Top 9 Best Email Newsletter Softwares (2022): Compared & Reviewed


The most important thing for an ecommerce business and blogs is their audience, the traffic. But the question is what is traffic and how to generate more and more traffic.

Traffic or audience are the company's loyal customers that are targeted through email marketing basically.

 Email newsletter is considered as one of the most important tools of email marketing. Imagine promoting all the services and products directly to the customer's inbox.

This marketing process looks so satisfying and also provides better results. Email is the only professional tool to connect with clients digitally.

More than 80% of B2B marketers are using email newsletter as a marketing technique to grow their business effectively.  

Email newsletter provides constant communication with the customers, and tells if the customer has any sort of interest in their product or not.

Email newsletter allows the company to build their brand, reputation and establish good relationships with the customers. 

Email is one of the most popular and most widely used forms of communication existing. Studies have shown that there will be more fham 3.0 billion email users worldwide by 2020.

Email newsletter are mostly used by individuals who have their own blog, websites and ecommerce store. Through their own platforms they advertise different products, services and maintain communication effectively with the customers. 

Most of the success of an ecommerce store depends upon email newsletters. Sending a professional newsletter requires some advanced knowledge.

The users need to design the newsletter in such a way that it passes its message effectively and tells its objectives. Email newsletter provides a great opportunity to companies in the form of valuable information and good looking visual reports.

Email newsletter provides a very good chance to regularly promote their new products and services. According to data by the Data Market Association, email marketing on average provides an ROI of 122%.

Email marketing allows us to connect with a wide range of customers across the globe. The user can target the right audience, the ones who are really interested in the company's products and services.

Visitors nowadays on the internet are making more purchases from email marketing than from search and social traffic.

Choosing the right email marketing service is one of the most important and tricky tasks as not all the software is fit for every organization.

Now we will dig deeper into the ten best free blogging sites that could be the start of your own successful blog.

It is an online marketing company based in Waltham, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1995.

The software offers a wide range of email marketing facilities.

The software helps companies and organizations in getting more leads, building brands and increasing revenue.

The user interface of close contact is very easy to use. The software also has an in-built feature to automatically generate right templates. 

It scans the color, content and images of a website and then generates the template.

The software also provides integration with some of the widely used applications such as WordPress, Shopify and Quickbooks. 

The interface of ConstantContact supports different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch etc. The software comes for windows, linux, android and ios.T

he software also provides inbuilt ad creation facility for multiple social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram.

Why Use ConstantContact?

ConstantContact provides a wide range of templates according to current market situations and needs of organization. The interface of email creation is very handy.

There is no requirement of any skill or anything. The email creation platform provides a wide range of options such as adding images, using multiple buttons, adding links of different brands for promotions. 

The software also provides some other services apart from email marketing like registration of events, conducting surveys and A/B tests.

ConstantContact provides a centralized dashboard to its users having important options such as scheduling emails and sharing information with other members.

Customer service department of ConstantContact is very well managed. They also have marketing advisors to solve queries and problems of clients.


1. Email Creator - The software allows the user to create professional looking emails and marketing campaigns very easily. 

It provides email editors to edit and design professional good looking emails. It also provides a separate image library that provides hosting upto 8gb.

2. Ecommerce - With advanced AI technology and perfect analytics. ConstantContact increases the growth of online stores as well. 

It allows the user to send the right message at the right time to increase the sales and customers.

3. Live email and ad tracking - With the availability of a reporting tab, the user can track the engagement of the newsletter. 

The software provides easy to understand reports providing a detailed look of customer's interactions.

4. Email marketing automation - The software automatically sends welcine emails to the contact list. It sends the right email to the right person at the right time. 

The software allows us to focus more on sales and business.


  • Constant contact provides cloud based hosted platforms to its users. It also provides integrations with 350+ applications such as xero, zoho, CRM, paysimple, Office365  Facebook.
  • Using A/B tests increases the chance of email opening rates. One of the best ways to increase the growth of email marketing campaigns.
  • Customer service is very good and supportive. The software provides 24×7 customer support.
  • The software also provides the ability to upload different contacts. Uploading through Excel and CVS file is allowed in ConstantContact.


  • The user interface of the contact system is not good and perfectly organized. List and tags option don't work properly.
  • ConstantContact provides a two factor authentication process.
  • Working with templates is limited for those who don't have experience in designing.


ConstantContact provides two types of pricing plans to its users -

1- Email - $20/month (includes unlimited emails, Facebook and Instagram ads, Mobile app)

2- Emailplus - $45/month (provides A/B testing, unlimited emails, allows surveys and campaigns.

Final Thoughts: 

ConstantContact provides all the basic tools for better email marketing. The software is easy to use. It covers all the aspects of small to medium sized business and even startups also.

Mailchimp is an email marketing company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The company was founded back in 2001 by Ben Chestnut. It is one of the most popular email marketing software which handles business of any size.

The software also provides good tracking of campaigns, email, audience, success and click rates.

The software provides a wide range of templates to select from.

The software provides better audience data and insights about multiple marketing channels.

The software provides built in CRM marketing tools to build better relationships with the customers.

The platform of mailchimp also includes a free package which provides ad campaigning and access to marketing workflows. The software comes for Windows, Android and iOS.

Why Use Mailchimp? 

Mailchimp is considered as the global leader in the market of email marketing. The software provides facilitates of scheduling important emails to maintain easy workflows.

The software also has freemium version for companies and startups with low budget. The freemium plan includes the user to send upto 10,000 mails per month with a limit of sending 2000 mails per day.

In this plan you can add upto 2000 contacts.

The software interface is very easy to use. It integrates with twitter trends also and google analytics for providing better reports.

The setup process is very easy as the software provides tutorial videos to understand system capabilities. With mobile app, track campaign reports from anywhere and analyze them.


1. Create your brand - Mailchimp provides easy to use design tools and templates. The software also provides an AI powered creative assistant. Some of the features include: Content studio, subject line helper etc.

2. Marketing automation - Create automated workflows for each customer. Automatically send mails at the right time. The software never allows the user to miss an opportunity to connect with the customers.

3. Better reports and insights - The software provides professionals and easy to view reports. Track sales, audience growth,l and engagement from time to time. The software also provides data backup options.

4. Audience management - The software allows the user to use Popup forums to collect important data of fontacts. It allows the user to sort out the audience by analyzing their interest and behavior.


  • With the help of dynamic content create just one email and dynamically personalize the message for different groups or people.
  • The software provides a collection of pre-built templates which have a very good look.
  • The software allows us to connect with some major CRM tools such as salesforce, pipedrive to build better customer relationships.
  • Analytics such as click rates, trends, reports are very helpful and easy to understand.


  • Editing the signup forum lacks some feature hence limiting the functionality of the software.
  • Eliminating a client from an ongoing campaign can be very difficult and confusing.
  • Customer support of mailchimp is not that good as compared to other software.


Mailchimp provides 4 types of pricing plans to its users - 

  1. Free plan which costs no money
  2. Essential plan costs $9.99 
  3. Standard plans starts at $14.99
  4. Premium plans start at $299

Final Thoughts: 

The user interface if mailchimp is easy to use and understand. The software is perfect for small businesses and startups.

It provides more versatility providing options such as domain searching, website builder and CRM function.

3. Drip

Drip is an Ecommerce customer relationship management platform. The company is based in Minneapolis, USA.

The company was founded in 2012 by John Tedesco. Drip is considered to provide one of the best email automation services.

The software is used by small to medium sized industries, bloggers and startups etc. The software provides deeper analyzation and automation capabilities. 

The software comes for different platforms such as Windows and Mac. The software also provides cloud based platforms to its users.

With it's advanced functionality drip allows the user to target the right audience and send messages to hundreds of subscribers.

The software supports multiple email campaigns according to the need of the company. Drip allows the user to connect with other applications through its wide integration facilities and through the software's API.

Why Use Dip? 

Drip is a powerful email marketing application. The software provides better visuals. The setup process of the software is also very easy.

The software allows ecommerce business to grow by integrating with multiple ecommerce platforms. It also has a starter package free of cost and provides limited functions.

The software allows the user to create funnels to send the right email to the right person. The software also provides data related to user activity to create better connections.  

With good tracking results of sales and leads the software streamlines the workflow.


1. Optimization - The software allows the connection of its interface with the store and the rest of the work is managed by drip. The user needs to just sit back and relax. Drip collects all the revenue based data, provides engagement metrics of clicks and unsubscribers saving a lot of time.

2. Better Engagement - While analyzing the customer's need and interest drip engages with the customers only when they are frequently visiting the site and if they are even opening the emails or not.

3. Integration - Drip provides integration with multiple platforms to increase the functionality of its interface. The applications include Shopify, Paypal, Salesforce, Woocommerce etc.

4. Audience Management - With use of tags get a detailed understanding of all the customers visiting your site and campaigns. The software allows the user to get a better understanding of brand engagement. It also tracks every click and visit.


  • The software provides inbuilt visual email builder allowing the user to create enchanting branded emails to increase the audience.
  • With the availability of contact management facilities the user can launch multiple broadcast and personalized emails for better customer relationships.
  • Drip provides excellent customer service with easy to understand training material.
  • The software also provides an inbuilt Javascript system which is very easy to set up and helps in creating deeper insights.


  • Drip doesn't allow recording any sort of work offline.
  • Drip doesn't allow implementation of advanced HTML coding.
  • Customer service of drip provides multiple solutions for a single platform hence creating more confusion.


Drips offer its pricing at $19 per month where you can send unlimited emails. 

Final Thoughts: 

Drip is an easy to use software and it is for those who are trying to spread their email marketing program.

Drip also provides amazing customer support and the organization is constantly working on its interface and tools.

4. Aweber

Aweber is considered as one of the most popular software in providing email newsletter service.

The software contains a plenty of inbuilt newsletter templates to connect with the audience effectively.

The software allows the user to create successful email marketing campaigns.  

With advanced designing features it helps in designing personalized emails and targeted messages.

The software allows the user to build better relationships to maintain a good bond and increase the sale incrementation. 

The software comes for Windows, Android, iOS. Aweber also provides cloud based platforms to its users.

The software provides better flexibility options by creating attractive campaigns and personalized subscriber lists. Aweber really cares about their clients and provides them live support. 

The software integrates with some of the widely used tools such as Facebook, Paypal, WordPress, Shopify, Clickbank etc.

Why Use Aweber?

Aweber provides an easy to use interface helping small businesses to create their base strong. The software allows the user to upload contact as well.

With the availability of Google Analytics integration the software provides better insights. The software also allows scheduling the emails.

The Setup process of Aweber is very easy to complete. The software allows us to focus more on sales and covers all important aspects of business. The software provides integration with 840+ applications.


1. Email Automation - Aweber provides an easy to use email marketing platform. The user can automate the message to be sent based on the customer's need and behavior. Engage more audience by sending welcome emails and project launching emails.

2. Organized subscribers list - Aweber creates records of contact containing their name, phone number, email etc. Aweber tells the user the real source of the client from where did they come to know about the organization.

3. Landing Page builder - With powerful landing page builder options, get access to unlimited landing pages, templates and image libraries. With drag and drop editors create beautiful looking landing pages in a minute. No requirement of any coding skills.

4. Better tracking - The software provides the user with better reporting allowing the company to track broadcasted as well blog broadcasted messages.


  • Customer support of Aweber us highly appreciable. Contains a team of knowledgeable and professional individuals. 
  • The support team provides quick and effective responses.The software also provides a free 39 days trial period with easy to understand training material.
  • There is no chance of email going to the spam section. With Aweber the email always makes up to the inbox section.
  • With the availability of HTML email templates the user can create email according to the needs of the brand. The software allows the user to choose multiple colors, designs and layouts.


  • The automation system of the software is really hard to understand.
  • Drag and drop feature of the software is very limited and allows it to work on limited templates.
  • The way lists are segmented it is very unintuitive.


Aweber pricing plan depends on the number of subscribers the organization wants - 

1. 0 to 500 subscribers - $19/month for monthly subscription and $16.15/monthly for annual subscriptions

2. 501 to 2500 subscribers - $29/month for monthly subscription and $26.15/monthly for annual subscriptions

3. 2501 to 5000 subscribers - $49/month for monthly subscription and $46.15/monthly for annual subscriptions

4. 5001 to 10,000 subscribers - $69/month for monthly subscription and $66.15/monthly for annual subscriptions

5. 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers - $149/month for monthly subscription and $146.15/monthly for annual subscriptions

Final Thoughts: 

Aweber works on different mechanisms. The users can follow the audience and autoresponders with handy tools.

Users are allowed to edit and customize templates and messages. Aweber is for small to medium sized business and even large enterprise.

Sendinblue is a relationship marketing platform. The company is based in Paris. The company was founded by Armand Thiberge.

The software offers a cloud based marketing platform providing important functions such as email marketing, CRM, landing pages, campaigns and facebook ads. Sendinblue provides another level of flexibility to the process of marketing.

The user can easily organize their contact list and make different groups to be targeted differently. 

The software User Interface is very easy to use and provides inbuilt themes and design for campaigns.

The software also supports live connection with clients to directly solve their queries and problems. Sendinblue supports multiple languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

Sendinblue allows users to use multiple tools to increase the functionality of the software. Different team members can do different tasks through sendinblue and can share important media files between themselves.

Why Use Sendinblue?

Sendinblue provides user-friendly software. Sendinblue comes in the list of top 10 email marketing software. The pricing of sendinblue is also affordable.

All the important areas of small to medium sized business are easily covered through sendinblue. The software even covers the needs of large enterprises also.

The software allows the user to collect the right audience and manage their contact list according to the needs of the market. The software provides a streamline workflow.

Customer support of sendinblue is very impressive . The users can contact the customer support via phone, email and through websites.


1. Better communication - Sendinblue platform allows the user to create professional looking emails to engage more audience.

The software allows the user to personalize emails by adding recipients' names in it.

2. Tracks Customer journey - The software allows the user to keep track of all the contact details. It allows us to set up marketing automation to save time and focus more on sales and leads.

3. Integration - Sendinblue integrates with some list building plugins such as Privy, Plugmatter etc.

The software also integrates with other third party applications such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Pipedrive and Shopify etc.

4. Personalized landing pages - The software provides solutions for e-marketing campaigns also. It allows the user to create ads and customize the landing pages.

The software provides a wide variety of layouts and designs to select from.


  • With segment facility the user can create different groups of contacts according to customer's need and interest. Sends the right email to the right person at the right time.
  • The software also allows users to customize facebook ads to reach more audiences. It also provides tracking of FB ads, engagement, click per hour, budget etc.
  • With an inbox sharing facility, the software allows every team member to get organized. It never allows you to lose track of a customer's email history.
  • The software is convenient to use. Importing of contacts from multiple platforms and making of emails can be easily done.


  • Email design feature of sendinblue is quite limited in its functionality. It offers a simple set of designs and lacks some advanced features.
  • Free version of sendinblue doesn't allow the use of photos with captions.
  • The software often faces deliverability issues. Sometimes the email straightforward goes to the spam section.


Sendinblue provides two types of pricing plans to its users - 

1- Lite- $25/month(includes 10,000 emails, A/B testing and advanced statistics)

2- Premium - $65/month(includes 1,00,000 emails, Facebook ads and landing pages)

Final Thougts:

Sendinblue provides solutions to different businesses to manage their email and social media marketing campaigns. The software covers every important aspect of the businesses.

The software also integrates with Transactional email to provide detailed information about purchase confirmation, password change etc.

Getresponse is considered as one of the most popular marketing services with an easy to use interface.

The company was founded by Simon Grabowski. Getresponse allows the companies and organizations to create professional content, boost leads and gather traffic from multiple countries.

The software provides its services in more than 150 countries. The software provides the best quality of customer support to its users.

Getresponse provides 24×7 customer support. Getresponse supports multiple languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian etc.

The software allows to launch effective marketing campaigns, ads through landing pages and marketing automation. The software comes for Android, Windows and Mac.

The software also provides tutorial videos for better understanding. Getresponse integrates with some of the widely used applications such as Githib, GoogleAdwords, Bigcommerece, Zendesk etc.

Why Use GetResponse?

Getresponse is equipped with powerful tools to boost email marketing automation. The software provides powerful and advanced tools which help in increasing the sales and leads.

The software comes with a better engagement system with its accurate targeting of the audience. The software is available on multiple systems. 

The user can access the data and monitor the ongoing campaign and ads from anywhere at any time. The software provides more than 500+ professional email templates.

Getresponse comes in a very flexible pricing model providing both monthly and annual subscription plans. The software also provides cloud based platforms to its users also. 

Getresponse covers all the key aspects of small to medium sized businesses and even large enterprises also. With five star customer service the company's customer service is loved by 96% of their customers.

The support team will help you in every step of email marketing. Support team of Getresponse consists of individuals who are expert in different marketing fields. 


1. Email creator - With the use of drag and drop editor create beautiful and professionally looking emails.

The software provides all important tools to create an effective email  which will look responsive on all the devices.

2. Tracking of campaigns - The software allows to create a better audience by understanding the customers. It stores email analytics and contact data in a secure platform.

Provides integration with google analytics for better results.

3. Conversion funnel - The software provides easy to use funnel creator to its users. The users can create their own landing pages, sell their products and convert their leads and track their orders.

Getresponse allows you to manage campaigns of digital products as well.

4. Marketing Automation - With powerful marketing tools the software increases the chance of engaging with the right audience.

It allows us to create automation according to customer's needs and behavior. The software provides more detailed and precise targeting.


  • Provides autoresponders and A/B testing subject lines to analyze the results of newsletters.
  • The software provides an unlimited number of tags for effective profiling.
  • List building tool of Getresponse is quite effective. It helps in creating segmented lists.
  • With advanced communication like webinar builds better relationships. The software allows us to gather more contact information. It provides free and paid webinar services.


  • The user interface of Getresponse is not that much intuitive as the users assume it to be.
  • The software saves searches in a very disorganized way and it is very difficult to find them.
  • There are some capability issues while using safari devices.


Getresponse provides three types of pricing plans to its users - 

1- Basic -$15/month (includes 1 sales funnel, autoresponders and email marketing)

2- Plus - $49/month (webinar, includes 5 sales funnel, 5 webinar funnels)

3- Professional - $99/month (includes unlimited webinar funnel and sales funnel, unlimited automation builder)

Final Thoughts:

Getresponse is loved by many companies and individuals all around the world.  It provides excellent facilities and all important tools for better workflow.

The pricing model of Getresponse is pretty nice.  The software provides reports analysis, building tools and much more to its users.

Mailjet is an email marketing platform which provides a wide range of tools to drive best results and increase the growth of income.

The software contains inbuilt email builders to create beautiful and attractive emails. Mailjet had established its value in the market and the software is trusted by 100,000 companies.

The interface of the software supports multiple languages such as English, French, German and Spanish etc.

The customer service department of mailjet works really hard and provides dedicated service 24×7.

Mailjet page

Mailjet provides advanced management of audience and clients. With advanced features companies are allowed to manage their brand identity.  The software only comes for Windows.

Why Use Mailjet?

Mailjet is an easy to use software providing users to design professional looking emails in less period of time. The user can select templates of their own choice by accessing the l8brary of free templates.

Mailjet allows the user to create their own library to maintain their brand identity. Information and Important data can be easily shared among other team members also. 

With easy collaboration with other team members the functionality of the software increases. The security system of mailjet is highly effective and is of high standards.

Mailjet is ISO27001 certified and GDPR(General data protection Regulation) complaint.The software allows to unlock new opportunities to increase customer trust and product growth.

Mailjet allows the user to take a demo also to determine if mailjet is perfect for their business or not. 


1. Email marketing - The software provides a wide range of tools to build creative and successful campaigns and email lists.

The software allows the user to edit the emails as per the customer's need and content they like.

2. Robust A/B testing - With this advanced feature mailjet allows to test image, email sequence of different emails.

It provides a statistical data which is used to increase the conversion rates.

3. Contact management - The software allows the user to build their own audience and contact groups. The interface captures email addresses and automatically syncs to the contact list. The user can upload the contact list as CSV, TXT OR XLS files.

4. Free SMTP servers - The user can easily setup SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol) servers and can send emails faster.

The software also allows to update the configuration of the system using the SMTP server while simply authenticating the credentials.


  • The software allows users to view the preview of email templates and messages to see exactly how an email would display on Gmail, Apple mail or Outlook.
  • The CRM system of mailjet does a great job of filtering the audience.
  • The software allows to divide the work and activities. The user can define roles and allows permissions to access advanced sections.Team members can work independently this way with a better understanding.
  • The software allows to integrate Mailgun and helps in scheduling, sending and tracking the emails. Mailgun is a powerful tool reducing the chance of bounce rates and reducing the number of incorrect emails.


  • Prebuilt templates are very limited in their functionality and lack various varieties.
  • Mailjet doesn't provide a mobile application.
  • Reports of post campaigns don't provide a deeper analysis.


Mailjet provides two types of pricing plans to its user - 

1- Basic - $9.65/month (includes 30,000 emails and online customer support)

2- Premium - $20.95/month (provides A/B testing, multi user collaboration with 30,000 emails)

Final Thoughts: 

The software is easy to use and allows to design emails in a fair time. The price is very reasonable and software provides precise reports of engagement, clicks and other important insights.

Campaigner is an advanced email marketing software designed by J2 global  The software provides powerful email marketing tools to increase sales and build better connections.

The  software covers all important aspects of small to medium sized businesses.

The software allows the user to create dynamic marketing campaigns and manage the audience.

The software provides a cloud based platform to access the reports and insights from anywhere and anytime. 

The software comes for Windows, Mac and web.  

The software integrates with widely used applications such as Silverchair, Adobe Analytics, LiveIntent and Magnero etc.

The software provides 24×7 customer support. The support team of campaigner includes experts from various fields. 

The user interface of Campaigner is very intuitive and provides selection from a wide range of templates.

Why Use Campaigner?

Campaigner provides one of the best email marketing facilities. With the availability of perfect delivery optimization, the campaigner ensures that the email reaches the recipient inbox. 

The software allows users to edit and customize the template as per the market needs.  The workflow of campaigner is very excellent. 

The software provides meaningful information related to engagement, website, email activity etc. The support is highly knowledgeable and provides quick response to client's queries.

The interface of Campaigner allows to collect new clients and subscribers from signup forms. Users get the right to send large amounts of emails easily.  

The Reporting system of Campaigner provides click and open rate information. 


1. Ecommerce - The software connects with the ecommerce store and syncs all the important information such as revenue generation, present contact and inventory etc.

Campaigner  ecommerce is basically for Shopify and Magneto. Build a better CRM system to create brand awareness and increase sales.

2. Grow Audience - Allows the user to connect campaigner account to facebook to attract more customers. With availability of signup forums gather new customers which are perfect for the brand.

3. Email creator - The software allows the user to create powerful and attractive emails and campaigns using drag and drop editor.

Choose from existing templates or create one of your own to connect effectively with subscribers and customers.

4. Campaign tracking and reports - With the help of report tab, the users can track the engagement of the newsletter.

The software provides click and open dates showing the number of replies and unsubscribers. The software also shows the ratio of desktop users to mobile users.

The users can also see the CTO(Click to open rate) and CTR(Click through rate).


  • With the availability of dynamic content options the user can personalize every interaction through options like age, location, gender and interest.
  • The software also integrates with RESTful API providing access to live reports, campaign  statistics and email engagement.
  • Campaigner provides dedicated IP's that provide custom domain names.
  • The software also provides A/B testing.


  • Scheduling of options for newsletter are very limited.
  • Changing the subscription plan in the middle of the month could be a little more tricky.
  • Competitors of Campaigner are providing more facilities.


Excluding the free plan Campaigner provides four types of pricing plans to its users - 

1- Starter - $49.95/month(includes 5000 contacts with autoresponders)

2- Essential - $149.95/month(includes 25,000 contacts providing dynamic content)

3- Ecommerce - $79.95/month(includes Shopify and Magneto integration)

4- Advanced - $549.95/month(includes 100,000 contacts and purchase behavior)

Final Thoughts: 

Campaigner come at affordable prices. It provides good templates design for creating beautiful email. The software interface is also very user friendly.

Real time reports of different campaigns can be easily viewed through click heatmaps.

EmailOctopus is an email marketing platform. The company is based in London, England. The company was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Bull.

The software allows us to create better and responsive templates and marketing campaigns.

With the availability of segmentation processes the users can create targeted emails based in customer's data.

The software provides cloud based platforms to its users also. 

The software comes for Windows, Mac and android. EmailOctopus covers all the important aspects of small to medium sized businesses and even large enterprises also.

The software integrates with some of the widely used tools such as Mailchimp, WordPress, Eventbrite, Woocommerce, Gravity forms etc.

The software provides one of the advanced technologies called Amazon Ses(simple email service). It is an effective email service which even works with low cost and provides beat marketing results.

Why Use EmailOctopus?

The user interface of emailoctopus is very user friendly. The software allows the user to track all the reports and metrics of ongoing campaigns and ads. The software allows us to send bulk email easily.

It is accompanied with all necessary tools for creating an effective campaign. Emailoctopus comes in different pricing plans and each one of them is pretty affordable. 

It is a powerful marketing tool which is trusted by more than 25,000 companies and organizations around the world.

The platform of emailoctopus generates rich HTML emails. The software provides the facility of uploading the contacts as well.

Emailoctopus provides a higher ROI and all the sent emails are stored in different contacts. The configuration process of emailoctopus is very easy to understand with the instructions provided. 


1. Autopilot - Emailoctopus comes with advanced technology. It automatically manages the workflow by saving more time and focusing more on sales, leads and new subscribers.

2. Tracking of campaigns - The software allows to keep track of ongoing marketing campaigns.

It also keeps track of open rates,click rates and bounce rates as well providing understandable reports and insights.

3. Amazon SES - Amazon's simple email service is a highly effective and affordable email service.  Amazon SES solves problems of large-scale email solutions and sends email in minutes.

4. Builds Contact lists - The user can easily make contact lists of new and existing customers. Allows emailoctopus inbuilt systems or WordPress to collect customer's information.


  • Emailoctopus has equipped With GDPR(general data protection regulation) compliance.
  • The software has the capability to send large quantities of emails easily.
  • It provides a wide range of flexible options and its web-based platform is outstanding.


  • Emailoctopus provides limited templates to select from and is basically for non-tech users.
  • Emailoctopus does not provide any segmentation feature.Most of the emails end up in the spam section.


Emailoctopus provides two types of pricing plans to its users - 

1- Free- (includes 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month)

2- Pro -$20/month (includes 5000 subscribers and 50,000 emails with priority support)

Final Thoughts: 

Emailoctopus allows the user to build perfect-looking landing pages for different mailing lists. The software is easy to use and comes at an affordable price.

The software allows the user to customize multiple templates. The software also allows users to create unique URLs for each page.

Things to Consider Before Availing of an Email Newsletter Software

Here is the list of essential functions one should consider while choosing email newsletter software in 2022 - 

1. User-friendly interface - If the interface of email newsletter software is not user-friendly, the user will not be able to maximize its functionality.

One should always look for a centralized dashboard in an email newsletter software.

2. Content creator - The email newsletter service must include a drag and drop editor to edit and customize emails and campaigns.

Newsletters should provide the right content so that the engagement process increases.

3. Segmentation - Companies have a long list of emails to send. The segmentation process allows the user to create groups of contact lists based on their behavior and needs for better results. T

he segmentation process is basically done through lists i.e. grouping people with the same interest and tags i.e. targeting single or multiple contacts at the right time.

4. Wide range of integration - Integration with different applications basically streamlines the workflow. The functionality of software automatically increases when it integrates with multiple applications.

Considering an email newsletter service, integration with WordPress, social media platforms, eCommerce platforms, CRM platforms, and platforms providing analytical support is a must.

5. Good template choice - Online marketing requires you to take sudden actions at the right time. An email newsletter software should contain inbuilt templates designed for creating professional-looking emails in less period of time.

Content and its theme is the most important thing in an email or a campaign.

6. Social media advertising facility - Social media is the best place to gather an audience according to your own choice.

The company can get real-time information such as customer's needs, location, age, interest etc. An email newsletter service should provide advertising facilities on multiple social media platforms too.

This will seriously help in increasing the audience and generating more revenue.

How Does an Email Newsletter Work?

Operating a newsletter is very easy and user-friendly. The user needs three things to start sending the newsletter to their subscribers - 

1. Strategy - The most important part of email marketing. Companies need to have a clear picture in their mind about the content they are going to publish. 

Every mail or campaign should contain a message and should be delivered at the right time. You can easily create professional-looking beautiful emails through inbuilt tools.

2. Subscriber list - Without subscribers and an audience, email marketing can't provide a higher ROI. 

Email newsletter software provides forums and campaigns to attract and gather more and more audiences for better results.

A subscriber is basically a client with whom the user can have a direct channel of communication.

3. Marketing tools - The market is full of email marketing software. But selecting the right one is an important task. 

Email marketing tools automate the whole workflow of the interface, provide different analytical tools to measure reports, and effectively grow the business.

Market Potential Of Email Newsletter Software

Email newsletter allows the businesses to connect with customers and increase sales as long as they are effective and eye-catching.

In today's digital era and the sudden outbreak of pandemic companies and industries are mostly dependent on digital marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Email marketing provides all the powerful tools for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to customer (B2C) marketers.

The estimated value of email newsletter software was estimated to be around 1025.7 million during the financial year of 2019.

The market is expected to grow with a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 10.5%. The market size of email marketing software is projected to reach 2275.5 million US dollars by 2027.

Small industries mostly used email newsletter software to build the base of their brand. The software allows them to target various groups for branding their products and services.

The region of Asia Pacific is leading the global market of the email newsletters and is projected to do so.


The purpose of the newsletter is to remind your customers about the company's products and services.

Email newsletters could be used to motivate the customers to take action, like making a purchase or checking out the latest blog or campaign of the company.

Email marketing has been providing more sales and leads than social media marketing.Email newsletter drives more sales through email marketing campaigns and ads.

When it comes to sales, email marketing is one of the powerful tools. Recipients are able to see the emails and then the rest depends on the mail whether it can deliver its message or not, can attract the client or not.

Coupons are promotions that catch the attention of the customers so that they can take further action with the email.

Studies have shown that customers receive more newsletters than person-to-person email. The data is really accurate and one can really check their inbox to get a ratio of newsletters to personal emails.

Email newsletter provides the best content and using advanced tools the company can strengthen its relationships with the customers.

Customers want to connect to the businesses and brands they like. Connecting with the customers in person is a matter of being personable, presentable, and professional—and that's easy to do via email as well.

Email newsletters are highly effective for building an online community. Marketing tools provide integration with social media platforms to increase the audience on social media platforms too.

Growing through social media and using Social media to promote business is the best way to increase sales in this digital era of marketing.

According to the studies, more than 75% of the customer’s open emails from companies. Audiences will not come on their own to visit a particular website. Email newsletter plays a vital role in generating traffic and more sales.

If an organization wants people to stop by their website, click on ads and marketing campaigns, browse their content, make purchases, you need to invite, encourage and incentivize their presence.

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