Top 10 Best Email Hosting Providers (2022): Compared & Reviewed


The most popular marketing trend of the 21st century is undoubtedly digital marketing. There is no scope to deny the crucial role of digital marketing in business promotion.

Besides reaching out to maximum people in a moment, digital marketing allows businesses to grow faster than ever and provides a wide range of options to increase sales. 

However, with the growth of online marketing, the competition between companies is becoming cutthroat. A lot of scopes are available as well.

But utilizing the opportunities and succeeding is possible only when you know how the correct techniques can be implemented for using the facilities.

Nevertheless, understanding these procedures and tactics of digital marketing can be challenging for people without sufficient knowledge.

It is the reason why businesses often depend on various digital marketing service providers to maximize the result. And unquestionably, it is the best option for companies having little idea of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing insight providers are proficient and experienced, having extensive knowledge about digital marketing strategies.

Relying on such service providers can render substantial growth to your business within the shortest time possible. Some companies provide customized services that are designed specifically for an individual.

But there are options where you can do it all by yourself by following the instructions. The results may not be as good as you expect but can be useful for small businesses. 

Most small businesses enter the race of marketing via these service providers. Despite having inadequate knowledge, they can step into the market by using these service providers where it is ready to use.

You are required to sign up and start using the facilities provided. It is considered the cheapest and most convenient marketing method for newcomers. 

These 'ready to go' digital marketing service providers are easily accessible and user-friendly. Both paid and free service providers are there in the market.

It is needless to say that paid service providers offer better facilities than the free ones. However, you may choose the option that meets your list of requirements. 

Let's see the top 10 email hosting providers that can improve the efficacy of your email marketing.

A2 Hosting is on top of the list as it is the most preferred site for email hosting services. It offers four different packages and the starting pack costs $2.99 per month.

It is quite reasonable if we look into the facilities offered at this price. Contact form, spam cleaning, newsletter, and list management, are offered for free.

Site migration is also for free. 100 GB SSD storage is available in the startup pack. 

The unlimited storage facility is available on the other plans. Free backup is excluded from the starting plan but is given in the other three plans.

POP3, IMAP, and SMTP messaging facilities are top-notch in A2 Hosting that can securely store and monitor your email activities. 

A2 Hosting homepage

Automated reply and forwarding facilities increase audience engagement. A money-back guarantee option keeps you tension-free if any problem appears. 24X7 support is provided in all the plans. 

There is no transfer limit. Besides, data storing location can be selected. Website building facility also comes along with this email hosting service.

In terms of security, storage, and audience engagement, A2 Hosting provides quite a wide range of opportunities. While the $2.99 package is suitable for single site, other packages can provide a much-advanced facility if you need faster and more powerful service. 


  • The starting plan is great for a single site. POP3, IMAP, and SMTP messaging services are satisfactory. It is very secure, and the storage is sufficient. 

  • It also offers the opportunity of selecting the server location that can help you better customize your emails. The speed is faster than other hosts. 24x7 support ensures the security of your email and facilitates your email activities. 

  • Auto responding and forwarding options raise the connectivity rate. Its window-based servers make it accessible for all. Moreover, the website is easy to use and browse. You can search for the required facilities effortlessly on the website.


  • The backup facility comes only with the Drive, Turbo boost, and Turbo Max packages. This means you would require to pay for a backup facility. 

  • The SEO ranking is sufficient only in Turbo Boost and Turbo Max packages. Similarly, the conversion rate is not satisfactory for the $2.99 and $4.99 packages.
  • Unlimited SSD storage isn't available for the starting package. Thus, you may need to choose expensive plans to get the best result.

All in all, depending on your budget, you may opt for a suitable package. The starting pack is best for single sites while for heavy works and better speed, you have to choose the costly plans.

However, the overall performance is commendable.

Bluehost allows you to access both shared and dedicated servers. It is one of the most widely used email hosts. It is a big name in the market.

The packages start at $2.99 that allows getting a single domain while other packages offer unlimited domains.

The basic plan facilitates only one website, and the other plans allow using unlimited websites. 

The support is available 24x7 regardless of the package you are selecting. The basic plan offers only limited storage of 15 GB.

On the other hand, other plans include an unlimited storage facility. Maximum file amount and highest performance are only available in the PRO package. 

Bluehost homepage

The backup facility is satisfactory. For an advanced backup facility, you need to sign up for the Business PLUS and Business PRO packages. 

Spamming filtration, POP3, and IMAP solutions provide high-quality security to your email. Opportunities like email forwarding and other web-based feature allow more interaction with the customers.

Quite an interactive hosting service is offered by Bluehost. The basic plan is compatible with small businesses and the cost is reasonable. But for advanced backup, security, and performance, you may require to opt for the costly packages.


  • The support system is pretty good in Bluehost. The backup facility is a plus point that is available in all the packages. 

  • High-security measures are used in Bluehost to secure your data and emails. Storage capacity is adequate, and the cost seems reasonable. However, it may depend on your usage and how wisely you are consuming the facilities. 

  • Bluehost doesn't limit the traffic. It facilitates the access and usage of WordPress and Office 365 that can open up many options for your business. Some Google Apps are also linked with this site. Interactivity is also a big advantage in Bluehost.


  • Though the packages are not very costly, the renewal charge is high. It works best for the US serving but is slow for other servers. 

  • The speed is not always satisfying. Storage in the basic plan is less than other email hosting providers. Though backup is offered in all three packages, the basic backup plan may not please you. 

  • Also, you can only enjoy high-performance if you go for the PRO plan that is expensive. Besides, the site is not user-friendly, and you may face difficulty to browse through it. 

Bluehost is a popular hosting site with great reviews. If you are looking for multiple facilities with moderate performance levels, Bluehost can be a good choice.

But for advanced service, you can only receive it if you pay the high expense. 

GoDaddy is one of the leading web hosting sites which is also considered a compelling email hosting site.

It offers some interesting and exclusive email hosting plans including Microsoft Office 365 hosting services. It facilitates both shared and dedicated hosting options for its customers. 

GoDaddy is one of the most competent hosting sites to create your brand value and identity.

As it is the best domain registrar, you can assume the additional opportunities you are going to get.

GoDaddy hosting packages start at $1.99 which is affordable and cheap.

With around a 99.9% uptime guarantee, GoDaddy provides top-class security and data protection.

GoDaddy homepage

The spam filtration system is top-notch, and thus security is never an issue here. The storage limit is the same for all the packages that are enough. The website itself is user-friendly and can be used comfortably.

The speed is considerable. 24x7 support is available to customers. Also, standard protection measures are ensured for each user. GoDaddy has a wide range of unique facilities that can improve your email marketing outcome. 

However, to access some advanced features you may need to pay high fees. The backup facility is missing in GoDaddy that makes it a bit risky.

SSL is not free in GoDaddy despite it being an important part of businesses these days. It also lacks the migration opportunity.


  • Some exclusive features are available in GoDaddy like high-performing and proactive security and data protection for securing your domain. 

  • It also offers exclusive domain handling opportunities along with mail hosting tactics. It is comparatively cheap with WordPress, Microsoft Office 365 hosting services. 

  • The support system can be accessed anytime to fix issues. If regulated properly, GoDaddy can help your business to build a strong brand identity. 

  • The storage space is commendable which is equal for all the plans. The unmetered bandwidth allows inviting as much traffic you can. Diverse customization facilities can be used with the help of other sites linked with GoDaddy. 

  • The website of GoDaddy is user-friendly and it’s easy to find out the necessary services. GoDaddy's exclusive features are praised widely as it has created a brand value for various companies.


  • The lack of an SSL certificate is a big demerit. Also, the absence of a backup system makes it risky for users. Some advanced opportunities are not offered by GoDaddy.

  • Migration services are missing too and no advanced storage facility is provided even if you pay high. 

  • SEO facilities are not reliable. Demerits in these sectors need to be fixed.

All in all, GoDaddy can be the best option for focused and dedicated people. Quality service is provided by it. Despite the limitations and drawbacks, GoDaddy still offers an exclusive range of facilities.   

Office 365 is deemed to be reliable and trusted as it is a popular brand in the market. Its productivity rate is high, and it is one of the standard email hosting companies that you may choose.

While it offers a variety of exceptional and impressive opportunities, some factors may disappoint you. 

Subscribing to Office 365 means you'd automatically receive the privilege to use the Microsoft Apps.

Although the Microsoft Office 365 Basic plan includes only Word, Excel, and Powerpoint at $2.50 per month, the other package plans include all the other applications.

To get access to all the applications, you'd need to subscribe for $8.25 per month, which is a bit expensive.

Office 365 homepage

The renewal price is also high that repels its users. The reason why businesses choose Office 365 is its excellent cloud storage, security, and standard email mechanisms.

Professionalism is the priority here, and it enhances business reputation by providing domain handling suggestions. It is considerably fast and suitable for all businesses.

The storage capacity is adequate, but it requires a high speed and continual internet connection to use the services properly. 

The interface of the website is pretty interactive and easy to go through. Office 365 makes business domain and email management easier and time-saving.

But for premium services and exceptional results, you may need to pay a high subscription fee.


  • Cloud storage is outstanding for all the packages. Security measures are sufficient and reliable. 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24x7 support availability make it more competent and suitable for all businesses.
  • Productivity and uniqueness are two factors that come with Office 365. It offers the privilege to use the Microsoft applications that may facilitate your business activities.

  • Office 365 is cost-effective if you look into the range of possibilities it provides. It can save time too, as it is ready to go. 

  • You need to click on the options, pay, and you may create a brand reputation in just a few days.


  • Interrupted internet connection can substantially hamper the productivity of your business. Besides, the price range is not affordable for all. 

  • The basic plan is not at all suitable for medium-sized businesses.

  • Moreover, for a satisfactory business email service, you may need to pay $10 per month. This is a big drawback. You may find some applications very difficult to use, although the practice can make it easier. 

Office 365 is best for those who have a budget. It can standardize your company and flourish your reputation. Data security and storage facilities are top-notch too.

However, considering the expensive packages, you may like to opt for other options. 

G Suite is a Google-owned email hosting site offering exclusive opportunities to boost your business reputation.

 The Starter plan accommodates 30GB of mailbox storage while the other plans provide unlimited storage capacity.

Custom and secure business email are offered in all the plans that come with retention and eDiscovery for the $18 package.

Security and email management measures are satisfactory in all the packages. Nevertheless, for advanced security facilities, you would require to opt either for the Business Plus or the Enterprise plan. 

Standard 24x7 support availability makes it risk-free. But for better support, you would need to pay extra.

 100 video participants are allowed in the Starter pack that goes up to 250 participants in the Business Plus plan. 

Google Workspace homepage

Needless to say that you would get the privilege to use Google applications for better management and execution of plans.

Domain handling is excellent in G Suite that creates brand awareness. IMAP and POP assistance, virus and spam filtering tools, offline editing options, site building possibilities, and Google application access, overall make G Suite a preferable email hosting site.

However, the cost of price plans is a bit more than most of the sites but is lesser than Office 365.


  • It is one of the standard sites that can guide you to build an interactive and purposeful business email. It is readyto-go software and comes with a bunch of other applications by Google. 

  • These applications can assist you in managing and organizing your activities. The data security measures are commendable and the storage facilities are adequate. 

  • You may go for the expensive packages to get better storage. 

  • Standard support and assistance availability makes it more reliable. 

  • IMAP and POP support comes with spam filtering, making G Suite a favored option. 


  • The package pricing is not affordable. Though exclusive facilities are offered, using G Suite requires a budget. 

  • The starter pack allows only 30GB of storage that isn't enough for all. The best support is provided only when you pay extra. For receiving the best service, you would need to pay a high price. 

  • It doesn't allow email classification that might be a problem for many businesses. Advanced security facilities require a high payment too. It means, the starter pack may not suffice and for better assistance, you may need to pay a high price.

All in all, a decent and engaging email platform can be made with G Suite. Also, features like data security, storage, spam straining, and app availability facilitate your business activities.

The only drawback seems to be the high-cost that you need to pay for the best possible results. 

One of the cheapest and cost-effective options is Hostinger. The basic packages start at only $0.99 per month, and the Business Shared hosting costs $3.99 per month.

Undeniably, it is one of the most affordable and convenient options for small businesses. The renewal costs are little high when compared to the initial package prices offered.

 The domain name is offered for free along with a free SSL facility in all three packages. 

Unlimited databases and bandwidth are provided in the Premium and Business Shared hosting packages.

A wide range of productivity tools is offered in Hostinger that can help you to customize emails and boost interactivity.

Hostinger homepage

A 30 days money-back guarantee is given with GIT access. Only one web hosting is offered in the starting pack that goes up to 100 websites for other packages.

Up to 200 GB SSD storage is available in Hostinger with the highest plan. This may not be sufficient for many companies. 

Weekly backup and all-time support facility make Hostinger credible and trusted. Amazingly, being the cheapest hosting site, it collaborates with significant marketing and management tools like Twitter, Google Drive, etc.

The service is close to any expensive email hosting provider. Security issues are not likely to appear though, no specific statement can't be given regarding this. But, users are so far satisfied with Hostinger.


  • The affordability of Hostinger attracts the users, and it is compatible with all small and medium-sized businesses. 

  • Money-back guarantee, weekly backups, free domain name, outstanding productivity tools, integration with other management and organizing applications, free SSL facility, and GIT access make Hostinger a suitable choice.

  • A good performance can be noticed regardless of the package you are going to select. 

  • The website of Hostinger is user-friendly, and you can find the ranges of opportunities it has to offer. 


  • The security assurance is poor in Hostinger. Though complaints aren't much, you may still feel risky to use it. The storage limitation can be a problem for many companies.

  • A free domain isn't offered in the starting package. The starting package includes only one web hosting option.

Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Hostinger is unarguably the best email hosting provider for small businesses. The cost-effectiveness and interactive opportunities make it convenient and captivating. 

It resembles other expensive hosting sites but it is cheapest, making it accessible for all. 

SiteGround is a popular web-hosting platform which also provides free email hosting service as well. Though starting price of SiteGround is $6.99, which is a bit expensive.

The interactive interface of SiteGround will allow you to browse through its exclusive offers and facilities. Email hosting in SiteGround is compatible with most businesses.

The highly-secured email hosting site offers anti-spam and malware solutions to protect your data and emails.

99.9% of uptime facility means you can trust and rely on SiteGround's service.

The speed is considerable and can help you to get the desired results in a short period. It comes with a free site builder, opening up better options of interactivity. 

SiteGround homepage

SiteGround offers unlimited email hosting and allows for multiple webmail management. Getting a custom domain would require you to pay. However, the storage capacity may not satisfy you. 

Unlimited webmail accounts can be accessed with storage between 2GB and 6GB. Maximum 80GB of attachments can be shared using webmail.

These facilities are adequate for small businesses to kick-start their businesses. Brand reputation can be enhanced in SiteGround. Brand recognition can be created, and you may attract more audiences to your business. 

Forwarding and auto-responding options increase user engagement. Daily backups are automatic. Thus, you don't need to think of storing your documents.

Outstanding support is offered in SiteGround, which is capable of solving issues in the shortest time possible. 


  • SiteGround is reliable and served many businesses successfully. SiteGround comes with exclusive features at affordable prices. 

  • Anti-spam and malware filtration secure your emails and data. The storage facility is enough for small businesses. 

  • SiteGround is reliable with a 99.9% of uptime guarantee. 

  • Its interactive interface allows you to search for suitable options for your business. 80GB attachment sharing is adequate for most companies. Forwarding and automated responses captivate the audience and boost sales. 

  • Also, SiteGround can provide exclusive email management, customization, and image building possibilities.

  • The support system is fast and reliable in SiteGround. 


  • The storage capacity is insufficient and much lesser than other email hosting providers in the market. In fact, other hosts offer better storage facilities at a lesser price. 

  • Most sites offer free domain names but SiteGround is an exception to that. It requires you to pay an amount to get a custom domain. It may not satisfy businesses looking for extraordinary features. 

In conclusion, SiteGround can be rated as a compatible site for small businesses. It offers reliable security facilities, enough storage space for small companies, email management options, and brand building opportunities.

However, the drawbacks of limited storage, high price, and paid custom domain name might be major for some companies. 

HostGator is famous for unlimited hosting and storage. POP3 accounts with IMAP and SMTP assistance are available for the users.

The starting package costs $2.64 per month. HostGator provides a weekly backup facility. Its security and data protection measures are highly appreciated.

Spam filtering and securing your email are convenient in HostGator. It provides an option to link with G Suite for better productivity and outcomes.

Domains are free in HostGator. Free SSL certification and migration are done in HostGator.

These free facilities are crucial in business authentication and management.

HostGator homepage

HostGator comes with a variety of customization opportunities to enhance the look and interactivity of your email. 

The customer support service by HostGator is outstanding. A money-back guarantee is offered. The cPanel of HostGator is one of the best to monitor, regulate, and customize your site.

This increases productivity and upgrades the standard of your business. Auto-responding and forwarding allow you to communicate with your customers more effectively.

You may save a lot of time and let HostGator handle the email management tasks. Using HostGator is easy for companies. It is also reliable as it offers high-quality security for your email.

All in all, HostGator can be rated as a reasonable and decent email hosting site among all in the market.


  • HostGator is inexpensive and affordable for all. It facilitates customizing and managing email activities to attract the target audience by providing an exclusive cPanel. Captivating templates and themes can be used in HostGator to adorn your business email.

  • WordPress hosting can be accessed via HostGator. You may also upgrade your plan to access G Suite and enjoy its outstanding features. These can enhance your brand value and impress more users. The facilities of VPS sharing and dedicated hosting is available in HostGator. The speed is faster, and you may easily get access to these facilities. 

  • Good customer support means your problems can be solved immediately by the hosting company. HostGator is preferred when it comes to customer service. Free SSL certification and migration are also offered by HostGator. 

  • It also comes with a money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can rely on HostGator.


  • Backup is not free in HostGator that is a major drawback. Domains are free only if you pay for a year while most sites allow access to the domain for free. 

  • Shared hosting may result in disaster sometimes as it can slow down the server. It is another main loophole as speed needs to be fast in email marketing. 

The packages with advanced facilities are very expensive, and this adds another point to the list of demerits.

Summing up, HostGator is compatible, but it has some major loopholes that may downgrade your email marketing performance. 

However, small businesses can enjoy benefits from Hostgator's interactive facilities. 

Entering the InMotion Hosting page, you will all the facilities that it has to offer. The starting package starts at $5.99 per month.

This email hosting service seems to be the best for security. It provides advanced troubleshooting and spam protection.

 All the email-related problems can be fixed in minutes by InMotion Hosting. InMotion Hosting also controls your emails.

It manages the incoming and outgoing emails, facilitates forwarding and auto-responses, enhancing interactivity and connectivity. It offers the exclusive facility of keeping MX records.

The storage capacity ranges from 100MB to 20GB. A maximum of 50MB attachment can be shared in InMotion hosting. 

The SSD storage comes with free backup and SSL security. 

InMotion Hosting homepage

It ensures high-security assurance to your email. Spam filtration and malware protections are top-notch on this site. A money-back guarantee is also offered. 

The customer care services are highly appreciated by its customers. The control panel, and hosting performance by InMotion Hosting is excellent too.

It also comes with unlimited bandwidth. However, the speed improves as you upgrade your packages. 

InMotion hosting is a value for the price, but the Launch package may not suffice your business requirements. On the other hand, the POWER and PRO packages can be expensive for many users. 


  • The landing page of the website is informative and can help you to decide. It talks about the facilities it provides. The troubleshooting opportunities, spam filtration, malware blocking, secure your data, and emails effectively. It offers the splendid option of keeping an MX record. 

  • InMotion Hosting takes up the responsibility of handling your email activities. It ensures better communication with clients. Forwarding and auto-responding facilities enhance the performance of your email. 

  • It allows integration with various applications by Google that may guide you to customize your emails and manage the tasks better. 

  • A lot of varied options are available to make email management easier for you. It offers a wide range of hosting plans including VPS hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, and so on. You may choose a suitable one depending on your demand and requirements.


  • Domain is not free in InMotion Hosting. It is cost-effective, but advanced features are available only on the pricey packages. Unlimited usage of email addresses also requires you to pay a high price. 

  • The facilities are broad but aren't advanced. It means you can't get top-notch performance for the hosting option you are selecting. You can only get a moderate performance on the hosting site. The storage system may not be adequate for all businesses. 

All in all, the facilities are enough for a small business. For a new company, InM otion Hosting can be extremely helpful as it can guide you through.

Its interactive interface is a blessing to newcomers. But for splendid performance, you may need to pay high prices. However, it is still less compared to many other sites.

10. iPage

Here comes the last one in the list, The starting package costs $1.99 only and is one of the most inexpensive email hosting sites.

Unlimited domain and email addresses can be received on the iPage hosting site. Its interactive site can tell you more about the facilities.

The site is pretty easy to browse and check on the offers it provides. 

Unlimited bandwidth comes with the packages in iPage. The customer service is highly appreciated.

You may check on the reviews online to see how fast and effective customer support is provided by the iPage email hosting service. The domain is free for a year on iPage.

It claims to provide SEO solutions that can upgrade your brand reputation.

iPage homepage

Site analytics are also available to monitor and measure the performance of your site. 

Site-building tools and an online store are offered for free of cost in the iPage hosting site. It offers integration with some other interactive sites to customize and monitor your business email.

This increases user engagement and helps you to captivate your target audience. Inboxes accommodate 500 mailboxes with unlimited addresses.

The disk space is unlimited. It means you can get adequate storage space. However, only 50MB attachment availability is provided by iPage.

The security measures are good at It provides advanced virus protection and malware protection along with spam filtering. POP3 and IMAP support are also available on iPage. 

In addition to these facilities, iPage offers auto-responding and forwarding options to tempt your audience. It involves more potential customers to your business and increases your reliability in the market.

SEO management and site analytics can help you to know your level and assist you to upgrade your performance.

Integration with other applications allows you to use advanced opportunities and flourish your business performance.


  • SEO management helps you to get better results in email marketing. Site analytics assist you to improve your performance. The storage space is adequate for small businesses. 

  • The disk space is unlimited and email addresses are unlimited too. Unlimited bandwidth is also available. It is cost-effective and can be very convenient for newcomers. 

  • The security system is reliable and praiseworthy in hosting provider. It comes with spam filtering, virus, and malware checking that ensure high security of data and emails. iPage is well-known for the excellent customer service that makes it even more credible. You would be impressed to see its sincerity and helpful attitude. Problem-solving speed is worth it.

    iPage is affordable and suitable as it provides a wide range of facilities to grow your business. Integration with other sites makes it more worthy and purposeful for clients.


  • No advanced options are offered by iPage hosting provider. You may not get a varied range of opportunities here. Even if you pay well, results may sometimes disappoint you.

Unlimited hosting offers are limited in iPage email hosting. You may not get the expected facilities for your business.

Options are wide, but organizing and utilizing them can be a hard task to accomplish. You may need to know a lot before working with iPage.

Email Marketing: An Overview

One of the most popular and oldest media of digital marketing is email. Emails are deemed authentic and reliable. We prioritize emails over other social media platforms when we question the reliability of a company.

 When people work or shop online, they prefer to get documents, invoices, and other official information via email. Even if they communicate through WhatsApp or Facebook, the final confirmation document is sent via email. 

Just as customers feel secured to communicate via email, similarly email marketing authenticates a business. It gives an identity to the company.

It enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of the business. This not only boost sales but also provides long-term benefits. You can get loyal customers who can further promote your business. 

But, firstly, you are required to reach your target audience via email. Reaching out isn't the only target. The aim is to attract and persuade the audience to choose your company over others.

You require to draw the attention of your audience and influence them to select your service. To do so, strategies needed to be made according to the audience demand. To create useful strategies, market research is mandatory. 

Email marketing may sound simple and easy. However, it is not about sending out emails to your target audience and giving them information.

A lot of other factors work behind conducting a successful email marketing campaign. These factors need to be regulated by professional people who have in-depth knowledge and experience.

Email marketing consists of a series of activities that can optimize your email activities and maximize the outcome.

One of the most popular and convenient email marketing ways is email hosting. There are plenty of email hosting providers in the market that can help you in attaining the best possible result of email marketing within your budget.

Email hosting service providers offer a range of facilities to regulate and monitor your business email activities. 

In simple terms, email hosting providers provide a server that can professionally handle your business email. It not only provides security and data storage tools but also allows personalized services.

This means you can get diverse opportunities and solutions to boost your email marketing results. Regarding your business type and your demand, email hosting providers can customize the services and guide you to get the expected results. 

Significance of Email Hosting

Email hosting services are mainly for small and medium-sized businesses who are looking to establish a brand. Brand recognition becomes a big challenge for newcomers.

Email hosting services allow a business to own a domain name and have a business email. It is quite different from the personal emails that we open with Gmail or Yahoo.

The service providers dedicate themselves to create a professional business email that authenticates your company. It is more than having your business name in the email address. It is about the way it works and looks. 

We can easily differentiate between personal emails and business emails that we receive daily in our inbox. How do we do that? What is special about a business email, and how do we identify it?

Most of you would say that you define it at the very first glance. It means that you specify a business email by its look.

Some simple examples that make a business email easy to define are- 'no-reply' on the subject, business name and logo, newsletter attachments. These features make business emails unique. The working procedure in email hosting is unique to businesses.

Email hosting providers work to secure the data and files, provide personalized emails for customers, control the emails, filter spam messages, and create a brand value. 

Developing brand value is important for small businesses to gain the trust of the customers. Email hosting authorities give you the identity and demonstrate your company as genuine. 

Moreover, customization of emails helps to please and attract the target audience. The option of sending automated emails increases the connectivity and engagement between the company and its customers.

All these advanced features become accessible when you take service from a standard email hosting provider. It may not be free, but it would be worth it as you can see a dramatic shift in audience engagement. 

Let's look at the main features of email hosting services.

1. Security- A secure and large storage system is required for a business to keep a record of all the works, documents, and transactions.

Emails provided by email providers contain such storage systems to store all the shared emails. Therefore, you won't need to work on saving files and checking your storage. Email hosts would do that for you.

2. Manage emails- You can manage your emails in various ways. You may control the email storage, its location, or how you want it to be.

You'll get the freedom to regulate the emails being sent and analyze the responses to perform better.

3. Maintain professionalism- Professionalism and formality are two big problems in digital marketing. But emails are still valued and taken seriously by the audience.

Email hosts provide you with templates, ideas, and opportunities to make your company a 'brand' and enhance its credibility. Email hosts are therefore useful to handle your emails sincerely and professionally.

4. Avoid spams- Spam messages are filtered when you use email host providers. Your email remains secured and safe. Corrupted data are strained and your email remains virus-free. Therefore, your email activities are secured. 

5. Customize emails- Customized emails are generated by email hosts to engage the audience. These include information that is relevant to the customer's interest.

It is a great way to involve and engage the audience. Email hosting services are targeted to captivate the potential customers via interactive emails. Persuasive communication is the motive of such emails. 

Why Email Hosting?

The question may arise that why is it so important to access an email hosting provider. The answer can be practically seen when you'll use it.

But for now, know that email hosting providers offer low-priced but purposeful strategies to boost your business sales. Businesses need to focus on engaging people and persuading them to buy your product.

But how can you evaluate the standard of your email? How would you know the impact of your emails on your target audience? How can you use emails to soar the sales?

The answers can be found under one roof-email hosting provider. The expected results can be given by email hosting providers.

Its unique features allow you to create optimized emails that are aimed to tempt the users, please them, build trust, and establish a brand value. Email hosts facilitate communication via email and secure the data being shared.

The safety measures portray your company as reliable and credible. Formal but easy communication between parties can help to grow the business.

Your professionalism and approach matter the most in email marketing. Viewers will extract your message and interpret it only if you know how to appear online and convince your audience. 

Emails need to be very specific and persuasive. It has to stick to the point that can boost sales. Defining the unique selling point and using it to influence the audience is the goal.

Executing your plan is the duty of an email hosting provider who would guide you through. 

All in all, email hosts formulate brand value, maintain professionalism, and serve the right message to the right person. All these together work to persuade the target audience and grow the business.

You may still choose to do email marketing all by yourself, but the suggestion is to take help from an email hosting provider once.

It is because the fastest and easiest way of email marketing is to use an email hosting service. It will give you assured results as well as teach you to learn various tactics. 

So, if you are planning to monitor the email marketing activities on your own, you should at least once work with an email hosting provider.

It would give you an idea about email marketing, and you may learn ways to customize emails. But for newcomers, an email hosting provider is the best option.

It would effortlessly yet gradually develop your business, build brand reputation, and create authenticity. While hosting providers monitor your email activities efficiently, you may focus on other aspects of business development. 

Now tell us, isn't it the best way to save time and money and take off the flight of success? 

But to help you find the most suitable email hosting provider out of many, we are here with a list. Different service providers offer a variety of facilities that may match your requirement.


The aforementioned list includes the information and name of the email hosting providers that can assist you in creating an effective and purposeful business email.

Email marketing gets easier with these hosting sites. These sites provide guidance and assistance to monitor and regulate your email activities properly.

These sites can increase productivity, enhance customer engagement and attract potential customers. 

There are more email hosting service providers in the market like, Network Solutions, HostPapa, Rackspace, InterServer, GreenGeeks, Fastmail, Zoho, etc.

We have extracted the most compatible, accessible, and user-friendly hosting site for you. Various factors work behind creating an effective email marketing strategy. You are required to choose according to your demands. 

Different businesses may need different facilities from the hosting sites. But the main purposes of using an email hosting service is to save time and money, engage the audience, create a brand value, get access to a secured storage system and to protect data.

Also, email marketing becomes easier and much more credible with email hosting services. The services are standard and professional to provide you the ultimate marketing solutions. 

As email is considered to be the most trusted marketing medium, a strong email marketing strategy is necessary to grow your business.

This is why opting for an email hosting service is a good idea. It guides you through and allows you to know the opportunities you may use.

The proficiency of email hosting sites is laudable and capable of shifting your business sales dramatically. You get to connect with more loyal and potential customers.

Besides, your company becomes an authenticated brand when your email performance and response is excellent. 

However, different businesses may demand various services from their email hosts. Below are some factors that you may like to consider while selecting the right email hosting provider for your company. 

Budget is a factor here. Security is also a prominent factor while choosing the right hosting site. You would like to compare the storage options too according to your business requirement.

Email activity management is another part where you need to know about management facilities. You may also like to search, which site would be helpful for you in the long-term.

Good customer support is mandatory to fix unexpected problems. Considering all the drawbacks and benefits, you may choose the right option.

You may also like to browse the websites of each hosting provider to check on the facilities mentioned above. Don't forget to thoroughly check out the official websites to look into the opportunities you are searching for.

Make your email marketing worthy and unique today, using the most competent and outstanding email hosting site.

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