Top 10 Best Video Editing Softwares (2022): Compared & Reviewed


Editing is something that has been going on for ages even though it may look like it is a recent thing. Video editing software is a software that is used to trim, add, cut, and make videos more presentable and creative.

 Videos have what no other invention has, they capture the moment in every way and angle possible. They let you see what’s going on through a lens that can portray emotions and feelings so much more than a photo can.

People have found ways to use videos to get to people’s emotions straight away. From majestic views of nature to random stories about life, all of these get to people in different ways. Most people can edit videos themselves, all you need is a laptop with a high-performance GPU.

The reason everyone edits their videos is that it is very important to have a good presentation for a brand, product, etc, especially if you want to make an impression.

Along with engagement, the presentation also seems to be playing an important role in attracting people thus, gaining more audience. 

Along with Youtube, Netflix and Twitch, etc are pretty common and great ways to make money these days, is another reason why video editing software is high in demand and almost every other person is using it to edit videos.

Besides editing videos it has also proven to enhance businesses and give a boost in their revenue. According to Wyzowl, 83% of marketers and entrepreneurs state that they got decent ROI from videos.

That’s not it, you’d be surprised to know that according to Wyzowl, videos are a marketing tool of 87% of businesses. 

In 2018, the total market value of the video editing software industry was estimated at 779.8 million US dollars. It is estimated to reach a market value of 932.7 million US dollars by 2025.

This is largely due to the increasing popularity and consumption of videos as a form of entertainment.

Video editing software in personal computers and laptops is a recent thing actually, earlier it wasn’t easily available to the public as it is now.

Of course, technology has always been developing making things easier for people and it’s the same in video editing software. Taking videos is easy but what needs work is the production part.

That is when video editing software comes in handy. Through this article you will know about the uses of video editing software, how it works, its history, benefits, limitations, and the best video editing software that you can use. 

The best video editing software

When it comes to choosing video editing software, there are a lot of them available but you need the one among the best.

Good editing software will deliver your message clearly, entertain your audience, expand, and keep them engaged. To get the best quality video for your YouTube, online course, project, etc. you need to get the best video editing software.

Here is the 20 best video editing software that has all that it takes to make your videos turn out to be of top quality.

Adobe has had a good reputation for decades and their video editing software hasn’t disappointed us either.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud and is a leading video editing app.

It has Adobe Sensei technology which makes it time-efficient and gives you an arrangement of automated tools.

The workflow is smooth and allows you to edit your videos without leaving your timelines. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is optimized to fit any screen. It has the latest features and video formats.

The video can be edited in different formats like high-end 8k and virtual reality. In addition to that, it has an end-to-end VR 180 capability.

This means that it allows you to record 180 degrees VR videos in real-time, this enhances your effects and format allowing you to make the most hypnotic videos. Using their Google VR 180 format, you can upload videos on YouTube or any other platform. 

You can download motion graphics templates from Adobe Stock or After Effect easily. You don’t need to leave its pro interference.

This is possible because it is compatible with the top Adobe CC products like Adobe After Effects, Audition, Stock, etc. Color correcting and grading, are its other top features with tools like the Lumetri Color tools.

 Through this tool, you can enhance your color adjustments and make them more accurate and precise. You can also remove the background in green screen videos through the Chroma key tool. 

Its compatibility with Adobe CC products allows you to have professional quality audio because of extremely creative effects.

You can add numerous audio effects like amplifiers, compressors, reverbs, flangers, and stereo balance with the sliders in the essential sound panel. Its other features that you will find interesting and enjoyable are the drag and drop tools and a mobile app. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC offers a complete package of everything you need to edit in a professional way. It also offers a free trial and is an editing software for Windows. 

Corel VideoStudio Pro is a video editing software that turns your images into videos, movies and offers effects that are extremely creative, cool project templates, transitions, title presets, has more than 1500 filters, and several other features.

It is best at storyboard and timeline video editing. It has a MultiCam Capture Lite feature that allows you to create video, record screen, and webcam at the same time. 

Using Corel VideoStudio Pro, you can create movies and slideshows and choose from a lot of template options with the help of its slideshow maker.

It includes products like Corel Painter and PaintShop Pro, which make creating custom animated overlays, live painting, and static graphics possible. 

Corel VideoStudio Pro allows you to combine photos, audios, videos on various tracks. All the essential editing tools to crop, trim, split videos are present on the timeline.

You can also rotate, change aspect ratio, and make changes in the video in whatever ways you like. With Corel VideoStudio Pro, turning photos into an intriguing animation becomes possible in just 3 simple steps. You can also adjust the temperature with their features like lens correction.

The color correction feature helps you remove fisheye in photos and help the colors in videos to stand out and look more prominent with saturation adjustments, auto-tune adjustments, and many more features similar to these. 

Adding subtitles or any text to your videos is easy when you use this editing software. In addition to that, you can record voiceover, fade, and layer audio with the audio ducking, etc.

It is also designed for Nvidia and Intel processors and graphic cards. This means the rendering process is sped up allowing you a smooth and fast experience in all the popular file formats. 

Corel VideoStudio Pro has a drag and drop editing tool making your experience easier. It also includes Multi-camera editing, which means you can gather the footage of multiple cameras and edit them all together, this is usually what editors do when they film movies or videos for YouTube. 

Corel VideoStudio is also optimized for 4k display and supports 360-degree video editing.

You can also create Stop Motion Animation through this software, which is a way of filmmaking in which continuous photos of objects are taken while moving those objects ever so slightly after every photo in a predefined way to create the illusion of motion.

Pan and Zoom features are also available along with Chroma Key and Split-screen video. Split-screen videos are videos in which two separate videos play on a single screen at the same time. 

This software also includes Tiny planets and Rabbit Hole Effects which are 360 videos/spherical Panoramas. New textures, templates, and gradients from other video editing solutions like Boris FX, NewBlueFX, etc. are available.

You can also create motion paths graphics, shapes, overlays, etc. It also saves time by processing files in a batch. Traditionally, a single file is processed at a time.

With batch processing, multiple files are processed and rendered at the same time by using the multi-core capabilities of the CPU. This saves time and improves efficiency.

They have flexible and cost-effective licensing options that are great for small businesses.  Its average cost is 79.99$ and on 20% sale, it is for 63.99$.

If you are not happy and want to unsubscribe, you can get your money back within 30 days. 

If you are a beginner, this is the best video editing tool you can use because of its flexibility. Its amazing features include hundreds of transition effects, haze removal, focus adjustments, face detection (enhanced), and so much more. In addition to all that, there is a guided editing interface, touch-based editing, live search function, and video collages. 

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 has three modes when it comes to creating videos.

1. Quick mode: In this mode, you select the media for your video and have it arranged for you on the timeline. The program does it all itself.

Many processes like motion tracking, video stabilization, and smart toning, that need to be done manually are automated in this mode.

2. Guided mode: This mode assists you throughout. As the name says, this software educates you on the functionalities, features, and more.

You learn about every component of the interface and their functions and you work as well, kind of like a tutorial. 

3. Expert mode: This mode is for those who are experts in the video editing world. The users are in control of everything. They use tools, edit, and do everything themselves without the software interference. 

These modes allow you to use the software no matter at what level you are. It is however not the fastest out there. It is available for Mac and Windows 10 pcs.

This is their best feature along with plenty of others. It also offers free trials and it costs 99.99$.

Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s video editing pack with more than 2 million users.

It is pretty popular among Mac users since it blends professional video features while allowing users to learn as well. Clips can be arranged as roles in the library and imported too.

These can be benefits like effects, voiceovers, titles, video, music, and much more. You can use dual monitors because the attachment uses a three-pane view with a trackless magnetic timeline. 

This is perfect for users who are always aware of the power, want advanced features, speed, and want it to be easy to use.

You can try and use their 149 video effects after you are done with the video and the production is finished.

Along with that, they have 109 audio effects, 183 title animation templates, and 100 transitions which are easy to carry out with keyboard shortcuts. This can be saved with the traditional keyboard combos. 

Final Cut Pro X has some other great features including unlimited video tracks, Multicam editing, chroma-keying, and plenty of options for exporting like 4k and 360 videos.

Even on older MacBooks, the performance is superfast. You can use touch control tools for timeline scrubbing and customizing texts because of its support for MacBook Pro Touch Bar Editing.

This makes the experience fun, useful, and easy. Text editing comes with 3D capabilities which makes editing an interesting and enjoyable experience.

The different 3D templates, textures (plastic and concrete), lightning effects can be added from any angle of your screen. 

5. Movavi

Movavi is a powerful video editing tool that is used by professionals to create movie-grade videos.

The vast array of features and effects that the software offers allows users to customize videos just the way that they want to. 

The Movavi Effect Stores offer a huge collection of effects and transitions that cover titles, transition screens, backgrounds, and much more.

While these transitions can make your videos look quirky and polished, some of the other included features give a more cinematic feel to your videos.

This allows a user to create more cinematic looking videos that can be judged professionally by others. 

Vloggers can use the Vlogger Essential Bundle and kick start their journey with Movavi. Movavi Video Editor is part of the Movavi Suite that offers a lot of features for optimized video editing.

The effects store is regularly updated, so if you choose this editor, you should frequently visit the store for new content.

Creating cinematic videos requires crisp images and Movavi allows users to edit videos in HD or even 4k. With its wedding template on the Movavi Effect store, this editing software can kickstart your career as a filmmaker.

If you are a gamer or you plan on running a YouTube reaction channel, having a small screen on top of your videos is the norm. Movavi allows you to do that with its picture-in-picture feature.

Even though a lot of editors offer tons of features that can be added to the videos, adding those transitions and managing them can be a difficult task.

With Movavi’s Transition Wizard, this process becomes easier. From setting camera effects to adding sounds to them, the entire process of applying transitions becomes easier and much more manageable with the Transition Wizard.

Processing high-definition videos can take a lot of time and processing power that can slow down your system. Thus, video editors need to be optimized to do this work.

Movavi processed videos at a faster pace than other standard video editors so you don’t have to wait for long hours to check the result of your editing.

Movavi’s video editor is part of the video editing suite by Movavi. Having other software from the suite to work in conjunction with the video editor can make the process of video editing more streamlined and efficient.

Some of the other features that come loaded in the software are Design filters, Media Bin, Adjustable filter intensity, Keyframe animation, and built-in intros.

The software offers a lifetime payment model starting at $59.95 for the editor and $79.95 for the entire Movavi Suite. It is available on both Mac and PC.

Filmora is a very simple to use video editor with features that are easy to learn.

The robust software allows users to use advanced features like layering and much more with a simple to use and easy to understand interface.

The layering feature in Filmora allows you to glue together different videos and play them seamlessly.

The layering features can handle as many as 10 layers of audio and video in your timeline. This gives a lot of freedom to add effects the way you want to.

The video rendering capabilities of the software are quite impressive. If you set the settings to automatic, the videos render even faster. 

This high speed is one of the reasons Filmora can handle so many layers at once. 

Filmora pays specific attention to the aesthetics of the video and provides certain tools to correct videos that are deformed due to errors like the unstable camera or fish eyes.

One of the tools that FIlmora implements is the Lens Correction Tool that allows you to correct and adjust the fisheye effect.

Another feature is a video stabilization tool that allows you to fix the stabilization issues of your video. You can adjust the intensity of this adjustment using a slider.

The video editor comes integrated with certain online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo for easy sharing on these websites. You can even tailor your videos to be better optimized for these platforms.

Screen recording, which is an essential tool for YouTubers, gamers, and online teachers nowadays, is also available in the software. The integrated screen recording feature makes editing the recordings seamless and more efficient.

Other features include Preview rendering, tilt-shift, audio mixer, chroma-key, auto-ripple, advanced text editing, speed controls, GIF support, Noise removal, 4k editing, audio separation, scene detection, color grading presets, split-screen presets, keyframe editing, mosaic, and much more.

The pricing plans range from $39.99/year to $99.87/year.

Videobolt Pro is a cloud-based video editor that lets you edit videos on the web.

This allows a user to edit videos without having to set up the necessary infrastructure required for video editing.

The video editor is mainly used for creating video content for marketing and personalized data-driven videos at scale.

Videobolt is mainly used to generate user interaction and engagement.

Creating quality videos that people love, that reflect your values and ideas is an easy task with this video editor.

The easy drag and pod interface makes it very simple to use and anyone can edit videos, even without prior editing knowledge.

The video editor comes with pre-built templates that a user can use to create his personalized videos. The vast library of these customizable templates is created by professionals in the industry.

Since the application is cloud-based, it does not take up too many resources on the computer. The rendered videos are saved in Videobolt’s cloud-based servers.

These can be downloaded afterward. Having files in the cloud let your computer with resources that can be used to perform other tasks.

The storage capabilities of this editor are also more secure than the traditional way of storing files locally on your device.

Videos, logos, audio files, and other assets are stored in the cloud where they are more secure and can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world.

This makes the process of editing simple and flexible and now, you are not stuck with a certain device to perform video editing on. Instead, you can use any device to perform video editing. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Videobolt also offers integration of stock footage from Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. Videobolt is capable of creating audio visualizations and animations too.

It provides audio visualization templates that can be customized based on the genre of music and your own preferences. With Videobolt, you can create stunning background art for music videos and other mixtapes.

If you are working as a video editor professionally, Videobolt offers a reseller’s license that allows you to sell videos directly to your customers in a much faster and easier way.

It also allows you to create unlimited projects that can be updated iteratively as many times as you like. Other features of the video editor include team level access, parallel renders, designer community, and personalization at scale.

The software is sold at two prices of $267/month under the Video Specialist category and $442/month under the category of Video Professional. To get a custom version of the software, you can contact the vendor.

InVideo is another video editor that focuses on making the learning curve intuitive and easier so that new users can use the software without much hassle.

The main focus of the editor is to let brands create videos that reflect their ideas and brand across platforms like YouTube and other social media.

InVideo is catered towards small businesses, creative agencies, and large corporations.

The plethora of templates it offers can be quite attractive for marketers and other video producers for their work as they often want to create high-quality videos easily and fast. 

There are more than 3,500 templates, over three million stock footage, and over one million videos available on the platform.

The drag and drop functionality of the editor makes the process of trimming and pasting different videos together with special effects in a customized and specified fashion.

It can also resize images based on the context of the video. The advanced editing tools allow a user to create more than just goofy and creative effects. Fine-tuning videos, color, saturation, ratios, and much more can be done comprehensively.

The advanced timeline feature allows you to work in layers. It also offers Intelligent Video Assistant which gives machine learning-based suggestions to make your videos even better.

InVideo makes the process of generating your videos on different platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. easier with its built-in integrations. It also allows a user to convert a blog into a video with just a single click.

All you need to do is select an article-to-video template that is available in the software, and then the software will scrape the text from the article or blog and convert it into a video automatically.

The software can be used to work in teams. You can assign the admin and editor roles to users for better control over the process. Adding and managing team members are also possible in the software. 

You don’t need to use third-party software for adding voice-over as the software allows you to do that itself.

Other features of the software include High-definition video exports, sending shareable links, 17/7 customer support, image animation, uploading your own assets, on-screen text editing, automated text-to-speech, preview screen, and multilingual language support.

The software is sold under a business plan for $10 per user per month and an unlimited plan at $30 per user per month.

There is a free plan available as well and both of the above plans are billed annually along with 14 days free trial services.

BeeCut is a simple video editing tool that is mainly used to create short video ads, educational content, and YouTube intros.

The video editor is simple enough to be used by non-professionals.

Even though the editor is simple, it comes loaded with a bunch of features to make stunning videos with ease. The video editor’s biggest advantage is its simplicity.

The interface is intuitive and clutter-free, making it easy to use. Basic features like cutting, trimming, and combining videos is pretty easy.

The program is simple but comes with a bunch of optimization tools to make your videos look professional.

It allows you to fine-tune your videos by offering visual effects like speeding up the video, slowing it down, and flipping it. It also allows users to adjunct colors in a video to set the mood as they like.

This is a technique used by professionals to give their videos a certain vibe. Creating picture-in-picture videos and adding creative masks and highlights to enhance or hide certain parts of a video can also be achieved using BeeCut.  

The program comes with a video stabilization tool that takes away the cost of a video stabilized camera (to a certain extent because software optimization is not as capable as hardware optimization.).

BeeCut is a very flexible tool that allows users to create videos that are supported by different platforms. It allows users to create videos in different aspect ratios like 1:1, 3:4, 16:9, etc.

This allows a user to create videos optimized for certain platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. These videos can either be burnt on a DVD by the inbuilt burner in BeeCut or imported to Android or iOS devices.

Unlike many other video editing tools that are either exclusively built for PC or mobile, BeeCut offers support on both platforms.

For intensive work, you can use it on a PC, However, if you want to use the video editor on the go, it is also possible with BeeCut.

For people who do most of their work while being on the go, like marketers who need to upload a sleek Instagram story in minutes, BeeCut is a perfect choice. Instead of running to a desk, they can do things faster and more conveniently through their phones.

With the built-in audio editing capabilities, you don’t need to rely on third-party software to edit the audio in your videos. This can be directly through the app and tested too.

This makes the process of creating a final product even more efficient. BeeCut allows a user to adjust volume as well as remove background noise and provide much clearer audio. It also supports different sound effects.

Pricing options range from $29.95 for one month of personal use to one-time $59.90 for lifetime use.

Camtasia is a simple video editing and screen recording tool that allows beginners as well as industry professionals to create stunning, attractive, and polished videos, given that they have the skills to do so.

The video editor is a pretty straightforward piece of software with a gentle learning curve even for beginners.

It has a lot of features that also allow you to add customizable animations which can take your videos to a whole new level.

The video editing software provides full integration and support for Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

This allows a user to simply transfer a PowerPoint presentation in the software to turn it into a video. Effects and filters can be added to that video like any other video.

The timing of different slides can be set with precision using the Ripple Move, a feature that creates space between each PowerPoint slide.

Camtasia offers a simple drag and drop option that allows a user to easily add and edit videos on a timeline. It also allows you to carefully set and edit audio and video clips with screen recording, captions, and more.

For beginners, any video editing software can be daunting. The vast library of options and preferences can overload the user and hinder his progress rather than enhancing it.

Camtasia offers a vast library of royalty-free music and video templates for users to use. This allows them to create stunning videos faster and easier.

Also, checking out the templates gives users an idea of what a video should look like so they can try and replicate it in their future videos and learn from it. 

Camtasia also offers customizable themes, device frames, and motion graphics to make the videos more presentable.

Camtasia offers a simple and easy video recording capability on your device. This opens the door for newer and exciting endeavors like YouTube Videos, Gameplay, Tutorials, and much more. Zoom-in and pan over features are included in the video recorder. 

It has a very unique feature that allows users to create interactive videos with quizzes in them. So, if you are a teacher or an online instructor, Camtasia is worth looking into.

Camtasia allows users to add quizzes and surveys into a video by selecting any part of the timeline and adding a video and adding this interactive feature there.

It is important to note that videos with quizzes and surveys can only be played on TechSmiths’s Smart Player. Some other features of the video editor include Platform Search, Scrolling Capture, Text Extraction, and Image Editing.

It has a wide range of pricing options from $152 to $24.99. The editor is available on both Mac and Windows.

How is it used?

Video editing is a very creative process and it requires a lot of experience to be good at it. But once you are at that level, the possibilities are endless. Video editing allows you to do a lot of creative work from the comfort of your desk.

The simplest way to explain the workflow of video editing is trimming the video into smaller segments, adding filters, voice-overs, and other effects over them, and then joining the segments most creatively and efficiently to create a single attractive video.

Here are some of the industries in which video editing is used:

1. Advertisement Industry: The advertisement industry in the US was worth 118 billion US dollars in 2018. The advertisement industry is one of the biggest workplaces for video editing jobs.

Since TV has taken over from radio as the source of entertainment and information, visual commercials are more in demand.

The human brain is capable of processing more visual information as compared to audio information. Good video editors allow companies to make catchy and attractive commercials with more ease and flexibility.

2. Movie/TV: The most popular form of entertainment in the world are movies and TV shows. During the early days of Television, video editing did not require much work.

Trimming and joining videos in order with the correct audio channel was the majority of the work video editors did. As the industry grew, so did the standard of video editing.

In modern times, video editing involves the basics and visual effects, dramatizations, using audio and other visual tools to create a certain atmosphere, and much more.

3. YouTube: YouTube has grown from being a simple video software platform to a full-fledged business opportunity.

More and more people are filling their job description as ‘YouTuber’. In the past two decades, YouTube has seen tremendous growth in both the number of videos uploaded and the number of YouTubers emerging from the platform.

To get to the top of this platform, creative writing should be matched with production quality. A quality video is incomplete without proper video editing skills. Almost all top YouTubers have well-edited videos.

They usually hire professional video editors for this job.

4. Social Media: Social media platforms are filled with videos. Everywhere you look, people are uploading videos every second of the day. From TikTok to Instagram, videos are everywhere.

The best way to make your videos more popular is by increasing the quality of these videos and editing them in a fashion that makes them more appealing to the masses.

While video editing is a very powerful tool that is being used in different industries, not all machines can run the video editing software that are being used today.

Video editing software puts a heavy load on the machines they and gaming level computers are used to run them.

So, before you decide to get into the video editing world, it’d be a good idea to look into your machine and see if it needs any upgrades.

History of Video Editing Software

In 1980, the first motion projector was invented by Thomas Alva Edison and his assistant William Laurie Dickson. This machine would capture images in a fast sequence and record them onto a film.

This film could be played to give the illusion of a video. In the 1900s, people used scissors to cut the unwanted parts of the footage and paste them with other segments of footage that they had.

This was the initial kind of video editing  and this has laid the foundation for the video editing software we use today.

The first editing machine called the Moviola was invented in the year 1924 by Iwan Spurrier. This machine would still just trim and join different parts of the tape, but it made the process much easier, less time consuming, and precise.

In 1934, the Academy Awards introduced the Film Editing Category which increased the incentive to create new and better ways to edit videos. ‘Conrad A. Nervig’ received the first Oscar for the movie ‘Eskimo’ in the Film Editing category.

In 1956, AMPEX, the first video recorder was invented. This device used magnetic tape to record a video instead of film. This revolutionized the industry.

The magnetic tape-recorded the video by converting the visual signal from the camera into electrical signals and recording them onto the magnetic tape. 

Even though the magnetic tape could also be trimmed, the process was very difficult as the cuts needed to be extremely precise.

Therefore, instead of cutting the magnetic tape, different segments of the magnetic tape would be recorded into another magnetic tape in a pre-planner order. This was called linear editing.

Linear editing had its disadvantages as discussed in the introduction of this article. However, for short videos that just needed to be pasted together, the process of linear editing is simple, fast, and cheaper. The first non-linear editor, CMX 600 was invented in 1971. 

The machine brought about a revolution in the industry by allowing users to randomly select parts of videos and paste them together to create a more flexible and creative working environment. CMX 600 received the Emmy award for its contribution to the industry. 

The portability of the system was an issue. The machine would only work with its disk drivers which were the size of a washing machine, making it less portable.

Between the years 1985 and 1995, video editing software solutions, with software like Harry, Avid Media Composer by Apple, and Premiere by Adobe were launched. 

This paved the way for the modern video editing software that we see today. It should be noted that the advancement in technology only comes through the hard work of some very dedicated people.

Benefits of Using Video Editing Software

Choosing a perfect video editing software requires you to make a decision and for that you should have more knowledge about it. Gaining as much information as possible is a good strategy.

This is why there are benefits and limitations to everything. They help you decide if something is worth it or not. 

Here are 4 benefits of video editing software. 

1. Saves time:

Just like photos, at one point, almost everyone finds themselves looking for a video editor. Whether it is for editing one little video for your friends to see or to trim a video for your Instagram story, we all need it at one point.

Plus, you never know when you get famous for your one little clip. So, to get that great video, you need to always have a video editor. Besides all this, editing videos can be fun. Now, without video editing software, it would take so much time and effort.

Video marketing is a lengthy process and doesn’t come in handy when you quickly want to add subtitles and adjust colors to post something if you are running out of time. Video editing software is a great time saver and is useful for emergencies.

2. Saves money:

If you are planning to start a YouTube channel or just post something hoping to get recognition, you would obviously need to edit your videos.

Good organizations have that money to hire a professional editor who can give them those flawless videos. But as a start-up or a beginner, you obviously need something to get the job done without having to spend so much, to begin with. 

Video editing software allows you to do just that and with a lot of practice, you can easily master the skills of a professional editor.

Though your edits won’t look exactly like the ones in the movies, they’d certainly look better than what you started with.

Even a decent video editing software can give you great results and turn out to be very economical at the same time. There is plenty of free software available but usually, you need to pay a little subscription fee to be able to edit like a pro.  

3. Quality of videos:

The quality of your videos is something you would need to capture your audience and then to keep expanding that audience.

Advertising online is a great way to attract an audience and acknowledge them about your brand but a bad quality video will decrease whatever chance you had in success; this is especially important for a small-scale business.

Beauty always catches the eye and it’s not just about people, it’s about everything that can look pretty. With decent editing software, your videos can too. 

That’s what a good video editing software can do for you. It can get all those videos of yours to play an important role in your success.

Your efforts and the content is what actually matters but to get people to click on your video in the first place is why you need good video editing software in the first place. This will keep people coming back for more thus, expanding your audience. 

4. Increases creativity:

Video editing software enables you to unleash your creative side and edit videos according to your own style. This is why it’s always fun to learn video editing.

It will amaze you to find out about the things you can do and what videos turn out to be once you make that effort. It’s always great to explore, especially when you’re having fun. 


Limitations might not seem important but they really affect your decision. Here are the major limitations of video editing software. 

1. Need to be skilled

You need to have a certain level of expertise to use these features that the software has. You can’t just start experimenting with it and learn on your own, you need good knowledge about how to operate. 

2. Hardware demanding

Video editing software can’t run smoothly on your basic laptop. You will need a computer with a lot of power.

This means you will need a computer with a large amount of RAM, high performing HDD, and extremely fast processing speed. These laptops and computers are usually costly. 

If you use it on a laptop that doesn’t have fast processing speed and that mentioned above, it may crash, lag, or just freeze and can result in data loss.

Considering both the benefits and limitations, making a decision becomes easy. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing an Editor

If you’re getting into the field of video editing, you probably need to do a lot of upgrades to your computer to meet the demands of video editing. Or maybe, you just need to buy a new system altogether.

But before you go ahead and spend all your money on something, here are some things that you need to be aware of.

Budget: Buying a new video editing machine can run your pockets dry. So, it is better to plan a budget beforehand that is based on your requirements and not your desires. 

This way, you can save some money that can be used for future upgrades or other projects.

PC or Laptop: There is always a person who would pitch a laptop or a PC to you without understanding your needs first.

Video editing is a very power-intensive job and even though a laptop is very convenient to have, it just does not have the same power as a PC.

So, it is better to have a full-fledged PC as your main video editing machine and a capable laptop as your secondary portable machine.

CPU:  Video editing is very CPU intensive so a superior processor with more cores and a higher clock speed is recommended.

An i7 or the new AMD Ryzen chips are perfect for video editing and the benchmarks they output are a testament to that. But if your budget is low, an i5 or a lower Ryzen chip would do.

GPU: Even though the GPU is not as important a feature in video editing as a CPU, it can still be useful.

If you’re adding motion graphics to your video or other forms of graphics intensive stuff, having a good GPU can make a difference.

The new RTX series from Nvidia is a great choice, especially with the reduced cost of their RTX 3000 series.

RAM: Video editing consumes large amounts of RAM as it tends to store a lot of data for fast processing, which only RAM can provide.

Even though it increases the efficiency of the process, it puts the system under huge stress. 16 GB of RAM is recommended if you don’t want your system to turn into a snail while processing your videos.

HDD: Video editing will leave you with a lot of samples that need space to be stored. Thus, it is better to be prepared for the high number of HDDs that you need to keep at your disposal.

The HDDs will cost money and one should be prepared for that. An SSD is is a better option to store the current project that you are working on to increase the speed and efficiency of your system

Monitor:  A good monitor allows you to see your work in the best possible form so that you can edit videos to the highest level possible. 

Software: Instead of choosing the most popular software, choose the one that is compatible with your system and fulfills your specific video editing needs.


With the increasing technology and all the inventions that made life easier, video editing software is certainly among them. It not only has made people’s life easier but fun too.

From a simple video editing machine that could only trim certain parts in videos, we came to video editing software that can adjust color, add texts, enhance audio effects and so much more.

It has become that source of entertainment that made people’s creativity emerge. Of course, like everything else, it is confusing to be choosing from so many options. 

Everyone was trying to make their video editing app better and easier for people to use and now we have a lot of video editing apps in the market.

So much that you might be thinking what really is the difference? Well, now that you have read all the pros and cons and went through 10 different video editing apps, you must have made your decision. 

But to make the decision easier for you here is the best editor based on many reviews, Adobe Premiere Pro CC with its amazing features and easy to use tools, is definitely worth subscribing to.

With a lot of practice and guidance, your videos will look like they were edited by a professional editor. 

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