Top 30 Best Passive Earning Ways (2022)


Earning has become a challenge in the modern era. Common employment sectors are filling up fast while many other people remain unemployed.

However, many earning alternatives have evolved with time. Especially with the emergence of the Internet, new earning scopes have come up. Unfortunately, people are yet to learn about these opportunities and utilize the techniques.

One such opportunity to earn effortlessly is named passive income. It is a broad term under which there are several different kinds of professions.

The idea is to earn money while you are not directly working. You may invest in something from which you can keep making money.

You may not even work on it, and just by investing, you may get money. On the other hand, you may invest money, your ideas, talent, and time on a specific work to earn in the future.

The concept of passive income is to earn money when you are not working. The process has to be effortless or at least easy to call it a passive income way.

It works like a one-time investment that lets you earn money for a lifetime. However, the duration of getting the profit may depend on the type and quality of the work.

It is better to invest enough time and money in the project to make your passive income fruitful and successful.

Passive income ways have evolved to make earning money effortless and simple. But it surely doesn't mean that you don't need to work on it.

You have to give an effort throughout a particular time to get the result. Many individuals want to make passive income an extra earning source. Some people prefer to invest in passive earning and dedicate all their time, money, and effort to it.

In both cases, the focus is to invest in something on which you have knowledge and confidence. A number of passive earning options are available.

But selecting the right option can be difficult. You need to know the details of such opportunities before you opt for the right one for you. Remember to invest wisely.

Moreover, you can start early and invest gradually or you may save adequate money to invest once. Also, you need to work on such earning opportunities to get the best outcome.

To start passive income, you need to be active for a certain period. The outcome of your passive income would depend on your active period.

So, you have to be determined and you need to plan out before expecting any profit from passive income. 

Passive income opportunities are vast. It has various branches and sectors. There are several ways of passive income. Before you choose one, you must learn about the possibilities.

You need to know which task you can do the best and select accordingly. Passive income can be fun and interesting if you can obtain the maximum out of it.

Here are some basic guides for people who are interested in knowing about passive income sources. Let's jump into it! 

Did you know that you can earn using others' properties?

Yes, this is one of the most profitable passive income ways in today's market. In this sector, little investment can provide you a high return.

Also, it is mostly risk-free as you work with experienced and established companies. 

Crowdfunded rental properties include opportunities of investing in a property, utilizing it, or simply investing in a property as a shareholder. 

If you have a striking idea, then you can choose a property to execute the plan.

Crowdfunded Rental Properties

Many people have transformed open spaces into parking spots. They earned and shared proportion with the landowner. In the other option, you would need to invest in a property.

As soon as you become a shareholder, you get a portion of the income from that particular property. Thus, you keep earning substantially as long as you stay a shareholder of that property.

However, crowdfunded rental property investment has become easier these days. There are apps where you can choose a property and invest.

You can get a lot of convenient and suitable options to invest in. Some trusted sources are, 'DiversyFund', 'CrowdStreet', 'Fundrise', where you can search for properties and get a lot of investment options. 

The next option is to invest in stocks or funds to receive a high yield dividend.

Starting from 1.5% you can earn up to 8% of dividends. You must work with an established and trusted company to ensure the maximum outcome.

There are risks in investing in companies that are not stable and may pay a low yield dividend. Even, you may lose your capital.

But, mostly, it is safe to invest in funds and stocks. Also, it is one of the most known passive earning ways in modern times.

To reduce the risk of losing your money, you can consider investing in mutual funds and ETFs that are secured as well as provide a high yield dividend.

High-yield Dividend Stocks & Funds

You need to open an account in an investment bank and there are a lot of options in the market.

For trade stocks and ETFs, you can choose Ally invest, and for app-based trading, go for Robinhood. Both are free of cost and reliable. 

Try to invest in a low-cost index fund to avoid any risk. An actively managed fund is not a good option for newcomers. Gather experience and then invest in high-cost index funds.

Robo investing is a very fascinating field. It works in an automated investing service where updated software and computer algorithms are used to manage your investment portfolio.

You can invest a little and earn a high profit. In modern times, when everything is online-based, Robo investing is a preferred passive earning option.

It is convenient and super easy to use. Besides, Robo investing is quite a safe and secure option.

It may not provide you outstanding performance but there is little chance of underperforming.

Robo Investing

So, you may not see any negative results after investing in a Robo advisor. 

There are many platforms for Robo investing. One such platform is 'Betterment' which requires an annual maintenance fee of 0.25%. Another fee-free option is M1 Finance for trade and stocks. 

As Robo investing is modern technology and mechanism, it is a super cost-effective and time-saving option.

 It is also much safer than traditional investing techniques. Robo investing provides a flexible passive earning way to people.

It is a very convenient and effortless way of earning money by investing in a Robo advisor. The work procedure is automated and thus it reduces the risk of faults or mistakes. So, it is a trusted option.

What have you planned with your savings? Do you keep that in your house or deposit it in any bank?

For those who are not really aware of the techniques of utilizing your savings, this option is for you. Do not keep your money idly.

Rather deposit it in an entity that will add up interest to your savings.

CIT bank is such an entity that keeps your saving and starts adding a certain amount of interest after a particular time.

You may need to deposit the money for a definite period, for say, 6 months or 1 year, to start receiving the interest.

Certificates Of Deposit

Moreover, your savings can be kept in a safe place when you choose certificates of deposit (CD). In terms of safety and earning, a CD is the best opportunity.

You absolutely need to do nothing and you can sum up more money in your account just by sitting home. It is an excellent long-term plan where you can secure your money and get profit after a certain period.

So, people who have no idea about where to deposit their savings, go for a certificate of deposits and start adding interest to it.

Here is another outstanding and super easy earning way. Passive income ideas are truly interesting as you don't need to do anything extra and you can use your belongings to earn money.

Renting out storage space is the best opportunity for those having properties or spaces left idle. 

You may have a space that you do not use. You may have a field or maybe a small garden.

Or perhaps you have a garage that you don't use. Or you may have a spare room in your office or house.

Basically, any space that you do not use can be provided to others. 

Rent Out Storage Space

In return, you can earn adequately. People in today's age need a lot of space for various purposes.

Thus, this can be a profitable opportunity for those having a little or a large space. Rent it out to people who need it and earn passively. is a company where you can advertise your property and it will help you to find a client. Such mediators are available that can manage clients for your property.

Therefore, do not forget to utilize the smallest portion of your property to earn money.

Here comes another simple yet interesting passive earning method. If you have a student loan, you can consider refinancing your student loan to get a lower interest rate.

Refinancing is simply to replace a loan with a new loan.

This can provide you with better facilities, help is lessening monthly payments, reducing the interest rate, and offer you a better loan policy.

Refinancing is a very competent passive earning option as many students apply for student loans these days.

These students should keep themselves updated about the new bank and loan policies and must know about the updates

Refinance Students Loans

Banks frequently update their loan policies and provide various opportunities to their customers to hold them back. Your task is to know about the policies and utilize them to save your money.

Refinancing your student loan will allow you to substitute your current loan policy with a new one that is more profitable for you.

The new policy can help you save money and earning cannot be more passive than this. Saving money is also a way of passive income.

Keeping that in mind, we have inserted this option in the list for those who have student loans and finding a passive earning way. 

Shout out to all the writers out there who are looking for an earning way. Live your passion and earn money.

You can write on literally any topic. The blogging world is becoming broader day by day. People do not only write about food, traveling, fashion or sports.

But bloggers nowadays also talk about the hobbies and practices that may seem minor to you but are interesting to a lot of readers.

Many particular topics are discussed in the blogging sites. Thus, you just need to select a topic of your interest and need to know enough on that subject.

Adequate knowledge, perception, and writing skills will suffice to make you a blogger. 

Start A Blog

Once you start writing regularly, you slowly get attention from your readers. Gradually, you start getting more and more traffic. You can then start earning by buying a domain and creating a website.

There are also many other earning ways like advertising a company or product and getting funded by them. You can also apply for sponsorship to earn extra.

You simply need to continue writing and soon you can start earning. Those blogs will help you earn whenever a reader goes through it.

Those blogs are your assets that let you earn passively for as long as readers read your blogs. 

Real estate businesses are quite stable, and investing in this sector can be incredibly profitable. Real estate companies usually plan out well before investing.

They invest in high income-generating properties thus creating more opportunities for incoming money.

You can invest in such real estate investment trusts as the dividend rate is generally high and beneficial for the investors.

Purchasing and selling REITs is super easy and fast. Thus, you can substantially reduce the risk of loss by selling out your portion when the business is not going well.

Your earning totally depends on the real estate market.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

If it goes well, you can earn a lot. If the market is down, you may suffer. But as selling and buying are fast in this sector, you can take necessary steps promptly. 

You can invest money in Diversify or Fundrise, to earn a considerable interest. The monthly income from these types of investments is pretty high and profitable.

You simply need a company where you can invest your fund and start earning. The real estate investment trust is one of the most competent entities that initiate passive income opportunities for people.

You just need to grab the opportunity to earn passively.

The next option of passive income is to choose websites that allow peer to peer lending.

Websites like LendingClub and Prosper allow users to lend money to another party. You can invest money in such websites by lending money to a person.

Peer to peer money lending is commonly used for personal purposes. The websites work as a mediator and help to link you up with a buyer.

You will provide a loan to an individual with a list of terms and conditions.

When you get the return, you can earn around 6-10% of interest on the actual loan amount.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

Start by investing a little. Try finding a trusted buyer. Though these websites try to make the process fluid and safe, you must stay conscious.

Initially invest a little so that even if you lose it, you won't have to regret it. When you will get acquainted with the mechanism, you can easily find trusted clients and your earning will soar up dramatically.

Peer to peer lending is a common practice in today's time. It is one of the best opportunities that can let you earn passively in a very short time.

It may sound crazy and unreal that you can earn by watching TV.

Not only by watching TV, rather you can earn by consuming any content available on digital media.

You need to concentrate on what you are watching so that you can review them or participate in surveys.

There are various websites like InboxDollars, MyPoints, and many more where you can fill up surveys and participate in reviewing the content.

As the content creation rate soared up, reviewing them became more significant.

Websites That Pay For Answering Survey Questions

The reviewing and surveying business has grown gradually and you can be a part of it to earn passively.

You can simply sign up on these websites, watch the content, and fill up the surveys. If you are a movie lover or you like watching content, this is a fun job for you.

You can simply enjoy the content and prepare yourself for earning. Write a review or fill in the questionnaires to get money.

You can also make review videos and provide other streaming videos like video games. The main target is to earn effortlessly.

If you are already into such activities, do that on the correct platform that will let you earn money passively. 

This option is best for people who have enough money to invest in large projects.

When you become a shareholder of a big project or organization, you keep earning regularly. The projects are mainly private.

It can be a start-up business, a real estate business, a consultancy business, or any other private project where you can invest money.

Many long-term projects require investments from time to time. They may not need the fund at once.

Thus, such project managers and companies search for investors who can fund the project.

Private Equity Funds

If you have adequate savings, you can invest them in such projects that will give you profit whenever they earn.

Investing in private equity funds is very useful for wealthy people who want to use their savings to earn more.

 If you have adequate money, you must consider investing them in such projects that multiply the invested amount. This opportunity is not for a newcomer and a person who has a little fund.

You have to have enough money as these projects require large investors. If you are one of those having funds and looking for a suitable place to invest, this is a perfect option for you.

If you own a car, then you already have an earning resource with you.

Passive income is totally your cup of tea if you have a car. You are on top of the world if you also have a parking slot.

 This means you can actually earn a lot from your car and the parking space.

People nowadays need to use cars and spaces to park their cars. Now, not everyone can buy a car.

Also, during traveling and other purposes, people may need a place to park their car. Thus, if you can provide these services to people, you can earn well. 

Rent Your Car & Parking Space

You can rent out your car for a day, for a few hours, or several days to a client who needs a car service. 

Also, you can rent your parking space to the clients. You can earn crazy by renting your parking slot. You can at least $100 per month by this.

Similarly, the demand for renting a car is going up day by day. Depending on the car you have, you will get paid and this passive income strategy is truly the best way for car owners to earn money.

Also, people having a parking space must not miss out on the opportunity of renting it out. 

Here comes another interesting aspect of passive income.

If you don't want to invest directly in a project, you can lend money to an individual who wants to invest in such projects.

There are people who want to invest money in various projects to earn a profit.

But they may not have the money to invest. So, you can help them invest by funding them.

You can make a private contract with an investor and earn monthly or yearly interest.

As the contract is private, you and your client have the freedom of choosing the interest rate and deciding the terms and conditions.

Private Notes

You must select a trusted person to whom you can lend the money. 

It is never the best option for people who are inexperienced. Also, never try this with random people. As the deal is done one to one, you must know that your client is reliable and genuine.

You have to be conscious of frauds. Don't trust blindly. Verify before investing. Thus, this passive income tactic is suggested to those having a trusted client where your investment is safe.

A big congratulation to writers who have already started earning. And people who want to become a writer should take it as a motivation.

As mentioned before, to earn passively, you may need to be active for a certain period of time. Here comes the point to explain this.

You have to invest time, give effort, and use your creativity properly to write a book that would attract readers.

The book can be fiction or nonfiction but it has to be a quality book.

Try to stand out in the market. You may follow various strategies to write a book that would engage the audience. 

Write A Book

Once you start winning the heart of readers, there is no looking back. The publisher will keep giving you the commission of the sale.

Every time a buyer buys your book, you will make an earning out of it. Writing a book is the most creative and fascinating passive earning way where you earn on your own.

You get money because of your talent and creativity. Needless to say that you will also earn fame along with money. 

To all aspiring writers, do not ignore this opportunity. Start writing your book and see how it becomes a source of income in the long-run.

Needless to say that people are nowadays mostly interested in reading e-books.

They are cheaper and you can filter the kinds of books you want.

Going paperless has become a new practice. Thus, if you want to write and publish a book, you may consider publishing an e-book.

Try to write a non-fiction book for online platforms. Also, try making it short and concise.

People like buying books that can guide and teach them. Also, make sure that the cover is impressive and loud.

If you can't give a striking first impression, you may keep losing readers.

Publish An E-book

Publishing an e-book is cheaper and much more convenient. You can also know the feedback and easily interact with the readers. Once you get used to it, you can keep writing more and more books.

However, the passive earning process is the same. You can keep earning money whenever someone buys your book.

You get the greater percentage of the earning and this will continue, So for the writers who need a platform, must publish e-books to initiate their passive earning journey.

Alexa is a product Amazon in the category of personal devices. It is based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. 

Though this requires certain skills to upload the voice interactions, after learning the basics of Alexa skill code and lambda functions, a developer can complete the task of Alexa voice interaction.

Creators can have complete right over these skills in terms of updation, editing and publication.

We are already aware about the content creation on various platforms like blogs, applications etc.

Create An Alexa Skill

But accept it or not, it has become a very common source of passive income for the people. The newest and the latest entry in the segment of content creation are in personal devices like Alexa.

If you are aware about the demand and supply functions of economics, you may be aware that when the supply increases; prices go down, thus the profits.

Alexa skill creation is quite new in the segment and not many people are aware of it as of now, thus fewer suppliers. This can prove to be a golden opportunity for you to earn great profits.

There is a need for a certain type of technical skill that is required to develop the content on Alexa.

In this passive income source, the people from the technology background can have an upper hand because of their existing knowledge.

A computer transcriptionist requires high listening skills. 

Transcription is defined as the skill that requires very minimum engagement of your logical and emotional skills.

What you simply need to do is that you need to hear the long/short audio files, and convert them into computer formats.

One of the notable things is that, even though this seems to be a very easy task, you may have to have certain levels of computer skills to make the data available in computer formats.

This is a feature that anybody can recognize for transcription.


It is a very easy and simple to execute task if you have a certain bit of computer skills. All you need to do is to listen to the audio files, make notes and then convert them into sharable and acceptable computer format.

You may have to convert the data into data sheets, word file, presentation etc.

The essential for this skill leads to an observation that this is a passive source of income that is suitable for a student.

The student with a fair bit of her education can finish this task without any extra skills and help from outside.  

This passive source of income may seem like a task for the people with a good amount of capital but it is not. 

People even with low incomes can earn through royalties of other people.

What you simply need to do is go and buy the royalties of other people’s publication, art, music etc.  

The sale of their work will turn out to be a passive income for you.

Consistency, this is what the royalties as an income comes with.

When you decide to make this as your income source, one thing you can be sure of is that you will have a consistent source of income.


Think of this as a long-term investment, a source of consistent income. This is what every investor looks for.

Just like an investment, you need to have a good research skill to choose the art whose royalty you want to buy.

You need to have the skill similar to an investor. Before making the decision of buying royalty, you need to make it clear that the art publication will have a good demand in the future.

Just like stocks, you can’t buy anything that trades on the screen. 

If you have the necessary skills to develop a website and a fair bit of skills to create content, then this is a very good source of passive income for you.

A niche marketing website is a site that is created for a very small segment or product. It is created to address a targeted group of consumers.

What this website aims to do is to develop a target market that is not yet addressed in an aggressive manner.These websites function on heavy use of SEO.

They need to do a lot of search engine research to know what keywords are not yet explored but have a demand in the market.

Build an Affiliate Niche Marketing Site

They decide on a few rare words, then go on to develop a website to answer very specific questions about it. The income is developed in the form of a commission.

Whenever someone clicks on the advertiser’s page, you get the commission for that. Developing an income through this source of passive business requires heavy research. 

What you need to do in order to develop an income in this segment is to have a team that has got both technical as well as researching skills. Lacking in one of the said skills will lead to no use of the other.

This is one of the most popular sources of passive income. There can be podcasts for anything by anyone coming from any place.

When you explore the market for podcasts, you will come across people who come from various backgrounds.

Right from students to owners of MNCs, everyone develops a podcast. The reasons for creating podcasts may be numerous.

Some develop podcasts as their hobby, some as the primary source of income and some just want to share their experience.

The most attractive feature about podcasts is that it has a huge reach.

Start a Podcast

You can reach millions of people with your experience if you have the right amount of skills and knowledge.

 There are companies that are ready to tie up with great orators to create podcasts, thus providing a passive source of income.

You need to be cautious about the content that you create. Your content needs to be developed as per the demand of the people.

You may think that your experience is worth sharing with the world but it may be the case that people don’t like your content. Always create content as per the needs and demand of the people.

Experts can create online courses for the people and sell it through online mediums.

This source of passive income is probably the most underrated one.

The general perspective is that if you are an expert in something then you are ought to land a good and have good income. 

People with jobs that pay them well never give a thought of developing a passive income in the first place.

They also don’t feel the need to share their knowledge with other people.

When you choose an online course or a skill, you are bound to develop good knowledge for the same.

Create an Online Course

An online course is created with the help of expert people who are pretty well informed about the content they are creating for distribution as a course.

An online course will always be value for money if chosen with a good amount of research and thought.  Think of this as an investment, if you do choose a good option then you are bound to receive rewards.

There will be a lot of competition if you choose this as a source of passive income because if you will go into the market, you will find that there are already numerous big and small vendors for the same.

So, if you are absolutely sure about the content that you are going to provide then only choose this as your passive source. Your knowledge should be of value to other people.

This is considered to be one of the easiest ways of creating passive income.

If you have extra space in your house that you don’t need to use, you can sub lease that space to other people who are in need of living space.

This way you will be able to save costs and balance expenses. Apart from that, you can always earn extra money by subletting the extra space.

This is a highly suitable source of income for the students because they don’t have anyone to be with them usually.

 They don’t have a family and they don’t have anyone for whom they are responsible. 

Sublease to Housemates

The extra space that they have in their house can be used as a source of passive income. This will help them cover their costs for education and other stuff.

One of the crucial factors to take care of while subleasing the space is the safety factor. You always need to have a clear background check of the person you are subletting the space to.

There are numerous options in the industry that will help you get people who need some place to live in. These companies usually verify their profile and then only give them a clearance.

When the market is as big as ours, there is nothing that you cannot sell from your home.

When talking about e-commerce business, don’t get ideas into your head that you will be functioning like Amazon.

When you start an ecommerce business, you got to start small.

While developing an ecommerce business, try to create a local customer base first then go on expanding. Don’t start and invest big right from starting.

This is also among those businesses that have got a big reach if done in the right manner.

When you start an ecommerce business, you are able to reach customers in a much faster manner and vice versa.

Start an e-Commerce Business

You are easy to reach, you can be easily found on the web and you are ready to sell.

Although as profitable as it may seem, there is one thing you have to pay attention to a lot to i.e. an efficient supply chain.

An efficient supply chain will ensure that you are able to get to customers at the right time with the right product.

If starting locally, always look for the best local delivery partners. If you fail to develop a good supply chain then your business ought to fail.

Starting a business is always a big hassle. You have to struggle financially and emotionally when you want a start-up.

If you think that you are capable of running the business without going through this struggle, buying an existing business is always a great option for you.

You can buy the businesses through an online mechanism as well as the offline agent listing.

There is no limitation as to what business you can buy but always start small.

It is not easy as it seems, buying a business and then running it is a daunting task.

Buy an Existing Business

People think that if they buy an existing business, they will be easily able to run everything but that is not the case at all.

The reality is you have a huge responsibility and a role to play when you become an owner of existing business. Do away with your perception that business is always profits and luxury.

It is much more than that. Before buying any business ask yourself one question. Are you emotionally ready to go through that struggle?

Most of the people can buy a business but only a few have the emotional capacity and patience to run a business. Always remember, owning a business is a task of huge responsibility.

Passive income doesn’t necessarily mean just extra dollars. It can also mean savings costs and time.

Outsourcing is the biggest example for it. Nowadays when you run business, it is more crucial to automate tasks rather than do everything by yourself.

You cannot just keep doing everything in your business and not pay attention to other areas.

It is very crucial that you outsource and automate many activities of your business to save cost and time.

Outsourcing your business will help to understand why they say time is business. When you automate your business activities you tend to save time.

Outsourcing Your Business

This time can be used to create other businesses, ideas, develop relationships, networking etc. When you save time using outsourcing your business tends to flourish in a much better manner.

Before outsourcing your business, you need to have a thorough analysis of your business activities. You need to identify what areas of your business you can afford to outsource.

There are certain activities of every business that can never be outsourced but there are some less crucial activities that can be automated.

These activities may be labor hiring, payroll management, account management etc.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that when you select any agency for outsourcing, be sure to check their background and their business values.

This is probably one of the most common sources of income in the rural settings. The public laundry is a very smart idea if you want to create income through the customers in the neighboring area.

This is an idea that has the capacity to fulfil the main need of the customers, washing clothes.

If you are able to create a good Laundromat service then you don’t need to worry about working every day.  

Your machines will work for you as a source of income. It is a business that requires a bit of maintenance. 

You need to have your machines in the best condition all the time otherwise you will see a decline in the profits very fast.


The customers want a good private space to get done with their laundry without going through any struggle. A bad machine means an unsatisfied customer.

Laundromat is a very common type of business and passive income source. There will be numerous Laundromats in one neighboring area. What will make you stand apart are your marketing skills.

How different you present your business to the market is what matters the most.  

A good marketing strategy with good space to complete the laundry will always be a consistent source of income for you.

If you are a business owner that supplies small goods that may be in the category of FMCG then vending machines can be a great option for supplying goods to the customer.

The business owners can exploit available spaces in the public places by installing vending machines.

These vending machines can be loaded with the goods that you intend to sell to the customers.

This is an extra channel of supply. Apart from the traditional methods of supplying goods, vending machines can be an addition to the same.

You can create a bit of more profit by supplying the goods using the public vending machines. 

Vending Machines

Always remember that you cannot substitute the traditional selling methods with vending machines, it is just a source of extra selling.

This enables a far reach, bigger customer base and obviously another source of income. Vending machines can only be used by those businesses whose products are known to the customers.

If you are a new member in the market then you need to first create goodwill in the market using the traditional means of selling.

When you are sure that there is a good awareness among the people regarding your product then you can choose to use a vending machine as a part of your supply chain.

This is for sure the most popular source of passive income as well as fame.

You shouldn’t be astonished to know the fact there are actually YouTube stars and celebrities who literally run their livelihood through creating content using a YouTube channel.

All you need to do is to use your Google account, Login to YouTube and your channel is ready.

If you are able to create good quality content with the ability to reach out millions, then you will literally be sponsored by huge brands.

You will also get paid hundreds of dollars for a single advertisement on your channel.

Start a YouTube Channel

It may right now look like this is a very easy task to complete but you need to beware of the competition in this segment. There are literally millions of channels on YouTube that are very popular among people.

They create content with utmost professionalism and research. If you have a talent like singing, dancing, oration or you have experiences/knowledge about a particular field, you can literally create millions out of it using a YouTube channel.

Don’t look at YouTube channels as a passive source of income. If you have the right talent and right team you can become a business person out of this.

Owning a YouTube channel is not just a hobby or a passive source of income, it is actually a fully-fledged business. If you have patience and professionalism for this, just get rolling.

If you have a collection of good digital photos then you can sell rights to these photos and monetize.

It may happen that you have a knack for photography or you may have access to a good collection of photos, this can actually be turned into a source of income.

All you need to do is to find a source; be it offline or online, using which you can sell these photos to people.

The photos that can be sold using this medium of passive income needs to be of the finest quality.

They need to have the capability of being the best in the market.

Stock Photos

Before taking a decision to sell your photos in the market, try to do a market survey at your level. Try to take the opinion of your friends, family etc. and know whether these photos can be sold in the market or not.

If they like your collection and are showing interest in them, you can absolutely sell them in the market.

If you have the ability to research the market and understand the domain needs of the upcoming businesses, then buying and selling your domain names can be a good source of passive income for you.

Whenever businesses try to develop their websites, what they mainly aim is that the names for their website are equally easy and catch.

They are trying to reach more customers using their website. You can purchase these domain names earlier and then sell it when the businesses need it.

You cannot just go and buy any name that you find on the internet. 

Trading Domain Names

You need to have a thorough research about the market regarding the upcoming businesses, brands, segments etc. 

The business of domain name is more about researching rather than selling and buying.

There will be a time in the future when no business or organization will be able to function without a website. That will be the time when you will pat yourself for buying those domain names in advance. 

This is a source of income suitable for the students. The students are more ardent researchers and aware about the development in the market.

They know exactly what trends are going on and they know how these trends are going to end up in the market. So if you can research as per the needs of domain name then try to create money out of it.


It is a known and an accepted fact that one source of income is not enough to sustain in the modern world.

You need to have more than one source of income if you want to insulate yourself from the unpredictability of the future.

You may be into any profession; student, accountant, teacher etc. and still feel the need to have a bit more money because of growing needs and expenses.

There are numerous people who develop a passive source of income just with the aim to be good on their payment deadlines.

Have you ever observed a businessman? You may have seen him working on one single primary source of income but most of the businessmen that you come across have multiple streams of income.

They have interest in other businesses, they may be into investing, they may be into gold, real estate but it is very rare to find businessmen depending only on one source of income.

Just like the business man, you also need to develop passive sources of income. If you have enough caliber and talent you can even convert this passive source into a primary source of your income.

We always complain that we don’t have enough money, but the reality is we lack knowledge.

With the right amount of knowledge and time investment you can develop multiple streams of income that will function without your intervention and give you those extra dollars for your trips, parties or your future home.

All you need is good research, a good plan and the right amount of time and you will see yourself earning those extra dollars within no time.

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