Top 18 Best Free Email Marketing Software (2022): Compared & Reviewed


Email Marketing is a promotional strategy used by businesses which makes the use of emails. The message that is contained within an email is commercial and seeks to promote the interests of the company.

These emails are usually persuasive, targeted and personalized and are intended to acquaint a recipient with the various services offered by the business in order to drive purchases and remove barriers to communication between the organization and the customer.  

Email marketing is a subset of content marketing. Content marketing is a strategy-based, rational approach to marketing that includes the creation and sharing of audio, visual, or textual content through the internet.

The nature of the content is always specific and relevant to the target audience which, in this case, would be the consumers.

It attracts as well as engages the customer base. Its ultimate aim is to generate profits as well as a specific brand identity.

In this article, a comprehensive and a comparative analysis based on intense product research will be provided to ease your decision making process.

Given the variety of email marketing apps available in the market, choosing the right fit for your particular needs becomes imperative.

Make sure that you invest your money in a product that is tailor made to suit your purpose. The comparative analysis provided in the article will help you evaluate specific features of each product so that you can make an informed decision.

Mail Chimp offers various engaging email templates in order to send across persuasive messages incorporating information about the product or the service which often cannot fit into ads or marketing campaigns.

Its email builder feature can be customized to fit the style of your brand and make it stand out in comparison to other competing brands. 

Mailchimp also comes with inbuilt design tools that will help you visually customize your messages as well.

It automates the process of emailing and ensures that messages are sent at targeted intervals in a way that optimizes the brand value. 


  • MailChimp is quite cost effective and pocket friendly. One of the advantages is that it provides free services upto 2000 subscribers or 12000 emails in a month. This feature can be used by small scale businesses or beginner marketing firms.
  • It provides immense value for money and is a necessary investment to grow your business and clinch more sales. It can be used by all types of businesses, regardless of their size.


  • One possible drawback could be the fact that beyond these limits, one has to choose the paid version which begins from as less as 10 dollars.  

Final thoughts:

Mailchimp premium provides its services beginning from 14.99 dollars per month. More advanced packages are priced at 300 dollars per month depending upon the number of features and clients. 

The first software on the list is HubSpot’s Free email marketing software.

It occupies the first position on our list because it is one of the most trusted and popular brand names when it comes to email based marketing strategy.

Laden with the latest tool and features, Hubspot provides you an all-in-one integrated platform for all your marketing needs- that too for free! 

The ultimate goal of the software is to generate increasing profits and revenues while maintaining a standard of work.

It automates the smaller yet crucial tasks so that you can focus on preparing strategies or conducting sales.

HubSpot Email Marketing  page

The drag and drop email creator is an easy to use tool that automatically generates targeted emails without any prior technical knowledge. 


  • One of the biggest advantages of Hubspot email marketing software is the fact that it is immensely feature laden and completely free of cost. 


  • A possible limitation could be the fact that the free version of the software can only send upto 2000 emails per month. In order to get more functionality then, paid versions need to be considered.

Final Thoughts:

Hubspot Email Marketing software is best meant for freelance marketing professionals and small businesses. 

Reach Mail occupies this position on our list because it is a flexible and a highly customizable platform which enables you to churn out unlimited personalized emails, with ease. 

It provides a comprehensive list of features in a single platform.

Reach Mail’s message testing tool is a state of the art tool which allows you to create short, test runs in order for you to see what strategies work best with your customers.

It suggests modification in content so that it is optimized for marketing and engagement.

The platform also generates detailed reports of each test run in order for you to analyze and make changes.  

ReachMail homaepage


  • Reach Mail provides a number of attractive email templates to choose from, which reduces the task of drafting it but it also provides you the flexibility to draft and customize your mails.
  • The free version of this software can be used either as a tester or by smaller companies for practice before moving on to more complex softwares or to a larger number of customers. 


  • One limitation is the fact that the free trial period is not indefinite and after it comes to an end, it requires payment for its further usage. 

Final thoughts:

Invest in Reach Mail for all your email marketing needs, you will not be disappointed. 

Cake Mail will bring all your marketing campaigns to fruition in a short period of time at really low costs.

Cake Mail is the best way to engage with your customer and to supply them with relevant content. 

This ultimately boosts sales and revenue and helps in the growth of the business.

One of the most distinctive features is the split A/B testing which checks your email and identifies the spam triggers.

It ensures that the personalized emails do not end up in the recipient’s spam folder.

Cake Mail homepage


  • Cake Mail provides a complete set of tools which can be easily used. It also offers integrations with other platforms such as Google Analytics or the Google office suite so that the data obtained through email tracking is collected and analyzed. One can check the status of their marketing campaign and realise whether or not it is effective.
  • An advantage of this software is the fact that it is available for free. 


  • However, one can contact only upto 500 recipients at once. In order to avail more services, paid versions need to be purchased. The prices however are quite low, beginning from 8 Dollars per month. 

Final thoughts:  

Choose Cake Mail if you want to make your marketing campaign efficient and seamless. 

Mailjet is a very user-friendly program.

The software takes no time at all to set up and does not require any specific technical skills as such in order to use.

 In fact, the interactive user interface will guide you, step by step, through the whole process of form creation by the virtue of simple and easy- to- follow instructions. 

Mailjet homepage


  • Ease of usage is one of the best things about this software. Anyone can use it to create email templates/ lists and track the proceedings of the marketing campaign. Ease of usage makes your work more efficient and less time consuming.
  • You wouldn't have to spend time figuring out where each tool is and how it works, the platform by itself is interactive and self evident. 


  • Maijet provides its services for free upto a whopping 100,000 contacts to whom you can send 6000 emails per month. If you own a big business and require more services then a premium version needs to be purchased which costs approximately 8 Dollars per month. 

Final thoughts: 

Mailjet is a cost effective option both for small and big businesses. It provides flexibility, versatility and an ease of integration with other softwares, making your marketing campaigns seamless. 

6. AWeber

AWeber can be used for bridging the gap between the customers and the brand through a multi- step strategy of customer engagement.

One of the distinctive features of this software is its autoresponder tool which automatically generates messages in response to the queries of the customers or just basic feedback, acknowledgement or a polite ‘thank you for using our services’ mail. 

It also provides you over 150 email design templates to choose from and automates a number of essential tasks to ease the workload. 


  • Aweber provides you the facility to integrate your account with various other softwares in order to make the platform a comprehensive, all-in- one field where you can get most of your marketing needs met.
  • It also provides integration to payment gateways and shopping tools. It also has a server that records customer information, which helps in strategy formulation or in the creation of more personalized content. 

Final thoughts:

Invest in AWeber if you want a continuous and a comprehensive engagement with your customers and if you want to build trust, goodwill and customer loyalty for your brand.  

iContact has a simple yet intuitive user interface with several marketing tools.

Some features come with HTML based coding options which can be used by people with the knowledge of HTML.

 It also has pre built marketing and email templates depending upon the nature of your campaign. 

The rest of the features of the software are quite straightforward and easy to use.

iContact also helps you to create online forms that you can attach to your official website in order to capture leads and use the data to send them personalized content. 

iContact homepage

The forms also help create an email subscriber list, which is imperative when it comes to email marketing. 


  • The software is relatively easy to use but certain features can only be used by people with specific skills. 


  • Its free version is only available on a temporary trial period basis but this can give you a sense of the software before you decide to partner with it for your marketing activities.

Final thoughts:

iContact is best meant for small businesses, owing to its nominal rates. 

Zoho provides a step by step campaign plan which can be followed in order to get a professional marketing experience.

The basic detail step in the campaign allows you to select the title and curate a subscriber’s list. 

The content section is used to create relevant content that can be sent across to the subscribers, the audience section is selective and targeted to a set of customers that are most likely to respond to a particular kind of campaign.

Your campaign is set up and starts running within minutes of filling out these 3 sections. 

Select the audience and customize the campaign details as per your needs.

 Zoho Campaigns page

The next step is to create and edit content and convert it into a workable format. This content includes pictures and graphics as well.

Save these details and get your results. People can use the software for free by activating the free plan.


  • Zoho offers a number of features on the same platform. Its free version allows you to send 12000 emails per month only to 2000 subscribers. This facility is ideal for very small companies.


  • For more services one needs to purchase the premium version which by itself is pocket friendly and provides an immense value for money at a mere 5 Dollars per month. 

Final thoughts:

Invest in Zoho if you want a smart useful tool at hand for streamlining your marketing campaigns and making them more effective and efficient. 

BenchMark is a multi-purpose software with advanced tools for almost every marketing feature.

It also provides you with a wide range of templates in order for you to fashion your email on it without having to waste time creating your own template.

The app also allows for creativity. It provides a platform for CSS and HTML based coding tools.  

Benchmark homepage


  • BenchMark provides a number of sophisticated email building tools which create professional level mails with banners, taglines, statistics, graphics and charts.
  • You can also attach PDF files in order to increase the content level.
  • The software allows you to modify each email based on the personal details of the consumer.
  • It also provides notifications on festive days and on days when a customer has a birthday or on days when there’s a sale. Personalize content by inserting the first name in order to make the recipients feel as if they are being personally contacted. 

Final thoughts:

Invest in Zoho if you want a smart useful tool at hand for streamlining your marketing campaigns and making them more effective and efficient. 

Omnisend fulfills all the important checklists in terms of features, ease of use, flexibility and prices.

It is currently one of the best tools available in the market with which to automate certain aspects of marketing.

One of the most important and distinctive characteristics of this software is that one can work with multiple media channels at once and  incorporate them with ease into the same automated message chain. 

This feature creates a strong collaborative unit which spans all aspects of messaging and social media.

The price beginning from 16 dollars a month includes features like comprehensive targeting, automation and a builder with an easy to use interface.


  • Omnisend is an ideal software for all types of businesses- big or small. The free version is basic and can be used by smaller businesses while the premium version can be used with businesses with capital to spare. 


  • The advanced versions might be a bit expensive.

Final thoughts:

Omnisend is a versatile software which is also available as a free basic version for you to try. It is one of the best marketing automation softwares in the market with over 50,000 clients and an advanced 24x7 customer support.

1. Litmus

Litmus optimizes and automatizes a lot of email based work and introduces efficiency.

One of the most distinctive features of Litmus is that it allows you to track the status of your emails and create test emails which can be sent across a number of platforms. 

Testing ensures that only the best emails are sent out in the most optimized and the least time consuming manner while tracking allows you to know the status of your email and its destination.

If your emails are not being opened by the recipients then the response can be noted and email strategies can be modified in a way that messages are more engaging and targeted. 

Litmus homepage


  • Litmus combines the basic email marketing, tracking and automation features along with new ones such as testing.
  • Testing basically involves checking to see if the emails are accessible across various platforms such as the web and mobile devices such as Android, iOS or Windows and checking the content to avoid spam detectors and see if it's relevant to the recipient.
  • The ESP tracking tool gives comprehensive details and allows you to double check the mails before finally sending them across. 


  • A possible limitation could be the fact that this software is available for free only for a week, beyond that period, you’ll have to purchase the paid version which is available as basic, intermediate and premium packages. 

Final thoughts:

Litmus is a wise choice if you want to grow your business and make the marketing process efficient. 

2. Drip

Drip is a flexible platform that offers a wide range of tools.

If you have a fast developing e- commerce business then Drip automated marketing software is perfect for you.

It is geared towards persuading potential leads to make a purchase thereby increasing sales and generating revenue. 

Known for tools that drive revenue, drip helps you to create personalized notifications and sends them across automatically.

It also works in collaboration with other tools and softwares driving your e- commerce business and is an easy to use, hassle-free platform.

However, it must be noted that Drip is not a free platform, however, the free trial version can help businesses for a specific time period.


  • Drip is available for a 14 day free trial period without the hassle of providing your credit card details so that you can easily test out the software and see if it pairs well with your e-commerce brand.


  • The limitation is the fact that the software is only available for free for 14 days, beyond the stipulated trial period, the software needs to be purchased. 

Final thoughts:

Drip premium provides its services beginning from 49 dollars per month. More advanced packages are priced at 120+ dollars per month depending upon the types of features and the number of active working clients.

This price point is quite reasonable given the quality of services and numbers of tools and integrations offered. 

As its name indicates, the marketing tools are such that it creates effective campaigns which necessarily elicit a positive response and a deeper level of engagement and sales from the customers.

It has an advanced tracking tool which updates you with the status of your marketing campaign in terms of information like response to emails, number of emails opened up, ignored or sent to the spam folder. 

This tool displays the results in the form of visual representations such as a chart or a table in order for you to make better sense of it and rectify the problems if any.

There is no official free plan available for the software however, a free trial can be activated for a time period of 30 days.


  • GetResponse helps you create and diversify your subscriber list.
  • It creates large scale, good quality marketing campaigns bound to generate a buzz and boost sales.
  • The contact tools allow you to add your own fields as per your convenience.
  • The search tool can help you search for a contact or a set of contacts required at that particular moment. 

Final thoughts:

GetResponse can be used by both small and big businesses to bridge the communication gap between the brand and the customer, ultimately boosting the business revenue and helping in the overall growth of your company. 

4. Keap

The twentieth software on the list is the Keap email marketing software.  

Keap occupies this position on our list because it is a CRM based platform which provides automated marketing services. 

It provides an all in one solution for all your marketing needs.

It promotes customer, marketing and sales department integration by facilitating communication among them. 

Keap homepage


  • Keap premium provides its services beginning from 200 dollars per month. More advanced packages are priced at 400 dollars per month along with a one time fee ranging from 500 dollars to 2000 dollars, depending upon the types and depth of the features and the number of active working clients.
  • A free demo is available on the website which can be used to test out the software before investing in it. 
  • The website also has the provision for prospective clients to be put in touch with its sales department in case of any other doubts or queries regarding the product.


  • The only limitation is that the free version is only temporarily available. 

Final thoughts:

Invest in Infusionsoft if you want to create a graphic, attractive flowchart based marketing campaign which is bound to attract customers. For persuasive marketing campaigns, choose Infusionsoft.

Campaign Monitor unique autoresponder software which automates a lot of tedious yet necessary work.

The customer care services that Campaign Monitor provides are quite helpful.

Plus there are demos available on the official website that will take you through each and every aspect of the software and will teach you how to use it.

Secondly, there is no risk of using up your capital and savings with a free software. 

Campaign Monitor homepage


  • The best thing about Campaign Monitor is that it is completely free of cost. There are a number of advantages of free software.
  • Firstly, if you are a beginner who is unfamiliar with how it works, then you can get the hang of it, for free. 


  • Except that the free version is only temporarily available so you can avail these benefits only for a short period. The paid version however is quite pocket friendly since unlimited emails to unlimited recipients only costs 29 Dollars per month. 

Final thoughts:

Choose campaign monitor to choose from or create your own templates in order to build a wholly customized and unique marketing campaign in order to boost sales. 

The penultimate form building software on our list is the YesWare email marketing software.

It occupies the twenty- fourth place on our list because it has advanced email testing and tracking facilities.

It integrates with a CRM platform which helps in recording the customer data for further analysis.

It also helps in personalizing the emails according to this data. 

YesWare homepage


  • The free version of YesWare has a number of features which is a big advantage. The catch however is the fact that it is available for free only for the period of 30 days beyond which one has to purchase the software at 55 Dollars per month.


  • Other comparable softwares are available at cheaper rates. 

Final thoughts:

Use YesWare if you want to first test your campaign before actually launching it. This promotes accuracy. It is a good investment. 

The software is easy to set up and the process of automation takes merely a few clicks to run at an optimized rate.

It is built in such a way that it supplements instead of overshadowing the human employee.

It automates the tedious, repetitive aspects such as email chains, push notifications and other messages so that the employee can focus on other tasks.

People can use the software for free by availing the free trial version.

ActiveCampaign premium provides its services beginning from 9 dollars per month.

More advanced packages are priced at 400+ dollars per month depending upon the number of features and the level of clients.

It also provides a 14- day free trial service in order for prospective clients to get a sense of the software before committing to it.


  • Its price is a bargain considering the level of services and the kind of tools that the platform provides. It is one of the cheapest options available in the market and can be used by small businesses which have comparatively less capital to spend on marketing automation. 

Final thoughts:

Choose ActiveCampaign for smart, automated marketing which can be availed at a low cost.

Flashissue has all the requisite tools for creating online newsletters.

Newsletters are a collection of curated content directed at a particular set of customers.

It can explain in detail, the vision of the company and more about its inner workings, offers et al.

It makes the customer feel closer to the brand and builds engagement and trust.

The software links email ids and social media accounts.

When the customers sign in through their emails, Google or Facebook, a newsletter is automatically sent across to them in a short period of time- depending on how long the email list is.


  • Flashissue not only helps in email marketing, it also helps in content marketing. It helps you search for relevant information which can be used as the raw material for content.
  • The research tool in the software downloads content from a number of sources and summarizes it in order for you to create content out of it. 


  • The free version of the software allows you to send unlimited emails to your contact list. The drawback would be the fact that the number of contacts that you can work with using the free version is quite less- only 25. 

Final thoughts:

Go with Flashissue if you want a flexible, versatile platform for both email and content based marketing.

How is Email Marketing Different From Other Marketing Tactics?

Marketing is a science that taps into consumer behavior and market demand to increase the sale of a particular product or a service.

This leads to an expansion of the business and its evolution into a brand that is popular and trusted. The working of content marketing can be understood by considering the various steps of a buying cycle.

Step 1: Requirement: The consumer may need a particular product or service but they may not be aware of its existence 

Step 2: Market Search: They search for the product in the marketplace. Nowadays, market search happens largely on the internet.

Step 3: Selection: Many options- each with its pros and cons are displayed. The consumer selects the product best fitted to their requirements.

Step 4: Transaction: The customer buys the product.

Content or email marketing, in contrast to the outdated methods of traditional marketing, creates awareness within the consumers about the number and types of options available to them and how a particular brand is best suited for their needs.

It builds a rapport with potential consumers by consistently supplying them with relevant content. 

Unlike traditional advertising which is a one-off process, content marketing consistently engages with the audience. It shows them that the brand cares about their opinions and interests.

This becomes especially relevant in the age of the internet. The internet with its excess of information and a multitude of choices makes it harder for brands to maintain the customer’s attention span and therefore their loyalty.

Content marketing assures that a brand stands out from other competing brands. It also has the twofold benefit of educating the customer while simultaneously winning them over. 

Experts deem content based email marketing as the present and the future of marketing because of its collaborative nature.

Email marketing works in tandem with other marketing channels such as social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize the targets. It is an investment that yields tremendous results. 

Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Email marketing is cost-effective: Email marketing is less of an expense and more of an investment. It costs the company less to hire a content creator or an email marketing software and the return from that investment is quite high.

2. Email marketing attracts and widens your customer base: When a brand shares high-quality content that is in tune with the latest trends, the audience gets personally involved. This goes a long way in creating a consistent customer base.

3. Email marketing gives your brand goodwill and a competitive edge in the marketplace: Through various innovative social media strategies, certain values get attached to your brand.

This gives the brand a unique identity, thereby providing it a competitive edge in the marketplace. It involves SEO and attracts good quality traffic to your website.

4. Email marketing bolsters your brand’s social media outreach: When more people engage with the content, it gets optimized through various social media algorithms and gets displayed to more and more people.

Furthermore, people and influencers also share content through their own social media accounts which give the brand more and free publicity. 

How To Create An Email Marketing Campaign?

If you’re a beginner at digital  marketing and you are just starting to build an online presence for your brand then you can consult our step by step guide to email marketing.

Step 1 Invest in an Email marketing software: Email marketing softwares are absolutely essential to your online marketing campaign. The software automates your tasks and reduces your burden.

They also help in maintaining efficiency and designing personalized content which leads to an increasing number of sales.

Before investing in a software, make sure to conduct a thorough market research and choose the software which fits your budget as well as your goals.

Some qualities on the basis of which softwares can be assessed are- ease of setup, ease of usage, price point, number of features, customizability, versatility et al.

Step 2 Create a contact list: The next step is to capture leads. There are a number of softwares such as form building softwares that enable lead capturing from website traffic.

When a user visits a website and fills a form, their contact details such as phone numbers or email ids are recorded.

These details are stored in the databases which are linked to marketing softwares which help in building address lists. Identify and select your target audience from the campaign and prepare a list.

On the basis of certain trends from this list, you can design your whole marketing campaign that would be geared towards this demographic.  

Step 3 Send induction or welcome emails to the people in the address list: Welcome emails informing the recipients of their agreement to the subscription should be sent across immediately so that the customers begin expecting communication from your side.

A welcome email is an automated email which the software generates and sends to all the members of the contact list, welcoming them to the online community.

It is a polite personal gesture and is appreciated by the customers. It also creates anticipation and generates expectations. 

Step 4 Name your marketing campaign and your expectations from it: Naming and assigning goals to your campaign helps to give it a direction. Once the direction becomes clear, decisions can be made and steps can be taken in that particular direction.

For instance, if the goal of the campaign is to inform the customers regarding an upcoming sale with discounts then the content created would center around it.

If the goal is to promote a particular product then the target audience will be notified and strategies will be modified accordingly. 

Step 5: Create an email template with the content: There are templates with pre designed formats and content available for different types of emails that you might need to send to your customers depending upon the information that you want to communicate.

A feedback email would be different from a promotional email. The content should be kept crisp, interesting, brief and precise. It should have personalized aspects such as the recipient’s name so that a sense of trust can be built. 

Step 6 Monitor the proceedings: Most email marketing softwares comes with advanced tracking tools that give you real time updates and reports of the marketing process. 

Monitoring the proceedings will enable you to take cognisance of any possible mistakes in the campaign and rectify them in future. 


Not all online email marketing softwares is the same, some are more suited to the unique requirements of your company.

It therefore becomes imperative to conduct a detailed market research with a comprehensive comparative analysis which takes into account price, notable features, pros and cons, customer testimonials, client reviews et al to give you a sense of what the position of that software is, in the market and how well it will adapt to suit your needs. 

A further insight into this can also be had by visiting individual websites and contacting the customer service and availing free demos which give you an insight into the working of the software.

Our article is based on all this and more and it hopes to ease you in the onerous process of decision making. 

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