Top 11 Best Free CRM (2022): Compared & Reviewed


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. One can really understand from its name that CRM software is used to manage interaction with existing as well as past and future clients.

CRM software uses data analysis to manage interaction with the clients. The main focus is to reduce customer defection and to increase customer retention.

A company or an organization will always want their customers to use their product and services for a longer period of time thus increasing sales and high returns.

CRM sorely gathers all the important information from a wide range of communication platforms such as emails, phone, live chat, websites and social media platforms.

After gathering all the important information, CRM has the ability to analyze, organize and interpret all the data to paint a better picture of their customer's needs. CRM brings all the important information at one place and this is what all the companies and organizations want, thus driving sales and targeting the exact audience.

The most important thing for a company and organization is their relationship with their clients and customers.

An organization can't stand tall if it is unable to attract customers for sales. A good relationship with proper understanding, communication and most important trust is really demanded.

Buyers not only want their needs to be fulfilled but also to get extra benefits. 

They want the highest quality of services simple as that. Data on the other hand is unlimited in number on the internet, all you need is to just sort out the useful as per the demand of the company. CRM actually does the same things.

Understanding how customer relationship management works is really important for doing business effectively. It opens new possibilities and opportunities for one's business.

Here is the list of best 11 free CRM software to consider in 2022:

Freshworks reimagines the CRM system by allowing different teams to work together to focus mainly on customer needs.

It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered customer relationship management system that combines the power of sales automation, marketing automation, phone and chat all in one solution.

It allows the company to gain more leads, engage across multiple channels, close deals faster and efficiently and nurture customer experience.

Freshworks also has the facility to set reminders for events and tasks, thus creating an overview of upcoming activities.

It also has the capability to customize currency as per the demand of the business. It also allows us to change the language of the CRM system as per the employee's choice.


  • Customization - You can create different custom fields such as text and checklist and other important information for the business. I also keep a check on sales interaction, log calls, meetings etc.
  • Productivity - It automatically assigns precise leads to the sales team based on lead-routing rules. Automates key tasks and business processes with intelligent workflows. Reduces pressure on one employee, reduces time and increases sales.
  • Communication - It connects an organization email inbox to CRM allowing to track, manage and send emails. Send the right mail at the right time. Includes phone, SMS, WhatsApp business chat and Apple business chat.
  • Analytics or Reports - Analysis the performances of different departments and give the report in minutes. Analyze sale trends and win-loss probability through charts and graphics allowing the company to make better decisions.


  • It has all in one conversion optimization system which empowers the business by attracting leads, increasing sales, and improved conversion.
  • It is available for Android, iOS and Desktop.
  • Free plan availability [without any credit card requirement] for 21 days.
  • It blocks random information on the dashboard, focusing mainly on important events and appointments.


  • Spell check in mails is not done with accurate accuracy.
  • It becomes very challenging to use especially for beginners.Basic template in sale marketing is not available.

Final Thoughts: 

Freshwork provides a good number of features at a good price. It is very easy to use and has an excellent customer experience.

It is available for all sort of businesses; be it small businesses, medium businesses, and big enterprises. It allows the company to get clear insights of the sale strategies.

It also integrates Google Calendar allowing to get complete control of scheduled events, demo and meetings. Payable plans include 

  • the basic Growth Plan which is billed annually starting at $29 [per month], 
  • the Pro Plan billed annually at $69 [per month], and 
  • the Enterprise Plan billed at $125 [per month]

Designed for business of all shapes and sizes, it really focuses on maintaining a good customer relationship.

It provides different packages which are fit for startups, big enterprises and businesses in between. It comes with a Saas (software as a service) customer engagement solution allowing the sales and marketing team to communicate effectively to clients and solve their issues.

The company's products include Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, Freshteam, Freshchat, and Freshmarketer.

Pipedrive is a New York based software company founded in 2010 founded by Timo Rein.

The company has more than 700 employees and its CRM system is used by 90,000 customers all around the world.

As one can get from the name itself, Pipedrive maps out each stage of the sales pipeline and allows to work on leads in each stage. 

Pipedrive CRM is the leading CRM service available that helps to make sales and relationships processes better than ever.

The difference between other CRM software systems and Pipedrive is that it works in stages. It will figure out leads and will help sales processes in different stages to increase sales.

 It allows to set reminders for events and tasks using different tools in each stage of the sales pipeline. Pipedrive basically manages sales from starting to the end.


  • Manage leads and deals - Get more leads and attract more customers to pace up the speed of revenue generation.

Organize deals according to the demand in pipelines. Allows to create pipelines for each stage or one for each team member.

  • Gives good insights and reports - Pipedrive allows the company to use customizable reports and interactive dashboards.

Shows reports on win and lose and tells the exact reason behind the results. It develops forecast reports to predict the turnover and growth of the organization while highlighting the problems that can rise in different stages.

  • Privacy and security - It allows the company to keep an eye on who is accessing the data, when and where.

 It maintains the records of users’ login from the past 60 days. Allows the organization to create custom rules such as setting time restricted access and blocking unauthorized IP addresses.

  • Tracks communication - Tracks calls, contact, and mails to have full control. It allows the company to create an unlimited database of contact history, mail schedules, and important events, tasks.


  • With the availability of interactive dashboard and KPIs in one place, it allows monitoring of the whole system effectively.
  • Pull leads from chatbots and email forms and through different integrations.
  • It also provides calendar sync options with Google and Microsoft.
  • It allows web to mobile calls to track live sales and talk comfortably to clients. 
  • Pipedrive is considered as the most reasonably priced and most effective CRM service available.


  • As compared to other CRM software, the number of API integrations are less in Pipedrive.'
  • Creating a new contact entry at the middle of a stage is very tedious.
  • Pipedrive doesn't allow the sales team to get out of the box with recommended deal flow and processes.

Final Thoughts

Pipedrive is a user-friendly software. It uses pipeline methodology to increase sales. Pipedrive shows different deals at different stages and allows the company to prioritize their leads.

It also allows us to keep track of performance of specific team members.

Pipedrive comes for mobile applications, so that you can carry your sales pipeline wherever you want.

 All the data is backed up in the real time server. Pipedrive supports 13 languages and some major as well as minor currencies.

Pipeline comes with 4 tiers: 

  • Essential [$12.5 per month when billed annually], 
  • Advance [$24.90 per month when billed annually], 
  • Professional [$49.90 per month when billed annually], and 
  • Enterprise [$99.00 per month when billed annually].

Maintaining a sales pipeline in the age of spreadsheet is not a bad idea. It is more flexible, more user friendly and allows to keep track of sales and where they are heading.

Using a leading Pipeline CRM software will always collect all the important data at one place for long term leads and financial success.

Apptivo is a California based company founded in 2009 by Bastin Gerald. It is a web based online office enterprise.

The main motive of the company was to provide a straightforward solution to keep track of business operation. 

Since 2009, Apptivo has included more than 150,000 users in 194 countries around the world. Apptivo's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides module for contact management, lead management, and customer service management.

It is a good option for companies seeking different integration and excellent mobile support. 


  • Lead Management - With Apptivo, the company can easily manage their leads. On opening Apptivo, you will see different options such as calendar, tasks, call logs, notes, email, etc. It suggests app according to the company's needs.
  • Billing - Track all your sales and easily convert them into invoices to get paid quickly. Collects information from all your contacts, leads, and opportunities and generates the best revenue.
  • Sales automation - Sales automation features of Apptivo contains lead list management, and contact management with unlimited contact sharing. It allows the company to add unlimited custom fields for increasing sales.
  • Better integration - Apptivo includes third party options like Google Gsuite, Office365, Stack, Quickbooks, PayPal, Dropbox and many more. The functionality of Apptivo is very wide to cover every aspect of business.


  • It has a user-friendly web-based platform to manage custom accounts easily from anywhere efficiently.
  • RingCentral Integration of Apptivo gives the ability to conduct calls in the CRM system.
  • For new users, Apptivo provides training for specialization. Trainings are available onsite, through remote access and in webinar form as well.
  • Chat responsive system of Apptivo is at its best and is available for 24 hours a day. Contact through social media (Twitter, Facebook) is also available.


  • Apptivo doesn't integrate with Zoom.
  • Homescreen is considered as the centre of all the functions and however the subsections show some problems.
  • Multi-currencies exist on invoices but not on other applications.

Final Thoghts:

Apptivo provides great functionality for small to medium sized businesses. It is a CRM tool worth investing money promising better solutions.

It provides security control for different users in different apps. It is Apptivo flexibility that makes it more attractive and competitive.

The pricing of paid plans includes 

  • Lite Plan [$8 per month when billed annually], 
  • Premium Plan [$12 per month when billed annually], 
  • Ultimate [$20 per month when billed annually], and 
  • Enterprise [negotiable].

It is a cloud-based CRM system that helps business in managing leads, customer retention and data analysis.

 It is a California based company founded by Marc Benioff. Salesforce is considered as the global leader in the customer relationship management (CRM) market.

 It is used by more than 70% fortune 500 companies.

Salesforce has bought cloud-based technology to another level and is able to build different modules for better connection with customers.

It provides key insights through analytics and apps. Salesforce sales cloud system helps in maintaining a good track about live data, contacts, emails, reports etc.


Email syncing- It allows the company to sync all the data from the customers mail. Email syncing saves a lot of time. Salesforce supports Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and third-party clients.

Head management- The lead management of the Salesforce system is equipped with a different activity timeline.

It allows to keep 24*7 tracking of sales. It tells the exact leads at the right time from thousands of emails thus generating more revenue for the company.

Good customer service-

With updation of all the information such as customers need interest and behavior, Salesforce allows to resolve customer issues faster.

Bringing phone, social media, emails and support at one place, it manages every channel from a single viewpoint. It also helps in reducing the agent's response.

Marketing automation- Salesforce uses artificial intelligence to interact with new clients and customers. It also tells the system if they are qualified for a company's products or not.

It helps in targeting the right audience at the right time. The software automatically collects data from customer's interaction with the employee and builds separate profiles to target sales.

Why use Salesforce- Salesforce CRM allows to create better relationships with customers by connecting with the customers and providing them answers quickly.

When it comes to client relationship management, Salesforce is the global solution. It provides solutions to all types of business.

It helps in making and maintaining its reputation in the market. Salesforce is considered as the platform of trust and transparency.


  • The Salesforce CRM mobile app allows the employer to access data from anywhere at any time. Mobile application is user-friendly. Also mobile CRM system allows to save data offline to work without internet.
  • Salesforce CRM also provides a cool feature called 'chatter' where you can participate in a discussion or start a new discussion as per the need.
  • Salesforce has built in features of apps for the problems which are unique to the organization.
  • Salesforce works for both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) sales. It provides one touch payment option for challenging conversions.


  • It is too complex for small businesses. Being a global solution, Salesforce is more suitable for large scale business.
  • The price is not friendly. The lower package starts with $125/month and contains all the tools to run a small-scale business.
  • Salesforce is not very easy to use.

Final Thoughts: 

Salesforce comes with all the tools and data large business needs but its setup process and usability can sometimes get complex. Salesforce saves time and money and that's what all companies and organizations want. 

Salesforce comes in 4 tiers: 

  • Essentials [$25 per month when billed annually], 
  • Professionals [$75 per month when billed annually], 
  • Enterprise [$150 per month when billed annually], and 
  • Unlimited [$300 per month when billed annually]. 

It's 30 days trial period allows the company to get an idea of what software option they should choose.

A Massachusetts based software industry founded HubSpot free CRM system in 2014.

HubSpot has a free and simple platform that allows companies and organizations to start their business without making much change in the existing workflow.

 It is designed for the companies who are trying their hands on the CRM system pre-recognizing its value.

The software also helps interact with organized contracts and company profiles. It collects information from customers' interactions.

It keeps track of all the leads, deals, agent’s performance, mails, events etc. HubSpot CRM automates all the data and tasks using its tools. Basically, it prevents you from a tedious data entry process and focuses more on sales.


Marketing automation- Marketing automation is the HubSpot 's most powerful feature. It allows the company to attract more customers and generate more sales.

Attracts audiences from social media, blogging, personalized ads and many more.

Website CRM- Another important when it comes to attract the audience. HubSpot’s content management system allows them to create good looking website pages for companies according to the needs of their visitors.

Good customer service- The service hub of HubSpot includes conversation tools, helpdesk, feedback surveys, and reports.

All the mentioned activities are stored in contact records on incident profiles to get full information about customers' relationship with business.

Integration- With more than 550 integration options available in a market place, you can connect anything like Gmail, Outlook, WordPress, YouTube and Zoom.


  • Inbound Methodology is basically attracting the right audience with valuable content then engaging insights, solutions, and then providing delight through customer support.
  • HubSpot supports Windows, Android, iOS, web-based and Windows mobile.
  • The basic package of HubSpot CRM is free paid packages start at $50/month and rise up to $2400/month for enterprise level.
  • HubSpot has inbuilt email tracking software, which allows it to engage leads through mails. It helps in spending less time chasing on cold prospects and focusing more on hot deals.


  • HubSpot CSM only supports the language HubSpot CRM system supports. Hence creating complexities for multinational business.
  • With an enterprise team of complex team structure and many team members, HubsSpot is not the right option then.
  • While using HubSpot email templates, things can get a little complex without the knowledge of CSS.

Final Thoughts: 

When it comes to choosing customer relationship management software, there are many criteria to consider. Some software are suitable for small businesses and some are better for large enterprises.

 HubSpot CRM is recommended for small business; B2B companies who are looking to extend their existing workflow and sales funnels. HubSpot CRM can easily be set up in 5 days.

HubSpot CRM on the other hand is a certified premier Google partner and it consistently ranks among the best. 

The specialized Sales and CRM tools can be availed through:

  • Starter Plan [$45 per month when billed annually], 
  • Professional Plan [$450 per month when billed annually], and 
  • Enterprise Plan [$1,200 per month when billed annually]

If someone is looking to implement inbound methodology to their business then HubSpot is the best option.

It is a user friendly, reputable CRM system that helps in smooth integration for an effective business.

Less Annoying CRM is a San Francisco based company that was founded by two siblings going by the names of Bracken and Tyler King in 2009.

The primary objective of the firm is to provide efficient and affordable CRM software. Simplicity means eliminating all the learning and complex parts. LACRM comes with a great price of $15/month for each user.

It also provides a trial period of 30 days. LACRM provides great customer service support through phone and email.


Contact management - With Less Annoying CRM, you will finally have a place to store everything about your contacts.

Builds separate customer profiles using standard details likes name, email, phone, notes, event etc. LACRM recommends storing less than 50,000 contacts for effective running of the software.

Synced calendars - Keeps company's important tasks, events, and calendars at one place. It also allows sharing with other users so that everyone can focus on big leads.

Sync option from Google Calendar is also available.

Customization capabilities - Customization is really easy when it comes to LACRM. It is not complicated unlike other CRM software and can be done in minutes.

Mobile access - LACRM is completely web based which means the user can access any project management tools from smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Information can be handled from anywhere and doesn't need any kind of sync process.

Why Less Annoying CRM - Less Annoying CRM takes pride when it comes to its user friendly nature.

 It is especially designed for small scale businesses. LACRM is an exceptional tool used by small to medium sized businesses. It provides a wide range of tools and support options.


  • It offers 256-bit encryption and follows best practices to ensure the security of the data.
  • Data is backed up safely. LACRM servers are hosted by
  • It also sends daily agenda emails every morning, summarizing all the important tasks and events of a day.
  • It provides free email and phone support.


  • As it is less complicated, it doesn't offer the system the depth tracking needs.
  • It has less features as compared to its competitors.
  • It doesn't provide a contact picture as a part of the contact file.

Final Thoughts: 

Less Annoying CRM is basically made for small enterprises. It allows users to manage contact, leads and schedules.

Small businesses looking to increase sales and getting organized can use LACRM. It provides flexibility and some extra spark to small businesses and startups.

Insightly Inc is a company based in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2009 by Anthony Smith.

 The company provides cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and project management tools for small and medium sized businesses.

It provides some of the important features such as contact management, task management, pipeline management to get better visuals of sales.

It supports iOS, kindle and mobile platforms for providing better time and location flexibility.

 It also integrates well with some of the popular applications such as Gmail, Outlook, Evernotes, Google Apps and Office etc.


Marketing automation - The software attracts ideal customers for the company to increase the growth rate of business.

Using logistics, it visually represents the entire customer journey throughout a particular sale.

Abundant integration - Insightly provides integration with Microsoft Power Bi, a tool which provides more power and depth to the analytical area of CRM. For this, the user needs an account for Microsoft's free BI tool.

Integrates with mostly used tools such as Slack, Google apps, Outlook, Evernote, Dropbox and many more.

Seels smarter - Reaches the right customer at the right time. It tracks all the important information about deals including campaigns, emails, meetings and calls, automatically leading to the right person to increase sales.

Streamline business - It aligns teams and processes to work effectively without wasting any time and closes deals faster.

It allows the company to customize workflows per their demands and securely connects all important tools.


  • With the availability of business intelligence, it create beautiful and attractive visualizations to discover insights and sales progress.
  • Build custom apps as per business demand on Insightly platform.
  • Insightly also provides iOS and Android apps that provide business card scanning and widgets.
  • Create and send emails from Insightly and save time by sending out bulk email in one click.


  • Its mobile version lacks some of the function as compared to other CRM softwares.
  • Keeping data in a public cloud, could lead to data breach and security issues.
  • MS-Word processing functions don't work pretty well. It doesn't allow for format spacing and even bullet points also. The copy/paste option also lacks sometimes.

Final Thoughts: 

Insightly CRM's system has brought revolution to the market. It combines multiple tools into one dashboard allowing all aspects of the business at one place.

Insightly CRM is an intuitive, affordable, and easy to use platform. 

The paid programs can be availed by getting 

  • The Plus plan [$29 per month when billed annually], 
  • Professional Plan [$49 per month when billed annually], and 
  • The Enterprise Plan [$99 per month when billed annually].

8. Zoho CRM 

Zoho corporation is a Chennai based multinational company that specializes in software development.

It is founded by Sridhar Vembu. Zoho CRM has the ability to create automatic workflows with custom functions.

It keeps the organization up to date about leads and sales pipeline through opportunity tracking tools.

It is an easy-to-use interface which allows the company to predict the growth of the sales. Zoho has a customized dashboard which makes it more business specific.

It works well with small businesses and entrepreneurs and it is quite compatible with large enterprise. It keeps track of business activities, sales, and engages customers from different platforms. Zoho CRM system has the ability to integrate it with popular applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Mailchimp, Google Apps etc.


Team collaboration - It is a collaborative CRM built to make better communication with customers as well as the working team. Provides the team with real time sales updates.

Allows teams to add beneficial context to their sales records.

Marketing automation - Zoho CRM helps the marketing team of an organization to run effective campaigns and pass on quality leads to the sales department.

ZIA, AI companion - Zia is an AI that Zoho CRM provides. One of the best features when it comes to the CRM market.

With Zia, you can get exact lead information, take notes, predict sale activities and make your email system smarter. 

Security - Zoho CRM security system controls access to the whole organization and secure their data at different levels.

It encrypts files with sensitive data, blocks access to unauthorized IP addresses and uses audit Logs to monitor CRM activities.


  • It allows users to interact with leads based on adwords and keywords searched.
  • Zoho CRM uses one of the strongest security methods - AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to protect sensitive data. It uses AES-256 Protocol to secure data stored in servers.
  • With Omnichannel facility, Zoho CRM allows us to connect with the customer through multiple channels. It also sorts out the information empowering the sales team to have contextual, meaningful conversation with company's prospects.
  • With Zoho CRM mobile app facility, it allows the company to stay at the top of the business. It helps the sales team to keep in touch with their leads anytime and anywhere.


  • For new users, Zoho CRM can be a little tricky while using. It takes a while to grasp all the capabilities of Zoho CRM. 
  •  Being a cloud-based software, it needs a little bit of improvement on data security.
  • Working offline on Zoho CRM platform is difficult.

Final Thoughts: 

Zoho CRM does a wonderful job by providing excellent features at a competitive price. Zoho is considered as the most useful provider of software and solutions for small to medium sized business.

 Zoho CRM contains a long list of features, including lead management, AI, contact management, sales prediction and omnichannel interactions.

Zoho CRM is considered as the editor's choice selection, Zoho provides the best customer service. They have a very experienced and well-educated team providing friendly and superfast customer service.

The pricing plans starts with:

  • The Standard Plan [$14 per month when billed annually], 
  • Professional Plan [$23 per month when billed annually], 
  • Enterprise Plan [$40 per month when billed annually], and 
  • The Ultimate Plan [$52 per month when billed annually].

Zoho CRM is an overall good tool for small to medium sized companies. It has the flawless marketing automative feature.

Zoho CRM is known for its versatility and it can go with any type of business needs. Zoho CRM provides appealing reports and visualizations.

It is a Hyderabad based software company founded in 2012 by Manohar Chapalamadugu.

Agile is all in one customer relationship management software providing sales tracking, marketing automation, and helpdesk services.

Freelancers and small to medium sized businesses go well with Agile. It is especially helpful for small scale businesses and startups.

Agile provides sync options with e-commerce sites such as Shopify and Stripe.

The helpdesk provides regular and immediate engagements for better conversation with customers.

Agile CRM

The pricing of Agile is pretty attractive and it offers top features considering it as a top CRM option.


Sales automation software - Agile CRM sales automation software creates new tasks automatically for different teams. It shows appointments, events and tasks online and automates everything from phone calls to email.

Marketing automation - Allows the user to build marketing campaigns in minutes. Some of its features include web pop-ups, email newsletters, auto responders etc.

Help desk software - Excellent customer support is what makes Agile CRM an excellent software. Agile CRM enables businesses to provide more personalized customer support.

With the help desk option, you will be able to assist your client more effectively.

Integration - It seamlessly integrates with social media platforms, different software, email providers etc. including Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Clickdesk, Tidio chat, Shopify, WordPress etc.

Agile CRM speeds up sales and marketing processes which in turn increases the sales.

It helps in managing contacts and allows users to store information about contacts and organize as per the needs.

Agile modern features such as integration and support are available at affordable prices.


  • Email reporting is easy to track CTR open rate, growth rates and custom reports.
  • Automatically calls multiple contacts with a single click.
  • The banner feature is useful to flag important messages regarding certain users.
  • The software's ability to add certain points to the profile of a lead and rank them allows sorting and targeting potential customers in an efficient way.
  • Customizing landing pages can lead to increased conversion rates 


  • It's not easy to view the complete number of contacts when over 10000.
  • UI can be upgraded for a better UI experience.
  • Integration with other reporting tools such as Tableau can be improved to give better reporting experience.

Final Thoughts: 

Agile CRM provides everything that a CRM software provides and the price is also attractive. It helps in managing all the contact with certain limitations. For small businesses, it is the best choice.

The software can be availed by activating the Standard Plan at $8.99 per month, Regular Plan at $29.99 per month, and Enterprise Plan at $47.99.

It is a Russian based company founded by Sergey Rizhikov.

Bitrix24 is a collaboration software with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication.

 Bitrix24 provides the company with all-in-one platform to access all your files, projects, messages, tasks, and contacts.

The user can immediately use the platform by simply registering for an account and then setting up the whole team.

With its Activity Stream option, everyone in the team can keep track of tasks, sales, and effectively work together to grow business.

It provides different solutions including lead management, task management, file sharing, calendar, HR, telephone and emails.


Sites and stores - It provides beautiful templates to make website pages, landing pages and online stores. Allows to keep track of all the sales on online stores and receives payment easily.

Communication management - It allows the company to set up their own call center for reports and call tracking.

It provides some handy and advanced tools also such as instant replies, chatbots and many more.

Tasks and projects - Manage all the important tasks, events and reports online and get them done easily with Bitrix24. Users can save time on repeating tasks by automating them beforehand.

Instant communication - Trust and transparency is must in small scale business and even in large enterprises also.

Bitrix24 provides real time communication with customers, retailers so that the user can get in touch with them at the right to achieve operational goals. It provides both audio and video calls.


  • Document libraries with WebDAV support, versioning, and flexible permission systems.
  • IP-telephony - this feature is beautiful and helps collaborate and communicate better.
  • One of its prominent features is Time management i.e. event scheduler, calendars, meeting manager.
  • The whole system of Bitrix24 is cloud hosted.


  • In some parts of the system, the UI is very complex.
  • Its mobile app functionality is quite limited. It can be difficult to work with other team members.
  • Email integration, email signatures, lead forms lack sometimes.

Final Thoughts: 

The software provides both iOS and Android apps free. In paid plans, you don't need to pay for a separate user but for additional disk space and some optional features.

Bitrix24 makes communication processes easier with social features such as going through the marketing campaigns, analyzing the customer response for better knowledge about leads and sales.

 Bitrix24 provides all the ideal solutions that are required for small business and suitable for organizations of any size. 

It is a multi-tool software which allows users to run large enterprises. Other of its highlights is the availability of modules which provides opportunity for collaboration with team members.

These modules include CRM, sales funnels, project management etc. The paid programs can be availed through:

  • Start+ [$19 per month], 
  • CRM+ [$55 per month], 
  • Project+ [$55 per month], 
  • Standard [$79 per month], and 
  • Professional [$159 per month]

Everything you need is there, with a side menu that is easy to use. Bitrix24 adds value to the business if all its features are used properly.

Bitrix24 functionality and its limitations ranks it at the low position in the CRM market.

Developed by SalesAgility, SuiteCRM is considered as a free and open-source customer relationship management software.

It has been named as the world's best open-source customer relationship management software.

The National Health Service (NHS) of England has also adopted SuiteCRM to provide better healthcare facilities all over England. 

It provides very precise insights and reports for businesses of utmost importance. It is used in healthcare, automobile industry, IT, Finance etc.

Suite CRM

It allows the companies to engage with their ideal clients effectively. Keeps records of all the potential clients of past and present and optimizes the information to good leads and sales progress.


Sales - Create your own special database for ideal customers and convert leads to sales. Get information about key insights and important modules.

Allows the user to create custom reports which can further be loaded into a real time dashboard.

Exceptional customer experience- Keep a 360-degree view on your customer and provide them with excellent solutions. Build good relationships with customers to insure high customer retention.

Marketing- It allows the user to understand where the leads are coming from. Build campaigns, marketing ads for a specific product or services and target the right customer to insure good and effective business.

IT- Integrates with important apps and allows team members to work efficiently, saving both time and money.


  • With the help of powerful and highly effective Security Suite Group Management feature, control who can access the data by locking down the sensitive data to specific groups or teams.
  • With Workforce Module, eliminate all the unimportant tasks and work and ensure a free and smooth workflow. 
  • It allows linking customer data such as resume, contacts, email, interest and phone with their specific contact portfolio.
  • It supports Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac and Web based platforms.


  • The installation process is a little bit of complex when it comes to using SuiteCRM.
  • The interface is not straightforward and user friendly.
  • Email module takes time to read and figure out all the important emails.

Final Thoughts: 

SuiteCRM is considered as one of the best open-source customer relationship management software. It has maintained its place among top competitors such as Salesforce and Apptivo.

It is equipped with advanced features and functionalities to provide solutions to business at enterprise level. 

With SuiteCRM, users are allowed to build different sales modules as per the ongoing market demand.

Users can also create flexible actions and tools, create sales pipeline models and design custom templates. 

It regulates and controls the pricing system, maintains the revenue section and keeps a track on progressive leads.

SuiteCRM is an open-source customer relationship management software. It provides all the functionalities at a free price. 

The software is free to download and use. SuiteCRM offers self-service portals to companies and organizations and enables users to deliver high quality and interactive support to their customers.

 Notifications are instantly shown about the issues that need to be resolved or to be addressed.

What is CRM Software?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a business software that helps the sales team of a particular company or an organization to maintain their customer relations, focus on the most valuable opportunities and provide excellent customer experience throughout the entire buying process.

Whether the company's increment sale is high or low, CRM does it works, it develops a quality relationship with customers at all the stages.

It also keeps the records of all the past, present, and future clients, customers and vendors by gathering all the data at one place.

The concept of customer relationship management started back in the late 1970s where customers were satisfied using annual surveys and personal reports. In the 1980s, the concept of statistical analysis was introduced to gather customer data. 

Tom Siebel, an American software developer designed the first CRM product Siebel Systems in 1993. The CRM system started to gain popularity in the late 1990s because of the work of some big companies such as Gartner, Siebels and IBM.

Finally, in 2004 SugarCRM, a California based company came up with an open-source CRM system.

Here are some of the ways how a modern CRM software helps an organization-

1) Gathers all the data at one place - CRM has the ability to gather all the important data related to clients at one place thus helping the employees to access the data remotely from any place. It gathers information in a very systematic way thus improving the accessibility of the data.

2) Focus on sales - By having information about the customer's interest and their needs, the sales team gets the huge advantage of marketing and targeting the proper audience.

Selling becomes a personalized experience. Just imagine before the customer approaches a company the company knows what they want allowing the support team to solve their problems easily.

3) Data analysis - A good user-friendly CRM software allows the company to use the data to build their brand.

Comparing sales on social media, email campaigning, market campaigning and sales calls allow the company to see what's going inside the whole organization.

Data analysis is the best method which really highlights the area getting high sales and low as well.

4) Predictive analysis - It is basically an AI system that provides customer's behavior and interest to reduce overall risk.

When a company gets to know about their customer's behavior and interest, it becomes very easy for them to increase their sales.

They provide the exact type of services and products to their customers thus maintaining a good relationship and high client retention.

5) Integration - Integration in CRM software is something beyond keeping and maintaining internal records.

It allows sales and marketing teams to work together and further they create awareness among a prospective customer finally turning that person into a loyal customer.

Loyalty programs and personalized, targeted SMS messaging are vital tools for increasing the present and future sales.

Present CRM Market Trends

The CRM market is steadily increasing day by day because of its importance in the business enterprise.

By the end of the financial year 2019, it was established that the net value of the CRM analytics market is worth 7.96 billion US dollars.

The value of the entire market segment is expected to gross 16.42 billion by the end of 2025. The rise in growth is expected to increase by 12.8%. 

The introduction of a CRM system helps to bridge the communication gap between the sellers and final customers as interactions can be maintained with the help of emails, text messages, phone calls, and social media posts. 

North America region accounts for the most share in the global CRM market, this is basically because of the growing awareness about data and new technologies to increase sales and business growth. Growing industries like IT, healthcare, transport and designing are using CRM system to compete in the market. 

Around 45% of American millennials search online about the services and products they wish to get before buying them in store. CRM software allows the retailers to target the right audience especially during holidays to satisfy their customers.

Since the introduction of CRM software many employees have found difficulty in using and adopting this software. With the huge increment of sales in the mobile market, the organization providing mobile CRM system are in good shape.

Providing CRM in mobile not only increases the accessibility but also the workforce of the whole organization. 

Employees can check the status of the sales from any place in the world and can predict the future turnovers to ensure effective business results.

A Nucleus Research Report says that companies using mobile CRM, 65% of them are achieving their sales target while the ones without mobile CRM, only 22% of them are able to achieve their sales target.

The increased demand to access the software from multiple devices and different locations has given rise to cloud based CRM systems.

In 2008, only 12% of the organizations used cloud-based CRM and now as the demand is increasing with huge competition, the number has increased to 87% in 2020. Super Office, a Norway based private company, provides the best Cloud CRM system to business enterprises. 

The company has experienced the growth of the usage CRM cloud system from 15% in 2010 to 97% in 2020.

CRM has replaced complex database management systems. The demand is increasing day by day as all the things are going online whether it is school classes, meetings or global events.

The number will keep on increasing and there is no doubt that companies and organizations will invest more in CRM systems to increase their sales.


Keeping in mind the need of digitization, CRM software is a must for every enterprise. Customers before going to shop first research the service and product they want on the internet.

Companies get benefited because it allows the user to gain access to customers' minds, collect useful data about their needs, their budget, their payment methods etc. 

It allows the organization to prioritize their important tasks and events. It creates real time connection with customers allowing the organization to mainly focus on selling processes and generating revenue.

With better knowledge of the CRM system, the organization can really generate more and more revenue by creating more and more connections with customers.

With its flexible functionality, it allows us to save time and human power.

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