Top 9 Best Mind Mapping Softwares (2022): Compared & Reviewed

What is Mind Mapping?

Sometimes we face issues like we have a basic idea but we don’t have the right plan for it. Mind mapping, simply explained, is the way of solving the exact problem.

Mind mapping is the concrete way of representing the ideas and concepts, wherein there is a use of graphs, figures, databases etc.

Through this, users can visualize their concepts in a practical way. Mind mapping also helps individuals to identify the viability of their idea.

Mind mapping is the way of adding practical aspects to an idea. Sometimes we find it very difficult to proceed with certain ideas, which can even be simple tasks of the day.

Mind mapping allows an individual to create an analysis of the idea so that he/she can create a good comprehension of the concept. You may also get acquainted with the new idea while completing the process of mind mapping.

Making the most complex idea into a simple one is what mind mapping does.

Simplifying an idea in terms of identifying the practical process of attaining it, the techniques involved, the time required, the efforts needed and most important of all, the possibility of the same is the work of mind mapping.

ClickUp is a widely used mind mapping software that is even used by the giants like Google, Uber and Airbnb.

Several thousand start-ups also use clickup for idea brainstorming, team collaboration and workflow management.

ClickUp is one of the best mind mapping software in the market. This is the best option for developing those ideas that require creating relationships between several elements.

 It can be used to develop relationships among multiple projects as well.

ClickUp can also help the individuals to develop workflows among the team as well to attain the goal.

By using ClickUp you can manage your task structures as well as create a flow diagram as per the timeline of each and every task needed to be completed in order to achieve the goal.

It creates such extensive visual representations that can help the users to gain utmost clarity of the idea.

ClickUp is highly collaborative software that can connect all members of the team conveniently. Each of the team members can work on the canvas as per the task allotted.

The tasks of each member can also be allocated on the software. You can create diagrams of your choice to be used as references.

Features of ClickUp:

1. File Sharing: Using ClickUp, the users can share their idea and visual plan with their team. There are multiple options for exporting data to third parties apps as well.

2. Highly Integrative tool: ClickUp is a highly integrative tool that can integrate with applications like Dropbox, Zapier and many more.

3. Real Time Editing and Chat: All of the team members from their workspaces can work upon the idea using their devices. 

4. Collaboration and Reporting: There is no limit as to how many users can collaborate over an idea. ClickUp can also be collaborated with notepad and Google Docs.

5. Mobile Access: The users can access ClickUp using their mobiles with Android and iOS as well, this provides ease of access and convenience to the users

6. Commenting and Notes: There is a comment section in the ClickUp that the team members can use, and also an option for gantt chart as well.


  • Highest rated mind mapping software - ClickUp is one of the highest rated software; this is a depiction of customer trust in the product. The reviews of this mind mapping software are completely positive. 
  • Free plan for individual users - ClickUp has a free plan that gives the individual users a chance to use the state of the art software. ClickUp provides the free plan users with upto 100 free mind maps.
  • Good user interface - ClickUp has a very good user interface that makes the idea brainstorming, a very good experience for the users as well as the team. A lame interface can anytime prove to be a big drawback for the application.
  • Regular updates - ClickUp provides its users with regular updates. This enables the users to have the best technology. There are always numerous developments coming up in the market and ClickUp surely doesn’t hold back from giving those to the users. It gives its users the best updates, frequently and regularly.


  • Restrictive team usage - The individual cannot give the other users permission to edit the canvas. This restricts the team contribution for the concept. This defeats the main purpose of brainstorming.
  • Issues with mobile application - Several users have reported issues with the mobile application.  They have complained about the app being very slow.  This is also an indirect restriction for the users.

Pricing of ClickUp:

  • ClickUp has a Free Forever plan with online Mind Maps limited to 100 and numerous features.
  • Paid plans start as low as $9/month, for unlimited mind maps and additional functionality.
  • Unlimited plan starts at $9/month and  Business plan, also known as Unlimited Pro plan, at $19/month
  • Enterprise plan which is an upgraded version of the Business plan can be negotiated with the vendor customer support.

MindMeister is owned by the same organization that owns MeisterTask. It is also a project management application.

 MindMeister application is a highly integrative and collaborative tool. It is an intrinsic piece of technology that is equipped with a cloud-based mind mapping package of tools that can be used anytime and anywhere.

This package of tools allows the users to capture the ideas in a diagrammatic manner.

In MindMeister, the users can collaboratively develop the ideas. MindMiester allows the users to even present the idea from any part of the world that has an internet connection.

MindMeister also allows the users to put in comments in the canvas as a note.

MindMeister is a very good tool that also has the feature of keyboard shortcuts as well. It also has a great user interface that allows the user to add other external files like images, videos, URL etc. to the canvas.

There is an option for creating sketches on the canvas for the purpose of description of the idea. You can also create a map universe of a single idea, i.e., multiple mind maps for a single concept.

There is also an option for generating links or QR codes for sharing the mind map in private chats.

Features Of MindMeister:

1. Presentation: One of the most attractive features of Mmindmeister is its ability to turn any map into a presentation. The users can give the presentation of any idea at any time.

This is a great advantage for the businesses or individuals who are just starting up. They have to be always ready with the presentation of their ideas because they may need it for any purpose at go.

2. Voting: There is also an option of voting for the idea. It means that the team members can upvote or downvote any idea.

This increases team participation in the development of the idea. This also gives a brief idea about which concept is going to be accepted by the individuals and which are not.


  • Simplicity - MindMeister is one of the easiest mind mapping software in the market. Yet it can perform the most complex of tasks. The most beneficial aspect of any software is the ease of access and the ability to complete the most difficult of tasks.

  • Option of multiple templates - The users can also create their canvas using multiple templates. These templates can vary as per the choice of the individual or the team. Businesses often use their customized templates for their collaborative purposes.

  • Easy adoption - New businesses can adopt and understand this software in very less time. This proves to be advantageous for the small or micro businesses.


  • Lack of integration - MindMeister as compared to its other counterparts is very less integrative in terms of third-party integration. It collaborates with very few applications. This also restricts the import and export of data.

  • Lacks editing features - Mindmeister has another limitation that is it lacks editing features like font options and edits. It lacks option in number of fonts and doesn’t have the option of bold, italicize and underscore.

  • Issues with mobile application - Several users have reported certain issues with its mobile application. They have shown that the users face issues in terms of screen touch and accessibility.

  • Limited mind maps - In free plans, MindMeister gives very less number of mind maps as compared to other mind mapping software. They just give 3 mind maps to individual free users.

Pricing of MindMeister:

  • MindMeister offers a free plan with number mind maps limited to 3 and some basic features.
  • It also offers a personal plan that costs $4.99 per user per month for individual or personal projects
  • For top notch mind mapping, it has a pro plan that costs $8.25 per user per month and a business plan worth $12.49 per month for enterprises.

3. Coggle

Coggle has been defined as the most aesthetic mind mapping software in the segment. Its attractive interface makes it one of the most intuitive software as well.

This software is a cloud based, collaborative tool that allows brainstorming in real time.

The users can create charts, graphs etc. on this platform using its data analytics features.

Coggle supports addition of external attachments like PDFs, images and website URL. It also supports real time drawing on the node.

These mind maps in turn can be downloaded as PDFs or images.

Coggle also has the facility of importing or exporting data to the third-party application.

It means that these mind maps when downloaded as the PDF or image can be exported using the extension .mm. There is also an option of taking an opinion on your idea.

The individual can share their mind map of the idea with other individuals. It also provides the option of chatting at the sidebar, so that it helps to identify the pros and cons with much better ease.

If the users prefer to use keyboard shortcuts for developing the mind map, they have the benefits of a cheat sheet which showcases all the shortcuts for using the keyboard in a more efficient manner.

Features Of Coggle:

1. Real time collaboration: One of the best features of Coggle is real time sketch collaboration. The team members can create sketches on the application in a collaborative manner.

This is beneficial mainly for those people who are brainstorming on the idea on the basis of diagrammatic representation.

2. Easy Sharing: Coggle also allows the import or export of the files from/to the external third party applications. This increases compatibility of the application.

The mind map when exported to other applications can also be developed with the additional features of the application.

3. Quick Access and Editing: Users have shared their reviews on the presentation features of the application as well. They have considered it to be a very good feature in terms of quick access and editing.


  • Google services integration - Coggle can easily be integrated with multiple Google services. We already know that there are millions of users in Google services. Coggle’s compatibility with services like Gmail, Google Docs etc. is a great advantage.

  • Animation options - The users who love to be creative with their mind maps are going to love Coggle. It provides a lot of options for animation in the mind map. There are multiple options for animating diagrams, graphics and texts.

  • Free version - Coggle has a free version for the users that provides the best features when it comes to free plans in the market. The free version is the best option for the professionals who work on a low budget but requires team collaboration and presentations. 


  • Privacy - Privacy is one of the major concerns of the Coggle mind mapping software. The free version doesn’t provide adequate protection to the mind maps. The mind maps that are created in the free version are visible to the public. This is a major drawback for the users of free plans.

  • Lacks engineering diagrams - Coggle doesn’t support network engineering and architectural diagrams. This is a very big drawback for the service compared to its counterparts. The other software that is available in the market provides the feature of developing technical diagrams.

  • Presentation glitch - There is a minor issue with the presentation of bigger maps using Coggle. If the user wants to present a big mind map then he will have to face the issue of subpar visibility. This is a big drawback when it comes to giving highly professional presentations.

Pricing of Coggle:

  • Coggle offers a free plan that provides unlimited public diagrams and 3 private diagrams.
  • It starts at $5 per month for each user. This provides a bigger number of tools and diagrams.

4. Ayoa

Ayoa is a cloud-based mind mapping software tool that provides the best features to the user so that they can put their creativity to the test while developing their concept on the board.

The biggest attraction of using Ayoa is that it doesn’t make the task of mind mapping vague which is a huge benefit.  

It is a suitable option for both the individual user as well the team.

It provides the best task management tools that can help you develop ideas with the utmost creativity.

Ayoa provides three types of maps - organic map, speed map and radial map.

If you want to draw in a similar way you used to draw on paper using a pen, organic is the best choice. 

It’s a traditional kind of map with the best tools to unleash your creativity. 

Speed map as the name suggests is the option you pick when you want to engage in fast brainstorming. Speed map basically functions at its optimum when used through keyboard shortcuts.

A radial map is a modernistic approach for developing the board of the concept. Ayoa comes with highly integrative real time collaboration features.

It has got chat options, time and task assignment options etc. that makes it cliché-not so cliché mind mapping software.

Features of Ayoa:

1. Collaborative: The users can create mind maps in a collaborative fashion that allows the individual to invite other experts to the maps. This allows for external brainstorming.

2. Links and easy sharing: The users can make their maps public and share its link with anyone they want to share it with. The sharing can be done even with those people who don’t have an account with Ayoa. 

3. Editing features: There are certain editing options in Ayoa that allow the owner to hide the clutter so that they can be ever ready for professional presentations.

4. Highly integrative tool: Ayoa is a highly integrative tool. It can be easily integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Contacts. It also allows the user to synchronize the allotted tasks with Google Calendar.


  • Real time team sketch - When using the team board, there is an option of allowing the team members to create sketches in a collaborative manner. The team members can draw together one particular diagram at the same time.
  • Email task allocation - Ayoa when integrated with email allows the admin to allot tasks using the mail itself. This enhances ease of task allocation. It also helps the admin to synchronize the allotted tasks with Google Calendar.
  • Easy file attachment - Ayoa allows the user to add external files like PDFs, documents, images etc. just by using the drag and drop option. This allows the user to develop the board in a much easier way.
  • Presentations - Ayoa allows the user to give a quick presentation anytime anywhere. This can be done by using its hide clutter option and you are ready to give a professional presentation.


  • Glitches in task board and mind map - Several users have reported difficulty in moving tasks from mind map to the task board. This proves to be a drawback in terms of team collaboration. The delay in task allocation directly affects the completion of the ultimate goal.
  • Templates - Even though Ayoa comes with highly creative tools, it lacks in providing a number of templates. Ayoa has a lot of scope of improvement in the templates aspect. It has to provide more templates to users.

Pricing of Ayoa:

  • Ayoa’s free Basic plan comes with up to 5 boards and real-time collaboration
  • Ayoa’s basic plan starts from $9 per user per month.
  • Its premium pro plan comes at $12 per month per user with unlimited boards, numerous file attachments and better features to import and export files.

As we all know, the Apple devices even though non compatible at times are a complete package in themselves.

 If you are an Apple user, MindNode is the best option in the market for you. Mind mapping using MindNode becomes a very simple task for an iOS user.

For those users that work on multiple devices throughout the day, MindNode is the best option in terms of synchronization. MindNode is a highly collaborative tool that has got a very nice user interface.

MindNode allows the users to create the map using the best of the features.

There is an option of importing files like images, documents, URL, hyperlinks etc so as to create the map more informative.

Most of the applications in the market use the internet service if the user wants to work on their mind map but in MindNode if you don’t have the internet, you can still work on your map.

This is possible because MindNode is a fully native app.

Most of the mind mapping software that you use, will have very few features in its application; ultimately you will have to use the web client to use more features. But that is not the case in MindNode. MindNode is a complete package in itself.

Features of MindNode:

1. Outline View: There is an attractive feature in MindNode called outline view. This feature allows the users to see how ideas flow throughout a page or document.

It also helps the users to identify the relationships between various ideas. This basically helps to create a summary map for quick access and quick presentation.

2. Cloud Storage: Documents made with MindNode can be dealt with using two options. It can be stored in the MindNode when connected to the internet or uploaded to the iCloud.

3. Accessibility: The iCloud helps in better accessibility to the document as this same document can be used in third party applications.


  • Quick entry - MindNode allows the users to quickly gather their thoughts. It means that they can note down anything that comes to their mind on a page. As they progress with their idea, they can use the best features of MindNode to develop the concept. These features can also help them connect these thoughts to a great idea.
  • Focused mode - This is probably very less evident in other mind mapping software. MindNode comes with a focused mode. So if an individual user is developing a map, they can switch on the focus mode so that they can work without any screen disturbances.
  • Clean user interface - MindNode comes with a very integrative yet a very clean user interface. The users can integrate their tasks, allot their tasks and complete their work using the most creative yet very simple user interface.
  • Customer support - Most of the users have applauded the customer support of this mind mapping software. This is a very good advantage for the small businesses that are adapting to the software for their purposes.


  • iOS only - It may happen at bigger workplaces that the entire team may not possess an Apple device. This can prove to be a major drawback. It is a point to be noted that there are huge numbers of Android and Windows users as well.
  • Lack of updates - Even though this isn’t generally witnessed in the iOS oriented products, MindNode lags in giving its users updates. Several users have reviewed that as compared to other software in the same segment MindNode doesn’t give all the best features.

Pricing of MindNode:

  • There is a free trial available for both the iPhone and MacBook.
  • The upgraded plan comes at $19.99 per year.
  • The upgraded plan is called MindNode Plus that comes with image support, tasks, themes, and styling options.

SmartDraw has been designated the position of the software that can be utilized in any industry.

This is a tool that is very powerful and yet it is the easiest of the software in the market. It provides an intuitive and beautiful user interface.

This map provides the users the freedom to choose any type of idea map they want to develop, whether they want to develop linear lines or they want curves; it can all be done in SmartDraw.

It comes with useful features that can be used by any industry right from management to research and IT.

The small ideas begin either on the left or right of the central node and continue in the same direction as a brand.

Its map is also a very powerful aspect of this software; we have seen in many software that the users face a lot of issues when the map grows big but the best part of SmartDraw is that its maps resize in a smart manner as they grow.

The benefit for this is better visibility and presentation help.

SmartDraw comes with integrative and collaborative tools that allow the team to create the maps in their own spaces without interfering in their team partners’ area. This is a very important organization benefit.

Features of SmartDraw:

1. Templates and Diagrams: SmartDraw comes with more than 4500 templates and has the option of more than 70 types of diagrams for developing the idea.  

These diagrams also provide the users with technical diagrams like engineering or IT maps. 

2. Data Management: In the data management aspect it comes with numerous flowcharts, timelines etc.

This is the best software for the people working in the architecture segment as they provide the diagram option of landscape design as well.

3. Real Time Collaboration: It also offers collaborative drawing in real time using cloud storage. This feature allows the users to work on the same diagrams at the same time. 

4. Intelligent Formatting: It also comes with an intelligent formatting engine that makes the graphic arrangement on the go.

5. Integrative Tool: SmartDraw integrates with MS Office, Google apps, Google calendar, DropBox, WordPress and Trello.


  • Intelligent mapping - As already explained, SmartDraw comes with intelligent mapping. The maps adjust accordingly in proportion to the screen size and mind map. It also comes with intelligent formatting tools that can work on your map with you.
  • Easy to learn - SmartDraw provides its users with a number of manuals, tutorials and videos for easy understanding of the software. This is majorly beneficial for the businesses which are small in size and have the need to adapt fast to the software. The users who are not very familiar with the technology can also avail the benefit of its videos and tutorials.
  • Hyperlinks and images - The users can insert hyperlinks and images in the software while developing their map. This can be done very easily and conveniently using the drag and drop option. The users can also copy-paste the images and links.


  • Free version comes with less features - The free version of the software comes with fewer features and styling options. After a point of time when the idea is developing and is in its growth stage, the users have to upgrade for the bigger plans because of less functionality of the free version.
  • Lags at times - Several users have complained about SmartDraw becoming ‘slow’ when handling bigger and complex mind maps. They said that as the charts and diagrams grow in the maps, the users starts facing issues with the speed of SmartDraw

Pricing of SmartDraw:

  • The SmartDraw plan with less than 5 users costs around $9.95 per user per month.
  • The plan with more than 5 users costs around $5.95 per user per month.

7. Miro

Miro is a mind mapping software that is more focused towards team collaboration and high-level brainstorming.

 This productive management/mind mapping software lets the users conduct meetings and workshops on the platform.

 It also helps in developing the idea using the product development features.

This mind mapping software develops an enriching user experience using its heavy research tools combined with the agility of mind mapping software.

Miro is great productivity software that starts with a literal blank state. Then it gives the users an endless opportunity to develop their idea. 

This canvas doesn’t end ever and the users can make use of this canvas as they like. 

It has options like wireframing, sketching, rapid planning bullets etc to help the users to unleash their creativity.

It helps in innovation, invention, strategy development and collaboration on the idea at one stop. This feature makes Miro one of the most powerful business tools in the market.

This is suitable for the micro as well as the large enterprises. It comes packed with team collaboration features that allow all the team members to actively input their idea on the board.

The users can input their resources and feedback using multiple mediums like chats, voice, text and video input as well. The team can collaborate together using the same mentioned options.

Features of Miro: 

1. Creative Editing: The main feature is its ability to give users the opportunity of seamless creativity. The users can make use of numerous tools to make their maps as creative as they like.

There are pinned arrows, multiple fonts, colors options and multiple options.

2. Collaborations: The collaboration features are the best part of Miro. Miro has been developed by keeping in mind the aspect of teamwork in the idea development.

3. Ease of Use: The features and ease that this software provides for working with the team are the best. This is a very welcome aspect of this mind mapping software.

Many businesses use this software with the main purpose of team collaboration. Several innovation centers, educational institutions prefer to use Miro for this very reason.


  • Faster innovation - Miro makes the process of innovation and invention faster. It can allocate tasks faster as per the needs of the ultimate target. The easier collaboration features as explained above helps in this aspect. There is a centralized communication channel established thus the team members don’t waste their time in communication lag.
  • Security - It is very crucial for the enterprises that the software on which they are working has a good security and privacy feature. This is because they develop and create certain ideas that can prove to be the market changer in the future thus it is very crucial that their data and ideas are protected all the time.


  • Difficult to track changes - In Miro, it becomes difficult to track changes’ history. The complex diagrams make it difficult to track the history of the changes in the map. This becomes a great drawback when it comes to identifying when and what went wrong.
  • Zoom in - Zoom out issues - The users have complained about the zoom in zoom out options for the map. The reviews have shown that several users start facing difficulties when it comes to creating complex and big maps because they cannot see all the maps clearly.

Pricing of Miro:

  • The free trial of Miro comes at no cost.
  • The team plan comes at $10 per month per user.
  • The consultant plan comes at $15 per month per user.
  • The business plan comes at $16 per month per user.
  • The enterprise plan varies as per the business; contact the vendor customer support for the plans.

Have you ever used the MS Paint in your junior years? Milanote is exactly that but a more powerful tool that is one of the best creativity-oriented business solutions.

Milanote is a convenient concept developer that allows the users to visually organize their projects and ideas on the visual boards.

It has got a rich media support that allows addition of multiple type media files. You can add images, videos, URL, link etc. to develop the concepts.

It is an app developed for artists. People who develop the ideas uniquely, using multiple types of creativity are going to love this software.

It has got a pasteboard style interface that allows the insertion of multiple types of images, arrows, clouds and emojis as well.

These maps can be published for other people as well. You can create the link for the board to share it with you team members. 

The team members can add comments, edit the boards and carry out their allotted tasks in real time.

During the earlier period of Milanote, it only worked on the web. As the mapping software developed it came with the applications for desktop and mobiles as well.

You can use Milanote on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.

Features of Milanote: 

1. Diagram Maker: One of the most attractive features of Milanote is its diagram maker. It has got a convenient yet very modern diagram maker.

This diagram maker supports even the most complex network diagrams in the work.

2. Drag and Drop: There is a drag and drop option in the Milanote software. You can add images and diagrams using this option.  

3. Template Library: There is a separate library for the templates as well so that users can work upon new projects quickly.

4. Best for Micro Enterprises: All in all, Milanote is perfect brainstorming software. It is mostly suitable for small or micro enterprises because of its lack of integrative ability.

5. Good User Interface:  It also has got a good user interface that is very simple as well as aesthetically pleasing.


  • Multi board facility - This is one of the biggest advantages of this software. The users can link their boards with one another. This is helpful in a way that the users can work upon their new idea by using the structure or the idea from the previous board.
  • Works well with the images - Milanote is one of the best options for the users if their work requires adding multiple images in the diagram. It works very well with the images and supports in-app editing and formatting
  • Scrapbook - If there is ever a need for creating notes like bullet points at a rapid rate, Milanote supports it by its scrapbook type note taking mode. This is a good option when the users are brainstorming ideas.


  • Lack of integration - This is the drawback that takes a huge toll on Milanote. It doesn’t integrate well with third party applications. This is bad in terms of this software being used by the large enterprises that have a complex workflow that requires collaboration with multiple applications. When the concept software cannot collaborate with major third-party applications, the whole purpose of brainstorming and innovation is defeated.
  • No live sharing without an account - On Milanote, the boards cannot be shared with the third party or team members unless they have an account on the application. This reduces the usability of this application as it becomes difficult to share the idea with other businesses and customers.

Pricing of Milanote:

  • Milanote has a free version that lets the user add 100 notes, images or links and it comes with no time limit.
  •  Milanote has a pro plan that gives unlimited storage, additional features etc. This plan starts from $12.50 per month per person and goes on as per the enterprise requirement.
  • Pro plan for a team of 10 people comes at $49 per year and for a team of 50 people it comes at $99 per year.

The best mind mapping software are those that are a project management tool by itself.

The developers’ need is to get on to the idea as soon as the concept is created and the plan is developed.

MindGenius is made exactly for that. It is a combination of concept creator and project planning tool.

This software is mainly targeted towards small or micro enterprises. This software can also be used by students and new professionals as well.

This is a perfect combination of data analytics tools with an ideal concept developer. 

The main aim behind this is that the users are provided with the option of converting ideas into a working plan immediately.

It has got the Kanban task view setting along with the Gantt charts. There is also an option of drag and drop mind map creation which can be used to switch or delete the mind maps very easily.

MindGenius is a highly integrative tool that comes with real time collaboration and sketching. It has got the best features for external file attachment.

The maps created on this software can easily be shared and presented using the presentation tools of the MindGenius.

The information developed on this software can easily be shared with the team members using the sharing tools available in the software.

Features of MindGenius: 

1. Tool Sorting: One of the best features of MindGenius is its tool sorting feature. Basically the users can filter and highlight tools that will be required to develop the mind map.

It means that you won’t have to waste your time in sorting the numerous tools that are available in the software. You can just select the tools that you will need for the concept development.

2. Easy Sharing: Mindmap can easily export data to PowerPoint, word, excel etc. This increases the usability of the software in terms of ease of access and convenience.

3. Integrative Tool: MindGenius can also be integrated with social media platforms like twitter and Facebook that facilitates public sharing and brainstorming.


  • User interface - One of the biggest advantages of MindGenius is its simple user interface. It is simple in terms of access but powerful enough to complete the most complex of diagrams.  This can also be seen by the feature we mentioned above, the tool filtering and highlighting feature that allows for easy and quick map development.
  • Microsoft integration - If you need to use a lot of MS integration tools then this is the best option for you. It can integrate with MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and MS project. Apart from Microsoft tools, this software can also easily be integrated with Google services like Gmail and one drive.


  • Animation in templates - The animation in templates of this software has some issues. Several users have reported that after inserting the animation in the templates there is lagging in developing the mind map. This restricts the speed of the user and is a minor drawback for the user.
  • Real time drawing - The real time team collaborative drawing is only possible using the web-based client. It is not possible from the application-based software. The users if wanting to edit or draw together will have to login to MindGenius online.

Pricing of MindGenius:

  • MindGenius has two pricing models-
  • Perpetual basis, this comes at $256 per annum.
  • The subscription basis comes at $160 in the first year and this is followed by $56 annually from second year. This also includes upgrades to all future revisions of MindGenius.

What is Mind Mapping Software?

Mind mapping software is a software that completes the above mentioned process in a digitized manner. Mind mapping software is also known as idea/concept mapping software.  

This is a much easier way of creating a map for your idea. The major benefit of using the digitized version of mind mapping is that it creates a plan with much better accuracy and ease.

While doing the process of mind mapping manually, there are chances of manmade error. This is not the case if you use mind mapping software.

Mind mapping software is basically a brainstorming tool that helps the individual to create a graphical or diagrammatic representation of the idea or the concept.

When we have an idea, it needs to be supported with smaller ideas which can solve problems that may arise during the completion of the main idea.

Mind mapping software helps you to create a nest among these smaller ideas and the umbrella idea. It also helps the user to create a hierarchy among all the concepts that are involved in the completion of the idea.

It is a proven concept that the diagrammatic representation of anything is much better than simple plain texts.

 Mind mapping software helps you create the diagrammatic representation of the idea so you can have a practical approach towards it.

You can create scientific diagrams and graphs that will enable you to organize all the required tasks in a much better way. Users can also create many other types of diagrams like organizational charts, business diagrams etc.

If you have an idea that can prove to be a great profit-making opportunity for you then it is important that you develop that idea in business terms.

Mind mapping helps you with the exact same task, that is, to create ideas which will be commercially viable. It provides commercial data which in turn will provide a substantial basis to your business idea.

Business intelligence data is a must when it comes to developing business ideas.

The biggest benefit that the mind mapping software provides is the brainstorming aspect while creating plans for the idea.

You can create mind maps on the screen that can help you visualize your idea or the concept. This can prove to be a boon if you want to present these ideas to other people to know their opinion about the idea or the concept.  

Mind mapping software allows the individuals to share their ideas with their team as well so that they can have a proper discussion about the idea or the concept. This also helps in creating a collaborative approach towards the idea.

Factors That Affect Selection of Mind Mapping Software

We may think that any mind mapping software may be working in a similar fashion but it is very important that the users have a look at the availability of these factors in the software that they are selecting.

1. Ease of Use:

In the beginning, users may find it a bit difficult to align with the concept of mind mapping but after a while, they need to be sure that the software is inherently easy to use.

When a user is focused on thinking about his/her idea or the concept, it should not happen that they have to pay equal attention to the software complexities too.

If there is an element of complexity in software it may prove to be a curse in the long term. The users should be able to use the software with the utmost ease so that they can use the software for creating and developing many more ideas.

2. Unrestricted

The canvas provided should not have any restrictions associated with it. The users should be given unlimited space to work upon.

It may happen that you don’t reach the end of your idea for days; here you cannot afford to receive a notification that says your canvas has ended.

It basically breaks the rhythm of creativity. Every user wants to work without restriction when it comes to brainstorming ideas.

3. External Features

When it comes to brainstorming ideas, it is very important that the users are able to attach their external files, links, and images on the canvas.

When it comes to ideas, text is never enough. Text just helps you get the basics of the idea but the real deal is the external documents that will help you substantiate your texts.

4. Data Analytics:

This factor doesn’t refer to the complex data analysis of heavy trigonometric data but the basic data analytics methods like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.

Users should be able to input data in the canvas and the software should be able to at least process the basics.

The users should also be able to have graphical representation of their data so that they can create a substantiated idea. Software should also allow the users to insert or generate charts in the canvas.

5. Sharing

When it comes to ideas, sharing the canvas with the team is the most crucial aspect. The users should be able to work collaboratively with the team.

Any idea requires multiple people with their own unique expertise for its development. The user should be able to share their ideas with anyone they want so that they can have multiple opinions on their idea.


The most important thing about a mind map is that it helps you represent ideas visually using the modern graphics and animation features.

The criteria that we put in front of you is that any good mind mapping app or software should be very flexible and should allow its users to unleash their creativity with utmost ease.

The users should be able to work on their ideas quickly and conveniently. The mind mapping software should be simple to use but powerful enough to create even the most complex of diagrams.

Developing an idea is a very crucial process. It is actually the most important aspect of any type of goal.

The development of the plan is initiated with this very process thus it is very important the users choose the best option in the market as per their choices and preferences.

It may happen that the best option that we have put in here, doesn’t suit you and that’s alright because you have your own needs and choices.

We haven’t really put much emphasis on the aspect of privacy but in the final verdict part we also put emphasis on this aspect.

Privacy of your idea and your team should be one of the most important aspects of your idea.  We all know how easily these hackers can get into your systems and crack everything wide open in the market.

This will prove to be very bad for the company. Several days of work will just become nothing in minutes if you don’t take the aspect of privacy into consideration.

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