Top 10 Best Free Project Management Software(2022): Compared & Reviewed

Project management software


In order to understand product management, we have to first understand what a project is. A project is a process with a fixed goal and teleology.

It is a fixed, time bound, short term undertaking in order to create a particular product or fulfill a certain task. It often involves collaboration from different departments within the organization. 

People with varied skill sets come together, for a stipulated time and pool their skills in order to achieve a particular goal. Since the entire process is structured and time bound, it requires constant management so that different team members deliver quality work on time.

Thus, project management is a leadership role which involves tracking and monitoring of different sections of the team to ensure that quality and pace is consistent throughout. 

In this article, a comprehensive and a comparative analysis based on intense product research will be provided to ease your decision-making process. Given the variety of project management softwares available in the market, choosing the right fit for your particular needs becomes imperative.

Make sure that you invest your money in a product that is tailor made to suit your purpose. The comparative analysis provided in the article will help you evaluate specific features of each product so that you can make an informed decision. 

What does it entail?

Project management involves deploying information, knowledge, methods, tools and skills on the part of the manager in such a way that the task is completed satisfactorily, on time. All projects are conceived of and worked on under certain conditions and constraints which are set prior to the beginning of the project itself. 

The examples of some imperative constraints are time period, length of the project, investment or initial capital.

Other constraints involve distribution of tasks to different team members according to their capabilities and optimizing this distribution in order to yield the maximum results. The following are the main processes of project management:

  • Initiation
  • Drafting
  • Execution
  • Tracking
  • Quality Control
  • Collaboration
  • Conclusion

1. Trello

Trello comes with a variety of pre designed templates for all your project- based needs. It is a collaboration software which is largely visually oriented.

It can be used by marketing, sales, human resource as well as product design departments and can be customized to incorporate individual user’s needs.

With the proliferation of internet technology, systems are increasingly getting inundated with messages and notifications which makes it harder to sift through them to find the most relevant ones.

It also gets hard to find the relevant files and documents through the immense pile on the database. This impacts productivity in a negative manner. 

With Trello, you can use its sophisticated organizing and search tools to sift through the rubble to interact only with relevant leads.

It will keep you constantly updated with the work status, reminders for work, meetings, to- do lists and ensure that work gets done on time. Trello has a free version; however, a paid business class plan at $10 per month can also be availed.


  • Can track time of every individual.
  • Can be used to create budget.
  •  Can create a reading list.
  •  Daily activities can be created for better organization


  • Reliance on data to function
  • Limited storage in free version

2. Wrike

Wrike is a software that is primarily meant for collaboration. It facilitates collaboration at higher levels such as that between two enterprises or among teams.

Seamless collaboration ensures a high-quality result which in turn ensures repeat business and increased revenue. In a nutshell, it helps in overall growth of the company. 

If your company makes collaborative projects with partners from around the globe then Wrike is the perfect project management software for you.

It drives efficiency and significantly decreases the employee workload by automating several small yet necessary tasks that are usually repetitive and time consuming. 

It provides a comprehensive suite of tools which are either created or integrated within the platform, which can be used for task management at the highest levels.

Wrike is a trusted name in the project management software market with around 20,000 clients and 2.3 million users and more. It is a highly reliable software which will connect you with your collaborators from anywhere in the world.

A free version is available that people can use with complete convenience. Additional paid plans of Professional and Business packages can be availed at $9.80 and $24.80 per month.


  • Great visibility and reporting tools.
  • Has an inbuilt powerful proofing tool.
  • Flexible project templates save time in customization.


  • Does not have a note taking tool.
  • Some integrations take lots of time to load.
  • Default filter is restricted and cannot be changed 

3. Asana

A well-known software in the market, Asana helps in systematizing the different branches of the product and sets a framework within which different members of the team can work and collaborate to produce results.

A shared framework is necessary to increase productivity and reduce confusion and chaos.

With around 90,000 clients and more being added to their repertoire daily, 

Asana is a trusted and a fast-expanding software company.

It is a highly reliable brand for managing all your project needs- right from the smallest to the most important tasks.

Asana’s project management capabilities are not only utilized daily by big, high profile brands like Sephora, Spotify, Viessmann et al but can be utilized by smaller brands and startups as well because it's free version is available to be used by everyone.

However, paid plans Premium and Business plans can also be availed at $10.99 and $24.99 per month.


  • Great communication tool for companies.
  • Bug project feature helps in bug tracking.
  • Tracking of applicants is possible with Asana.


  • Not user friendly. 
  • Too many features create confusion.

ClickUp provides a comprehensive set of tools for all your work management needs. It is a highly flexible and customizable platform that can be ordered to fit the individual user’s or the team’s unique requirements.

It provides calendar, scheduling, meeting, target as well as document and chatting facilities. 

It can facilitate communication among and within teams like no other software can.

It is deployed at the planning and processual stages of any project and can be used to organize tasks in a jiffy. 

ClickUp is so versatile that it can work with almost all types of companies for their big or small operations. 

It allows various tasks to happen on a single platform which reduces confusion and facilitates collaboration.

A highly modular platform, ClickUp has a set of tools or add-ons called ClickApps that facilitate custom user profile settings. Apart from a free version, an unlimited version can be activated at $5 per month.


  • Suitable for teams and even solo users.
  • Efficient dashboard view making work simple.
  • Cost effective .


  • Needs lot of customization to fit your operations.
  • Too many features making it confusing to use for some users. 

Teamwork can be used to manage multiple teams with ease.

With its advanced storage, notification and tracking tools, Teamwork will ensure that managers remain on top of each and every aspect of the project and stay updated with its working.  

It makes the process of task allocation and distribution seamless and can be used for a variety of managerial purposes such as marketing campaigns, product development, delivering client- specific projects et al.

It automates small, repetitive yet imperative tasks so that you can focus on doing what you’re best at and what you’re trained to. 

Teamwork has a sophisticated user interface which is optimized for maximum productivity and efficiency.

It is also a platform which facilitates communication and easy sharing of messages and other data so as to get the project done in the stipulated time period. Custom plans with diverse pricing packages can also be used.


  • Offers comprehensive support network. 
  • Amazing time tracking feature.
  • Has all the necessary tools for complete project handling.


  • Requires additional training to use it properly.
  • Lacks major integrations.

Just like the name indicates, TeamGantts specialized in creating Gantt charts. It is a platform that allows users to plan out their project and create blueprint- based systematic allocation and distribution of tasks. 

It also facilitates communication and collaboration across teams.

It has a file sharing tool that enables large numbers of files to be sent across in a smooth manner in a short period of time. 

Other than this this tool also sports Task prioritization and scheduler, Resource management, Premade templates, time tracking feature, Budgeting features, and many more. 

TeamGantt is a visually oriented software as well, its user interface is not only optimum but aesthetically pleasing. One can generate professional grade Gantt charts, with ease by using this software.

TeamGantt does not require any technical knowhow or prerequisites, it can be easily used by everyone, across the board. 

Moreover, the free demo which is available on its website will take you through the nitty gritties of the software, instructing you how to use different tools for different purposes. The Standard and Advanced Plans can be purchased at $24.95 and $29.95 respectively.


  • Drag and drop options make it easy to work with.
  • All your projects can be viewed in one screen.
  • Measure workload and locate team availability
  • Great portfolio views and reports.


  • Project budget section is missing.
  • Bit on the expensive side.

7. Paymo

Paymo facilitates organization, teamwork, time management and collaboration among various members of the team.

It accounts for absences, holidays, slowdowns and other circumstances which reduce the workflow and proposes the best alternatives, thereby ensuring that all the deadlines are still met.

One of its most distinctive features is the report generator tool which produces customized reports to analyze team performance.

It also helps in strategizing and important decision making regarding the project. 

Its cloud provides an immense storage data facility which is also shareable across team members.   

Paymo is meant mainly for start- ups, small scale and developing businesses such as advertisement, marketing, graphic and web design, web development, social media, marketing, consulting and other creative agencies.

Paid plans can be activated through Small Office Pack at $9.95 and Business Pack at $15.79 per month.


  • Invoice generation is smooth and modern.
  • Time tracking feature is simple to use. 
  • Ability shows stats in the form of graphical representation.


  • Project budgeting feature is not upto the mark.
  • Need to be trained properly to use this tool.

LiquidPlanner prioritizes quality and efficiency over everything. Its online project management feature ensures that you can track what your team is doing anytime, from anywhere.

It primarily helps with the scheduling and resource allocation parts of your project.

With its systematic scheduling technique, it creates a trajectory for your project with set goals and timelines, which can be followed to get the maximum results. 

The scheduling is done keeping in mind the resources at hand so that the project is executed feasibly.

LiquidPlanner has the provision of allowing you to manage multiple projects at once. 

Easy to set up and easy to use, this platform will supplement your managerial duties to ensure each and every aspect of the project is scrutinized thoroughly to maintain quality across the board. 

The paid Essential and Professional plans can also be purchased at $29 and $39 per month.


  • Email integration feature is very good.
  • The dashboard offers additional features that can help new users


  • The interface is unorganized.
  • The security system can be very flexible.

9. Avaza

Avaza integrates a wide range of tools in order to create an all in one, multipurpose platform to meet all your project management needs.

With an emphasis on functionality, this platform can be used to optimize your project execution.

A cloud-based software, it can store all your project related data and offer ease of sharing.

It can also be downloaded as an app and used on all devices anytime, anywhere. 

LiquidPlanner is perfect for all industries irrespective of their scale. 

Large scale businesses as well as beginners, startups and mid-range businesses can use various versions of this software. 

Most tech websites assign a 4.5/5 star rating to this software. With robust customer care services, LiquidPlanner is the answer to all your project related problems. Paid versions from the Start-Up to Business packs available at $9.95 to $39.95.


  • Windows Speech Recognition allows editing the mistakes at the end of the document by voice commands.
  • The software also integrates with Outlook allowing the user to create and send emails.
  • Users can also use PowerPoint for creating slides or moving to the next or previous slide.
  • Windows Speech Recognition supports XML, JavaScript and VBScript.


  • The software being so simple lacks some advanced features.
  • It doesn't provide a cloud-based platform to its users.

Zoho Projects is a well-known name in the project management software industry. With 20,000 customers and counting and a 4.2 star rating assigned by most tech reviewers and review websites, Zoho Projects is the software to look after all your task management needs.

It is a cloud-based software which can be used to store and share immense amounts of data.

Invest in Zoho Projects if you want your projects to be executed with perfection and efficiency. 

Allocate tasks, make blueprints, trajectories, to do lists, communicate with your teammates and clients, stay updated with everything that the team is doing, create reports and bring your vision to life. 

With Zoho’s comprehensive suite of tools, partnerships and integrations, you get an all in one platform on which you can depend to deliver quality projects to your clients. The Paid premium and Enterprise plans can be availed at $5 and $10 per month.


As mentioned above, Yola has an easy-to-use interface and comes with several templates for the user to choose from. In the free plan, you will get 3 pages along with 1 Gb bandwidth. You will also get 1Gb storage. Apart from this, you can also avail the subdomain of Yola as well.

In case you want to start using Yola from a blank template, that option is also available. This can help you get the customization you might require. Font, color, and alignments can also be customized on Yola. There are certain limitations to customization however, it can be a good learner option.


  • The time tracking feature is great.
  • The addition of templates makes it a favorable option to consider.


  • The option of customizing reports is lacking.
  • Not a very intuitive software

Freedcamp is extremely user friendly and does not require any prior technical knowledge.

Grow your business with its AI optimized user interface that will take no time at all to set up and help you in automating your tasks thereby reducing your burden.

The paid versions include Minimalist, Business, and Enterprise plans starting from $1.49, $7.49, and $16.99 respectively.


  • The software can be used for free.
  • The customer care services that Freedcamp provides are quite helpful. 


  • The server for sending and receiving emails is weak.
  • The web passwords present on the toolbar do now show up as a list

Top 10 Best Project Management Software with Free Trials

Smartsheet provides a creative platform which can be modified to suit your requirements. If the nature of your work is fast evolving and dynamic then Smartsheet is the perfect option for you.

It functions at a large scale and helps project managers to keep track of a large amount of data at a time. 

A distinctive feature of this project management software is that it is used for scalable operations.

For instance, if your brand is fast growing and branching out towards other locations and platforms, then Smartsheet will ensure seamlessness of that transition.

It ensures that set standards are maintained across branches and the project standard remains up to the mark. 

Smartsheet is a trusted brand name. Its services are utilized by a majority of top fortune companies. 

If you have a small-scale business or start- up then you can utilize its services as well. A free version can be used by people and Individual and Business packages priced at $14 and $25 per month can also be availed.


  • Simple interface makes it easy to use.
  • It offers more than just a project management tool. It offers solutions for measuring industry trends and many more. 


  • Formatting features are limited.
  • Need to buy premium to use all features. is known for its speed. In today’s day and age where time is of the absolute essence, softwares like can play a huge role in giving your business that competitive edge over other businesses by ensuring that you deliver high quality products or services on time. 

The more optimized your project management software is, the faster will be the speed with which the tasks get done.

Optimized platforms also ensure standards across the board and seamlessness of flow of communication and intelligence among members of a team or between teams, departments or even branches. is basically an OS with a cloud for all your task management requirements.

 It can be used both for everyday tasks as well as for specific projects. With 10,000 clients already availing this service, is a software company that keeps on growing.

You can check out the free version or purchase paid plans to enjoy additional features through the Basic, Standard and Pro plans available at $8, $10, and $16 per month.


  • Has a in-built time-tracker.
  • Gantt charts allows the visual presentations of your projects.
  • Mobile app makes it easier to work on the go.


  • Project goals cannot be tracked easily.
  • The activity log is limited.

If you have a business that requires coming up with constant innovative solutions to problems then Airtable is the perfect fit for you.

It increases the pace of getting work done, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

It provides a flexible platform with an easily deployable database which stores all the important details which can be retrieved with merely a few clicks.  

With 17000 current clients, Airtable is a well-known name in the corporate sector.

The numbers of these clients are fast increasing on a daily basis which is a testament to the quality of services it offers. 

Since it is a software with a free version, it can be used by small scale businesses who do not have the requisite capital to invest in expensive project management softwares. 

A free software can also be used by the beginners to get acquainted with its workings and align their projects to incorporate them. People can also purchase the Plus and Pro plans available at $10 and $20 per month.


  • Has an array of templates.
  • Project tracking has been made very easy.
  • Viewing options are great.


  • Complex layout, hence requires technical knowledge and training to use it properly.
  • Does not have a formula builder.

BigTime is a software which can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world, thereby allowing scalability.

It is best used for budget allocation and tracking purposes. Other notable features include Gantt charts and Quickbooks integration. 

Statistics show that all BigTime clients have increased their productivity by 25% after availing its project management service.

Clients report ease in allocation, tracking and completion of tasks and an overall seamlessness in communication, coordination and execution. 

Keeping the positive nature of these reviews in mind, BigTime would be a good product management platform to invest in. It is highly adaptable to most kinds of businesses.

It provides you with all the commonly required tools to manage your work, for free. However, paid plans under Express, Pro, and Premium listed at $10, $30, and $40 can be purchased.


  • Amazing reporting capabilities.
  • Easy on the eyes interface.
  • Great invoicing options


  • Live chat notification sometimes does not show.
  • Lacks visual representation of budgets.

Mavenlink is a cloud-based software which focuses on resources. It takes into account the amount of time and resources at a company’s disposal and automatically calculates the optimum path to complete the project in such a way that it is feasible. 

It motivates workers to ramp up their performance to achieve the best results. It also helps managers build the best team based on user profiles.

Other notable features include analytics and reporting tools which can be successfully deployed once you get the hang of the software.

Mavenlink enables you to stay up to date with the performance level of all the members of the team. 

It records progress in real time and displays it in the collective server for everyone to see. It enables projects to stay on a fixed trajectory in terms of time, resources and budget so that the end result is the same as what was envisioned during the planning process. Paid versions under Enterprise, Premium, and Professional can also be availed.


  • Great project visibility.
  • Includes amazing project management tools.
  • Provides acute data insights


  • UI is a bit complicated.
  •  Logs out very often

Planview LeanKit is known for its sophisticated user interface and its ease of use.

One of its most distinctive features is the visual work collection tool which ensures timely delivery of assignments and increases efficiency. 

Other features include Online Kanban tool, real time work status feature, collaboration tools, flexibility of layouts, pre-made schedule templates, task allocation tool, reports and metrics tools, LeanKit API and a lot more. 

Planview is the software for you if you want to create the best teams for the execution of your projects. 

It works on the principle of lean management to drive the best results and ensure the same quality of work across the board.

Since the software offers a free version, it can be used even by small businesses which are unable to afford costly project management softwares. It is perfect for beginners as well. Pricing packages start at $20 per month


  • Has an intuitive and flexible user interface.
  • Easy to handle user access


  • Report capability not upto the mark.
  • Import and export of data is not robust.

7. Accelo

Accelo is an all-purpose work management software with a comprehensive set of tools in order for you to keep track of various aspects of your business. 

It uses AI and algorithms to automate specific tasks so as to reduce the burden on the team members and improve efficiency.

It ensures that no task is left unfinished and that the end goal is in accordance with the blueprint or the strategy. Accelo helps materialize your business vision and drives profits.  

Accelo is an integrated software which facilitates communication and collaboration at all levels in your organization.

With notable features like automated notification generation, automated report generation, real time updates, email collection and time sheets, it enables teams to work as a unit, delivering high quality assignments on time. The paid versions include the Service Pack at $39 and ServOps Pack at $79 per month.


  • G-Suite integrations make it easier work.
  • Simplified views of task management. 


  • Customer support is paid and not free.
  • Can be faster.

8. Nifty

Nifty project management software is known for its sophisticated yet easy to use user interface. It does not require any prior training or familiarity with project management softwares, the tools are self-evident and easy to deploy.

Almost everyone in the team, regardless of whether or not they belong to the tech background can use it to automate their tasks and increase efficiency.

Nifty is quite easy to set up as well and takes no time to be up and running at its full capacity. 

Nifty is integrated with Google and Zoom which makes communication across channels easier. 

There's an office suite, chat, files and to do lists all on the same platform which makes it easier to streamline and delegate tasks and reduces confusion. Most tech reviewers give Nifty 4.7/5 stars after considering its overall features.

Free demo is available on its website which is immensely useful for beginners. Paid versions start with the Starter Pack at $49 and can go as high as $499 under the Enterprise Pack.


  • The UI is simple to use.
  •  Speed is a great plus point.


  • Does not have a mobile app.
  • Integrations are missing. 

Easy Projects is tailor made for architectural firms, design and interior design firms since it offers tools for mapping out visual projects.

It is perfect for emerging and mid-sized firms. Its tools are highly flexible and customizable which allow you to plan out resources, generate reports and ensure a standard quality of work throughout. 

Easy Projects is a well-known and an award-winning software for project management.

It is a flexible platform which integrates more than 2000 tools so that the members have access to a wide range of functions in the single platform. 

The more diverse the tools, the more innovative will be your project. Its automated updating and notification system ensures that all the team members stay in the communication loop. The paid version can be availed from the Team package at $24 per month.


  • Has a fantastic UI system.
  • The platform is extremely stable


  • Lacks the option to create custom charts.
  • Finding filters related to ‘date’ are comparatively hard to locate.

10. Hive

Hive is an extremely popular software and well known in the marketplace with high profile clients like Uber, Essence, Google et al.

It is a highly efficient platform with an intuitive AI which ensures quality and speed of delivery and facilitates communication and collaboration across various channels.

Its sophisticated user interface has all the advanced integrated tools which drive maximum output and creativity. 

An all-in-one platform, Hive is a smart project management tool with group chats, broadcast forum and file sharing facilities.

A distinctive feature of Hive is its Forms tool which allows easy collection of data from the team members.

It moreover allows direct access to your email account from within itself which makes work a lot easier and hassle free. The paid enterprise version can be availed at $12 per month.


As mentioned above, Yola has an easy-to-use interface and comes with several templates for the user to choose from. In the free plan, you will get 3 pages along with 1 Gb bandwidth.

You will also get 1Gb storage. Apart from this, you can also avail the subdomain of Yola as well. In case you want to start using Yola from a blank template, that option is also available.

This can help you get the customization you might require. Font, color, and alignments can also be customized on Yola. There are certain limitations to customization however, it can be a good learner option.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers comparatively cheaper solutions.


  • Maintenance needs to be initiated by the company.
  • Speed is not up to the mark

11.  Float

Float is a smart AI based platform which uses algorithms to automate essential tasks which are often left undone due to their minute nature.

Float also partners with Google and Outlook to sync the members’ emails and calendars.

With clients such as BuzzFeed, Deloitte and Metalab, Float is a trusted brand name and a wise choice for any firm. 

It is also available as a mobile app for both android and IOS users. It has a paid version and also offers a 30 day free trial for you to make up your mind about investing in it.

The paid resource plan can be availed at $6 per month.


  • It updates data in real time which can be further used to create predictions and analyze the team’s functionality. 
  • Its user interface is quite sophisticated and the speed with which the software functions is quite high.


  • Does not have a dashboard in place.
  • The graphic and calendar scheduling are not visually appealing.

12. Scoro

Scoro combines CRM, a wide range of project management tools, report making tools and budgeting tools all in one platform.

With a rating of a whopping 4.7 stars out of 5 awarded by most tech reviewers and reviewing websites, Scoro is an award winning, popular choice, recommended by everyone.

It supports a number of integrations including API integrations so that you can work with a variety of tools to diversify your tasks and their outcomes. 

If you own a consultancy business then Scoro is tailor made for you. 

It is an advanced management platform which will take care of all your project management needs by automating certain tasks, providing updates, adjusting plans and ensuring proper standards.

Scoro supports integrations with Google, Outlook and Mailchimp and other platforms so as to make everything available on a single platform to ensure uninterrupted workflow. The paid Essential and Work Hub plans are available at $26 and $37 per month.


  • Offers a wide range of features and functions.
  • Offers superior support to the users that makes implementation easier


  • The aspect of filtering is difficult.
  • The onboarding packages offered are not customer friendly.

Intervals offers a variety of services at one place. In addition to project management, it offers templates, blueprint building tools, timesheets, email integration, calendar-based scheduling, office suite, file integration and sharing, Gantt charts and a lot more.

It is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS to be downloaded and used with ease, anytime, anywhere. Time is an important resource when it comes to project making.

With Intervals, you can account for every moment and factor in circumstances such as leaves and breaks. 

Intervals can be used across a wide variety of industries. IT firms, consultants, design firms, engineers, web developers, creative agencies and other small or big businesses can use its services.

Being a free software, it's quite cost effective as well. Paid versions can be availed starting from Lite to Unlimited plans starting from $29 to $259.


  • The API is considered to be among the best in the business.
  • Very flexible and easy to use software.


  • Specific units of measurement are missing.
  • Lacks the option of Drag and Drop which makes it a little inconvenient for the users

14. Aha!

Aha! offers a roadmap platform which is perfect for all your project management needs.

Aha! is a well-known name in the tech marketplace with 400,000 users and counting. Founded by ex- Silicon Valley techies and project management software experts, its 4.3 out of 5 star rating and glowing customer testimonies are proof of that fact.

Go with Aha! for an all-inclusive project management. It's free. There are a number of advantages of free software. The Paid premium and Enterprise versions are available at $59 to $149.


  • Tracking all the work that have been processed on the software is easier.
  • It is an effective tool that helps you to schedule and prioritize certain assignment


  • The visual appeal of the interface is not that attractive.
  • Tends to be overwhelming for new users is one of the oldest and most popular blogging platforms. It was launched in 1999 and then Google took it over.

Logging in is extremely simple as all you will need is a Google account. 

Obviously, this site is free, and does not require you to commit to it. It gives you freedom to test it out and you can make a decision later.

Apart from the free part when you get a subdomain, you can also connect it to a custom domain name once you buy it and set it up. The functioning of the site is intuitive.


  • There are a number of advantages of free software. Firstly, if you are a beginner who is unfamiliar with how it works, then you can get the hang of it, for free.
  •  The customer care services that 10.000ft provides are quite helpful. 


  • Lacks analysis of project cost.
  • Lacks the ability to change or customize formulas which makes calculations increasingly difficult.

Redbooth offers an all in one platform to streamline, monitor, organize and systematize your workflow.

It is free and its usage will not cost you anything.

There are a number of advantages of free software.


  • Redbooth allows you to keep track of a number of people at a time.
  • Team members have no set limits and your team can be as big and as geographically separated as you want. 


  • It is not intuitive in nature
  • Customization options are very limited. 

17. TaskRay

TaskRay offers an efficient platform which can be customized according to the needs of your business to deliver high quality projects on time.

TaskRay has partnered with Salesforce Sales Cloud in order to become a cloud-based platform for data storage, transfer and retrieval. 

You can use it to track the team’s progress, create reminders, schedule meetings and a lot of other things. TaskRay is especially optimized for scalability and allows unlimited users. 

Therefore, it is perfect for businesses with large teams spread across various countries and a number of clients. Fast growing businesses, in short. Paid plans are included under Pro, Business, and Enterprise at $9, $15, and Custom price options.


  • TaskRay offers an advanced user interface which works at a phenomenal speed.
  • You can use its speed to your advantage to deliver your projects in record time which will provide your business a competitive edge and a niche in the marketplace- differentiating it from similar businesses. 


  • Does not support template sharing.
  • Does not support foreign language that becomes a serious issue for international companies.

18. Apptivo

Apptivo has a sophisticated user interface and the time taken to set it up and for it to be fully functional and optimized is quite less.

The platform provides streamlining of all your team tasks and provides an integrated tool suite plus a number of other facilities to fulfill all your project management needs. 

Apptivo is a fast-growing platform with a 4.2 out of 5 star rating awarded to it by most tech bloggers and review magazines.

With thousands of active clients and more, Apptivo is the software to invest your time in. 

It is free too which makes it even better for beginners and small scale startups and businesses or businesses that are just beginning to work with softwares that automate various tasks.

The paid versions are available through Lite, Premium, and Ultimate packages starting at $8, $12, and $20 respectively.


  • Has the option of Built-in Support for comparatively newer users.
  • Comes at a comparatively cheaper market price.


  • Multicurrency features can only be accessed while creating invoices.
  • Contact Data often tends to malfunction.

19. GuideCX

Guide CX is a platform which has the client as its priority. It optimizes teamwork in such a way that the client gets the best results on time.

It has an award winning 4.7 out of a 5 star rating assigned to it by tech bloggers and magazines.

The best part about this high rated software is that it is absolutely free of cost and therefore perfect for all kinds of small and medium scale businesses.

The paid Professional, Premium, and Enterprise versions can also be availed.

With a customer care platform that responds promptly to requests and with thousands of clients availing GuideCX project management services on a daily basis, it is a good investment and one should definitely try it at least before making it the official partner of your firm.


  • Has the potential to identify customer needs.
  • Helps to effectively bridge the gap between the management.


  • Filters often tend to not work.
  • Virtual assistance is missing.

Active Collab deserves an honourable mention on our list because of the 4.3 out of 5 star rating assigned to it by most tech reviewers in their review blogs and magazines.

You can use ActiveCollab’s speed to your advantage to deliver your projects in record time which will provide your business a competitive edge and a niche in the marketplace- differentiating it from similar businesses.

This fuels brand growth, brings in more and more clients who would be loyal to the brand and repeat business with you. People may also choose to use the Plus and Pro versions available at $7.5 and $6.5 per month.


  • You can easily add customers as guests and monitor their respective access.
  • Customers can freely communicate by replying to existing emails.


  • Fils to link independent comments.
  • The features that an individual does not require cannot be turned off.

Clarizen One is an advanced task management software optimized to get the best results out of your team.

If you want a software that specifically deals with managing portfolios and enterprises then, Clarizen is the perfect fit for you.

Some of the features incorporated in this tool are data analytics tools, task tracking features, portfolio management tools, resource management tools and many more.

It creates a forum on which one can view all aspects of the workflow in real time.

It constantly keeps on uploading details as work continues to get done.

 It is also the right software for you if you are working with teams that are geographically distributed around the world. Clarizen One’s users are spread across 124 countries. 

Clarizen One is a trusted name in the project management software market. With important clients such as Dell, Box, BBH London and Shaw industries availing their facilities, the software is fast evolving and reaching new heights.

Investing in Clarizen One introduces a discipline into your workstream which is important to maintain quality control as well as speed of the tasks done. The Enterprise and Unlimited plans can also be activated upon request.


  • Effortless collaboration.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Administrative work is done with ease


  • Reporting tools are lacking.
  • Integrations are limited.

Aim of Project Management

The ultimate aim of project management is to create a high-quality product or service, keeping all the constraints in mind. A project manager ensures that the initial vision with which the project was formulated corresponds with the final product.

The product or service is created in order to suit the consumer’s needs either by following their requirements to a T or by reformulating the strategy in such a way that end results are the same. 

Important Components of Project Management

The following are the 10 most important components of project management

  • Span of the project
  • Time limit
  • Budget allocation
  • Resource procurement
  • Quality of the end product
  • Team management
  • Human resource management
  • Communication
  • Risk management

What are Project Management Softwares?

Project management softwares provide a suite of tools which help project managers keep track of each and every aspect of the project. They record progress, send reminders, schedule meetings, calculate budget and ensure that tasks get done. Some of the common services provided by project management softwares are as follows:

  • Data sharing
  • File transfer
  • Calendar app
  • Group collaboration
  • Member dashboard
  • Task management
  • Scheduling app
  • Accounts
  • Charts
  • Task allocation
  • Project templates
  • Blueprints
  • Expense tracker
  • Time tracker
  • Receipts and invoices
  • Resource allocation and management
  • Data export
  • Trend analyzer
  • Reports

Which Industries Use Project Management Softwares?

It is important to keep in mind that each and every project is important. Projects not only provide opportunities for generating revenue but opportunities to build trust with clients. A well-executed project introduces the possibility of repeating business with the client and forge a long term partnership with them.

Softwares allow you to keep track of the nitty gritties and ensures that no detail escapes scrutiny. In order to execute projects perfectly, these softwares become imperative. 

Industries which create big and complex projects for their clients are the ones that necessarily require a project management software in order to stay on top of each and every task which contributes to the end product.

Without software, it becomes impossible to keep track of all the minute, complex units that go into making the project. Marketing agencies, service providers, IT industries and consulting firms are some of the industries that usually use project management software.  

Prospects Of Blogging Today

When one hears statistics such as 70 million new posts is produced every month on WordPress or that there are around 31.7 million bloggers in the U.S.A itself recorded in 2020, it can feel daunting and questionable how relevant it will be to start a blog at this point.

However, blogging is still an extremely relevant form of digital marketing even today. It depends on how you expand the reach of your blogging post and help it to stand out more.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by adding value to your content. Quality will never fail to stand out and you will be elated when readers are ready to jump onto the next content in a click.

Another way is to ensure that the content is skimmable, not everyone can sit and read everything that you have to say. It is better to make content that can be divided into chunks or smaller segments to convey the information easily.

Words do have power, but not enough to solely engage the audience. Adding images and infographics can spice up your content and make it more attention-worthy.

Usage of backlinks and external as well as internal links can assist your audience to steer within your blog. An easy navigation within the blog is a must to do process to hold any reader on your blog. This will also help your consumers spend lesser time on your blog and still you might get engagement within the timeframe you experience.


These are the top ten free blogging sites that you must try if you want to start your own blogging career. Each of these sites has its own features, pros, and cons.

While choosing a blogging site, it is important to make sure that you know who your target audience is and what your goal is. This will majorly decide the kind of site you would like to choose.

Apart from these aspects, it is also advisable to see a little more in the future and understand if you will require to have your own domain name, you might have to shift.

While some sites make that easier, others might not allow it. It is safer to choose a site that allows this shift, especially when you are planning to take up blogging professionally.

We have provided a variety of options for everyone to ensure that there are options for each type of objective that one might have. It is also important to look into social media aspects when we look at these sites.

Hopefully, this article gives you an insight into all of these free platforms that are there, and encourage you to start blogging to gain exposure and discover your own talent.

Benefits of Using a Project Management Software

  • Increases efficiency: Project management softwares provide various tools that are specialized to cater to the nitty gritties of the different aspects of your project. They ease the workload of the project manager by automating several tasks such as sending reminders, manually searching for files, updating lists and creating schedules, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. They also increase efficiency by reducing redundancy.
  • Facilitates collaboration: Project management softwares provide tools for data sharing and file exchange which facilitates collaboration and strengthens teamwork. 
  • Systematizes the process: The more complex a project is, the more systematic it needs to be in order to succeed. Project management softwares compile data into a single systematic unit which makes it easier to analyze and access. This also ensures that important files are not misplaced.  
  • Generates reports in real time: Project management software generate progress reports in real time. One can adjust the software to provide an overview of daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports so that the managers are up to date with the status of the project.

How to Choose The Right Project Management Software?

For your projects to make the maximum impact on your clients, you need to choose a software that meets the unique requirements of your organization. It is imperative to invest in the right software to maximize your productivity.

Firstly, make a list of the qualities that you would want a software to have. 

Then conduct a detailed market research. This can be done by reading product reviews and by contacting the customer care helplines of relevant websites.

Thirdly, conduct a comparative analysis of different softwares based on features and price points. Given below are the steps that one should follow before investing in a sofware:

  • Comprehensive research: Use the search tools and research skills at your disposal to identify and isolate the software that is tailor made to suit your needs and that which provides enough flexibility to adapt itself to various kinds of projects.
  • Avail free trials and demos: Make sure to avail free trials and demos. This would help you get an immersive, hands on experience of the software before investing money in it. 
  • Compare costs: If a software providing the same facilities is available at a lower price, then that is a bargain situation. That is why it is advisable to compare costs and assess the value for money that each brand provides. Moreover, cost assessment should include the cumulative price such as that of setup and taxes, if any.
  • Include your team in the decision-making process: Since the team members are the ones who will use the software, it is imperative to involve them in the purchasing process. They also have more idea of the industry and the expectations from the product and can make a better decision. 


Not all project management softwares is the same, some are more suited to the unique requirements of your company.

It therefore becomes imperative to conduct a detailed market research with a comprehensive comparative analysis which takes into account price, notable features, pros and cons, customer testimonials, client reviews et al to give you a sense of what the position of that software is, in the market and how well it will adapt to suit your needs. 

A further insight into this can also be had by visiting individual websites and contacting the customer service and availing free demos which give you an insight into the working of the software. Our article is based on all this and more and it hopes to ease you in the onerous process of decision making. 

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