of corporate communication, used to convey the contact information and service of a company.

However, ways of storing the business card information have changed. You may no longer prefer to get a hard paper business card and keep it in your wallet or pocket.

In fact, you don't need to do that anymore. A new method is here to help you store business card information in a minute, as a soft copy.

The business scanning software is widely available with distinctive features that allow you to scan business cards and save the data printed on the cards.

The scanning apps are super easy to use and convenient to capture and collect the information written on them.

Your mobile phone camera scans the business with the help of the software and stores it either on your device or in the software app. 

Many business scanning software has gained popularity and is now being extensively used as it is fast and reliable. The number of companies is increasing.

As well as the interaction and affiliation between companies are developing rapidly. As a result, companies require to save contacts of many businesses and people and collect a lot of business cards.

Now think of collecting one card for every event you attend. At the end of a year, your pocket and wallet will become bulky. Can you carry all those cards with you always?

Certainly not as it is not at all comfortable or suitable to carry a lot of cards with you. However, you may need a card and the information anytime anywhere.

Are you going to find the card among the huge collection of cards you have? If yes, then think of the time you may need to search through the bundle of cards to find the desired one. Also, the chance is that you have already lost it.

The ultimate solution lies in installing a business card scanning app on your mobile phone. The app enables you to scan a business card and store it.

Saving a soft copy of the business card means you will never lose any card. Also, you don't need to carry a bunch of business cards with you if you can store the information on your device.

Moreover, finding the right business card among the list is easy as you can type a keyword (the name of an organization or a person) and get the desired card information.

Now that you know why using business card scanning software can be beneficial, let us know about some business card scanning apps you may use. Let us jump into it.

 CamCard business card scanning software is one of the most popular card scanners.

Though the app is not available for free, it offers updated and advanced facilities that are exclusive.

The lowest package starts from $5 per month that excludes facilities like sending a group email, exporting to Google contacts, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and integration via Web Service API. Paying $12 per month will allow you to enjoy all the features.

The app can be used on any Android or iOS device. Also, you can use it on the Web too. The main function of the software is to scan and save the information on a business card.

CamCard homepage

You can use your smartphone camera to scan the card and the information will be automatically saved to the device. The app also facilitates sharing business cards electronically. 

CamCard card scanner organizes and manages the information professionally. You can view all the card information on the app easily.

Also, you can add reminders and notes, tag cards, and search a keyword to find the desired card information. The information is saved in the cloud and can be used anywhere in a smartphone or any other device on the Web.

Therefore, whenever you need card information, you can browse the web or search on your device CamCard app.

The CamCard business scanning app can read cards in 16 different languages precisely and correctly. Moreover, it is capable of notifying you when a person from the saved contact gets promoted or shifts to another company.

Therefore, the app keeps you up-to-date. The app also facilitates sharing Ecards among people. If someone asks for a card and you don't have the hard copy, you can share a soft copy with him anytime you want.


  • The readings are very well-defined and accurate in the CamCard business card scanning app. Also, it is capable of reading 16 languages. The scanner app stores it in the cloud that can be used on multiple devices simultaneously. You can either install the app or use it from the Web.
  • The app is unthinkably upgraded so that you can get to know if a saved contact changes his company or gets a promotion.
  • The app, overall, combines all the information systematically and makes it easy to use.
  • You can set reminders, add notes, and tag cards to keep records. Finding a business card is super easy as you can type a keyword and obtain the information in a few seconds. The app also enables you to share an e-card with others. 


  • The app usually provides excellent performance but sometimes may provide inaccurate readings. Also, as the app isn't free, it may repel a lot of people.
  • The package of $5 doesn't allow you to share card information via email, Google contacts, Salesforce, etc. 

The second app on the list is ScanBizCards, which is available for free. The paid subscriptions start from $100 per year for a group of 50 users.

If you require more than 50 user licenses, you may get a quote.

The ScanBizCards scanning app allows you to scan business cards as well as conference badges. It comes with iCloud and Google drive restore and backup facilities.

The information can be added to the address book as well. ScanBizCards scanning app is also capable of capturing email signatures.

The app can be used on any smartphone making it accessible and available for all.

ScanBizCards homepage

This exclusive scanning app enables you to link the app with SugarCRM and Salesforce. The CRM export facility is available on paid packages only.

The priority and onboarding support is accessible on the paid packages, which comes with personalization if you get a quote. 

It is one of the best apps for lead capture that maximizes the success rate of the events. Accurate contact data is provided with the help of integration with API.

The app allows you to generate lead campaigns, and the admins can get the user activity report. Also, the app enables CRM integration allowing you to export card details.

The software also enables the export of scanned cards and batches directly to the CRM. An admin panel is given along with the campaigning project on the paid packages.

Overall, the ScanBizCards app suits people wanting to generate B2B leads and integration with CRM and marketing automation systems. 


  • ScanBizCards is the best business card scanning software for B2B lead generation. The app also comes with the feature of scanning email signatures. The app can be used for free that comes with some limitations. If you want a paid package, it offers you a 14 days free trial. It may help you to decide.
  • The app allows API and CRM integration. It also monitors the performance and provides a user activity report.
  • The app stores the information safely in the iCloud and Google drive and comes with a backup facility. It also permits adding the information in the address book.
  • This app can be used on any smartphone. The app offers an admin panel along with the campaigning assignments. Paid packages also offer onboarding and priority support.
  • Its link with marketing automation systems is another feature that can help you to manage and monitor the information more effectively.


  • The free package doesn't include a lot of features. Integration to CRM requires paying $100 per year that can be used by a group of 50. The distinct feature of lead generation also comes with a paid package.
  • Even after paying $100 per year, users will get only a limited onboarding and priority support that may seem unreasonable to many. 

Here comes the next business scanning app on the list. ScanContacts is an app that you can use for free.

This business scanning software can be used in any Android or iOS device. It is a ready-to-go app, which is convenient and easy to use.

You can effortlessly scan a business card using your phone camera and save it within the app. 

You can also transfer the data and contact information to your device contact. If you have a HubSpot integration, you can also enjoy another facility.

A HubSpot integration and access allows you to directly save and store the scanned information into the CRM.

ScanContacts homepage

Saving information in a CRM system means you can be more productive. It helps you to get more benefits and develop better connections among the contacts. 

A CRM system can substantially help your business to grow and develop. In fact, keeping CRM software is necessary. And if you link ScanContacts to your CRM system, you can experience amazing results.

HubSpot is a CRM system that facilitates and coordinates the activities in ScanContacts. ScanContacts is useful in storing the scanned information in a CRM and managing the activities efficiently.

It also enables the sharing of the card information. Searching for contact is very easy in ScanContacts as you can obtain the information by typing a keyword.

The app is super easy to access and provides a decent scanning facility. The storage is satisfactory, and it can accurately read cards in 16 languages.


  • ScanContacts business card scanner is capable of reading card information in 16 languages. Linking with a CRM system is super easy and this can help you amazingly in storing the information.
  • You can directly transfer and save the scanned card information in a CRM system and use them anywhere you want.
  • The app is accessible and available on any smartphone. You can either use an Android or an iOS. The reading of the app is pretty accurate and satisfactory. It also maintains the privacy and security of data strictly.
  • The most important point is that the app is free of cost. You can easily get access to it and enjoy exclusive benefits. You will be able to scan as many business cards as you want, store them in the app and a CRM system, and monitor the activities building effective communication. The app is recommended for people searching for a well-performed free app for scanning, saving, and sending business card information. 


  • The app lacks many advanced features. Readability results may deteriorate sometimes.
  • Also, the app doesn't provide features of improving lead generation or marketing campaigns. It is simple and easy to use but many businesses may need many advanced services to manage a bulk of data.

4. Sansan

The app Sansan is a Japan-based software and super convenient for the users. It not only scans the card and also manages the information efficiently.

The app allows organizations and businesses to create central storage that can be accessed by all the employees.

 It is the app that stores and manages all the business card information single-handedly.

It has a secured and safe storage system where you can get all your business card information.

The app saves the scanned information in the cloud where you can find the desired business card information.

You can search for a keyword like the company name or the owner name and instantly get the information. 

sansan homepage

The app is able to store and send the contact details via the app. The app also allows you to send emails from the app directly. You can send out your business card data to others and receive others' information too.

The app can read English and Japanese fairly well along with some other languages. This business card scanning software also facilitates integration with Salesforce. The app Sansan can be used on any smartphone.

The app is reliable and customers get a top-notch user experience. The app is free but also offers custom paid plans that can be available as per negotiation terms with the customer support team.

The app offers prospecting tools and leads management tools to maximize productivity. 

People prefer this app as it is not only a business card scanning app but it is a CRM system that scans and synchronizes all the information.

It reduces your task of transferring data, processing them, and organizing them for further usage. All the processes are done by the app.

You just need to share information and use them for business development and interaction.


  • The fact that Sansan is a CRM system makes it the best option for all. It single-handedly handles all the tasks. It uses the camera to scan the business card with 99.9% accuracy. 
  • Then it is stored in the cloud, segregated, and stored. The storage system is secured and reliable.
  • The app is accessible on any smartphone. Installing the app would suffice and you can start working.
  • The app helps you in creating a central database for a company that can be accessed and used by the company's employees.
  • You can directly email your clients and partners via the Sansan app.
  • The app is best for reading English and Japanese language cards along with some more languages.
  • The app offers a free trial.
  • The app facilitates scanning, storing, processing, segregating, storing, and sending out the information among people. Actually, you get all the facilities under the same roof.


  • The accuracy of the reading is good for English and Japanese while you may find difficulties in getting a good result in other languages.

Evernote app is popular for taking notes, content management, recording audio notes, attaching files, organizing web pages with the help of a web clipper, scanning handwritten material, etc.

But the app is also proficient in scanning and storing business card information.

The free package, however, doesn't offer you to scan and save business card information.

You need to subscribe to the premium package that costs $7.99 per month.

The Premium package allows you to scan the business cards and provide an upload limit of 10GB per month. 

Evernote homepage

The Premium package allows you to use the app on as many devices as you want.

Evernote scanner facilitates the integration of the app with other apps like Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, etc. This enhances the productivity of your business as you can easily manage your information using these applications. T

he app enables you to read cards of 21 different languages. The accuracy of the reading is mostly reliable. The app can read business card information like the name, designation, email, mobile number, etc., and save the data on the device.

Now the data can be safely stored and used.You can directly make a call or email a person using the collected information. The storage is secure and safe.

The security and support service is top-notch with the Evernote app. Also, it ensures that no data gets lost.

 However, if you want to collaborate with a central business data ownership system, you would need to sign up for the package that costs $14.99 per month.

It means that you may not enjoy the advanced features if you choose the Premium package.


  • The app does multitasking that you may find very helpful in storing, managing, and monitoring your data and business activities. The app not only allows you to take notes but also can scan business cards.
  • The app is an expert in reading cards in 21 diverse languages.
  • The app is accessible for all as it can be used in an Android, iOS device, or on the Web. 
  • The Evernote app's reading is mostly accurate. The security and support facilities are standard in the app.
  • The app allows you to make a call or email using the saved data. There is nearly no chance of losing your data with Evernote.
  • The premium package allows you to upload 10GB per month, which is enough for most companies. 
  • The app also facilitates integration with other apps like Slack, Salesforce, Outlook, etc. that can improve the productivity of your business. It also helps you in managing and monitoring the data efficiently.


  • To avail additional features people have to subscribe to paid plans that start from $7.99. To enjoy advanced facilities like business data ownership, you require to pay a high price of $14.99 per month.
  • The app could've opened the opportunity of using some features in the Premium package. 

If you are a fan of Microsoft applications and already using Microsoft office 365, then Microsoft OneNote is definitely your cup of tea.

Undeniably, the service and opportunities in Microsoft OneNote are top-class that provide you the ultimate solutions for business card information management.

All the packages include the facility of using Microsoft OneNote.

The app has the features that you would need to maximize the productivity and success rate of your company.

The clean segregation of the features in the app allows you to use it easily. 

Microsoft OneNote homepage

Microsoft OneNote allows you to scan business cards and save the information within the app. 

The biggest benefit is that the information can be integrated with all the other Microsoft applications for better monitoring and management.

The onboarding service is commendable in the app. Also, it keeps a record of the activities you do through the app.

It provides ideas of how to manage and utilize the business card information and connect with more people. The app can be used on any smartphone and from the Web making it available for all.

Microsoft OneNote can be availed at a standard pricing point of $6.99 per month or $69.99 for annual payment. The Business Account can be maintained at $11.99 per month.

It is one of the most trusted business card scanning apps you may get. The app allows you to gather the card information and share it with others anytime, anywhere.

The organization and management facilities are absolutely stunning that can help you in easy monitoring of the information.

However, if you want to get access to the app Microsoft OneNote, you would need to subscribe to a Microsoft Office 365 package. 

The price of Microsoft Office 365 is quite high and may go down the drain if you don't use all the apps of Microsoft Office 365.


  • Microsoft is a trusted company ensuring top-notch service and support to its customers. The most significant benefit is that you can access all the apps of Microsoft Office 365 that can help you in managing, organizing, and regulating the data effectively.
  • The readability of the app is outstanding and the ease of using the app is laudable. The features are separated neatly in the app. Besides the excellent scanning and storing system, the app offers you tools to efficiently regulate the business card information.
  • It keeps you updated, suggests new ideas for utilizing the information, and leads you. The integration with other Microsoft apps allows you to make business management easier.
  • You can effortlessly scan a business card, digitize the data, store it, utilize it when necessary, and share it with others anytime, anywhere.


  • You can't subscribe solely to the Microsoft OneNote app. You would require to sign up for a Microsoft Office 365 package to access the OneNote app. Therefore, if you are not using all the Microsoft Office 365 applications and features, then the payment becomes useless.
  • As the Microsoft Office 365 packages are expensive, it may not be a preferable option for you. 

The next on the list is an app that offers free packages that can be later enhanced by activating the paid plans. HubSpot is one of the most recommended business card scanning apps. 

The HubSpot app permits you to get access to other apps very easily.

This integration facility can substantially improve your performance as you get more connectivity and lead generation possibilities.

The application also makes it faster and easier for you to search for particular card information.

The HubSpot business card scanning app facilitates easy integration with the HubSpot CRM system.

hubspot homepage

It means that you can use the HubSpot CRM system for free as you install the HubSpot app. You can use the CRM for storing and utilizing the business card information.

The app keeps you updated about the saved information. You get to know if any company or person makes any changes in their service or business card.

The digital CRM system allows you to save all the business card information in one place, store them systematically, and get updates on time.

The storage is safe and secured and maintains the privacy of your information.

It also allows you to share and exchange business card information with each other. It helps your company to create brand value and become more productive.

All the business activities are centrally monitored and synchronized by the CRM facility in the HubSpot app. 

It is time-saving as the app updates you about the new changes, modifications, and information.


  • The reading accuracy of the app is top-notch, and you can use the reading to communicate. The app saves the business card information in one place making it easier for you to find. The app HubSpot is super easy to use, and searching for the required card information is even more simple.
  • The integrated CRM app of HubSpot enables you to arrange the information, store it safely, and synchronize the data efficiently. The CRM tools help you to increase productivity, communication, and sales. 
  • The app is time-saving, cost-effective, and helpful to speed up connectivity and productivity. It is undeniably one of the most compatible and preferable business card scanning apps you can choose.


  • Custom integration may cost you money that you may not prefer.
  • You may find it difficult to set-up the advanced features and options.

On the 8th number of the list comes another convenient and highly recommended application, Haystack.

The app has been used and preferred by many famous companies, proving the app as a trustworthy and reliable one.

The most exclusive feature of the app is that you can create your own e-card using this app.

You can utilize various templates available on the app.

All you need to do is to input your information like name, designation, company name, contact detail, etc. 

haystack homepage

The free package allows you to make unlimited cards, save and share unlimited contacts, scan and save unlimited business cards, attach images to the cards, and use the app on any smartphone.

The facilities seem pretty reasonable and useful for small businesses and individuals. However, to enjoy a central CRM system facility, you need to subscribe to a package that costs $7.95 per month.

The paid package also allows email signature scanning, access to customized card templates, entrance to an admin panel, analytic support, and other business-level assistance. 

If you opt for an enterprise, you will receive onboarding support, customized plans, and many more.

Overall, the Haystack app is a highly appreciated and preferred app to the users who require the basic facilities relating to business card scanning and storage. The extra benefit is that you can create a card in the app.


  • The most amazing feature of the Haystack app is that it enables you to create your own business card. It offers the templates that you may choose. The ecard you make in the app can be easily shared with others in your contact list.
  • The app is capable of scanning business cards accurately and quickly and can store the information systematically. You can seamlessly browse through the app and get access to the saved information.
  • The free packages facilitate creating unlimited business cards, scanning unlimited business cards, sharing countless contacts, attaching images to the cards, and using the app on any iOS or Android device.
  • The paid packages, however, offer you a CRM system along with an admin panel to effectively monitor the business activities and card information.
  • Moreover, it offers a 30-day free trial opportunity. 


  • The Haystack app offers a free package that excludes the facility of a CRM system reducing the efficacy and productivity of the app. Even a payment of $7.95 per month won't allow you to get customized features and onboarding support.
  • Some users complained about the feasibility of the app. Also, some prefer to have much more variation and improvement in the templates it offers. 


ABBYY business card scanning app comes on number nine in the list. The app is available for free.

A paid package of $7.99 is available if you need advanced facilities and features. The app is popular for the ease of using it.

The app is also famous because it can scan a card having 3 languages. The multilingual business card scanning option makes this app distinction.

Also, it is able to scan and read 25 different languages.

ABBYY scanning app can read business cards accurately and save them securely. 

ABBYY homepage

It comes with a contact database that can help you to save the contacts systematically. 

The app also facilitates sharing of business card information with each other. Moreover, the features are segmented in an orderly way.

The information collected is also stored in divisions to make it easier to find out. Searching for a piece of information is super easy in ABBYY app.

The app also has some advanced features for which you need to pay $7.99 per month. The app also provides some tools for lead management and to increase productivity.

The customer service is highly appreciated by the users. Users are also pleased as the app effortlessly organizes the contacts.

It also enables you to edit or change information that may get missed during scanning. However, as the app doesn't provide a backup system, the users feel a bit risky.

Users have also complained that the app often fails to capture the company name as it tries to extract the name from the email address.

Some said that it gets difficult to find the required data among the bulk of information.


  • The app is available for free and offers a fair range of facilities to its users. The app is a multilingual business card reader that can read up to 3 languages written on a card. Also, the app is capable of reading 25 different languages.
  • The app facilitates organizing and monitoring the contact in the app. It also provides the tools for lead generation and business development. The app allows you to change the information if the reading is wrong.
  • The features are separated for easy navigation through the app. The information is also organized and separated systematically.
  • The app facilitates sharing of information via the software. It also comes with a contact database for better contact management. Users like the way the ABBYY app stores and arranges the information.


  • ABBYY app doesn't provide a backup system that makes the users feel a bit risky. Users have also criticized that the app often fails to capture the company name as it tries to extricate the name from the email address. 
  • Some of the users complained that it gets difficult to find the required data among the abundance of information.

10. CardHQ

The last app on the list is CardHQ app. The app is available for free and can be used on any smartphone, either an Android or an IoS device.

The app is pretty basic but is faster than most business card scanning apps.

The app reads business cards fairly accurately and saves the information within the app.

The app is very easy to use and monitor making it convenient for all.

The app allows people to communicate and share business card information. The CardHQ app enables you to scan a card, save the information, and use it later.

The app doesn't provide a central place to monitor your activities. Also, the app doesn't have any updated features for lead generation.

CardHQ homepage

Users mentioned that it offers quite a poor OCR and CRM system that mostly fails to accomplish the target.

Many users also complained that it doesn't sort or categorize the information. All it can do is scan a card, save it, and enable the users to share and exchange it.

The app provides an unlimited card scanning facility. However, users have criticized that the app automatically deletes information when the memory becomes full.

Therefore, it can be said that the app is suitable for light use and should be avoided for heavy and professional usage.


  • The app is noted as one of the fastest business card scanning apps available. The app is available for free making it convenient for all. The app is able to scan and read the business card information accurately and correctly. It also provides storage where you can store all the information.
  • The information can be shared among each other and used for business purposes. It helps you to link with other users too. 
  • The app is available on all IoS and Android devices making it accessible for all. The app is convenient and easy to use.


  • People have complained that the app doesn't provide unlimited scanning opportunities even after promising. They said that the app deletes the information when the storage gets overloaded.
  • The facilities like storing, organizing, and utilizing information for business and communication development are missing in CardHQ app. It has an extremely poor OCR and CRM system that fails to provide any business solution. Also, it has no feature to speed up lead generation.
  • The app also fails to manage, organize and store the information systematically. The workability and functioning of CardHQ app are pretty difficult and confusing to the users.

Why Business Cards

Before you know more about the business card scanning software that is available on the market, you must know why at all you need to think of business cards.

In the corporate world, a business card is the most popular and professional communication method. No matter whom you meet, where you meet, you primarily expect to get a business card from the person.

The person you are talking to expects the same from you. It is because you generally can't finalize a deal or talk on a topic in an event or a public space.

You may always favor getting a business card and reconnect to the person later. This is the appropriate way of communicating in the corporate world.

If you have an attractive and presentable business card, the recipient of the card will automatically develop an interest in you. Your business card initially shows the professionalism and credibility of your brand.

A poorly designed business card fails to attract its audience as it represents the brand as unprofessional and insincere. It gives a negative impression if you fail to provide a well-designed business card.

On the other hand, a beautifully crafted business card gives a good impression on the viewer's mind. Therefore, a business card is a primary step of creating an impression.

Wherever you go, your business card can let you do your brand promotion.

You can carry it anywhere and give it to a stakeholder, shareholder, client, affiliates, and dealers. It shows your professionalism and the trustworthiness of the company. 

The card holds the identity of your company and service. It denotes the official name of the company, designation of the person, official website, phone number, email id, and other contact information along with the logo.

Overall it gives the basic information and invites people to connect with your company. Similarly, when you go to an event, you expect to meet new people and build connections.

You may meet a number of clients and affiliates. How are you going to remember all of them after the event? You can check out their names and company services by checking the business cards.

Thus, if you get a business card from the people you meet, you will be able to contact them further and keep the cards to know about them.

All in all, a business card is the first step to success for a company. It holds the identity of the company and enhances the brand value. Also, it intensifies the significance, credibility, and professionalism of the brand.

A business card also helps to store the information of various companies encouraging communication between organizations.

The business card is a mandatory factor in corporate communication that is trusted and used universally. On one hand, it helps your brand to get recognized.

On the other hand, a business card provides information to you about other companies that can be used further.

Business Card Scanning Software

Here comes the question of how you are going to collect and store the information of the business cards you get.

Are you going to keep all the business cards in a file or bulk your pocket? Also, do you need to collect the hardcopy of the business cards at all?

Instead of receiving the hardcopy of a business card, you can use a business card scanner to scan the business cards on your mobile phone. The business card scanner app works very simply.

You need to install software on your mobile phone, do the set-up in the app, and use your camera to scan the card. After that, the information will be automatically saved either in your contact list or in the software.

This way you can store plenty of business card information in your device effortlessly, in a few moments.

There is no other convenient way of stocking a massive number of business cards digitally. Carrying the hard copy of business cards is outdated and unmanageable.

Especially for people who are continually dealing with clients and dealers, regularly attending events, and building up connections required to collect loads of business card information.

As saving and using business card information is mandatory for any business, you will find using a business card scanning software very useful.

Moreover, it is extremely safe and secure to store information in a business card scanning app.

The problem of portability gets resolved if you use business card scanning software. Instead of moving with an abundance of business cards in your pocket or file, you can easily carry the information on your mobile phone.

It makes you keep the information of the business cards with you all the time, anywhere. If you collect the hard copies of business cards, you may lose them at any time.

The chances are you may not be able to find the one you are looking for among the profusion of business cards. You may overlook and maybe, you have kept it in a different place.

Such problems arrive when you keep the hard copies of the business cards. The problem can be easily solved by collecting and saving the business card information on your handy mobile phone.

You can easily scan a business card in just a few seconds and save the information on your device. Besides, while finding the information, you can simply type a keyword and you will get the one you are searching for.

It means that you can efficiently and quickly find business card information without browsing through all the cards.

Both searching and storage of business card information become simpler with a business card scanner. Moreover, you will never lose business card information unless you delete it from your device.

You can also transfer the data to a desktop for storage. Overall, in today's time, having a business card scanner can be useful and purposeful.

Especially people who prioritize corporate communication and need to meet new people frequently must use a business card scanner.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Best Business Card Scanning Software

Have you decided on the business scanning app yet? If not, let us look into the factors you would consider before choosing the right app for you.

1. You may like to think of your budget first. There are free business card scanning apps that come with some limitations. Mostly they don't offer a CRM system and integration with apps.

If you think of light usage, then you can go for the free apps. Otherwise, if you go for a paid app, do think of the facilities and opportunities you are actually going to use.

Think of Microsoft OneNote. Consider if you can utilize all the options available in Microsoft Office 365. Examine what you need, and fix the budget accordingly.

2. Consider the ease of an app. If an app is not easy to use, you may end up wasting time and messing with the information. Make sure that you can proficiently use the app and then install or subscribe to it.

3. Security of your data is very crucial for all. Read out the safety and security pages, terms and conditions, before you sign up for an app. You need to be very sure about the privacy and security of your data.

4. Think of the opportunities an app provides. The app needs to provide you the facilities that can help you to speed up productivity and communication. However, it may depend on your requirements.

5. One important factor is to consider the accuracy of the reading. Go for the free trials and check out if the app is providing you with accurate results. Accuracy is very necessary for a business card scanning app. You must take care of it.

6. Try to sign up for an app that gives access to a CRM system. It can substantially help you manage and organize the data more professionally.

Apps offering a CRM system can benefit you in so many ways and help you in lead generation.

7. You may also consider having an integration facility. Integration facility allows you to link the app with other apps that can help you in accessing more features and maximizing productivity.

8. You may also think of how many users license the app provides. Depending on the employees you have, you can decide the app that accommodates the number of users.


In today's time, having a well-functioning business card scanner is very necessary for companies and individuals.

In the era when connectivity and interaction are crucial for business development, you can't deny the importance of business card scanning apps.

The business card scanning software helps you to scan a number of business cards anytime, anywhere, store the information in a place, and organize them to help you boost your business development.

An efficient business card scanner can extensively improve the contact management system of your business.

This can help you to be very quick about contacting stakeholders and arranging the information in an orderly. Also, a well-equipped app helps you to know your performance, and modify the campaigns.

Consider the factors given above and choose the right business scanning software for you. Don't jump to a conclusion. Try out various options and go through the free trials.

Only then, you can be confident and sure about your decision. However, the aforementioned list will assist you in shortlisting the apps. What are you waiting for? Go and grab the best deal now.

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