Top 20 Best Email Marketing Software

(2022): Compared & Reviewed

Best Email Marketing Software

With a gigantic market influence caused by email marketing, this sort of marketing has surged lending businesses a rapid boom. 

Selecting the best email marketing software that can connect to a massive audience with brilliant features can take your sales to an extraordinary stance. Being able to promote your business with the professionalism that comes with emails, makes the campaigns more sophisticated and impactful. 

The distinct features that arrive with the package that an email marketing software has to offer certainly establishes a platform for steady growth.

Benefits of Partnering with the Best Email Marketing Software

If you're seeking to climb up the ladder of success in your business within a short span and that too within a reasonably priced investment then email marketing surely is the solution to all of your concerns.

Reducing the constant back and forth caused while attaining your targeted audience, these software provide convenient yet intelligent ways of aiming at the potential audience. 

Linking the need to communicate and to leave your buyers with an optimal experience is one of the most favorable aspects of email marketing software.

With a never-ending list of benefits, email marketing software has smoothened business operations. Summarizing some of the prominent advantages below, it proves as an appropriate set of tools to boost your business.

  • Heightened return on investments with increased profits in comparison to other promotional campaigns.
  • Increased sales conversion by transforming an inquisitive audience into loyal consumers.
  • Economically priced plans with services worth more than their price.
  • Software modeled to frame fascinating emails.
  • Promotes your brand in stimulating product awareness and brand loyalty.
  • Progressions in technology have left less manual work in the hands of businesses by supporting automated emails to fit every occasion.
  • Power to personalize emails to relate to the audience more precisely.
  • Other additional tools and different model type for varied organizational sizes.

ConvertKit being developed with thorough observation and study of the market ensures growth in the online market which is also one of the most flourishing areas. Popularly known as the favorable choice for bloggers, its online market retention engages increased interaction and interests on your website. 

Businesses can enjoy brand awareness with more of the audience being directed towards their website. With the evolving email marketing, ConvertKit segments the email list to convert interested viewers into fully subscribed members.

ConvertKit also engages interested recipients with designing and orienting your email in a way that it looks more appealing. The forms created also attracts more visitors into signing up and subscribing to your channel. 

Further, the sales conversion rates for businesses have been proven to be an added benefit to the list. It also automates your emails to address every situation and encourages action on the part of the receiver. These trigger actions can then be observed for creating further email sequences.


  • Automated emails to boost the conversion rates immensely. 
  • Personalize your emails with a segmented list that observes the customer behavior. 
  • Make your emails look formal and enticing without overdoing any of their content.
  • Situation specific emails to tone the branding up or down.
  • Time your emails with precision, rendering improved outcomes.


  • An ideal fit for bloggers to enrich their online subscribers to a noticeable extent

  • Personalized emails with a professionally developed email

  • Promises raised sales conversion with desirable online forms for subscribers


  • More preferable for bloggers than businesses as it facilitates services relevant to the online market growth with website branding and promotion to gain more subscribers


Although ConvertKit has no free plans, it expands a free trial of 14 days that motivates the users with an optimal experience generated with its bundle of features. Its priced plan commences at $29 each month with an amazing email marketing software that exhibits the assurance of a fully functional sales conversion.

Email marketing is the easiest when partnered with ActiveCampaign, making it worthwhile software for the firm, the interested audience, and the sales staff as well.

The flow of emails can be managed efficiently with the exceptionally developed automation system.

Its in-built CRM sets out detailed information to help build a reliable customer relationship and encourages the business to connect to the potential audience.

With their accurately delivered emails, the emailing list is also segmented rapidly.

You can also set up triggers based on the actions of the recipients and with further follow-ups, you can keep the customer delighted.

Yet another dominant feature of this software is the lead scoring system that enables ranking and crediting the contacts based on their actions. This prioritizes the contacts that confirm increased interests in the brand and its products. Usually, sales teams are benefitted from this source that guides them to the interested parties with assured sales conversion.


  • CRM with automated emails to connect on a massive scale.
  • Identifies interested and uninterested parties which aid in list segmentation.
  • Customization with limitless features from email content to triggers.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • A lead scoring system that credits and positions the candidates based on their reactions to the emails.
  • Sales follow-up to improve brand loyalty.


  • Highly affordable plans with incredible features.

  •  Lead scoring is one of its best features with graded clients to prioritize the jobs

  • Benefits the sales team with essential data

  • Useful data analytics


  • It's free version only lasts for 14 days, urging the users to move on to the paid plan for more usage.


ActiveCampaign offers a 14 days trial package without any charges. Businesses can subscribe to this plan and learn how the software operates. Upgrading to its paid plan, its $9 per month plan enables up to 3 account users to control the operations, a total of 500 subscribers, and no limits over the number of emails to be sent out.

HubSpot is at the top of the game with email marketing services and it can influence your business undertakings to a great extent.

Established with its easy-going designs, it creates emails that are lucidly written yet promoting your brand with efficacy.

Irrespective of the size of your organization, you can engage your audience and convert them into buyers with the help of HubSpot.

Large organizations can personalize their emails with custom-made plans where more suitable features can be added to them as a part of the plan. 

If you're new to email marketing software then HubSpot is the right choice for you, it allows you to send fully composed emails or even lets you compose one from scratch. 

It also sends emails to each end-user with relevant content based on their type, interests, where they come from, and more. With features like delightful subject lines, tags with the recipient's name for a personalized touch, preview the text option; it's possible to email from distinct emailing platforms.

Features : 

  • Delivering your emails with complete preciseness
  • Essential data to improve your email content 
  • Smart Send features to automate emails 
  • Maximize the benefits by A/B testing your emails
  • Support offered through emails or phone
  • CRM for impactful emails
  • Track the emails and optimize the experience for mobile users
  • Inbound and outbound leads


  • One destination to all of the services ranging from marketing, CRM software with support and more

  • Free version for beginners

  • The easy design makes it even more simple to use and creates engaging emails

  • Customize your emails with segmented lists, the location-wise writing style, and much more

  • A/B testing and analytics 


  • Though the starting pack is affordable, it gets expensive quickly as you go on upgrading. 


HubSpot allows usage of its services with a free version to learn how to use the software and its substantial features. Further, its Marketing Hub Starter Package upgrades its services to a wide array of powerful features at a cost of just $50 each month.

Constant Contact has been in the industry since 1995 with services that work towards augmenting small firms with the ability to perform and mark a dent in the marketplace.

Joining hands with renowned firms, Constant Contact has enlarged its global reach by optimizing email marketing services with ample features.

Constant Contact with its event management system enables the sending of invites, pages directing towards subscriptions to the emails, and more.

Its ticket-based events allow the participants to print or save tickets from their mobile phones and avail the same at the event check-in point.

It ranks as one of the most credible software with the power to deliver successful emails with more than 90% of the achievement rate.

Strategically planned campaigns are now possible with the help of Constant Contact. It offers easy access to all of its features and systematically builds contact lists backed by polls and events to incorporate customer satisfaction.


  • Constant Contact aims at delivering email marketing services that small businesses can relish.
  • Popularly known for its event management tool that handles and conveys every minute to major details relating to the events scheduled.
  • Processes emails with polls encompassing questions to learn more about the recipient and their demand.


  • Ideal for event management with features to send out invites and more updates

  • Tickets with traceability to the events

  • Real-time analytical data 

  • Polls and questionnaires to know more about the targeted audience


  • Restricts the contact list with the starter plan up to 500 recipients 

  • Does not include modern features or filters 


Constant Contact with the best email marketing software for beginners and progressing small businesses, offers its plans commencing at $16 each month with limitations of up to 500 contacts onto the email list. The software is also developed with easily understandable design and usage for impactful and interactive emails.

Sendinblue has advanced the practices of email marketing with its easy-to-use software. It further emphasizes automation as one of its main features amongst many, reducing the time taken to manually send emails.

Sendinblue with its ability to process AI technology and machine language benefits its users to send out emails with maximum optimization.

It provides important analytical details to know more about the audience.

The analytics comprises the volume of individuals who click through the emails or just opened them, it aids in gaining an idea of what category of people seem more interested.

The emails can also be automated likewise.

With the flexibility to make changes, the automated system has triggers that can be set up based on certain activities made by the email recipients on your page. These triggers help in identifying the individual and classify them in the list with options to further connect to them over email or text messages.


  • Sendinblue administers real-time chats along with CRM.
  • With diverse and alluring templates to choose from, it also stimulates form to enroll or subscribe
  • Automation as its key feature to create email lists
  • AI technology to learn the right time to send out automated responses
  • Automated triggers can be put up to take actions based on the situation


  • Automation that enhances the performance of the software

  • Data analytics that helps observe the behavioral traits of the email recipient and act likewise

  • A free version of the plan for new businesses to adopt incredible email marketing practices 


  • Restricts the number of emails on the free plan with 300 emails each day and further on the lite plan with 40,000 per month.


Sendinblue has benefited many with its free version software that holds no restrictions on the contact list, allowing up to 300 emails each day. Upgrading to its lite plan expands the emailing limits to 40,000 per month without any limits on a daily basis. The lite plan costs around $20 each month.

With a vast volume of users, MailerLite has influenced many with its user-friendly software that authorizes modifiable plans based on the scope of the email list.

MailerLite is known for the flexibility it offers when it comes to plans and its simplified interface that gives users a unique experience.

With marketing strategies that assure reach to your clients with an impressive landing page, pop-up notification, and more, it stands as one of the best email marketing software.

The power to track the sent-out emails allows room for enhanced emails strategy to render more impact. 

The click rates can also be observed to learn the viewer's insight.

The reports enable optimized usage of the software and one can get results based on location or through other categories. MailerLite with its 24/7 phone and email support helps its users in clearing their doubts.


  • A significant landing page can be formed with the assistance of MailerLite.
  • Surveys channeled through emails.
  • A library to select templates to personalize your emails.
  • 24/7 extensive customer support through email or phone to resolve any doubts or queries.


  • Reasonable pricing plans

  • Lifelong free version for small enterprises

  • User-friendly interface to simplify the usage for new firms

  • Flexible plans for all sizes of organizations 

  • 24/7 support broadened through phone or email


  • Its free version limits usage for only businesses with 1000 email subscribers and further restricts its features and emails to 12,000 each month.


Comes with the perk of life long free software version for email marketing with a limit of up to 1000 subscribers to your email address. The paid plan comes with more powerful features at $10 each month.

Achieving your business goals with minimal time and effort is possible with GetResponse. An online platform that combines the best of tools and features to create a dynamic powerhouse for your business to rely on.

When you choose GetResponse, it doesn't just offer you an email marketing tool but many more impactful marketing weapons come along with it.

It organizes marketing campaigns, a variety of landing pages to build, and webinar solutions to coordinate with your management for a smoothened workflow.

With its automation tool that composes striking emails, you can send out numbers of quality emails without a second thought.

Autofunnel is one of GetResponse's outstanding tools that assist in setting your goal, whether its accomplishment of a high market position, customer retention, fast and growing sales, etc. Once the goal is established, it assures the goal is achieved with attractive templates, registration pages, and competent solutions to fetch increased sales.


  • Assured sales conversion with well-organized marketing campaigns
  • Excellent automation with list segmentation and landing pages.
  • Autofunnel to optimize your business goals and bring you closer to it.
  • Webinar solutions to utilize an influential online platform and interact with a massive audience.
  • Customize your emails and templates for added value, making them more alluring.


  • Comes with a 30 days free trial to learn its usage and experience the advantages it offers

  • Autofunnel to attain a prosperous business with the fulfillment of the placed goals

  • Stunning automation features to build an appealing landing page and more 


  • The templates offered by GetResponse are known to be slightly old and outdated without any modern templates added to them 


GetResponse aids in progressing towards heightened sales with its 30 days free trial that lowers the costs and assures boosted profits to your business. Its basic plan upgrades your business with enhanced services and broadened features for just $15 each month, further opting for its annual plans can lower the plan charges and make it an ideal choice for your business.

8. Drip

Drip is one of the most efficient marketing and email management software that provides marketers with various benefits that enhance customer relationships.

There are more than 27,000 businesses and independent marketers that rely on the functions offered by Drip.

The software is known for providing dynamic email automation, hyper segmentation and also allows tracking amenities that drive sales in the long run.

The performance and growth of a company using Drip significantly increases with its superior CRM features. Drip is a great tool that will make the aspect of email marketing easier. 

Features :

  • Allows you to compose personalized mail.
  • Managing emails can be done effectively.
  • Outbound email management.
  • Automating responses to emails.
  • Assists in the creation of content.
  • Optimization through mobile devices.
  • Tracking online customer behavior.
  • Generation of potential business leads.


  • Provides options where the user can operate various domains as a single entity.
  • Great customer support service as representatives interact and solve client issues almost instantly.
  • Allows users to add additional marketing layers that help in market research and lead generation.


  • Has minor bugs that might disrupt the operations systems.
  • The pricing policy is considered to be a little expensive.


People can avail the services of Drip by paying for the Basic Plan which is priced at $19 with monthly payment options. The Pro Plan gives users access to all the additional marketing and management features that can be availed at $122 monthly subscription.

9. AWeber

AWeber is formulated keeping in mind the needs of small businesses by assisting them in growing their operations to an admirable stance.

With a creative email development system, users can build professional emails with just a drag and drop feature. These emails generate vibrant marketing campaigns to enhance the customer base. 

AWeber's listing tool manages all of the emails by importing the contacts and segmenting them based on the priority of a particular individual to the firm.

It has also introduced web-fonts to add up to the standard fonts, giving your emails a unique appearance.

What excites most buyers about AWeber is the availability of a vast range of templates, with unbeatable numbers it goes up to 700 templates. 

This improves the design and pattern of the emails, whether it's a welcome email or thanking email for making a purchase. It's automated features and custom friendly landing page brings in more traffic to the firm's website.

Features :

  • Support extended via phone or email along with assisting videos to guide the users
  • Exhaustive range of templates and landing pages to customize emails 
  • Automation that generates the emails to be more interactive 
  • List management tools with exceptional ways of creating an impactful email list
  • Analytical reports to study the perspectives of the email recipients 


  • 24/7 support extended through email or phone with explanatory videos.
  • Enlarges the expanse of templates to 700 unlike other software.
  • A widespread knowledge base with remarkable automation services and listing tool 


  • Although it holds a wide range of templates, some of them are also outdated and don't make for a trendy template.


AWeber has a free version of its software, however, its paid version cost around $19 each month. This pro plan is charged by the number of subscribers to your channel. With premium features ranging from automation, effective email marketing campaigns, forms to sign in, and more, it's a suitable plan for small businesses. 

10. Moosend

Making email marketing more convenient than it ever was, Moosend with its automated email marketing software allows businesses to prepare an expanded email list to reach out to a larger audience.

Forming strong bonds with your consumers via personalized emails can also enrich customer loyalty towards the brand and the products.

With templates that can easily be fitted into your emails, it upgrades the appearance of the email via images, text contents, icons driven from distinct social platforms etc.

You can pick any template of your choice and drop it in any emails to give a personalized feel.

Automation being the main focus of the software, Moosend has marked a place in the market with its ingenious features making marketing through email absolutely effortless. 

The automation also gives you control over how the emails will be sent and also helps integrate distinct features to receive the ideal resolution.


  • Pick the best templates and personalize your emails.
  • Automation as the prime features facilitating direct emails to your clients and potential audience.
  • Help in creating landing webpages with your email address. 
  • Email list classification to generate emails for clients based on many aspects.
  • Tool to develop forms for the clients for email subscription.


  • Customer support to resolve any issues or seek assistance with the usage of the software

  • A free version of the software is available to make fluent marketing strategies through emails 


  • The free version of the software is only applicable for users who have 1000 subscribers linked to their email address


Moosend offers a free version that renders stunning automated services for organizations with up to 1000 users.

Its paid version permits the user to make use of additional features without any limits placed on the number of subscribers for $8 and more for each month based on the email list.

Omnisend as its name suggests is an omnichannel email marketing software connecting through all of the e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce is a powerful channel that aids in taking your business to an outstanding position. The impact placed on the market is also more significant.

Globalizing your reach through email marketing linked with many more social media platforms creates raised brand awareness.

Whether it's text services, WhatsApp, or other highly functional platforms, marketers consider Omnisend as their number one choice.

The text content is also composed smartly with the assurance that there will be improved interaction.

Omnisend allows firms to track the status of the contacts based on their actions. The distinct actions of the customers are easily spotted to comprehend the interest of the customers.

Whether they viewed the product, added it to their cart with the possibility of future purchase, or more, the firm can connect to the potential customer in influencing their decision-making process.


  • A terrific email marketing software with omnichannel solutions.
  • Compiles with the popularly known e-commerce brands.
  • Links with social media platforms for a globalized reach.
  • Observes website browsing for enhanced interaction. 
  • Customized emails based on the browsing data retrieved.
  • Sales follow-up with messages from distinct platforms referring to varied purchase details.


  • Automation tool to interact effectively through diverse e-commerce channels 

  • Notifies customers with relevant text messages

  • Gives customized messages and pop-ups based on the customer's interests 

  • An ideal choice to retain customers


  • Focuses more on omnichannel growth and e-commerce platform than just email marketing, more suitable for large organizations.


Omnisend provides users with 14 days of the trial package without any charges levied on the services. Further, users can utilize an expanded and upgraded version of the software with its $16 standard monthly plan with the capacity to send out up to 15,000 emails with all of its automated services.

MailChimp is one of the most popular software among email marketing software. With a massive user community, it sends out billions of emails each day without any scripts or duplicacy in your emails.

This implies your business can enjoy unique emails associating with the best market player in the industry and retain the audience that one admires.

Irrespective of the size of your firm, MailChimp is a suitable fit to leverage your business operations with huge email marketing campaigns.

Creates an alluring landing page to make it appealing for new visitors. Audience management tools to reach out to the appropriate audience and connect to them accurately.  

Its automated marketing services add a personalized feel with little to no effort. MailChimp offers insightful data to incorporate powerful email content.

Integrating with 250 plus apps, it expands the operation of its user company. With 24/7 support, it assures resolved queries of its customer base with continual guidance.


  • Automate email marketing to give more personalized notification to your customers.
  • Support extended by MailChimp to guide through its tools and solve any issues.
  • One of the most dominating providers in the industry with prominent services.
  • Gain useful data metrics to administer in your regular emails for enriched customers.


  • Its free version is used by a large audience with it being a renowned name amongst all.
  • Reliable data to design quality emails without any duplicate content.
  • Automated emails with eye-catching content.


  • Does not include specialized features in comparison to other software, MailChimp is known more for its free services


MailChimp is known for its free plan with limits of up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails/month. It also offers a free app to Android and iOS users. On exceeding the set limits on the plan, users can upgrade to its $30 each month plan with subscribers ranging from 2000 to 2500.

Campaign Monitor is a competitive email marketing software that follows people-first principles with its consistent giving back program.

Its approach towards creating services that bring back customer satisfaction and retention sets it apart from the rest of the software.

Its templates are built to suit every situation and make the emails presentable to the viewers.

The user can also personalize the emails by adding color schemes and fonts of their preference.

Another substantial advantage that makes their services worth the price is the ability to attach videos linked with YouTube through emails.  

Further, the varied plans enable the users to pick from pocket-friendly plans to superior services that arrive with premium plans.

Similar to other software, it automates emails with traceable triggers that activate once the customer takes some actions. 


  • Integrates with renowned third-party operations without any drawbacks.
  • Segments the email content and positions it to assure each circumstance is dealt with efficacy.
  • Engages customers with influential emails and templates.
  • Customizable emails with flexible choices. 
  • Focuses on customer-oriented services with the firm's people-first principles.
  • Allows application of web-fonts onto your emails.


  • Campaign Monitor has surpassed its performance with 99% of customer satisfaction
  • Ideal for non-profit making organizations.
  • Multiple plans with a free trial for starters.
  • Videos linked with YouTube can be sent via email 


  • The plans are expensive once the user upgrades to larger plans, it also has a limited free trial for each plan.


Campaign Monitor lets users access the free version with their new account, the plan can further be upgraded to a Basic plan of $9/month with 2500 emails, the Unlimited plan charges $29/month and the Premier plan costs $149/month with unlimited emails and premium support through phone or email.

14. Mailjet

Mailjet as its name suggests extends speedy emails with a plausible delivery rate. Being an easy-to-use software, it enhances the experience of the users with its advanced email builder that helps in designing persuading emails.

It can be considered as an email API that speeds the process with instant composition. 

Mailjet is the best software for firms that have an enormous contact list with fast-paced content creation and delivery.

It also offers analytics that aids in viewing the impact resulting from the sent emails with traceable actions. This also makes space for optimizing the emails based on the research and data withdrawn.

Similar to other software, Mailjet forms a contact list and pays more attention to priority contacts by segmenting the list based on the customer's actions and data formulated.  With 24/7 support, this software also extends AB testing tools with its premium plans.


  • A suitable email marketing platform for businesses with a massive contact list.
  • User-friendly interface with extended customer support by Mailjet.
  • Contact listing, management, and segmentation to target the audience effectively.
  • Useful tools like AB testing, Marketing campaigns with email builders, etc.


  • Round the clock customer support is provided by Mailjet. 
  • Fast-paced email deliverance with coverage over a large contact list.
  • Smartly managed and segmented contacts for targeting potential customers.


  • Its premium features like the AB testing tool can only be unlocked after payment of additional costs of $15.50 per month. 


Mailjet with its free software provides up to 6000 emails each month or 200 emails each day for limitless contacts. Its upgraded plans cost around $9.65 per month with up to 30000 emails each month along with premium services and customer support. Its further AB testing features can be unlocked at $15.50/month.

Automizy is an ideal email marketing software that works towards generating emails that just won't go unnoticed. With impressively building email content and a variety of templates to pick from.

Reaching out to a larger market base assures an increased email open rate even through recipients that are most likely not to open the email.

Its automation can make email marketing campaigns more simplified and time-saving. With the effect it positions on the audience, it stimulates enhanced conversion rates and acts as the best sales funnel through its email services.

Automizy also analyzes the audience and resends emails through automation. One of its most exciting features is the customization that it offers with subject lines to your emails. 

It also tests the subject lines before use to confirm the maximum outcome. The user can pick about 4 subject lines in one go and Automizy will optimize the email content with the suitable one.


  • Built with a simplified interface, making it easier for users.
  • Creates ingenious emails with assured open rates.
  • Automation that focuses on gaining a higher open rate by resending emails.
  • Encompasses accessible forms, templates, and customizable emails.
  • AI technology that sorts the appropriate subject line for each email.
  • AB tests emails for better results.


  • Automizy secures a boosted open rate of up by 34%.
  • A/B test your emails for creating a better impact on your audience.
  • Customizable subject lines with tested results.
  • Reasonably priced


  • Although the plan features the best of services, it offers no free trial or free version of the software


Automizy does not include any free plans yet its $9 each month plan seems to be an ideal bargain for the services it has to offer. Proficiently established emails with a competent subject line, all with automated systems that handles your contacts lists well. The software is also very simple to understand and use.

Mailigen is a cloud-based email marketing software that links with social media and other e-commerce platforms, rendering it to be a favorable choice for new and small businesses to grow rapidly.

It integrates with the renowned market players for acquainting its users with the best.

Integrating with platforms like WordPress, it expands the reach of its user company.

With the diversity Mailigen offers to the users, building emails is possible with 9 distinct email blocks. Designing the emails is even more effortless with a drag feature that enables adding images, texts, or templates.

It also extends a highly functional API to its users along with dynamic marketing campaigns.

Additional features offered by Mailigen are the ability to connect with text services and compiling online surveys for their audience.

Gaining useful analytical data helps design emails more effectively. One can also design their sign-up form with its form builder tool.


  • Comes with 9 distinct email blocks to design emails competently.
  • Its online surveys bring invaluable data to analyze.
  • Templates, form building tool, and automated emails for improved effects.
  • Connects with social media platforms for establishing a wider domain for the users.
  • Personalization with email building tools.
  • Additional Text messaging service.


  • Suitable for small growing businesses with a dynamic exposure through social media platforms.
  •  Flexible email structure with options to add text, images, or more.
  • Gives analytical data and offers online surveys to your audience


  • Its pricing can get highly expensive as one moves upon the number of subscribers, it can be unaffordable for some small firms


One can commence with a free trial of 30 days and further move on to their basic plan of $10 for 500 subscribers and later upgrade to its $25 monthly plan for 2,500 subscribers and $400 monthly plan extending 1,00,000 subscribers. Mailigen also offers vaster subscribers lists for higher quoted prices.

SendPulse is a newly established email marketing software with its omnichannel approach towards widening the target audience and product market.

It has been known for its customer satisfaction and commendable set of reviews allotted to it.

Its autoresponders keep the clients engaged with your business by sending relative emails.

Compiling channels like emails, SMS, Viber, and Web push notifications for focusing on a larger market base, these channels also operate with an autoresponder.

This makes it convenient for the users to connect to their customers without any undertakings on their behalf. 

Email campaigns with SendPulse are planned and organized with mastery.

Being a one-stop solution for all of your communication services, it also provides an automated chatbot that handles queries with optimal knowledge.

Its email marketing package comprises desirable templates, modified emails with expert provisioned content, and more. Its 130 plus templates are available just for free and the user can also develop their template within 10 minutes.


  • An omnichannel communication platform operating through Viber, SMS, emails, and web push.
  • An automated workflow with rapidly sent responses for keeping the customers engaged with your brand. 
  • A drag and drop email editing system for designing personalized emails.
  • Triggers emails converting targeted audience into loyal customers.  
  • Creates a subscription form for creating a better contact list.


  • Offers additional marketing channels with emails. 
  • Holds 130 plus templates and allows users to design a new template within 10 minutes.
  • Autoresponders for all channels to communicate with efficiency.


  • Its free plan along with the limits on emails, subscribers, advanced features, also places restrictions on the templates and other basic features. 
  • The plugins that Joomla offers might have some compatibility issues. Limited coding knowledge might not solve it.


SendPulse offers a free plan with 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month. It's an ideal plan for small businesses, once the subscriber's list exceeds the limits, users can be upgraded to premium plans. Its premium plan costs $9.85 each month which can be brought down 7.88 per month when billed annually.

Benchmark is a user-friendly software, designed with much consideration to exhibit excellence. One of the best software with incredible templates to feature on your email, making it look furthermore alluring.

Its email builder makes for a dominant tool for creating interactive content.

With its polls and surveys, the audience can open up their opinions, helping the firm create products and connect in accordance, this also brings customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Benchmark ascertains subscription forms and sign-up pages for gaining more contacts onto its lists, its pop-ups also bring in increased visitors.

Once the firm has its contact list set up, it works towards automating the email marketing services with tools that make the emails more captivating to the customers.

The contact list can further also be classified to augment emails with personalized messages. Whether it's a new customer or an old client, Benchmark strengthens the bond with its best practices. 


  • Email builder with hands-on templates, persuading the customers to stay loyal to the brand.
  • Pop-ups are an exceptional feature amongst all the other software that attracts new customers.
  • Automated emails with vibrant campaigns to take the business to an elevated degree.
  • Surveys and polls to engage clients and their opinions.
  • Creates and manages the firm's contact list.


  • AB tests your subject line to drive larger traffic to your business with influential emails.
  • Delivers emails by choosing the appropriate time and content.
  • Takes over the contact list by bringing in more contacts. 


  • No free version of the software, the user can only test the services before upgrading to a paid plan 


Benchmark permits new users to try all of its services for free and further offers up-gradation to its premium plan of $13.99 per month with integrations to renowned parties like Google Docs, PayPal, and many more. One can adopt specialized services with the implementation of benchmark into their business operations.

19. Gist

Gist is a versatile software with multiple marketing tools inclusive of email marketing, real-time chat services, and marketing through automated systems.

Covering all of the essentials features that an email marketing tool comprises, it automates customer interaction with a reliable knowledge base.

One of the fields that Gist outdoes its performance is through live chat service. Gistbot offers 24/7 support with the diversity of all languages and availability at any time around the clock.

It allows control to allocate chats to the appropriate employees to get the query resolved with an additional option to attach personal notes. The queries are also easily trackable.

Gist with its applaudable automation tool charts the customer behavior by positioning interesting customers at the top of the list. The targeted audience can then be connected through well-structured emails.

To place a larger impact, it also rules out the best timing to send out the emails for confirmed conversions. 


  • All-inclusive online marketing solution with automation, email services, and more.
  • Live chatbot to engage the customers coming from any part of the world with global languages.
  • Listing customers based on their activities.
  • An extensive knowledge base to accommodate the customers with the right answers to their doubts.
  • Tracks active cases and enables attachment of personal notes to your employees.


  • Establishes leads to the sales team for boosted conversion rates.
  • One platform for all of your online marketing solutions.
  • Automation as one of the best features of your email marketing campaigns.


  • Comparatively an expensive plan, the free version also limits to 500 subscribers further urging them to shift to the paid plan 


For new businesses, Gist's free software version is a suitable choice with no additional charges and up to 500 subscribers. Once the business attains more subscribers, the user can upgrade to its pro plan for $33.99 each month. The professional plan extends more features and proficiency.

20. Pabbly

Pabbly email marketing software with a mix of many tools renders it to be an excellent source for all of your business solutions.

Its features include strategic marketing with its form developing tool, billing based on subscription, assessing the email list and updating the same, and most importantly an email marketing tool.

It has simplified the process by skillfully managing all of the tools, Pabbly also boosts its marketing campaigns with the power to reach out to a larger audience within just a single click.

If you will use this software, then handling any issues or glitches won't be a concern as this software handles such issues with ease.

It also covers issues handled by renowned SMTPs like SendGrid, Amazon, MailGun, SES, Mandrill, and many more.

It allows partnerships with these SMTPs for enhanced emailing services. With such impressive features, the user can automate their emails, create sign-in forms, segment the contact list, and manage it effortlessly without any restrictions.


  • Autoresponders to provide steady replies and engage your clients without any wait time
  • Scheduling emails to reach the recipients at the correct time
  • Automated email marketing solutions with a successful delivery rate of 99%
  • Eliminates any irrelevant email addresses, thereby focusing on the targeted addresses
  • SMTPs to integrate with renowned firms 


  • Makes email marketing even more manageable with automated emails.
  • Pre-scheduled emails reduce last-minute anxiety.
  • Availability of ample templates to add a personalized edge.
  •  Subscription forms with thorough details.
  • Email list cleaning 


  • With each upgrade in the plan, the plan can get expensive for small businesses.
  • Constraints on the number of subscribers based on the plan type


Pabbly allows its free version of the software to be used without any limitations on its features, it moreover offers a wide range of plans to fit every firm. Its starter plan cost about $29/month and permits up to 5000 subscribers with 4 upgrading plans; its last plan charges $349/month for subscribers up to 2,00,0000.

What to look for in your ideal software?

Depending on the category of operations, the size of the firm, the kind of audience it is focused on, the definition of the ideal email marketing software differs. The prime factor to determine surely would be the budget set out to bring in specialization with the services.

Preparing an email list without the help of experts can be tougher than it seems, keeping in mind significant matters to adhere to. Assuring the emails are composed within a limited word score, comprises relevant tags, mindfully phrased subjects, proficiently formulated email lists, use of catchy words and sentences can make the email more engaging.  

Adapting to software services can bring the required professionalism with personalized emails along with welcoming emails to newly subscribed members. Understanding whether your business needs to be set up with automated emailing systems or not can assist in mapping out the features.

Determining other features with regards to the manner the emails will be formatted, email templates, customizable texts, email lists, and its classification based on a distinct group of receivers and more can also lessen the strenuous process of picking the suitable software. Progressing towards better product performance is possible with analytical data that identifies areas that require attention.


We've seen how email marketing comes with dynamic features and distinct functionalities with each product. Identifying the best of services isn't always easy, however, with our honest and elaborated reviews differentiating between 2 software is now more effortless. One of the most important features amongst all is the automated emails delivered by most products. It not only simplifies the work but also boosts the process with improved delivery. The customization that comes with a product that monitors the best time  

Considering analytical reports and endorsing polls and surveys into your operations can assist in gaining insights from the audience. This can bring innovative solutions and ideas in enhancing your business services.

While automation, landing pages and forms, contact segmentation, email builders, templates, and some other features, your business can progress with basic yet advanced features to promote your brand with guaranteed conversion rates. Further, additional features like pop-ups, e-commerce platforms, multiple channels for marketing, etc. can add more expertise to your campaigns.

Choosing the product that fits you best arrives with a comprehensive analysis of the features offered and the needs of your marketing strategies. Setting up goals can bring you closer to your ideal software, whether its short-term profits or long-term customer retention.

Here is the List of Top 20 Best Email Marketing Software

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