Top 10 Best Online Whiteboards (2022): Compared & Reviewed


In a world where almost everything is available on the Internet why not a whiteboard?

The main purpose of a whiteboard is to write down and share ideas, views, concepts, points, plans, teach, create, and explain anything to a group or a large audience. 

Similarly, the idea of an online whiteboard is to provide uses of the whiteboard without the limitations of the real whiteboard. 

Online whiteboards are software solutions that can be used as apps or browser-based tools through which people can work digitally, wherever they are.

The main aim is to provide teams with a whiteboard so they don’t have to be at a particular place or for international companies who have their meetings online.

Online whiteboards are perfect for situations like the current Covid-19 pandemic, where everyone can easily have classes or meetings online. They help us to collaborate through distances in real time. 

So, with virtual classrooms, there is no need for limited whiteboards. Everyone, including the teachers, is looking to work on online whiteboards as the next step to education.

Whiteboards in general increase the involvement and collaboration of students and when they are used in the virtual world, they catch more attention of the students and people.

That way lectures become far more interesting and indulging. Whiteboards have limited space while the virtual whiteboard allows you to write and explain as much as you want and is available to a much larger audience. 

During video conferencing, each participant of a meeting logs in with the online whiteboard that is shared with him and can add his ideas, opinions while the rest of the group can see all of that and interact whenever there is a need to. 

Online whiteboards also increase the collaborative activities to the next level because you can draw and sketch on them too.

This increases the productivity and creativity for meetings and classes of any kind. Online whiteboards are truly simple but very useful in the 21st century. 

Now, to understand the online whiteboards more, let’s talk about some of the basics of online whiteboards. 

After reading all that, let’s dive into the best online whiteboards. Here are the paid and the unpaid versions of online whiteboards. So, you can decide if your money is worth it or not.

1. Limnu

Limnu is an online whiteboard that was released in 2015. It was a great whiteboard but 3 years later, it was bought by ZipSocket, an online meeting app. This gives Limnu users more remote work features. 

It gives you a canvas without limits, edges, or boundaries. 

You can make your boards as big as your team needs.

You can even create groups for team collaboration and share boards via integration with Slack without the need for third party integration. 

Limnu works in a sandbox-like environment, which means that there are no hard rules that you need to abide by.

While working on this tool, you can stumble along the way and the tool won’t punish you. 

Limnu homepage

You are allowed to commit mistakes. The tool is used by some big names in the industry like BuzzFeed, Pinterest, eBay, and more.


1. Limnu can host up to 350 viewers on a single board at the same time. Most whiteboards will start to lag if the number of viewers rises to such a high number. 

2. If this wasn’t enough, it also offers video, chat, and audio web conferencing options. This way, you can hold conferences with more people than you’d ever want in a conference. 

3. Limnu also allows its users to post a status update to keep the whole team updated about the progress. 

4. You can create a custom activity feed, comment, and vote on different ideas. The tool is fine-tuned towards creating the best and most efficient collaborative experience possible. 

5. To boost your productivity, the tool enables users to save time by using pre-built templates. These templates are specifically designed based on different use cases.

So, whatever your need is, if you are running low on time or you are still a beginner, you can just choose a template and start working.

All the templates are minimal and professional and can be customized using simple drag and drop features.

One of the biggest advantages of using Limnu is the version control that it offers.

With Limnu, you can keep a track of all the different versions of the whiteboard that you have to save and roll back to any of the previous versions when the need arises.

Limnu is best for:

  • Small teams
  • Startups
  • SMBs
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Brainstorms
  • Project planning
  • Video chat
  • Mobile apps

Pricing of ClickUp:

  • Free: $0/month
  • Pro: $5/month
  • Team: $8/month
  • Enterprise: custom/month
  • API: custom/month

MURAL is an online whiteboard application that is known for its interesting yet simple user interface and gives its users a wide range of features.

It is flexible and can also help your team and also visualize ideas.

You can add sticky notes everywhere for either explanation or also add feedback to your teammates on the same.

In order to simplify complex workflows, you can also add shapes to add an extra element to your workspace.

The freehand drawing feature enables you to sketch and write what you wish to explain to your teammates.


1. There are various types of templates that are provided. Some of these are, Mind map process, evaluating a plan, running a client discovery session or mapping customer journey.

2. There are guided instructions available for all the tools which can assist you when required. You can also recommend the timeframe that is required for each session. 

3. There are other team building features such as Text chat, Quick talking, to simplify the communication process easily.

4. There are a wide range of collaborative features that are also available. Employee activity monitoring enables the users to monitor activity that is taken with the MURAL Application as well.

MURAL is best for:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Study groups
  • Small teams
  • Interactive whiteboard


  • Starter: $12/month/per member when billed annually 
  • Plus: $20/month/per member when billed annually
  • Enterprise Network: You can talk what the price is

Conceptboard is an online collaboration software that allows you to manage hosting and much more.

It is a very highly professional whiteboard that gives you the best and a smooth experience.

Two computer scientists from Stuttgart, Germany came together to create this app in 2010. 

Conceptboard is for businesses and teams of all sizes and enables them to centralize projects and collaborate in real-time as well as asynchronously.

From brainstorming to planning projects, from remote workshops to designing new products, from mind mapping to facilitating agile processes. 

You will discover how visual collaboration helps break down organizational silos and enhance teamwork and the team productivity.


1. You can get your team to work and engage smoothly within minutes with the help of Conceptboard. 

2. Conceptboard’s amazing art security features make it ideal for all organizations regardless of their niche and size.

The whiteboard helps to drive forward the torch of innovations and centralize cross-functional projects in a way that is visually functional, highly scalable, initiative, and extremely secure.

3. Conceptboard enables all kinds of nimble teams to brainstorm, design, collaboration, manage projects, and for remote meetings.

It’s infinite canvas enables you to get your teams on the same page to create a visual hub for your work and ideas. Zoom in and out to understand the big picture.

This feature makes sure you never run out of space for all your work and ideas. 

4. On top of that, you can use a lot of visuals that include sticky notes, arrows, shapes, mind mapping icons, templates, etc to bring your ideas to life and make work much more interesting.  

5. Use the Template library for building visual frameworks and communicating complex ideas easily.  You even get notified when a team member edits something on the shared whiteboard.

Live conferences with moderate features are also available that can make your meetings simple and easy to conduct. 

6. Conceptboard also tracks down the data you have entered like the number of boards you have created, the amounts of projects you’re working on, and the tasks you have to complete. 

7. You are also able to collaborate in real-time and follow live cursors, chat, video calls from within the app to ensure smooth and seamless workflow and collaboration time.

Drag and drop videos, images, documents, PDFs, and other files directly into your board and make work visibly easy. 

Through Conceptboard, you can easily share with external stakeholders like vendors and other agencies and get your stakeholders on the same page. 

Conceptboard is suitable for every business, from Business Canvas to Project Roadmaps, from Empathy Maps to Customer Journeys, and many more. It is also best for:

  • Startup businesses.
  • Agile teams.
  • Teams who work remotely.
  • Small businesses or teams. 
  • Best for managing projects for schools or businesses. 
  • Collaborate in real-time.
  • An interactive whiteboard.

Pricing of Coggle:

Conceptboard offers a free plan and you can add around 100 objects per board. Their other planning includes:

1. Premium: $6.00 when billing annually and $7.50 when billing monthly. This is best suited for small and medium sized organizations. 

2. Business: $9.50 per user per month and $12.00 when billed monthly. It is best suited for large scale businesses with high data volumes. 

3. Enterprise: Contact Conceptboard for the pricing details.

Stormboard is an online whiteboard tool that believes in keeping things clean and straightforward.

This digital workspace has been carefully crafted to enhance brainstorming sessions and live edits.

High-performing teams at Microsoft, Salesforce, Accenture, etc. use this tool as their daily driver.

Stormboard has offered strong organizational support. You can attach notes to your whiteboards, which are called ‘storms’.

These can be attached through a simple drag and drop interface. 

Features of Ayoa: 

1. You can even comment on these notes and turn them into tasks that can be later assigned to other members of the team. Updating the status of a project and collaborating within a whiteboard is also possible. 

2. Different formats for saving your whiteboard are supported. You can export your field as PDF, document, spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation.

A Google drive integration allows you to save these files in your Google Drive. Businesses tend to use this tool for both brainstorming and project management.

3. Additionally, Stormboard offers some other features like live editing, and chat messaging tools to increase the efficiency of collaborative processes.

With hundreds of pre-made templates at your disposal, you can create your whiteboard easily and fast.

4. Integration with Slack and its top alternative, user voting plugin, Android, and mac OS support make it highly flexible. You can even upload videos, images, and documents on the whiteboard.

Stormboard is best for:

  • Remote teams
  • Startups
  • SMBs
  • Large business
  • Designers
  • Project planning
  • Video conferencing
  • Templates

Pricing of Ayoa:

  • Stormboard is distributed under five plans.
  • Personal: $0/month
  • Business: $10/month
  • Educator: $0/month
  • Startup: $5/month
  • Enterprise: $16.67/month

5. Miro

Miro is another online whiteboard that is loved by all. The company was founded in 2011 and used to be called WebWhiteBoard.

The company was relatively small during that time but now it has risen to the level that its investors and advisors list features the likes of NBA star Stephen Curry.

Miro is a great online whiteboard with a lot of features.

This online whiteboard offers high tech features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and it also boasts of a native chat messenger. 

The app is integrated with Slack for better communication. All these features make this app an amazon platform for collaboration. In fact, Miro is marketed as a collaborative real-time board.

You can use it to work within groups to boost your productivity ten fold. The app is loved by over 10 million users and the consumer list includes Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify.

1. A lot of applications offer good features but all those features will go to waste if you cannot maintain your schedule. And it is very easy to forget about your workflow if you get too focused on one aspect of the project. 

2. Miro boards offer a checklist feature that you can use to always stay on schedule. If you use it wisely, you might just stay ahead of your schedule. 

The checklist features also allow users to pin files, images, and videos to boards. Then teams can edit and collaborate on these specified checklists.

3. Miro has been specially designed to focus on collaborative work. Thus it offers features like allowing a maximum of 50 simultaneous users to work on a single whiteboard. 

You can also allow other external editors to work on your whiteboard by giving them collaborator access like you share your files with other users in the G suite by Google. 

4. You can even use the board commenting feature to leave notes or suggestions for other users. The use of comments allows users to work in a much more organized and productive fashion. 

Group polling features are also available on this tool.

Other features of this amazing tool include the ability to export your files in different formats like CSV, PDF, and JPG. To help increase your productivity, you can even use time tracking features and Kanban views. 

Miro also offers a vast library of pre-made templates so you can start working on your project without having to worry about the layout of your project. You can choose one from the library.

Miro is well integrated with apps like Jira, Trello, and Zapier.

Miro is best suited for

  • Startups
  • SMBs
  • Large businesses
  • Enterprise
  • Presentations
  • Video chat
  • Brainstorms
  • Team collaboration


  • Miro is distributed under four plans.
  • Free: $0/month
  • Team: $8/member/month when billed annually.
  • Business: $16/member/month when billed annually.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing based on the business requirements.

Unpaid Online Whiteboards

Microsoft Whiteboard is Microsoft’s online collaboration software. It is perfect for startups and works as a great teaching platform.

It has great drawing tools, line straighteners and shape recognitions. 

It is great for touch screens and teams can work together perfectly for brainstorming sessions.

It works smoothly with stylus, keyboards, and fingertips which is great for teachers. 

Whether it is managers leading meetings, teachers holding group sessions, everything that happens gets saved in the cloud automatically.

It also works great with Microsoft 365 and Teams.

To use it, you just need a Microsoft account like Hotmail. It has the widest color range and you can even start drawing on while conducting video meetings. 

Microsoft Whiteboard has other features like object resizing, pen thickness customizing, drag and drop image search, table conversions, and much more. It has an Apple iOS version and two versions one for commercial and other for educational use.

Microsoft Whiteboard is best for:

  • Large Businesses
  • Startups
  • SMBs
  • Teaching
  • Brainstorming
  • Presentations

An annotator is a whiteboard tool to keep things as simple as possible.

Developed by IPEVO, this tool is especially good for those who want to use it for distance learning and teaching. The tool has been fine-tuned to help users in this venture. 

The app is also available on Android and iOS under the name Whiteboard.

The app is particularly efficient in displaying live images and camera snapshots.

Almost all the features that are available on IPEVO Whiteboard are also available on the IPEVO Annotator.

It’s just that these features are even more interactive, well crafted, and robust than the mobile counterpart. 

IPEVO Whiteboard Annotator homepage

You get all the features that you need like drawing, shapes, zooms, and annotations. 

You can manage different users through live curses and improve efficiency through screenshots, videos, and live recordings. 

The multi-pen mode allows more than one user to work on the document at the same time. These documents can then be saved in different formats like JPEGs and PDFs.

This tool is best for:

  • Small teams
  • Remoter teaching
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Presentations

Whiteboard Fox is a free browser-based, sandbox-styled, virtual whiteboard that is perfect for anyone to use because it is super easy and user friendly.

You can access it in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox. The drawing tools are the most basic ones which means it lets you draw instantly without having to learn anything new.

Whiteboard Firefox is a big name when it comes to free online whiteboards. 

You can enable sharing in real-time by sending a copy of the whiteboard’s link to the other members of the team.

You can also give your teammates the ability to make edits in real-time or you can choose to allow them to only view the shared whiteboard. 

Features of Milanote: 

1. You are also allowed to share photos that you want to using the Snapshot tool.

Whiteboard Fox also allows you to see the previous edits done to the whiteboard through the replay feature, you can also copy all the content to another whiteboard in case you want to edit them later. 

2. Whiteboard Fox offers a blank canvas in the form of a grid. You can also use Whiteboard Fox on iPads and all Android tablets.

Screenshots can be saved and are the only way to preserve past work, which means you can’t save work that you have done on the whiteboards. 

3. All the changes are synced across all shared devices, this means if one user makes a change every other user sees the change in real-time. 

4. You get a link which you can mail to share boards. The other collaboration tools include the admin being able to allow people to make changes to the board or to draw and not erase. 

Whiteboard also allows you to zoom in and out of boards so you can focus on the details. Freehand drawing which enables you to draw and move the pen around however you want.

The ruler tool also helps in making precise drawings for layouts. Besides, adding images you are also able to add texts so others can see and get the idea. 

Whiteboard is an easy whiteboard that works best for:

  • Small teams or businesses
  • Individuals who work alone
  • Startup businesses. 
  • Team collaboration
  • Planning projects

Whiteboard Fox is ideal for teams that are looking to brainstorm, explain their ideas, or take notes. Plus, it is free of cost and is perfect for educating or discussing for a limited amount of time.

It is also quite popular among online tutors and educators who use this as a toll to explain what they are teaching to their class. 

Whiteboard is probably the most simple and user-friendly online whiteboard app on this list.

The app is completely free and yet, it manages to help you get basic work done with ease.

The whiteboard tool is rolled out as a web-based app and you access it through your browser.

The app boasts of a clean UX design and the boards that you create can be shared with others through a manually generated link.

Even though the tool is free, it has a lot of amazing features like the shape detection feature that lets you create perfect shapes with ease, version history, and the ability to choose from a white or a dark background. homepage

The app can easily integrate with Slack to give some extra collaborative powers but it lacks native auto, video, and chat messaging features.

The app cannot be used by big organizations and is best suited for personal use or small teams.

Whiteboard is best suited for:

  • Personal use
  • Small teams
  • Note taking
  • Classrooms

Notebook Cast is another whiteboard app that offers some amazing features. 

These features include instantaneous whiteboard synchronization, which allows all the users sharing the whiteboard to see the changes made by others in real-time.

Template support allows users to create their own templates for recurrent usage or use other pre-made templates when needed.

Notebook Cast can be integrated with many other apps to improve the functionality of the app.

It offers decent chat support, the ability to add text, laser pointer, shape detection, and much more.

The app is best for:

  • Small businesses
  • Personal use
  • Small collaborative projects
  • Note taking

Features Of An Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboards allow you to write or draw as much as you want, there is no limit to it. Their infinite canvas gives you no borders and you decide how big your whiteboard can be. 

You are able to do freehand drawing with various tools like in Paint programs. A good whiteboard can straighten your lines automatically and recognize the shapes you put in and transform them. 

Online whiteboard’s most common tools are the widgets, the little icons that help in guiding the viewers. For example, sticky notes, arrows, or post-it notes, highlights, stickers, and more.

One of the most important things for online whiteboards are the notes, because of them team members are able to communicate with each other in certain places on the whiteboards. They can later be saved as conversation or resolved. 

In addition to that, you can add media to the online whiteboard, usually images and photos. 

Sometimes, you can upload other documents or add audio tracks and videos. You can later get access to the documents of play the audios and videos by clicking directly inside the whiteboard. 

For extra functionality many whiteboards allow various plugins and integrations so you can get a variety of help if necessary.

They could be used to include video or voice chatting with apps like Skype, or publish whiteboards to web pages like WordPress. 

Synchronous and asynchronous collaboration

A good online whiteboard allows teams to collaborate remotely and the applications allows people to work together at the same time on the same whiteboard.

This is what synchronous collaboration is. You are able to see in real-time when someone draws something, adds notes or pieces of media, and makes other changes. 

When you login to the whiteboard you share with your teammates and find edits done to it and what changes they made while you were not there.

That is what asynchronous collaboration is. When everyone adds their opinions, ideas, and other things in their own time.

Plus, the notes and the comments that you make will be read by others and they will respond when they are available. 

Interactive Collaboration

Whiteboards have different ways that allow people to be collaborative or interactive. These are very useful for work purposes and for online classes. If you find a good whiteboard, they allow screen sharing.

That is a good way to lead classes or meetings, so you can feel like a class while being at your house. You can control and manage your whiteboard and invite other people to watch it. 

When a screen is being shared, you can record the sessions and save them for later. This way, the saved videos can be shared too.

If you get your hands on one of the best online whiteboards, you will be able to live chat. This could be done with audio, texting, and video chats. 

Areas Of Use Of An Online Whiteboard

1. In Meetings:

Online Whiteboards are perfect if used in meetings as they make remote working easier. These whiteboards can be used for video conferencing and this mode of visual communication is much preferred over other forms of communication.

Online Whiteboards allow you to be in a video conference while working on the project itself. 

Or just using visual gestures to complete a task is much more intuitive than working with a mouse.

For example, you can use your fingers to rotate or magnify your text rather than scrolling through a mouse. Using the power of visuals, you can create a more engaging form converting ideas.

2. Documentation Purposes:

One of the greatest benefits of using an online whiteboard is the ability to record all that you have done.

This can be extremely useful as it allows all the members of a meeting to remember and revisit the ideas that were discussed in a meeting with the proper context. 

Not only that, but it also allows for a more detailed way of keeping a track on the company's progress and development.

You can relive the meeting in the same manner as you first did which reduces the changes of any detail being overlooked or forgotten.

Also, it is not possible for you to take notes during every meeting.

Sometimes, you are just brainstorming but you don’t want any ideas to slip though you. Ideas can be missed the first time around due to distractions or inattention. You can avoid that through online whiteboards.

The recorder option available on an online whiteboard is an invaluable feature that makes life so much easier.

3. Print and Save Information:

Printing and saving is similar to the previously mentioned point, but it is still worth mentioning.

You see, when you conduct a meeting, it is a very good idea to inform your co-workers that you can save and print all the information available. Taking notes is very important in any meeting. 

Some people are not comfortable with reading from a digital platform and prefer keeping it traditional. For such people, online whiteboards are still a viable solution and actually make reading and working easy.

4. For Classrooms

Online whiteboards make classroom experience more entertaining and interactive and help students in absorbing as much information as possible.

Unlike traditional whiteboards which only allow teachers to draw so much, online whiteboards improve the bag of tricks a teacher holds. 

A teacher can create slideshows, animations, embed video, audios, and images to make the study session much more interactive.

They don’t just make the classes more interactive for students, but much easier for teachers too. Teachers aren’t limited with their resources and are able to experiment new and effective ways of teaching with lower efforts.

Other more specific areas of use include:  

  • While you are in your separate places, you can still brainstorm without having to meet at a single place. 
  • Students that are not in the same classroom can be taught by connecting through a video calling feature and learn their lessons on a whiteboard just like in a traditional classroom. 
  • Virtual study sessions
  • You can use Virtual whiteboards to conduct meetings. Meetings can still take place just like they do while the team members are away and present at different places. 
  • An online whiteboard can be used to represent sales pitches, graphs, presentations, and all sorts of stuff that needs visual representation without groups having to meet up. 
  • Online whiteboards are used to manage the workflow and make sure it goes uninterrupted. 
  • You can use an online whiteboard for mind mapping. This means you can write your ideas down for others to see. 
  • Wire frames are screen blueprints that are made to rearrange elements for a particular purpose. These can be created through whiteboards.
  • You can use it to create leaderboards and share it with your audience. 
  • Whiteboards are used to improve the collaboration and interactivity whenever you have to work remotely. 
  • You can use an online whiteboard to have the in-office or school experience while staying in your room in real-time. 
  • When work is done digitally, especially a meeting, it can become tiring or demotivating. To prevent that, online whiteboards are used to increase productivity by making people engage in it. 
  • Using online whiteboards to boost the efficiency of online meetings making them more interesting can be a smart choice. 
  • You can use it to hold collaborating sessions online and make the experience as real as possible.

Pros And Cons Of Online Whiteboards

Online whiteboards are a great tool to boost your creativity and productivity. However, just like any other piece of tech, they have their pros and cons. Here are some of them listed below.


1. Touchscreen: One of the biggest drawbacks of a traditional whiteboard is the inability to interact with the information on the whiteboard.

The fact that online whiteboards essentially work as though they are touchscreens makes them interactive.

Not only can you display data on these whiteboards, but you can manipulate this data by resizing, rotating, and enhancing this data in other ways. 

All this can be done through simple gestures which makes the process more intuitive, engaging, and less time-consuming.

2. Online Help: An online whiteboard allows you to access the internet and get all the help that you need.

In traditional whiteboards, if you are facing a problem you have to look up the solution on the internet on a separate device and transfer the solution onto the whiteboard manually. 

In the online version of it, you can look up the solution on the same device and then copy the data that you want to direct to your whiteboard. This seamless process saves you a lot of time and frustration.

3. Better Communication: The kind of world that we live in today focuses on inclusivity. In work places, there are employees from different countries and cultural backgrounds working on different projects.

It may not always be possible to gather them physically. Online whiteboards can facilitate online meetings where you can bring clarity to matters just as you would in an offline conference room.

It also tends to engage people more as compared to a regular video call.

4. Smart Tools: A lot of times, we have found ourselves in a place where some help would make our life much easier. We have struggled while drawing circles or straight lines on a whiteboard.

A lot of times, explaining an idea can be easier if we just can highlight a certain area seamlessly or magnify a specific part of our drawing for our audience.

Online whiteboards offer all kinds of tools that help us achieve that. From rotating images to resizing them and everything in between, online whiteboards prove several smart tools to make your life easier.

5. Multimedia: Online whiteboards give you the option to include different types of multimedia elements in your working area. Interactive media like images, videos, and much more.

This helps in making your presentation engaging. If you only use text to convey your idea, it becomes difficult to keep your audience attentive, but with multimedia elements, the task becomes easy.

Also, you can just copy different items like videos from YouTube, directly onto your whiteboard and save time for yourself.

6. Personalized Content: Online whiteboards allow you to personalize your content to your heart’s extent.

All the different tools and integrations that online whiteboards offer, allow you to create content that reflects your approach towards a certain problem. 

Even though that is what happens through any medium of conveying ideas, online whiteboards give you incredible freedom to convey your ideas.

This enables you to give a personal touch to your content within every domain possible. 

7. Audio Transcripts: You can display audio transcripts easily which is very useful when you just want your audience to listen to a small recording instead of making them go through a paragraph that no one wants to read.

Audio is better than text as it conveys the tone of speech precisely as it is. Unlike text, there can be no dispute about the intentions through audio.

8. Collaboration: Online whiteboards allow teams to collaborate on a simple project at the same time. People can brainstorm their different ideas on an empty canvas and then display the results to others. 

You see, online whiteboards allow for more in-depth and detailed brainstorming sessions in which ideas aren’t just conveyed by words, but through the pictorial representation of those ideas that are much more specific and easier to understand.

These ideas can then be placed on a single whiteboard and fine-tuned with your team. Through online whiteboards, you can work on projects in real-time.

The true potential of this feature is realized only after you use it for yourself.

9. Reviewing: Online whiteboards make the tasks of reviewing projects and progress efficient. Online whiteboards allow users to create professional resorts that can be assessed in a matter of minutes.

Also, they give users the ability to share their whiteboards easily which means accessing them for reviews becomes easy.

Through an online whiteboard, you can save the charts and other figures that you create, which makes putting them up for review is just as simple as sharing the saved file.

10. Remote Teaching: In the wake of the pandemic, everyone has taken over online teaching. Online whiteboards have been crucial in imparting the ability to teach.

Online whiteboards give teachers the ability to share a single whiteboard on which they teach with their students.

Not just that, but the online whiteboards have superior functionality when compared to traditional whiteboards.

This has allowed teachers to teach students in distant areas with higher efficiency than what was expected.


1. Technical Inability: A lot of old school teachers cannot use new technology. They are not comfortable with the idea of using such advanced technology.

And online whiteboards aren’t the standalone technology they need to use. With online whiteboards, they also need to use other integrated software.

There is no point in implementing a technology that cannot be used to its full potential.

2. Teacher Training: For users to be comfortable with using online whiteboards, a company needs to invest in training and assessment.

Money is valuable and no one wants to throw around a bunch of cash for no reason. The high initial investment that comes with an online whiteboard might shy people away from it.

3. Reliability: No technology is completely reliable. If a business is heavily reliant on an online whiteboard tool and saves a lot of its data on the servers, there is a chance that the service might crash.

Even if the company can recover its data, the lack of a service that the company relies so heavily on could create tremendous problems.

4. Learning Curve: It takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master. Learning how to use an online whiteboard is not a big deal.

Almost anyone can get familiar with it in no time. The problem is that getting good at using the software to its full extent takes more than just a couple of days.

Features To Look For in Every Online Whiteboard

Not all whiteboards are made the same. There are certain features that you need to look for in a whiteboard and discard the ones that lack them.

These are the features that you need to be on the lookout for while choosing an online whiteboard.

1. Audio/video calling features: Certain online whiteboards offer audio and video calling options. This is a fantastic advantage to have, especially if you are someone who needs to conduct meetings and works in a group in real-time.

Audio and video calling features allow you to cooperate with your team in a much more efficient manner. 

2. Chat messaging tools: While audio/video calling options are great, sometimes all you want to do is update your partner with a little message to get the job done.

Video or audio calling in those scenarios seems like overkill. Whiteboards that offer chat messaging tools help solve this problem.

3. Board version and revision history: Perhaps the greatest feature of all time of any online whiteboard tool is the ability to save board versions and utilize revision history.

Board version refers to the ability of the online tool to remember different saved versions of the online whiteboard.

This allows users to trace back to any version of the whiteboard, in case he made a mistake in his current version. This is what allows you to undo and redo your work. 

4. Pre-made template library: While the freedom to do your work the way you want to do it is good, it can be overhandling.

If you are a beginner, you might have a hard time figuring out what is the best layout for conveying your idea to the public or customer.

This is where pre-made template libraries come to your rescue. With premade templates, you can just choose one that fits your needs. This allows you to work efficiently and save time even with a low experience.

5. Sticky note features: You can call a person to inform them about a specific detail on your whiteboard, or you can send them a message. But all this can be forgotten after a while.

The best way to ensure that the detail you want to mention is never forgotten is to keep a reminder. This is achieved through sticky notes.

You can attach sticky notes to your whiteboard and never forget the details that you wanted to mention in the first place.

6. Commenting tool: Apart from sticky notes, you can also add comments. This feature is reminiscent of the comment feature that Google provides in its Google Docs module.

Commenting allows users to work in a highly efficient collaborative fashion as they can leave remarks and suggestions for everyone to see without disturbing the layout of the original whiteboard.

7. File and image uploading: You might have some files on your local machine that you would want to upload to your online whiteboard.

This allows you to work with a greater number of resources and make your work much more productive. You can even use older whiteboards that you can upload and then use them as a canvas to start drawing on.

8. Smart shape and image recognition: With smart space and image recognition features, you can just add certain images on the whiteboard and it will recognize them.

This recognition feature can be used to find similar images and the smart shape recognition feature can be used to detect certain shapes.

If you want to draw a circle or a straight line, you can draw something that resembles those shapes and the smart shape recognition feature will draw a perfect circle or a straight line for you.

9. Multiple file format saving options: You should be able to export your whiteboard files to any platform. This is possible only if you are able to save your files in multiple formats.

Another benefit of having the luxury of saving your files in multiple formats is that different formats serve different purposes. So, whatever your need is, you should be able to set the format of your file accordingly.

10. Multimedia Support: An online whiteboard should support all kinds of multimedia.

From images to videos and audio recordings, the ability to integrate interactive features like these make your presentation more engaging and efficient in conveying the idea that you want to convey.


Whether you are a student or have work related to business, online whiteboards are the best tools that help you convey and understand others ideas, concepts, plans, and points.

This is both helpful and easy because you don’t need to be present in the same place or have a limit to what you can write.

Meetings are way better understood when conducted with visual representations as compared to text or voice-based representations of the same ideas. 

Choosing a good whiteboard whether it is for all-time use or single-time use is important. Hopefully, the article along with the list helped in making a decision.

If you are planning to work using an online whiteboard lots of time then go for the paid versions like Limnu or Conceptboard.

These whiteboards are able to handle good workloads and have great features. For unpaid versions, Microsoft Whiteboard and Whiteboard Fox are perfect, especially for hosting online classes. 

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