Top 25 Best Free Coding Classes (2022): Compared & Reviewed


Coding has turned out to be one of the most logical, competitive, and mainstream subjects. With the ability to enhance your thinking capacity, letting you play with codes and develop your own website or application.

It has also been positioned as one of the most demanded skills. As we move towards the conversion to a digitally competent world, having the skills and knowledge of basic coding becomes more than essential.

Unlike times when individuals only pursued a subject if they had an equivalent interest, one doesn't necessarily need to have a great deal of interest just to learn a basic programming language.

However, it can truly leverage your value with the knowledge of such a degree. While some consider coding as a career opportunity, others practice the same as a hobby or interest.

However, the freely available resources, it has enabled many to learn coding just with an intention to develop basic knowledge.

It's surprisingly true that in the past years taking up programming meant dedicating a lot of time and money, however, with the shifting times, a lot has changed.

Short term courses and lessons spread over virtual platforms allows individuals to learn anywhere and at any time as per their convenience.

This makes it easier to take up coding now as compared to the past. This also implies that anyone can make a website without expending a great deal of money. 

Being one of the most challenging subjects, it holds a lot of benefits for learners taking up programming. Along with it being a cost-efficient alternative, here are some advantages:

  • Let's you create your own website or work on group projects whether for personal use or professional purposes
  • Enables learning of diverse coding languages with short-term courses that only require a limited amount of time
  • Individuals can efficiently customize or make changes to their websites
  • Handling multiple websites and sources becomes even more simpler
  • You can depend on your skills without expending any money on engaging third party services and it further makes your platform more credible to use
  • You can try your hands on different languages, websites, and software creations.   
  • One can practice coding for leisure or even consider making a career out of it, with many platforms availing freelancing jobs to developers. It can also be a side hustle for you by serving as a secondary source of income.
  • Can pace up your ability to think and exercises your brain by consistently challenging you with new codes and logic.
  • Programming as a career has endless demand and earning potential as all companies have their websites and require them to be updated or recreated from time to time.

Now that we've seen how influential coding is, one can determine learning it as an incredible asset. These free courses also make it more appealing, with increased benefits and no expenses.

One can also freelance as a coding tutor for renowned platforms. While there are many such platforms that offer free coding courses, settling for the best platform becomes important to assure learning of strong concepts and for getting your basics clear.

To aid this process, we have ranked 25 of the best coding-free classes to consider.

Coursera is one of the best platforms for learners to gain knowledge of distinct subjects without any expenses.

What makes it more alluring is that its courses are well-established, rendering learners with understandable concepts and lessons.

Coursera also offers tutorials, lessons, and courses on various coding languages with extensive concepts covering all of the essential details.

Its expanded list with more than hundreds of such courses assures learners with vastly scoping coding knowledge.

The users can further benefit by selecting any lesson or course as per their choice, without spending any money.

Making their courses stand out from the rest, Coursera confirms reliable sources of study materials and sessions built in consultation with the most proficient professors serving at the top institutes.

Joining hands with such experts gives you the satisfaction of learning from the most competent sources.

 Although all the courses availed on their website are totally free for learning, one disadvantage is that the certifications offered by them are on a payment basis.

Coursera provides a wide range of courses, some of the coding languages supported and taught them are Java, Python, HTML, C language, CSS, Introduction to Programming, IoT Programming, and more.

While lessons like Introduction to Programming let you gain basic information on how coding works and some of its primary concepts, rules, and operations.

Its courses also cover most of the in-demand and dominant languages like Java, HTML, CSS, and C language that lets you create a website smoothly.

Further, its inclusion of newly surging languages like Python enables learners to keep up with the rest of the world.

2. edX

Edx is one of the most impactful and largest growing learning platforms that offer an open-ended platform to facilitate competent subjects.

It is preferable for individuals seeking to gain a higher level of knowledge and qualification.

Its success story is dynamic and can be proven with its outstretched platform that comprises more than 5 million aspiring learners. 

Along with facilitating coding-oriented knowledge to potential learners, it expands its area of knowledge to many more languages, subjects, and courses.

This indicates you can explore through some of its other sectors as well and learn more alongside coding languages.

While one considers learning programming with edx, you can also dive into more specialized subjects oriented with coding like computer science that gives even more insight and detailed information.

It's also true that computer science can acquaint you with more authentic segments of the subject and heighten your value over time.

Its courses ensure to keep you groomed with the best set of skills and knowledge with qualitative reasoning thereby strengthening your ability to think logically.

Few topics covered by its courses include programming languages like jQuery, Java, C#, C++, HTML, Python, CSS, SQL as well as other courses that orient you with languages for software development.

With the assistance of edx's tutorials, you can successfully qualify as a website and software developer.

With free courses that let you access its tutorials and study materials, one can effortlessly gain basic programming knowledge, it also extends its courses to include other premium and paid courses.

BitDegree is a leading provider of free courses that encourages you to seek more education and choose from its numerous courses listed together.

By allowing you to apply for scholarships, it extends support by streamlining the sponsorships it attains towards your education.

Its free courses range to include programming languages as well as coding knowledge required for developing any games or other software applications. 

With an innovatively structured learning tutorial, they attempt at bringing in more attention and interaction with its two-way courses.

By facilitating students with simplified online learning courses as well as courses in the form of games, it lets learners be empowered with the increased grasping capability to remember important details and terms.

These game-based tutorials boost your interest in learning programming and let you track your understanding.

 It also makes the procedure of learning easier and less time-consuming. To get started just select the coding language and lesson, BitDegree will take care of the rest for you.

Unlike other platforms, BitDegree outperforms with its distinct approach by integrating its teaching procedure and platform with blockchains.

Its scope encompasses a broadly growing list of courses, some of them include programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, JQuery, SQL, and many more such languages.

It is also suitable for businesses as BitDegree enables them to establish an efficient rewarding system.

Its system lets businesses track the performance of their employees as well as enables the identification of skilled candidates for recruitment by scaling the courses successfully completed by them.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a known and preferred name when it comes to accessing education online.

With its virtual portal that administers qualitative education for learning enthusiasts with more than thousands of tutorials, it has proven its ability to offer impressive services.

 Its platform combines both paid and free courses, enabling the users to choose from a wide array of subjects and classified lessons.

One can either avail of the enhanced sources of education with their paid services or can make the most of the freely available sessions that assure procuring of in-demand skills.

To add up to the excellent education system that they operate, they also deliver coupons and other forms of discounts to their students.

This benefits the users with chances of winning free courses even on the paid and premium version of courses.

 With more than 50 thousand professionals aiding students in their path to success, it also highlights programming as one of their key subjects.

To sharpen your skills and enhance your capabilities, it models its courses to be more understandable and valuable.

It's no secret that its rising list of learners has climbed up with over 40 million subscribers, learning with their assistance.

Udemy is more favorable as it gives users the flexibility to set up their learning schedules as per their availability.

Some of its courses that can accommodate you with programming and development are; software development for smartphone users, web development, development of e-commerce websites, development of games, and many more programming languages that one would seek for.

Khan Academy is a gigantic platform creating classrooms, courses, and study material that can accelerate the process of learning.

Being a non-profit making platform, its sole purpose is to accustom students with freely attainable courses.

Khan Academy also contributes to the community of learners with its large virtual library with resources created in consultation with experts and subject specialists.

This makes their resources more trusted for users. It's not only free for students but also extends teachers with freely accessible notes and videos for reference.

Users can also relish a customized dashboard that lets you view your scheduled classes and take tests to track your awareness.

Another advantage is that its platform makes it convenient for its students to practice their studies within or outside their classroom.

They can also go back to accessing any videos or practice tests for revising the lessons covered in the past.

The great news is that it also contributes basic programming languages and courses along with advanced coding courses.

Khan Academy renders your learning to be more impactful by constantly motivating you to give your feedback on what topics are covered and which concepts can you recall fully.

This makes it easier for you to plan your studies more significantly. Its diverse courses let you choose any programming language of your preference along with languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more.

With khan academy, even school going kids can learn programming and other subjects relevant to their syllabus. Its basic programming courses give an in-depth view of the structure of codes with reasoning.

Code Academy is a prominent provider of free courses for individuals who have a knack for coding.

By marking seven successive years of practice, it has mastered the art of teaching with more than 45 million coders educated by them.

Code Academy has gained its share of popularity by serving as a specialized learning platform with programming as its prime subject.

It has staged its education systems with multiple steps for thorough learning and optimum outcomes.

The first step lets users select the best programming language by guiding them through the decision-making procedure.

Once you've selected the language, it initiates teaching with practical learning. By giving users the power to write down their codes from the beginning, it builds a sense of confidence.

On every step of practical learning, Code Academy rapidly extends an overview of how you've performed. This enables learners to identify their mistakes and improve their codes.

Ultimately, it encourages students to put their coding knowledge out in real-time projects and participate in distinct and competitive quizzes.

By putting your knowledge to the tests, it proves your knowledge and expertise, built with their assistance.

With coding programs that enrich the students with more than 300 million hours of collective coding knowledge. One can take up from anywhere starting from basics to further advancements.

Few languages that Code Academy excels at are; Python, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Ruby, and JQuery.

Of course, there are numerous other programming languages provided by Code Academy, however, the ones listed above are languages that it primarily focuses on. is yet another educational platform that emphasizes coding as one of its core learning skills.

It aims at positioning programming as one of the valued skills amongst the educational curriculum followed by the institutes all over the globe.

Noticing the neglect directed towards coding, it believes that the digital world requires us to be in terms with such competent skills as a part of our education system.

With more than 40% of students in the US retaining student's enrollments with, it stands as a massively used platform. facilitates students and teachers with a single platform that lets them learn, practice, evaluate and even create projects on the same platform. homepage

With more than 131 million projects created so far, it has impacted many lives with its courses. Its learning system is so flexible and efficient that it lets you chart your learning procedure.

Students can either go with their formulated 1 hour of teaching as per their availability or even enables users to model their own learning pattern.

Starting from basic and introductory programming courses, offers resources covering computer science and its primary principles for administering effective codes.

Distinct from other platforms, operates by providing learners with courses that are classified based on age groups.

For instance, K-5, 6, 7, and such other groups are taught simpler concepts, and K-8, up to K-12, the courses are more logical and complicated.

Likewise, the University stage of courses lends more broadened coding knowledge.

Codewars as its name suggests trains you to go on war by proving your skills against their challenges.

A rather interesting concept that enables you to learn from scratch and yet master the art against the performance of other coders.

Basically, it enables users to pick a programming language and places a sequence of challenges to be completed until you better your knowledge.

These challenges positioned by them derive from the field of martial art and likewise, every challenge extended by them is also known as kata. Kata in martial arts refers to a form or posture.

Codewars predominantly aims at enhancing your existing coding skills with the implementation of every challenge.

As one goes up the path full of challenges, each challenge keeps getting harder. Post completion of each such challenge, your results compare to those of other students practicing the same language.

This boosts your coding knowledge by letting you analyze distinct strategies and ways to solve the same issue.

 Once you've excelled at one programming language, you can move on to learning more such languages with a similar approach.

Codewars and its unique way of engaging coding practices motivate users to stimulate more interests with competitive behavior.

One advantage is that it educates coders in ensuring that they progress in their chosen coding language with perfection.

Few programming languages supported by Codewars are C#, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Ruby, and more.

Codewars also follows a rewarding system by ranking your performance post each Kata. Students can also personalize their kata by taking their preferred language and competing with opponents in the same way.

Dash General Assembly renders the learning process to be effortlessly fun with its tailored set of courses.

Dash facilitates a free virtual course that enables students to learn the important fundamentals of coding.

What makes its features effortless is the ability to learn, practice, and qualify as an established programmer all from your own web browser.

General Assembly serves as a dominant name in the industry with services influencing the way the education system and career path operates.

It also trains its users by modifying their skills and enriching their value in the marketplace.

Dash General Assembly homepage

By encouraging students to work with smaller assignments, it lets you implement your learning into a practical realm. Further, Dash also combines all of the small completed assignments to form a single project.

This project allows you to identify how all of these small tasks form to assemble a website. Some of the main programming languages covered by Dash are HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

By teaching you HTML, it confirms you're associated with the most crucial language responsible for creating websites.

With its HTML courses, students can take away tricks on how to build a pleasant website with a modern twist. Maintaining a proportional layout and easily accessible navigation to your website is possible with Dash's courses.

Further, its JavaScript courses assist in amusing the visitors to your websites by teaching you how to put in UI effects and create a robust interface.

Its CSS3 courses enable you to style, segregate and navigate the data better along with augmenting its responsiveness. It makes for an ideal platform for learners who have no prior coding knowledge.

If you're seeking a platform that can teach you the basics of coding simply and lucidly then Code Conquest might be the best choice for you.

Performing as a favorable educating platform for individuals seeking to gain an understanding of coding languages without any relevant skills or experience, Code Conquest offers a simplified teaching pattern.

Its step-to-step concepts gives you a glimpse into how codes are used, structured, and defined in developing your websites.

If you're someone who has never tried their hand at coding or even known about it then there are no worries as long as you're executing courses offered by Code Conquest. 

Code Conquest homepage

Its learning methodology is thoughtfully formulated and makes sure to equip you with the most important segments of coding.

Some of the basic steps followed by Code Conquest are; It initiates its courses by talking about what Coding refers to and how one can better comprehend it.

It then runs you through the various programming languages extending by it and directs you towards selecting the most suitable language.

Once you've chosen the language, it then tests your knowledge and works on enhancing the same by enlarging its courses.

Lastly, Code Conquests lets you implicate the knowledge obtained from its courses in your projects.

Code Conquest through its website stimulates students to utilize multiple courses, its programming languages are inclusive of JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, JQuery, MySQL, HTML, Python, and CSS.

While one learns with Code Conquest, it also suggests the best tools for learning each language.

Free Code Camp has been empowering professionals since 2014 by promoting free coding courses, allowing users to create successful projects, and qualifying such courses with esteemed certifications.

Many professionals certified by Free Code Camp have affirmed a leveraged position in renowned firms like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Spotify, and more.

Free Code Camp is highly biased towards programming and aims at developing impactful bonds and forms a united community for supporting coding languages and coders in an attempt to ensure this type of education is availed for all.

 It steps ahead and extends its support to students willing to take up coding.

Free Code Camp broadens learning by letting users take an active part in challenges positioned by it. It also assures that the students attain sufficient knowledge by attending their virtual courses and training sessions.

This further eases the challenges by combating efficient coding solutions. Once you've learned from their tutorials and have fared well in their challenges, you'll be fit to apply your coding knowledge to practical projects.

Free Code Camp offers various programming languages as part of its free courses, some of them comprise, HTML5, Node.js, CSS3, React.js, JavaScript, D3.js, Git, GitHub, and Databases.

Another interesting part about Free Code Camp is that it doesn't just work as a course for individuals but also operates for an entire community.

This implies, there are other individuals with the same interests as you on their platform and it lets you connect to these individuals, which can help you'll exchange and learn each other's skills.

The Odin Project is an open-ended community for enthusiastic students with an undying interest in coding.

By eliminating all of your doubtful concepts, it clarifies your concerns with detailed coding information.

This makes web development more precise and freer of any guesswork.

Its website lets users view, access, and utilize its collection of full curriculum that are freely usable for passionate learners.

Generally, when you're learning how to code by yourself, it can be tough to put all of the learned concepts together in the form of codes.

Of course, it is easy to learn these concepts as the information that you're looking for is available everywhere, but at the same time knowing which part of the code goes where becomes confusing.

This is because the practical implementation of codes is quite different from that of bookish concepts. The Odin Project simplifies this procedure of learning by composing logical reasoning.

These logical conclusions are obtained by administering the explanations offered by some of the most reliable and known web-based educating platforms.

It also teaches how to operate on programming projects and enables you to be a part of a vigorous community that helps each other grow.

The Odin Project furnishes students with numerous programming courses and a few of them are, Ruby, JavaScript, Databases, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Git, CSS, and more.

With many success stories, the Odin Project has boosted many careers by teaching codes from starters with their collection of blogs, tutorials, and more.

Further, they also teach you ways to get hired with the skills accomplished.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with its OpenCourseWare takes a stride towards fulfilling its goals of impacting the lives of students.

By educating and enlightening learners, it works towards bringing these changes in the community as a whole.

With a renowned name that MIT has earned, it has also received support from some of the largest corporates like Accenture.

Over the years, it has grown as a reliable source and has aided many students in their process of graduation.

These graduates and learners under their guidance are able to access all of MIT's courses inclusive of programming.

MIT OpenCourseWare homepage

Despite the amount of success it has retained, MIT also makes learning accessible to non-MIT students and outsiders.

This means one can benefit by learning from such a popular institute and achieve their certifications without expending any additional amount of money.

All one needs to get started is the passion to learn more and willingness to finish their tasks. From the wide range of topics that MIT promotes, computer science is just one of the topics.

Further, one can go any of 2 paths of their choice, either take part in learning a degree-based computer science education or engage in short termed courses for learners.

Computer Science diversifies your approach towards learning programming by expanding the number of coding languages available.

One can easily get their hands on these courses encouraging the attainment of basic knowledge for coding languages like C++, Java, C, Python, and more.

Its web-oriented platform is made available online to everyone with an interest in learning. targets coding as its key subjects for aspirants looking for credible and popular sources with a varied number of tutorials covering all of the important aspects.

 While Programming, Designing, Data Science, and Developer Operations (DevOps) are some of its crucial subjects, it also enlarges its list with many more coding languages in comparison to other such platforms. is more flexible with its approach as it lets you take control over how your learning procedure will flow.

The education process initiates by allowing you to pick any programming language of your preference, once you've chosen the language, it takes you through the stacks of tutorials one can attend.

You can also add filters as per your intention and choose the best tutorial.

The filters can let you segregate free courses from the paid ones.

If you have minimal coding knowledge, you won't have to be stuck up with complex lessons as also permits you to filter the courses set aside for students who are new to the programming language as well as gives access to individuals seeking assistance with an advanced stage of web development.

If you're someone who's very indecisive then takes care of planning your study with its roadmap feature. Its roadmap determines the appropriate skills for your candidature and suggests the most suitable tutorials for you.

These courses entail languages such as Android Development, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C, Java, C++, Algorithms, Data structures, and more. also uploads blogs with answers to FAQs, tricks, and tips for improving your codes. backs students who have learned coding by themselves and believes that every individual has the right to learn with adequate guidance.

With a belief that students shouldn't have to pay a big chunk of money to gain training in specialized subjects like programming, it comes forward as a commendable platform facilitating free coding classes. acquaints its students with a user-friendly and modernly designed dashboard.

Its dashboard takes you off by displaying all of the languages and topics that you'd like to start with.

This also makes it convenient to pick up learning where you left off the last time or to even take up a distinct or new language altogether. homepage

 With an overview shown on its dashboard, one can track how far you've come with your existing course and what you've planned to post that. It also lets you in on more details like the time covered under your course so far and the amount of time pending.

This helps you plan and organize your future learning more effectively. makes it easier to move onto your next language learning by suggesting the most suitable choice to go with after completing your current topic.

Although widens a variety of programming languages, some of them are CSS, Git, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Python, Flask, Heroku, and Shell. is so extensive with its approach that it offers a page with stacked up links to reliable sources along with its own study material.

All one has to do is browse the top on its page and it'll show up all the relevant

W3Schools assures to accommodate its users with the world's best largest web development site and it certainly stands by its promise.

Its website teaches you how to code in a remarkably planned manner.

Its dashboard displays different segments to view its tutorials, examples, references, or exercises.

These segments further elaborate to ensure that you are instructed with the best of study materials, practice sets, and more.

Again, the initial step enables you to select a coding language as per your liking. 

W3 Schools homepage

Once you've chosen what you want to be learning, without much ado, you can directly dive into your topic.

All one has to do is, evaluate the courses that suit you the best and decide the method of learning amongst the alternatives facilitated.

If you're still confused about where you need to start, you can participate in a rapid quiz on the topics that you're already aware of.

Another way of assessing your awareness is by going through the examples and exercises to understand what topics you've come across in the past.

Languages one can learn at W3Schools are; CSS, C#, C++, HTMP, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, SQL, and many more coding languages.

Solo Learn is an admirable platform for coders or beginners to learn or leverage their practices.

Its website is incredibly easy to implement and holds an expansive list of free courses backing numerous programming languages.

One of its features that outshines its performance is that it is very user friendly for smartphone users.

Its mobile application, as well as website interface, makes it easily accessible from any device.

Its dashboard comprises distinct units that display the courses, code playground, discussions, some of its top learners, and blogs written by them.

Its Code Playground is a unique feature offered by Solo Learn that allows you to share your projects or codes and collaborate with interested parties who can assist you in jointly resolving the issues.

These collaborated individuals can either offer advice or recommendation as per their skill set or, review and learn from your codes.

Courses taught by Solo Learn include, HTML, Ruby, PHP, CSS, SQL, jQuery, C, JavaScript, C#, Python, C++, Swift 4 Fundamentals, and more. 

Solo Learn tries to interact with its audience by providing informative blogs, tips, and techniques for boosting your code content and even extends the recent updates or details on upcoming events or changes in technology.

This way one can stay up to date with the latest shifts in the coding community.

18. Upskill

Upskill is every programmer's go-to destination, especially if you're new to programming then there can't be a better place to introduce these new concepts and strengthen your understanding.

It works in the form of a boot camp that nurtures you from the initial phase until you reach the technical phase.

And to top it all, it's a free platform facilitating courses and tutorials that are free of any expenses.

It primarily targets teaching individuals how to develop a website efficiently even if one has little to no prior experience.

And if you're worried about how you'd be applying the knowledge obtained on a practical basis, then Upskill relieves all of your concerns by ensuring that you indulge in real-time projects and excel at it while you do so.

Upskill homepage

Its formulated curriculum is also 100 percent in conformity with courses that encourage the building of websites for improved knowledge.

This makes sure that by the end of your free courses, you'll be a pro at developing attractive websites without any assistance or glitches in your codes.

Let's quickly run through the coding languages as well as skills offered by Upskill; these include PHP, Node JS, MySQL, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, CSS3, JavaScript, development with the implementation of WordPress plugins and best practices with WordPress.

While the ones mentioned above are some of its primary topics, it covers many more programming languages, skills, and topics.

Code Avengers is an excellent learning platform that incorporates education associated with fun activities.

So, if you're looking for alternatives that can create a jolly environment and make learning more effortlessly fun then, Code Avengers is the best coding class out there.

Learning how to develop a website can be all fun and games with the way Code Avengers is modeled.

This implies one can enroll in its courses and participate in games and other activities that teach you the basics and progressive concepts of coding.

Every course you select on its website has a dedicated total of 12 hours that one needs to complete before moving onto other courses.

These courses are also accessible in various languages to pick as per your convenience.

Additionally, it also creates a community of specialists experienced in the field who can assist you at any given point in time.

Its trial plan with 7 free days of service gives you a glimpse into how its courses function, which can work as a deciding factor in inferring whether you'd want to move onto a premium plan. 

There are a variety of programming skills and languages converted into games and other fun activities. Some of them are Python, HTML, JQuery, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Development. 

A platform sported by the pioneers in every field of virtual development, Google.

Google is without any doubt, one of the top-notch providers of online services.

It's Google Android Training equips learners with the ideal methods of practicing coding, under their guidance.

And one can also achieve the developer certifications by Google, which holds an elevated degree of importance all over the world.

Further, a programmer can also benefit from the enhanced knowledge gained by joining hands with the pioneers in the field.

It divides its resources and courses into two main categories, i.e., Android development and website development.

Google Android Training homepage

 On seeking assistance with web development, one can learn the principles related to coding through its tutorials, courses, and guides.

It also delivers the best practices when it comes to implementing their codes in building real-life websites.

 There are numerous other tools furnished by Google in an effort of making your coding education more boosted. These tools comprise WorkBox, Chrome, Lighthouse, DevTools, and many more such tools.

One of the disadvantages is that the services offered by Google Android Training might not be suitable for beginners.

As it follows a rather advanced approach, once you learn the basics, continuing with Google Android Training can truly enhance your value. It also adds you as an integral part of a community and assists each other along the way.

This means you can also comment and give your perspectives on projects formulated by others. Along with Android and web development, it teaches TensorFlow, Firebase, and Machine Learning. as its name suggests eases the process of understanding how to code.

And it's amusing that it does so in an innovative way. Students can learn a new language in a creative and fun-oriented manner.

How is that so? creates an adventurous story-time that you'd be introduced to and with the implementation of your codes, you'd be able to conclude the story.

This means your codes act as a point of navigation as to where the allotted story will be headed.

Interesting, isn't it? Of course, there is a lot of thought, effort, and creativity that's put into their courses and it pays off by thoroughly inculcating their coding knowledge in their students. homepage

As one makes their way through the allotted story, they'll be able to learn languages like C#.

Once you're clear with simple languages like C#, it will run you through intermediate and technical stages of coding with distinct languages.

With a model that's built by prioritizing the interests of new learners, it confirms that one can learn with its services without any prior experience.

And what makes it more favorable as an educational platform is that it doesn't make learning boring at all.

 The stories ensure that you don't feel like you're incorporating in the process of learning, it feels more like a fun-filled activity.

By obtaining these programming languages, you can also contribute towards saving the world before it's taken over by machines. 

aGupieWare is an educational platform that integrates the study resources for coding from some of the dominant institutes in the marketplace.

It operates as a virtual curriculum with integrated courses provided without any expenses.

The courses are formed with the assistance of institutes like Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, and Columbia.

 Now, these truly are big names that one dreams about achieving a qualification from.

With the joined efforts of aGupieWare, you'd be able to learn coding with not just one but numerous such renowned and competent institutes.

aGupieWare stimulates its education system with a total of 15 courses.

aGupieWare homepage

These courses are then subdivided to include all aspects of programming. The first 3 classes give you a basic filler on all the coding concepts and principles, the next 7 classes stand as the essence of how codes operate.

These 7 classes can act as an intermediate phase of learning and are also the most essential segment. The last 5 classes are specialized and advanced, enabling you to choose your point of interest in learning.

Their coding courses are favorable if you want to develop robust basic knowledge in coding.

However, one disadvantage is that it's rigid with its structure in the sense that you don't have the flexibility in choosing what you want to learn. It covers topics such as Python, Computer Science, Security Tests, Hacking, Linux, and Swift Programming.

Pluralsight is another virtual education platform to learn coding with its combination of paid and free courses.

Plural sight is also referred to as Code School by many. It is one of the most well-organized platforms that's subdivided into multiple categories.

One can choose the courses based on the learning method that they want to follow, distinct skills of their preference, and programming language that they're seeking to learn.

To better understand their education system, let's quickly run through the services facilitated by them.

The first step allows you to select the most suitable method of education along with the skills you want to administer.

The next step lets you identify your current skills by practicing your codes through your web browser and you receive rapid results on how you performed.

You can then take up their courses and simultaneously keep on adding points earned on completion of each course.

The final step enables you to look back at how you've evolved and lets you view all the rewards achieved study resources used to date, and more.

Pluralsight lets you learn coding impactfully and manages data for each student in a proficient manner. This means you can track your growth at any point in time and plan your further education accordingly. 

The topics and skills featured by Pluralsight are inclusive of, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Elixir, Python, Databases, iOS, and more.

24. Edabit

Edabit enables you to interact over challenges, which renders the process of comprehending coding to be more fun and addicting.

Unlike the approach followed by other online teaching platforms, Edabit is completely different in its approach.

 While other platforms offer distinct courses in the form of videos that explain and teach you how to code, which you can then try to put into practice, Edabit on the other hand, facilitates challenges so you can practice and then learn from it.

This also refrains you from making the same mistakes in the future as you tend to remember what you practice more precisely.

One can also stay aware of the skills that they possess and the mistakes they are more likely to make.

This can give a competitive edge as coding is more linked with logic, and a creative and logical approach like this can change your ability to think.

The main coding languages facilitated by Edabit are PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, C++, Ruby, and Swift.

 You can easily get yourself enrolled for these free courses and then participate in these challenges effectively. Its page randomly shuffles the challenges for you and lets you work out the unsolved problems.

Hack.Pledge() unlike other educational platforms functions as a community created by a group of expert developers.

 These developers guide the upcoming programmers by sharing their knowledge and skills.

Each developer part of their team gives away the tips and tricks that worked for them to attain success as a programmer.

You can benefit by learning from the most credible sources and gradually perfect your skills over time.

To begin with your learning procedure, you'll be required to pledge to their community by promising your craftsmanship as a software developer.

Once you've signed into their platform, you'll be able to get your hands on some of the most useful secrets to transforming your skills into qualitative coding knowledge.

Different from the approach followed by most platforms, there is no need to access excessive tutorials, courses, and videos. As Hack.Pledge() links you with more valuable information filtered and provided by these experts.

 What makes it more appealing is that the knowledge provided on their platform is more personalized and influential as compared to any other sources.

The programming languages that Hack.Pledge() covers are, CSS, Java, HTML, C++, C, and many other languages shared by professionals.

Each coding class is conducted for 60 minutes which comprises the most popular developers, attending the session and sharing their skills.

The community was created by Hack.Pledge() is consistently flourishing with more members joining with their pledges.


For every individual aiming to advance their skills as a programmer or seeking to learn some basics, these widely ranging platforms offer free courses.

With times shifting to educational platforms that are free to use and deliver incredible services, learning coding no longer requires a large sum of investment. 

This has resulted in coding being a favorable career option now as compared to the past. It has also shortened the period spent on learning as these courses are available on a short-term basis.

And acting as a cherry on the cake is its easy accessibility through virtual platforms enabling you to work from anywhere and at any time.

We've noticed that most of the names listed in our '25 free coding classes' are renowned names in the industry doing exceptionally well.

This implies that the education you'd received would also hold a great degree of significance and add up to your portfolio.

These courses assure to qualify you to resume a career as a programmer or even work on real-time projects for yourself or others.

It's quite interesting to see that so many platforms have created communities that support coding and encourage the upcoming generation to take up the same.

The approach adopted by each platform although works towards fulfilling the same goal of empowering programmers, still operates distinctly.

While some incorporate challenges, games, puzzles, etc, the others keep their approach simple yet proficient with courses and tutorials established through reliable sources.

To conclude our evaluation with the best providers of coding classes, the suitable course and provider would completely depend on the type of skills you are looking for, your learning ability, and other aspects.

But one thing that stays constant is that each of these platforms assures sharpened skills, optimal knowledge, and competent certification without incurring any costs.

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