Top 9 Best Digital Signature Apps

(2022): Compared & Reviewed


There is no business or a process in the world where technology is not present. It is an integral part of our everyday life. In our businesses we have project management tools, HR management solutions, e-solutions, CRM software etc. 

There is now a revolution in the very miniscule yet there is a very crucial aspect- signature. This is the era of digital signature and it is very important for the businesses to resort to this if they want the paperwork to be effectively completed and in a secured manner.

A digital signature as the name suggests is the modern way of signing documents.  This is very similar to signing documents using a pen but more secure and faster. Digital signature is an encrypted security attached with the document. 

When you encrypt a document using a digital signature application, it will turn into a condensed version of the document known as a hash. This hash is encrypted with the signatory certificate. A digital signature can be applied to documents as well as the messages.

Digital signatures use advanced mathematical algorithms to secure the documents. These algorithms are the most advanced tests of authenticity of the encrypted documents. 

The main aim of putting in a digital signature is to protect the documents from tampering and alteration. This digital signature ensures that the documents are protected and reach its receiver without any hampering.

There is additional information provided by the digital signatures such as the origin of the message and at what part of transit it is.

Using a public key algorithm, two keys are generated; public key and a private key. When the sender sends the document using the digital signature, it automatically generates a hash for the document.

This means that the document is signed using the private key of the sender. To validate the signature, the hash is decrypted with the signatory's public key and is compared to the original document.

What are digital signature applications?Here is the list of a few of the best digital signature solutions. 

‘Adobe’, we have all heard of this name. It is one of the biggest tech industry giants that provide business solutions. Another of its wonders is Adobe Sign, its e-signature solution.

Adobe Sign is an easy, convenient, and very secure, e-signing vendor given by adobe. We all are aware of the reputation of this company in the market.

This is a highly featured application that provides the best e-signature facility. It allows users to manage their work from any part of the world without any hassle. It can be used with any of devices like mobiles, computers, and tablets.

The best part about adobe sign is that, even if the users don’t have an adobe account, they can still enjoy the benefits of this software. You can just easily open and sign any document if your device is verified. The application has both the digital and electronic signatures

This e-signature application is highly integrative and supports working from any third-party software providers like Microsoft, Salesforce, etc. Adobe Sign can also be easily used with any of the adobe software. 

Adobe Sign ensures that the documents are signed as per the legal guidelines of each party’s governing authority and makes sure every process is legally compliable.

All in all, Adobe Sign sets the standard of other e-sign vendors. 


  1. The best of the features of Adobe Sign is its ability to integrate with any major software, that too without compromising any legal aspect. 
  2. When it comes to e-signing or digital signature, it is very crucial that the document is following each and every legal guideline, otherwise, the business may have to take a toll on its profit as well as reputation. Adobe Sign ensures that this doesn’t happen.
  3. Recent updates of Adobe Sign include adding legal compliance for life science and pharmaceutical firms.  It has added the legal guidelines for the pharmaceutical companies in its legal compliance data. This has increased its scope of business.


  • Reputed company-

    This is one of the biggest advantages of Adobe Sign, that it is a product of one of the most reputed companies in the market.  We have known Adobe to be part of our daily technology solutions for years; there has never been an instance of a data breach, data compromise, or data mining. It has always provided its users with the best solutions in the market.

  • Easy-

    Adobe Sign is one of the easiest digital signature solutions in the market. You can conveniently add signatures to your documents. We have already mentioned that even if you don’t have an account with this solution, you can still add a signature to the messages or documents.


  • Costly for small businesses-

    If you don’t have the need to use this e-sign solution frequently then this may prove not to be the best solution for your business. The pricing scheme that it provides may prove to be a toll on the budget of small businesses. It may prove to be expensive if you don’t have regular use of a digital signature solution.

  • Customer support-

    Several users have reported that customer support could only be reached by messages and emails. It becomes difficult when the problems are complex or need immediate action. There is a need for customer support through telephones because it will increase personalization and will also help the users to find solutions faster.

Pricing of Adobe Sign-

  • There is a free 7 days trial for this e-sign solution.
  • The small business plan is $ 14.99 per month per user.
  • Business and Enterprise plans begin at $ 29.99 per month per user. These plans have higher-grade security and much better features.

HelloSign is one of the simplest ways to securely sign documents. It comes as a browser extension, a mobile app that runs in both IOS and android. 

HelloSign is one of the leading players in the market. They have actually targeted the budget segment of the market and have established their identity as the budgeted digital signature application. 

You can use the Gmail service to sign the documents. In the very email, you can sign the document and send it to the recipient. There is an option of editing the text as well. 

You can also send the documents securely using this application if you want them to get signed. This depicts that HelloSign is one of the most convenient software in the sector.

HelloSign is one of the most unique players in the market; they provide their users with the easiest way to send and receive legally binding electronic signatures. They have focused highly on customer service as well. You can get in contact with their sales executive to solve your minute to the most complex of problems. 

It has got a very powerful API that allows you to put your brand identity in a formal document. The company has got a basket of extensions that are fully capable of complying with all the e-signature laws of the areas concerned.


  1. One of the most exciting features of HelloSign is its web integration ability. It can integrate with software like oracle, Google services, salesforce, etc.  This enables the company to capture the market containing both big and small enterprises. 
  2. HelloSign has a feature of saving signatures. It is a great advantage in terms of speed and accuracy in terms of delivering the message and document on time.  
  3. The users can create a new signature by uploading an image file or draw the signature with their fingers as well. They can also take a new picture of their signature to upload it on the document.


  • Great customer base- HelloSign has clients which are among the big companies of the world. They have got contracts with Lyft,  ZeroCater, and Instacart. Having this type of client base is a big boon for the company because this increases trust in the application. It helps to establish the credibility of the company as well.
  • Best pricing- HelloSign has the best pricing schemes in the market. As compared to its counterparts their business plans have the best pricing in the market.  This is advantageous in terms that this will help the small businesses to use this application for their digital signature needs. 


  • Email scheduling and templates- It doesn’t schedule emails as well as it doesn’t have many options for templates facility. If there are multiple senders and multiple emails to be sent, then it is crucial that there are reminders set for signing the document at the right time. 
  • MS integration- Some of the users have complained that the documents cannot be signed using MS word. The users have complained about this at times because MS word is among the few software that is used very frequently by the users and it is crucial that the users get the facility of signing the documents through MS word.

Pricing of HelloSign- 

  • There is a free plan available for the users. It allows up to three documents a month. 
  • There is a Pro plan that comes at $ 20 per month and includes five senders. 
  • The Business plan comes at $ 30 per month and allows for up to five senders.
  • Enterprise plans are available, contact customer support to create plans as per your business needs.
  • All plans come with a 30-day free trial.

SignEasy is exactly what its name says. It is the easiest way of e-signing documents without compromising security. The strategy of SignEasy is to provide the user with a minimal user interface so that they find it easy to use.

SignEasy has got similar features to the other application in general but its user interface is one the boon for the users. SignEasy has tools that will allow the users to develop documents very conveniently because of its ability to integrate with third-party applications.

It allows you to develop the documents using the tools of the third-party variants.

Apart from simplicity, SignEasy has surely paid attention to document sharing as well, its highly integrative ability depicts exactly that.  Another notable thing about SignEasy is that if you find that there are similar documents that need to be signed multiple times, you can easily use template options for the same.

It is a cloud-based digital signature software that allows you to complete documents on the go. This company has put in a lot of effort to make this application mobile-friendly. This application can be used with computers as well as mobiles. SignEasy is compatible with both iOS and Android.


  1. This point cannot be emphasized enough that SignEasy will be the easiest interface for the signature application that you will ever come across.
  2.  Even if you are not aware of the party on the other side, using SignEasy you can mark the titles in the boxes regarding who has to sign where. 
  3. The main value behind SignEasy is very easily identified; it is to target small businesses and make them able to work as the standards of a big enterprise.
  4. The value defined above can also be seen by the competitive pricing policy that it has set for its users. 
  5. Their pricing is one of the lowest in the market. They have focused on simplicity as well as affordability; without compromising on any aspect.


  • Progress tracking- This is one of the benefits of SignEasy, you can track your documents anytime. It provides the features to know exactly what part of the transit document is in, who viewed the document, who made changes to the document, and who signed the document.  You can always keep a close track of any document using this software.
  • Secured and affordable- We have already explained this application as being the simplest and the reasons behind this. Apart from being simple, this software is very affordable too. Sometimes there is a perception among the people that the software must have compromised on the security aspect if it has so low prices, but in this case, there is nothing like that.  SignEasy is affordable, secured, and simple to use.
  • Cloud storage- This is the biggest benefit of SignEasy. All the documents can be accessed and stored on the cloud storage of the application. You can always complete your tasks from anywhere using this.


  • Need internet connection- This may not be the biggest issue in general but several users face the issue of not being able to work in offline mode. For using SignEasy it is mandatory to have an internet connection.
  • Problems integrating the application - There have been reports that people have faced problems integrating the application and that they cannot find the templates.

Pricing of SignEasy-

  • The standard plan costs $ 8 per month. This plan allows the document signing with no in-person sign-in.
  • Plus plan for small businesses is $ 15/month.
  • The premium plan is for up to three users and costs $ 20 per month and for each additional user, you will have to pay $ 20 per head.

DocuSign is one of the most popular e-signature solution providers that offers its users to sign documents in an easy and quick manner. This is software that is very intuitive as well. It has got a very good user interface that makes the process of verifying the documents simple and secure.

DocuSign starts with a sign-up window, as you sign in the documents you will be asked to upload a document; after that, the whole process of signing and sending the document will get started.

There is also an option of saving your documents as drafts on the dashboard, so you can send this document at a later time. 

In the dashboard you can also look at the deadlines of the document as per the schedule set, so you can always have track of which are expiring soon. 

This is highly integrative software that integrates with a huge number of third-party tools. Its APIs allow the integration with your previous software on the device.  The main purpose of this is that the user doesn’t lose any data in between the transition.

It can integrate with MS services, Google services, Zoho, Zapier, Salesforce, and many other prominent applications of a computer and mobile devices.  This software supports functioning on Android, Windows, and iOS. 


  1. One of the best features of DocuSign is that it is very dedicated to its user data security. 
  2. It uses the best technology in the market for protecting its client’s data. 
  3. It employs strong encryption technologies that are of the highest standard with the main purpose of protecting the documents’ security as well as avoiding any incident of data compromise and breach. 
  4. It boasts about user data security using the BCR certification that is the most prominent data security certification in the EU and USA. 
  5. They are very dedicated to the storage location of their data as well as the e-sign services. 
  6. There is also a quick sidebar feature, whose whole task is to keep the track of all the documents. It will send you notifications as per the updates of the documents, whether the document has been sent or received, who has viewed the document, and what changes have been made to the document; All of this can be tracked using this sidebar. 


  • Privacy- One of the primary reasons that the users choose DocuSign to digitally sign the document is its ability to protect the document from external interference. We have already seen above that this company provides state-of-the-art privacy features to the users for protecting the document.
  • Integrative- One of the best advantages of DocuSign is that it integrates very well with third-party services like Gmail and MS Office 365 which are the most prominent document solution software in the market. The market for this kind of software is already big and if a digital signature solution integrates with prominent software like these, it is an advantage for all of them.


  • Cost- The pricing policy that this document signing application has set is not made for individual users. The single users will find this software to be a bit of a hit on the budget. This can also be seen from the perspective that this company didn’t want to target the individual users thus it has set a pricing policy like this. 

Pricing of DOCUSIGN-

  • The standard plan comes at $25 per month per user. 
  • More advanced plans begin at $40 per month per user. It comes with advanced features and a much better user interface.
  • All of the said plans come with a free trial of 30 days.

OneSpan is a perfect balance between big enterprises and small enterprises. It has developed its digital signature in such a way that it can be used by enterprises of any scale.

OneSpan is a cloud-based digital signature application that provides an easy way to use workflow features so as to make the process of signing documents easy and quick.

It is a highly flexible software that can be used on public cloud as well as private cloud space, thus facilitating the individual as well as the team-based workflow.  

Another thing that goes in favor of OneSpan is that it is client-based. 

It has got clients based in fortune 500 companies. Its client base includes companies like IBM, BMW, US Bank, and Wells Fargo. Nothing can beat the fact that they have the US army as their clients as well. These are the most reputed organizations in the world.

The positive thing behind this is that it helps to establish trust in the company. This leads to the higher assurance that the data will not be compromised and data security is the priority of the company.

It is a highly integrative digital signature tool that can integrate with software like Salesforce, Zapier, and Sharepoint.  OneSpan can be used with computers as well as mobile phones. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.


  1. OneSpan is as secure as it is flexible. 
  2. As we have already mentioned the cloud space usage, they have also taken care of the data security as well. 
  3. There are several applications in the market that have not been able to create a balance between flexibility as well as security. This is not the case with OneSpan. 
  4. It is a perfect blend of a good user interface, high integration ability, and data security protocols.
  5. There is also a feature of sending the document passcode using the SMS to the receiver. This is another layer added to data security.
  6. Apart from the cloud storage, there is also an option that you can create a restrictive usage of the software by giving its access to only your computer infrastructure. This is suitable for enterprises that deal with documents with high sensitivity.


  • Good user interface- OneSpan has one of the most intriguing user interfaces. Users face no issues in sending the files and messages using its encrypted technology.  It has a clear-cut established process for the signing and sending of the document.
  • Good customer support- Its high customer satisfaction reviews have shown that the best thing about this software is that it has got great customer support.  If anytime users face any difficulty; they can simply contact customer support. There is a restriction on the type of communication medium you choose to contact customer support. You can mail them or have a chat with their customer executive using texts or the telephone.


  • Initial difficulty- Some of the users, mainly the small businesses have reviewed that it is difficult to get acquainted with the software while setting up. This is a drawback for them because they cannot afford to lose time in setting up their software. It increases the transition cost as well as it requires more training for the employees. Big enterprises don’t face this kind of difficulty because they have numerous alternatives to the above issues.

Pricing of OneSpan-

  • There is a free trial for all the plans.
  • Professional plans start at $20 per user per month.  The billing is done on a monthly basis.
  • For the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the vendor. There is a customized plan for each of the enterprises

If you are the one for high security in documents, the KeepSolid Sign is the right choice for you. This is among the very few companies that pay high emphasis on legality, data storage, and security as well as user identification.

It is also equipped with all the digital signature features that you expect in a good platform. It is available on all the major platforms such as iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Windows Phone, Apple TV, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers.

The ease of access is facilitated by the collaboration tools that this software contains. You can keep a track of the document as well. 

There is a cloud storage facility in the application; you can connect with any cloud application.  You can import documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.  It contains a drag and drops feature that increases the accessibility of forms for the users.

One of the best things about this application is that it has a high integration facility. It can integrate with prominent software like Zapier, Salesforce, Zoho, etc. this enables higher convenience with high-grade security that too with easy access. It promises quick and legal signatures that can be done through any of the devices without losing access due to the issues regarding remote access. 


  • One of the best features of KeepSolid is its offline access. You can complete the documents without having access to the internet. This is one of the most solid features of the software because it is a very unique feature that was not evident in any other software. It increases access as well as the remoteness of the software. You can complete your tasks from anywhere without worrying about network issues or the internet connection.  
  • We have already mentioned the security details of the software. It uses the AES-256 encryption technique. This is one of the best data security technologies in the market.  Any company that respects the privacy of the users is surely going to be one of the most reputed companies in the market.


  • Days Free plan- When a person signs up for KeepSolid, they will have access to the free plan account of the software for 14 days. A free plan for 14 days allows the user to experience the plan; this will help the user to understand whether it is right or wrong for their businesses. 
  • Security- We have already mentioned the security protocols of the data security that KeepSolid has employed for their clients. Security, as we have already mentioned, is one of the deciding factors of selecting the software. 


  • Initial issues- The users face a lot of issues while setting up. They find it very hard to understand the software initially. Small businesses mainly face these issues in terms of costs and employee training.
  • Mobile application- The mobile application has a lot of inherent issues. A lot of features are lacking in the mobile application. Users face a lot of difficulty in using the mobile application as compared to the desktop or the web client application. This defeats the purpose of quick access and completion of tasks on the go. 

Pricing of KeepSolid- 

  • The small team plan comes at $ 349.99 per month. This plan comes for a 5-person team.
  • Enterprise plans and annual subscriptions are also available.
  • All the above options have a 14-day trial plan.
  • The best part about the pricing policy is that there's a 25% discount for paying annually. This is substantiating the point of competitive pricing.

PandaDoc through its various strategies made it clear that it has always kept the user interface as its biggest priority. It has employed the best technology in the market that created great streamlined software.

This is done with the main aim of ease of access. PandaDoc is in fact a business solution that is document management software. It’s one of the few software business solutions that provide digital signature as it’s in app feature.

It is among a list of top CRM management solutions as well. It has got features like workflow automation, document tracking, document editing history, viewership access of the secured documents and many more. 

The best part of the solution is that it can track documents as well as make payments through its CRM features. There is also an option of storing multiple types of files in the software storage.

PandaDoc is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. It can work on windows as well as MacOS. This is just a mobile application solution, which promotes remoteness of completing the work. What kind of support you use depends on the amount of work as well as the remoteness of the work.


One of the best features of PandaDoc is that it is a highly integrative tool that can be used with major applications like Zapier, Zoho, Salesforce etc. It is important to mention that PandaDoc is the only software that is complete in itself.

We have witnessed that in general businesses require multiple solutions to complete their processes of getting the order to receive the final payment. This software is complete in itself to streamline all of these processes.

If your business is in need for a comprehensive solution for the file management of contracts and documents and that is complete with a built-in eSignature feature, no option can be better than PandaDoc.


  • Comprehensive solution- PandaDoc is a comprehensive solution that is capable of solving each of the businesses’ needs. This is an advantage in a way that this solution is capable of being used by any kind of business. The size of the business and needs of the business vary everywhere and it has been built to work with each of them.
  • Secured- Apart from features, PandaDoc has paid attention to the users’ data security as well. There have never been any instances of data breach and user identity compromise. Infact it has one of the best online documents tracking features. You can see when the document was and when it was received. You can keep a track of viewers and editors of documents as well. 


  • Pricing- One of the major drawbacks of PandaDoc is its pricing policy. It has got prices that way more than the average rates of other solutions in the market. The small businesses work on a tight budget and they will always think about this before selecting the software.
  • No desktop support- A comprehensive solution like this should not restrict itself to just a mobile application. When it comes to professional work, it is mandatory that all devices work in sync. Users face a lot of difficulty when they are not able to work through their desktops. There is certain comfort that you can have working on a desktop, which is never possible in a mobile.

Pricing of PandaDoc-

  • The professional plan costs $19 per month per user. It comes with fewer features as compared to the business plan.
  • Business plans start at $ 49 per month per user. This plan includes automation, payment collection, and CRM integrations,
  • All options include a 14-day free trial.

Secured Signing is one of the most feature loaded software in the market. It has got the best of the features that are always setting benchmarks for its counterparts in terms of up gradation and security.

In Secured Signing you fill in the forms and sign them online, and they can be in any of the formats. Secured Signing is capable of even complete PDF forms with digital signatures. There are numerous software in the market that don't have this feature.

There are features to customize workflows for each and every team member of the organization. You can attach files on the emails and they can be of any format. 

The above-mentioned features make it highly collaborative and easy to use digital software. The pricing plans work as per the number of documents to sign as much as the number of users.

This software is considered to be one of the most cost-effective solutions. The features that it provides for work automation are among the best in the market. Apart from being convenient, effective and secured, Secured

Signing is compatible as well. It can be used through computers as well as mobile phones. This software is compatible with iOS and android in mobiles. It supports Windows and MacOS in the computer part.


  1. The very unique and the best feature of this software, there’s a video confirmation feature where you can identify the receiver. The video confirmation allows the admin to know the signer of the document who is on the other side. 
  2. You can use email services to invite others to sign the document. This is an added security layer to document protection.
  3. There is an option of having negotiation on the documents. You can negotiate point by point using the features given in the software. You can mark the points using the dotted lines so as to mark the point on which there is a need to negotiate.


  • Security- As the name suggests Secured Signing, it is highly focused on security. One of the best advantages of Secured Signing is its state-of-the-art security features. The video confirmation as we mentioned is one of the best features in the market. It has got the best data security features in the segment.
  • Integrative- Secured Signing is a highly integrative tool. It has got cloud support; the cloud support consists of prominent storage like Google Drive, iCloud and many more. These tools can be used to integrate the documents at multiple levels. These documents can be accessed using any device through the internet.


  • No tagging textbox- The users face one difficulty, that is they don’t have extra text box space to put in details for payments, or contact information in case the viewer or receiver needs to get back to the company.

Pricing of Secured Signing-

  • Three documents per month are free for one user.
  • Additional pricing needs to be taken from the company. They will quote prices as per the needs of the business.

Apart from being a digital signature application Contractbook is also a contract management tool. Contract management tools means that it has got built-in features for collaborating on a document with the team regarding document tracking.

You can have a track of viewers of the documents, the editors of the document and also set deadlines for the document.

The tracking is so simplified in the app that it offers a very easy menu that allows the division of your documents into the categories like signed, pending, requested changes, rejected, and uploaded categories. 

These features are mainly helpful in the legal review systems. The minute details matter when it comes to legality. When the documents were viewed, who signed it etc.?

It is a highly integrative tool as well. You can integrate it with any of the prominent software like Zapier, Zoho, Microsoft services, Google services etc.  This enables higher accessibility and better sharing of the document. Apart from the integration part, this software has paid a lot of attention to the security of the documents as well.


  1. As already mentioned, a Contractbook is one of the best options for contract management. 
  2. When it comes to businesses, contracts are the most integral part of any franchise. 
  3. What deals were made at what time and by whom, are the factors that matter the most. People tend to be quite ignorant about this software because they don’t run businesses that have the need to handle contracts everyday but when it comes to businesses with high legality needs, no software can beat this one. It is the prime of any contract management software.
  4. There are all the minute details mentioned while using this software. Their user experience is also one of the most intriguing aspects of the application.


  • Application-based - Contractbook as per its features, is quite astonishingly an application-based interface. You can have access to this software using IOS and android based mobile phones.
  • Legality - It has got the best understanding of legal aspects of the contracts. It can keep the best tracking of any contract as well as the parties to the contract.
  • Cloud storage - You can store all your documents in the cloud storage and that in an organized manner, this is the best option.

Pricing of Contractbook- 

  • There is a free plan for this application for 1 user.
  • There comes a core plan at $ 117.98 for 3 users. 
  • There is an automated plan at $424.45 for 3 users.
  • There is an integrate plan at $1459.44 for 3 users.

What are digital signature applications?

The modern-day businesses’ biggest requirement is its ability to complete tasks at a rapid rate. Whether it’s increasing production or making rapid sales, everything runs at a very fast rate. This same thing applies to signing documents. Signing documents is a very time-consuming process and we all know the importance of saving time.

You may say that how much time is required to do a signature; it’s okay if you have just a couple of documents to sign and that too you will be handing it physically in secured hands but what about businesses? They have to sign hundreds of documents in a day and have to ensure that these documents are handed over to the right person at the right time without any alteration.

This is where digital signature applications come into play. The e-signature application makes the personal or office life much more productive by making this small but an important task; safe, secure and efficient.

It is the need of the modern day businesses to eliminate those tasks that are tedious and  time consuming. The applications allow you to sign your documents very easily in just a few clicks and that too without compromising any security.

There is a difference between e-sign and digital signature. An electronic signature is a digital mark that you put on the document, very similar to the physical signature that indicates your agreement to a contract or document, whereas digital signature is more about the security aspect of any document.

The major signature applications provide the user with the features of both digital signature and e- signature. The users can choose whatever option they want to, depending on their preferences One of the most important aspects is the sensitivity of the document. If the information contained in the document is sensitive then it is always preferable to use the digital signature.  

The major benefits of having a digital signature are-

  • It provides high grade security to the documents which eliminates the chance of impersonation or alteration of the document.
  • It increases the productivity of the businesses that indirectly affects revenue.
  • It helps to create trust among the clients, counterparts and employees.
  • It can save some amount of money, by eliminating the need of physically printing documents. Small businesses find this as a major benefit.

Importance of digital signature

Today’s businesses require us to work across various timelines and with multiple types of people. Modern day commerce requires sending across documents of the utmost importance to various people living in various countries.

These documents may contain information like transaction detail, patent information, product and service information; this type of info is very sensitive and it is crucial that the businesses use the most secured mediums to send across this information.

Digital signature ensures the above said reason. Digital signature ensures that these documents are secured. It eliminates any chance of compromise of sensitive data. It makes sure that the receiver and the sender; both of their identities are verified and also ensures that they remain intact.

Another reason for having a digital sign is that it ensures that the procedure of signing hundreds of documents is easy and quick. It eradicates the need of signing multiple documents physically and saves a lot of time. 

It is important to complete these tasks seamlessly because if you waste a lot of time in doing this physically then you will lose a lot of time which could be used for completing many other important tasks. 

Factors that affect selection of application-

1. Security- The major thing that the users should consider while selecting the digital signature application is its security policies, processes and protocols. It is very crucial that the businesses secure their document against any kind of tampering, alteration or impersonation, thus they have to ensure that their e-sign are protected using the best digital signature protocols. If there is even a slight tampering in the document, it should be reflected immediately in the document.

2. Convenience- The digital signature applications, apart from being secure should also be convenient to use. These applications should not bother the users much with the formalities like plug-ins, credential logins at multiple times etc.  The users should be able to sign the document with utmost of ease, every time; without compromising the security.

3. Customization- The digital signature should be customizable. It means that the users should be able to insert their brand identity anywhere they want. This is a very crucial aspect for any business because branding is one of the priorities of any organization.

When selecting a digital signature application, you should make sure that it allows you to customize the documents as per your brand identity. This helps to deliver the best customer experience without compromising the trust of the stakeholders.

4. Reputation- Any business should ensure that the company behind the application is having a good reputation in the market. They should be having good reputation in terms of data security, no compromise in data mining; they should have the best technology for user data protection. It is okay if some applications don’t give the best of the features, but their security policy is intact.

5. Flexibility- This is also a deciding factor of digital signature application. A digital sign application should be reasonably flexible. It means that they should be flexible in terms of individual and team access. The admin should be able to give limited access to the team members as well. The access means the team members’ permission to sign the kind of documents.

Another thing that should be considered in terms of flexibility is whether the vendor has a mobile application or not. Many times, the proprietors have to sign the documents at the go, so it is important for the vendor to give the users the option of a mobile application as well.

6. E-signature and digital signature- The application should provide the users with the option of e-signature as well as the digital signature. They should not be restricted to just one of the options since e-signature is favorable in terms of speed whereas digital signature ensures the security of the document. 


The need of the hour is the automation of the industry. There is a need for the individual to be able to manage multiple works, that too with equal effectiveness and efficiency. We have seen how the corporate places work.

There are multiple departments working on the same documents, each of them having their own role in completing the document. This needs to be done with keeping in mind the timely delivery of the document.

The administration also needs to consider the fact that each of the departments have fulfilled their role in a right manner. The document shouldn’t go into the wrong hands and the security of the document shouldn’t be compromised as well.

This needs the best collaborative techniques with the right balance of privacy, security, cloud storage and pricing. It is an important decision of selecting the right digital signature application for your business.

Earlier the perception was that the digital signature is a luxury but now it is a mandatory requirement. It is the need of the hour to manage signing documents at a go. The businesses need to be able to convert the time they save in this process into profits. 

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