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With businesses pacing towards rapid growth, the market has adapted to innovative ways of advancing the traditional methods with exceptionally ingenious and reliable sources. While the world considers connectivity and its advancements as one of the best accomplishments, there are deliberate inventions made to accelerate communication even more.  

Phone calls being the primary means of communication, requires the ability to evolve the same to connect people more beneficially. To eliminate any sources of glitches, phone calls now offer VoIP services for a secure, glitch-free, and stronger network connection. The improved quality has made VoIP phone services a dynamic market influencer by accommodating businesses with faster and robust calling networks and has boosted the domestic market with hands-on technology.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol that is a renowned technology which connects phone calls over a broadband internet connection, unlike the traditional phone lines. Connecting phone calls over 3G, 4G, and 5G data, you can enjoy a powerful network with enhanced audio quality. It also shows reduced chances of the call being disconnected whilst in mid-conversation.

Individuals with a good Wi-Fi connection can also be delighted with VoIP services, while businesses have witnessed VoIP services to be highly credible, dominant, and economical. It certainly has expanded the reach of a phone call to a global scale with the capacity of VoIP to connect to any part of the world and at any given point.

No wonder businesses see it as a productive tool in pitching their sales to heightened conversion rates. There are no restrictions on the number of calls made, formulating it to be a vigorous transition in the way phone calls operate.

VoIP services have assisted in taking virtual businesses to a competitive position, though picking the ideal provider in itself requires a lot of. To make the process more subtle, we have listed the best VoIP service below;

Best VoIP Phone Service Providers:

Meet CloudTalk, the top VoIP service provider with a phone network system that has expanded business operations to accelerated levels.

A top recommendation for your customer support staff or sales team focusing on retaining happy customers with its strong network connection.

Say goodbye to beeping phone calls searching for a reliable network, with CloudTalk; it's effortless and anyone can connect over a phone call without any fuss.

Further, you can also save up on the maintenance costs with a provider that is most unlikely to run into any sort of glitches.

With a large client base, CloudTalk has been highly trusted, utilized, and recommended by many. Certainly, the impact it has placed on the communication industry has made it a preferable service. 

With an enriched name that it has gained in the marketplace, its outstanding services comprise the ability to build a customizable connection with your client.

Whether you want to generate welcoming greetings or a goodbye audio message by persuading the customer to connect back to your firm, everything can be achieved with lots of ease.

Its technical setup system identifies customers with a unique number further easing the process by connecting them to the appropriate candidate that can resolve their query instantly, this surely speeds up the process.


  • CloudTalk's speech to text service instantly catches on to your audio and converts it into scripts that can be saved and utilized at any given point in time.ime.
  • Its routing system places emphasis on the skills of the agents and also distinguishes all the agents basis their relevant skills to connect with the caller.
  • It rapidly identifies the number reached out to by the customer and their respective query; this also aids in helping the customer with the right resolution with a personalized approach.

Pricing: CloudTalk's plan offers services based on the requirements of each organization, its core staff, and their customers. Its pricing plan commences from $20 each month billed on an annual basis as a starter plan and extends up to $40 each month also billed on an annual basis with premium and additional services.


  • Avails the service system based on the working hours of the staff
  • Spots international phone calls and generates its geographical codes for better delivery
  • Directs phone calls for follow-up queries to the right agent
  • Enriches the support staff with relevant customer data
  • Links with other systems to intake or send out contacts and other data
  • Control to the management to supervise the calls


  • CloudTalk's mobile app delivers fewer services in comparison to its business setup

Grasshopper is a leading VoIP service provider empowering small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with a powerful system to strengthen their operations. Without the need for large working staff, small businesses can advance their undertakings with Grasshopper's well planned and formulated services.

With the ability to generate and process easy numbers, your customers can dial up your business contact without having to jot down the numbers. This makes business more approachable to its customers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and brand goodwill with your business's readily available support staff.

Grasshopper also provides its 24/7 support based in the USA to solve any queries or doubts along with guidance on how the system works. It has also expanded its scope with the compatibility of the phone network connection to function from any device of your choice. This means businesses can enjoy operating from a single phone without the requirement of a full setup of office premises with landlines.

Yet another advantage is that Grasshopper allows routing your personal computer system or cell phone to be an established business phone number for efficient usage. Further, the user is also able to use it as a collective platform for all of their communication services; messaging, calling, or emailing.


  • Forms easily notable vanity numbers for your business, this allows customers to easily access your support staff
  • Manages all of your communication needs within a single platform, ranging from calling, messaging, and sending out emails
  • Suitable for smaller organizations that have an inadequate staff with its proficiency to set up a single phone to your business operations
  • Routes your personal number to be a business contact for easy maintenance of your business conduct.
  • Associates your email address to gain all the relevant information.

Pricing: Grasshopper provides 7 days of the free trial pack to engage your business with remarkable communication services. Post 7 days periods, it avails a paid plan starting from $26 per month and climbs to $80 each month for specialized features to manage all of your business clients and connect with them from a single platform.


  • Enables rapid responses through text messages from your business contact
  • With a wide variety of vanity numbers, you get to choose your business contact or even port your personal number
  • Reliable timeline backup to refer to any past calls or related history
  • Processes incoming calls to its clients through voicemails with an easily operable system


  • Grasshopper’s app could use some improvements 

Nextiva is one of the best VoIP service providers with an impressive set of features that overpowers your business in comparison to other platforms.

With HD audio clarity, it stimulates unlimited calling not just in the USA but also in Canada with its broadband coverage spreading out to a larger territory. Your business can enjoy all of its features at economical pricing making it even more fascinating.

Providing a credible network system that can handle several calls being processed at the same time, it can manage efficiently even through hours of the heavy workflow without causing any glitches.

Nextiva also offers a screen-based calling system that shows incoming calls which are irrelevant, saving more time and effort.

One can't go wrong with this service provider as it extends commendable services like a comprehensive database on each customer.

This allows the agents to interact with the customer with significance. Prioritizing your customers is even easier with the option to set up a distinct ringtone for customers from varied groups.

You can connect with your clients through live chats for increased and impactful interaction. Nextiva also broadens a single platform to access all of the relevant details relating to call history, customer issues, its status, notes added, and more other features.


  • Learn more about your customers by updating your support staff with analytical data on each customer enabling easy tracking with shareable sources.
  • Automatically back all of the data to one platform, comprising caller history, notes added by the last agent, details relating to each customer account, etc.
  • Governs all of the customer engagements with efficiency by automatically saving all of the. discussions
  • Holds live chats for raised satisfaction amongst its clients with precisely resolved queries.
  • Unlimited online faxing, web conferencing, business messaging and calling in North America.

Pricing: Nextiva offers plans with different pricing depending on the number of users enrolled with a single account. It has four paid plans and its paid plans generally commence from $18.95/user per month and can go up to S57.95 or a quoted price based on the number of users that one assigns to their plan for efficient functioning.


  • Nextiva app furnishes connectivity from your personal phone to customer from any part of the globe with HD audio quality.
  • Prioritizes your customers with different ringtones for easy identification. 
  • Improved SIP trunking to handle multimedia operations competently.
  • Rapid texting services with a voice to text features along with call screening to disconnect irrelevant calls. 


  • Pricing plans are not set out appropriately making it confusing for users to pick the suitable plan. 
  • Comparatively expensive international calls

RingCentral is a renowned name in the USA, Europe, and Asia with the best communication solutions with commendable VoIP services.

With its capacity to suit both small businesses and large organizations, it enlarges the business scope by creating space for collaborations and internal business management with diverse platforms to use for engagement. 

With its one-stop solutions, it offers extensive communication services that link all of your customer details starting from scratch to any addition or changes made in the notes in recent times.

This aids crucial queries to be resolved with impressive solutions, shifting the customers' experience with delight.

Another essential service that RingCentral delivers is videoconferencing with its tool that can hold a capacity of up to 500 recipients at a time. It conducts webinars, training for your support staff, or lets you interact with your customers and targeted audience by hosting series of interesting events and promotional drives.

RingCentral also sends out SMS and MMS to encompass its business solutions through text-based support. Its widely availed metrics and analytical data provide you with essential reports on a real-time basis to improve the performance of your customer service staff.


  • A single sign-in page for all to access from any device and import greeting and voicemails from their personal phones.
  • Creates a traceable trail to your customer queries by creating back-ups of chats, notes, and changes on each account for handling each concern with increased knowledge.
  • RingCentral is a one-stop solution to all of your business communication with VoIP services, SMS, MMS, videoconferencing, and more.
  • Real-time reports and analytics along with access to the user control to their staff's progress and performance.

Pricing: RingCentral is a center point of all the business communication solutions integrating distinct platforms starting at a paid plan of $19.99 each month for every user and the plans further go up to $49.99 per month extended to per user with dynamic features and tools indicating business proficiency.


  • No need to remember several passwords as it allows a single sign-in page from all devices
  • Its audio conferencing offers a massive interaction with up to 500 participants
  • RingCentral services can be used for internal business operations also to connect to other brands without separate charges
  • Elaborated data and reports with its communication system


  • Limits the number of users to one

Bitrix24 allows users the benefit of free and qualified VoIP solutions which can be a perfect, well fit for your customer service staff with both incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as offering a firm's internal PBX system. It acquaints your teams who are working from a remote location to connect and work together with excellence.

Being the only service provider offering fully equipped CRM services, your enterprise can enjoy a system that automatically connects the customers or clients to the right team member for rapid resolutions. 

Further, the private cloud offered by Bitrix24 enables you to personalize your conversations with your clients with a private and secure communication system.

Bitrix24 delivers a free app from all devices, regardless of whether it's an android, iOS, Mac, PC, etc.

Likewise, the communication channels are also wide-ranging from audio calls, videoconferencing, group chats, instant messaging, and more.

This intensifies the impact on the customers leading to progressed customer retention.

The activities undertaken by your team can also be better coordinated with the same communication channels used for boosted management.

The employees can also chat on their desktops amongst themselves during work hours for any personal or professional issue.

This brings in employee satisfaction and heightened productivity due to no gap in communication.


  • Bitrix24 comes with the flexibility to adapt your business with tailored sources of communication, hosted with entry through a code
  • It also offers an outstanding CRM feature to improve the quality of your business services
  • Bitrix24 is the ideal solution for your support staff, irrespective of the location of your team members.
  • It supports remote working staff with an enhanced internal system
  • Stimulates interaction from devices of your choice with various channels to choose from
  • An influential API and SDK filing of external developer contracts

Pricing: The free version of Bitrix24 is vigorously used by businesses as it allows unlimited users to access through a single account. Moving on to its paid version, Bitrix24 starts its plans at $19 per month and goes up to $159 per month with the addition of users as per your choice.


  • Utilize its free services to develop your firm's undertakings with generous services that allows unlimited number of users
  • Collaborate with the best providers, boost your team's engagement, and hold a delighted customer base
  • Employees can chat amongst themselves to make work more enjoyable through personal chat boxes on their desktop


  • Its free version comes with a watermarked feature on its emails, also the software can be a bit difficult to learn for beginners

6. Ooma

Ooma is a favorable network service provider for startups and small enterprises aiming to grow at a fast-paced rate.

Narrowing down the issues faced by the firms in their communication system, Ooma assures your business is leveraged with scalable and powerful network solutions.

Its free software also makes it an incredible source for funneling high sales and heightened profits.

It also offers customized interactions for residential or commercial usage to fit any organization, whether it's a small, medium-sized, or large enterprise. 

Without getting yourself into any long-term contracts, you can get the best of services for half the prices extended by other service providers.

Ooma with its call block service detects spam and fake calls made by marketers reducing the call load by identifying and immediately blocking them.

With a total of 35 features, it has a Virtual receptionist providing the needed details to the callers and other working staff that will ultimately resolve the concerns more desirably.

With an app interface that is compatible with cell phones, it has also developed an app for desktop users.

It's videoconferencing makes meetings more revolutionized with HD quality video screening. With call recording, it also delivers multi-ring service to ensure no customer goes unattended by the support staff.


  • Ooma creates a Ring Group that directs customers to the dedicated team according to the type of query if it's related to sales, technical or other segments
  • Its free app interface for desktops and smartphones makes it even more valuable and cost-effective
  • With commendable features like call parking, blocking, forwarding, transfer, and recording, it lengthens efficient operations
  • A virtual receptionist that furnishes the RingGroup with all of the essential data to resolve the customer's queries positively
  • Its Multi-Ring feature connects through multiple sources to avoid any calls from being missed out

Pricing: Ooma along with its free software version that operates through smartphones and desktops also provides premium services with its paid plans. Its 2 paid plans comprise a $19.95 starter plan and a $24.95 premium plan, both chargeable on a monthly basis, broadening the VoIP services to a single user.


  • Its free software is easily installable and does not require any technical knowledge
  • With its services covering unlimited calling to the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada, international calling is more affordable with Ooma
  • Allows transfer of phone numbers with zero costs
  • Makes voicemails more professional with the ability to attach them to emails


  • One of the common concerns faced by its users is calls being dropped causing much frustration among the customers

Verizon is a popular mobile phone provider in the US with a brilliant internet connection, it's VoIP services is yet another aspect of its popularly known services.

Advancing businesses with its trusted, robust, and smooth telecommunication services, Verizon's VoIP has improved customer satisfaction amongst many.

Along with the flexibility that Verizon offers with its services, users enjoy delivering customer support with enthusiastic feedback achieved by many of their clients.

Its auto-attendant enables the customer to call and pick an agent of their choice to seek assistance. Its comprehensive list of 30 uniquely built features, renders it an ideal VoIP service.

Verizon has been recognized for its accelerated internet speed that it continues to provide through its VoIP services to businesses that are determined to succeed with a reliable and rapidly operating network. Its potential to keep the user-oriented with any circumstance allows the setting up of a backup cloud that redirects calls when the firm faces power cuts.   

Further, the control it broadens to its users makes it possible to connect to their customers at any time and any location. By this software, you cannot just support their own customer base but can also offer customer support to multiple organizations with Verizon's set up governing multiple lines at a time.


  • Verizon with its fast and robust network lines connects callers to your support staff effortlessly
  • One can connect from any device, location, or time
  • Its visual voicemail permits voicemails to be converted into displayed text.
  • Verizon's business analytics deliver information related to the calls received, made, missed, and more 
  • Its auto attendant feature gives the customer their choice of agents and further transfers lines depending on the availability of agents making it more delightful for customers
  • Manageable business solutions with quick settings onto your account.

Pricing: Verizon being a provider of premium services offers a quality communication system with fast networks and reliable lines. Its paid plans start at $35/month providing uniquely designed features to its clients to relish heightened customer satisfaction, its plan offers from 1 to 5 VoIP lines with an addition of superior features and listed user benefits.


  • Your call can easily be transferred from one device to another for convenient operations
  • Incoming calls can also be parked without any limitations or droppage
  • The competent system also hunts for available agents and connects customers instantly
  • Handle all of your customer data either from your desktop account or phone site


  • The plans might seem expensive to newly-established firms and small organizations making its services inaccessible to them

AVOXI Genius is a cloud-based VoIP system that acts as an ideal solution to all of your business communication-related concerns.

It works amazingly with its web-based setup that functions with effective, agile, and adaptable elements to outshine your contact center among the rest.

Its adaptable services can be modified based on the requirements of your organization and the customers with lowered costs administered for its installation and maintenance.

With its potential to generate phone numbers for over a hundred countries across the globe, its international outreach can take your business to new stances.

AVOXI Genius formulates a network interface that authorizes the user with the ability to reroute the call to their efficient team members  for resolving the query  with much conviction and at a faster rate. Along with acquainting your business with increased customization, users can embrace pre-recording greetings or other customized messages for enhanced customer experience.

The user need not to worry about the capacity of the caller's queue as AVOXI Genius has the power to take in unlimited callers onto its queue. It also comprises refined features like queue callers callback to connect to customers that left the queue. It offers an IVR system that enables callers to make suitable choices with regards to the agent and team to select from.


  • Its WebRTC software modifies the phone version to a VoIP service that boosts the audio clarity and performance.
  • With a cloud-based system, it orients the callers with an IVR service that authorizes the caller to pick the most appropriate options for them
  • A caller queue that can hold an unlimited number of callers
  • It has a feature which calls back customers that left the queue before connecting to the agent
  • The user can redirect the calls to the agent of their choice by determining their skills

Pricing: AVOXI Genius furnishes a free trial for its new clients to exhibit the excellence it conveys through its network frame and communication advancements. On upgrading to its paid plans, its genius contact plan costs $25 each month, and the genius enterprise plan costs $50 on a monthly basis delivering evolved calling features.


  • Trace calls, resolutions, and notes made to each customer account without any distress
  • Globalizes your firm's reach with easily provided global numbers
  • User can maintain improved quality services with their support staff by supervising their services on a real-time basis listening to their engagement
  • An extraordinary call whisper feature to recommend your team members with impactful dialogues


  • Its basic plan is known to have limited features with a smaller scope, while its upgraded plan requires monthly payments


SIP.US is one of the most credible sources of VoIP services with a lowered cost, the service is also very simple to set up and utilize in your day-to-day operations. With the agility to connect to any broadband sources, it offers a strong business communication platform. SIP.US offers a variety of unlimited communication plans for all.

With SIP.US your business can engage with international countries with their availed numbers, moreover, the fake calls and activities made by international toll numbers can be identified immediately. This ensures safe practices, curbing any fraudulent acts from occurring. It's SIP trunking services prevent any unnecessary marketing traffic from arriving at your business contact with an intelligent system.

With its international DID coverage spreading over 40 countries, render your business with a wider domain to extend their activities to. One can customize their own bandwidth with the freedom to choose one of their likings. Further, its proficiency in reducing the data consumption on each call makes it more admirable. 

SIP.US stimulates the user to control the account setting with efficiency, its user-friendly setup makes it even more simplified. Whether the customer wants to clarify a doubt or add a number, it leaves room to make endless changes to the customer's account.


  • With the power in the hands of Tier 1 service providers to direct all of the call flow, it brings in a credible network connection and optimal customer experience with audio clarity
  • Provides DID numbers for high functionality through all of the USA
  • Pick your own broadband internet connection with the setting up of either one from cables, Metro Ethernet, DSL, or T1 bandwidths 
  • Gain data on a real-time basis from call records to assist the customer better or to control your business operations.

Pricing: Without any fees charged for the installation of the service, SIP.US offers SIP channels for a simple and basic plan with a charge of $24.95 on the basis of each month or each channel. Further, it offers an inbound DID telephone line for $1 per number for local usage.


  • Automates the dialing process making communication more convenient to the user
  • Does not comprise of any lock-in contracts, it holds simple plans on a prepaid usage
  • SIP.US furnishes new users with a free trial that allows 60 minutes of outbound calling
  • Its power to connect to international countries with ease makes it more potent


  • Not suitable for a large organization as its plan offers limited features and specialization in comparison to other VoIP service providers

A recommended VoIP service for new firms and small businesses, FreshCaller with its cloud-based PBX system that offers a flexible service that users can operate with any hardware.

Users can attain phone numbers with a virtual significance for your smartphone or landline.

The virtual contact numbers can be for domestic, international, or toll-free usage.

With FreshCaller, you don't just route the calls based on the skills of the agent but in consultation with distinct aspects like the time, location, and technicality of the concern. 

Its significant dashboard is also designed for easy usage, the user can conveniently make changes in the operating team members, business contact numbers, and more customization depending on your organizational needs.

If you're worried about the security of your business operations then with FreshCaller and its call masking feature, your business is completely protected. Its call masking service enables the recipient to view your number as a distinct number, thereby keeping your business contact private. 

Its endless set of features like queued call handling, conference calls, call forwarding, auto-attendant with music being played while on hold and many more other features render this VoIP service provider to be more desirable than the others listed above.


  • Generate international numbers with the potential to reach 50 plus countries
  • A real-time dashboard to alter the contact number, team, users involved and more of such customized features
  • Monitor the performance of your team with details about the call duration, solutions provided with and the quality of help extended 
  • Its virtual phone numbers are attained flexibly as per your preference
  • Send voicemails with other features like call waiting, screening to accept or reject calls, forwarding to transfer calls while the chosen agent is occupied, and many more features

Pricing: FreshCaller offers a generous number of features to accommodate your business operations with increased proficiency by delivering the best of features. Its paid plans start at $999 per month billed annually and go up to $4,999 each month applicable to per user with a VoIP service that's easy to install and even easier to use.


  • Elevate your business with features that bring in optimization and enhancement in your contact center
  • Route calls with due consideration to all of the relevant aspects making the procedure more convenient for the callers as well as your staff
  • Connect through any device with an international reach augmented by numbers usable in more than 50 countries


  • It might take some time for a beginner to learn and utilize the services offered with their VoIP network connection
  • Plan can be overpriced

Blueface with its SaaS-oriented VoIP services has benefitted large firms, SMEs, and huge call centers to a great extent.

With its strength to compile all of the communication lines with the phones, landlines, and other layouts to formulate an impressive network, companies can now expand their support teams with efficiency.

Its cloud-based PBX system is established with a reliable and highly functional VoIP.

With the availability of their support staff working throughout 24/7 enable the users to seek expert guidance. 

This can speed up the learning curve making it convenient to utilize their services.

Along with the lightweight VoIP, it also stimulates a unified platform for all of the business solutions to achieve increased customer satisfaction.

Its user-friendly interface is also very effortless to install without bringing in any massive costs. Its compatibility to operate with smartphones, landlines, Fax, and associated IVR makes it more advanced.

There are no restrictions to the services and features offered by Blueface, a single account can avail unlimited sourcing of VoIP services.

Enhancing your firm's global significance is also possible with the network lines that operate for both local and global contacts without any interruption and additional costs.

A user can easily access their services with a single password.


  • Blueface arrives with an API that integrates that enhances business effectively
  • With a unified platform, Blueface is easily installable with devices of your choice
  • Blueface extends 24/7 customer support with its team of specialists to guide and make its usage more simplified.
  • Its VoIP service is also lightweight along with its user-friendly interface
  • Its cloud-based PBX system also enables improved communication among the team members, reducing the gap between your organizational goals and workers efforts
  • Incorporate your firm with diverse devices with a single sign-in

Pricing: Unlike other VoIP services, Blueface does not comprise its pricing plans featuring on its website. Instead, it requests interested firms to request their quoted pricing depending on the features they would like to customize their plan with, the functionality of the contact number, the devices to be connected, and the layout.


  • Blueface offers unlimited services without the need to remember multiple passwords as it formulates a sign-in page with a single credential
  • Integrates all of the devices with an outstanding API
  • Ascertains and internally connected data center to accomplish a strong network
  • Intensifies your global operations with opportunities to convert your contact number for a global reach 


  • In comparison to other VoIP service providers, the quoted pricing offered by Blueface is higher making it unaffordable for small firms

12. 3CX

3CX is suitable for businesses that are eager to progress with their own server for enhanced business communications.
Being yet another business VoIP service provider, its unified solutions exhibit the expertise that enterprises are hunting for.

With its reliable and agile network, your contact center can go bigger than ever before.

A proficient system that incorporates with your business operations seamlessly, 3CX has modernized contact centers with superior features. 

With a handily accessible mobile application interface, has accommodated iOS and android users with the advantage of taking your business operations to any location. This implies you can handle customers even while traveling or multi-task as per one's convenience.

One can not only intake calls from any location but also transfer calls to your team mates within a split second. Its unified business solutions combine channels like SMS, live chats, email, calling, videoconferencing, and more to assure your customers stay connected and loyal to your business from channels that best suit them for utility.

It's WebRTC web conferencing has boosted collaborations and workflow management with meetings organized within a click. Whether your firm's requirement is training your newly employed staff or conducting its live meetings for modifications in the way your support staff functions.


  • 3CX with its CRM integration has rendered the communication system more competitive
  • Conduct web conferencing with your internal staff for enhanced delivery of services and conduct events for creating product awareness
  • VoIP services that link with your computer microphone, landlines, or smartphones 
  • With modernized features to enrich your business undertakings, 3CX curtains the costs involved in the configuration and maintenance of the VoIP system
  • Phones along with the SIP trunk forms a part of an incredible business communication system

Pricing: Although 3CX is diverse when it comes to its services with a wide range of channels, it offers a free plan for the first year. Its paid plans start at $1.08/month and goes up to $1.31 with the addition of more personalized features and goes up the pricing chart with a quoted pricing plan.


  • 3CX benefits the users with its dynamic services that make your undertaking to be the best contact center as well as boosts your business management
  • 3CX benefits the users with its dynamic services that make your undertaking to be the best contact center as well as boosts your business management
  • Ability to upgrade its features effortlessly with its automated system 
  • Video-conferencing without the need to download a software 


  • While its plans are diverse, the costs involved to integrate its services can increase the costs of a small firm to an unmanageable level

With an undertaking that can be merged into your business within minutes and be running with no time.

JustCall is one of the most reliable and robust VoIP services. Its interface smoothens your business activities with an easy-to-use service.

JustCall is a platform that acquaints call centers to deliver customer-oriented assistance.

For customers with unaddressed calls, it sends a direct link connected to your support staff through attachments with an email.

The email further gives a professional touch to your business operations. The customers also relish the attention earned with the advanced systems and easy assistance.

Customers can now schedule a call with the firm's intimated planner that's shared to reduce the strain dealt by the customer with long calling queues.

Its fully-featured CRM integrates your business with third parties for the implementation of additional features onto your system. Process and register caller's history to refer to at any given point of time.

The time of contact, duration of the call and resolution offered by the last agent can easily be tracked for continual deliverance of services.

A user can also place quality checks on the conduct of their agents to correct inappropriate resolutions provided with additional discounts and offers extended to the customer.


  • JustCall backs up its calls logs for future reference and records the conversations for quality assessments
  • With a CRM that brings in expertise with third parties like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and many more
  • Shares a planner on your website for scheduling an appointed call by the customer
  • Connects to missed customers through the queue with a voicemail attachment through email that links directly to the support staff
  • Routes call to all team members with an efficient distribution system
  • Call forwarding to accommodate customers with rapid assistance

Pricing: JustCall furnishes your support staff with an impactful calling system. Its preferable interface that functions well with computer screens as well as smartphones starts with a pricing plan of $20 and moves up to a pricing plan of $40. With plans inclusive of basic and specialized calling features, your business can manage customers with comfort.


  • Makes your customer services more accessible with links sent to your customer through emails
  • Customers can have a call scheduled, rendering to be an effortless process for them
  • Desktop applications for calling through your office premises made more simplified
  • Forward calls to your business contact number for direct consultation
  • Direct calls by distributing work appropriately among your teams


  • The services offered by JustCall comprise limited specializations and its users consider its services to be of lowered quality in comparison

MessageBird with its meritorious VoIP services gives businesses a steady platform to engage all of their customers.

Through multiple channels, your customers can enjoy the flexibility to connect from outlets of their choice.

Integrations with external parties are also more effortless with the implementation of a few coded lines.

It is best for businesses seeking competitive solutions that master the usage of communication channels like SMS, calling, and WhatsApp. 

It aids in retaining customers with an influential engagement strategy. Its open API solutions are scalable depending on the requirements of your business, accelerating the problem-solving process.

With MessageBird's dashboard and its operating, your everyday business undertaking is simpler.

Its dashboard tool has occupied the companies with customized designs without the need to learn or execute coded language. 

Taking up advancements in the industry, businesses no longer strain over traditional methods that required a great deal of effort.

Managing heavy workload hasn't been as efficient as MessageBird's flow determining services that map out the calls and its routed flow for quick, reliable, and accurate resolutions.

Further, its pre-recorded voice notes and stored text messages make the flow progress more rapidly.

Without establishing multiple flow lines, it qualifies as a sole flow for international interactions.


  • An API system that enables automatically scalable services to its clients and their customers
  • A dashboard tool to build eligible dashboards making your services more customized and manageable
  • Integrated with external party vendors and operate distinct tools without the use of any codes
  • Routes the calls with the help of a flow builder services that assign work with consideration
  • A single setup that masters the connectivity to several channels, reducing the efforts required to build distinct platforms

Pricing: MessageBird users are favored with its free trial version that helps in gaining insight into its services and further enhances business with any additional costs. Its paid plans start at $50, $150 and go up to its quoted plans that can be configured based on the features and services acquired by its customers. One can request its quoted price through its website or customer support staff.


  • Its support staff delivers 24/7 assistance with its staff operating from 7 distinct countries
  • A single flow authorizes connectivity to your customers coming from any part of the globe
  • Expands personalized services with its recorded audio and texts sent out from various channels
  • A modernized chat feature that pulls up relevant chats to resolve the query faster


  • It's been noticed that the procedure of manual approval with PayPal accounts takes longer with the use of MessageBird's services 

15. ZoiPer

ZoiPer with its flexible and smoothly operating VoIP services delivers a cost-effective system.

With its massive power to fit any organization and its undertakings irrespective of its size and scope, encourages it as a credible source of the network.

With minimal efforts made by the users, its robust model generates happy customers with ample features offered.

With its adapted technology that offers encrypted texts, calls, and visual meetings, a third party certainly can't invade the privacy of the content delivered.  

This secures the business practices along with safeguarding the customer and their account details. Account details being theft and mishandled won't be a concern with ZoiPer's services.

It administers not only through desktops and office landlines but also through smartphones and Macs for extensive utility and stimulating convenience.

Its VoIP solutions are also unified through a single platform that provides diversified solutions to its customers.

Its VoIP services are established with the adaptability to merge with additional services to render the calling to be even more cost-effective.

Along with its expanded reach through multiple channels, it also comprises power saving with solutions that consume minimal power and CPU usage. The calls can also be made from browser-based sources or emails.


  • Combine all of your texting, audio calling, and video chatting communications through a single destination
  • Its ZRTP and TLS or SRTP technology makes encrypted conversations possible, thereby securing your business operations
  • Users can make use of free or lower-priced calling by choosing from the list with affordable calling prices
  • It is compatible not just with devices like smartphones and desktops but also with websites for processing browser-based calling
  • Allows your teammates to work from a remote location with a flow that routes work to any location

Pricing: ZoiPer furnishes a free trial of its services to formulate the communication system to be more affordable. Its paid plan, however, takes the business operations to an advanced degree for a one-time payment of $58.83. As one moves up the plans with customized features, the pricing plans also go up with quoted prices.


  • ZoiPer is best for businesses wanting to incorporate calling services for free or for lowered prices
  • Its ability to operate with a system set up that consumes reduced energy and CPU functioning makes it more appealing
  • With its encrypted messages, customers are stress-free about the security of their accounts
  • One-stop solution for all of your firm's communication needs


  • Its free trial limits its special features and its calling button has been inferred as inefficient at times of multiple call operations

Merits of VoIP

It's apparent that VoIP services have excelled in the communication process with endless benefits, taking all of its essential aspects into view, listed below are some of its prominent merits;

  • Enhanced audio clarity to acquaint the callers with a pleasant experience 
  • Quick and reliable accessibility to a strong network connection 
  • Flexible with easy connectivity to other software
  • Curtailed costs making it a pocket-friendly and convenient alternative 
  • Increased scalability to make unlimited calls
  • Raised portability unlike the landline system 
  • Suitable for all types of utility, whether its large organization, startup, or household usage 
  • Globalized outreach with internet connection spread all over the world

Final Words

With our comprehensive review, it's clear that calling is one of the most common and effective communication platforms. With VoIP services that advance the same with expertise features, businesses have witnessed an era of happy customers followed by customer loyalty and retention.

Adding a cherry to the cake are unified platforms offering multiple channels making customer service more impactful and powerful. In the end, servicing your customers with resolutions that are more customer-centric makes it more enriching and efficient. Likewise, these unified channels make it easier for the customer to connect from any platform.

Some of the specialized features extended by some service providers like scheduling a call, a customer calling queue callback, and voicemail sent through email consisting of a direct link to customer support, all of such services make VoIP services more enriched, enhanced, and effective.

Most of the VoIP services listed above are more suitable for freelancers, small and mid-sized firms aiming to grow at a speedy rate. It's advisable for an entrepreneur or small firm to go with Bitrix24 for the insulation of premium features and heightened growth. Similarly, small firms on a restricted cost can go for ZoiPer's free services.

For large organizations, 3CX is a more suitable option with expertized features and a robust setup that can handle a vaster communication system with enormous customers to connect.

Considering the features that will leverage your business can help pick the best choice for your organization and costs certainly play a large role in deciding your budget and plan.

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