Hootsuite vs Buffer (2022): Review


We live in a generation where getting social media famous comes more easily with platforms that pull in the audience from everywhere across the globe. With this boosted exposure, every individual can exhibit their strengths and skills to the world. Businesses also benefit from a free platform to promote their brand and expand their client base.

Of course, it takes consistency and good quality of posts to engage with the audience. One can't possibly emphasize consistency to fetch a new audience and compromise on quality as it can cause loss to your brand in long term. In that sense, we can agree that they both go hand in hand and are both essential. However, attaining both factors while you have many other chores to handle can be hard. This is where social media management apps come into play.

Social media management apps don't just keep up with your social media tasks but also add more value to it by making it creative and alluring. By creating content that assures improved engagement, you can grow your page faster and focus on other tasks at the same time. If these are enough reasons, here are some advantages of social media management apps;

Advantages Of Social Media Management Apps

  1. Handles all of your social media accounts with a single app, making reaching out through distinct platforms absolutely effortless.
  2. Follows all of the trends and assures you won't skip out on any essential segment, this lets your page gain more views. 
  3. Get your future posts planned ahead of time without having to go back and forth for multiple posts.
  4. Handle all of your chats from multiple channels more efficiently.
  5. Conducts keyword search for you to gain insight into what can get your content more valuable.
  6. Tracks your growth and compares data to identify what caused more impact.
  7. Higher ROI (Return on Investments) makes its implementation more beneficial and cost-effective.
  8. Improves your bond with your customers giving space for customer loyalty and retention.
  9. Lets you plan your events over social platforms more significantly.
  10. Collaborate your page with some of the most influential people to cross-promote your brands.

While the list can go on, it ascertains that managing and growing faster over social media in a shorter span is possible with such exceptional tools. Now that we've considered all of its advantages, determining which apps excel at this job can bring more efficiency to your operations. Social media management can be more impactful when incorporated with the best providers, Hootsuite and Buffer are two of the top social media management apps with impressive ROI.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a competitive social media management app that lets you control all of your social media accounts from channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

  • Buffer

Buffer is an excellent application for web and mobile users, that enables you to manage social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It is known for creating and facilitating social media posts for engaging more audiences.

While all social media management apps boost your social media operations, they all differ in their approach. Where some abide by a simple yet reliable source, the others like to go with a complex yet competitive alternative. The two best apps we've researched and experimented on, Hootsuite and Buffer, both work towards handling and tracing your social media posts, however, they both follow distinct methodologies to fulfill their customer needs. It becomes crucial at this point, to elaborate on the features offered by both apps and what differs in their conduct. To administer these concepts within your viewpoint, we've listed below all of their dominant features in detail.


Developed by AgileBits Inc, 1Password is a multi-purpose password manager that handles sensitive data like passwords, licenses to your software, other critical documents, etc. Released in the year 2006, it has continued to create and maintain a safe platform across all channels.

With diverse services that comprise filling forms, establishing passwords, safeguarding your private details, and more. It also offers a virtual wallet for reliable services. As its name suggests, it uses a single password to lock away all of your personal and valuable information.

While both the password managers work towards the same goal of creating a safer virtual space, there are many aspects to look out for when one goes hunting for the perfect fit.

There are systems that make the logins more fluent, while others lack some essential key points. To prevent settling for the wrong choice, we plan on unraveling all of the aspects. Listed below are some areas to look out for a while evaluating password managers. 

Aids Social Networking 

Social networking refers to the ability to grow more bonds and engage with your audience through social media platforms. Both the softwares are efficient in their approach and back all of the popular sites, for instance, Hootsuite and Buffer both extend management services to Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter. Other large scale platforms that they both manage are Pinterest and Google+. Let's take a look at each social media platform and analyze which social media management tool extends support to it;

Social Media Platforms & Support

  • Facebook posts, groups, and pages

Let's initiate with the most growing and popular social media site, Facebook. We've already learned that both the service providers support Facebook with its posts, groups as well as pages with an overall management type.

  • Instagram for business 

Most individuals seeking management services are businessmen or new accounts trying to grow their brands, on a huge platform like Instagram. Both Hootsuite and Buffer help these businesses and brands manage their profiles more smartly with their support to Instagram's Business pages.

  • Twitter

Twitter is yet another popular platform that lets you engage more effectively. Buffer and Hootsuite facilitate services that handle your Twitter profiles with increased interaction.

  • LinkedIn

A large domain for job postings from global companies reaching out to millions of job seekers, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the potential audience. Both Buffer and HootSuite handle postings on pages and profiles for LinkedIn accounts.

  • Google+

Google with its renowned Google+ services renders an excellent platform for all. Google+'s page and account handling services are also offered by both providers, Hootsuite well as Buffer.

  •  Pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting, dominant, and global platform for all. While Hootsuite offers management for business accounts and channels on Pinterest. Buffer facilitates services that assure smooth operations of Pinterest boards for businesses.

  • YouTube

One of the largest surging platforms is YouTube, engaging a broad expanse of audience. Hootsuite furnishes expert administration to YouTube creators and channels, Buffer does not facilitate support to YouTube channels.

  • WordPress

WordPress is a leading platform for bloggers with an extensive group of readers, viewers, and subscribers to each page. Buffer does not offer management services for WordPress pages, Hootsuite, on the other hand, extends support to WordPress blogs and pages to their end-users.

Hootsuite and Buffer although assist with the management of most of the common platforms, the management-oriented services of course differ to a certain extent. While it enables users to set up automated posts through these apps to some platforms like Twitter, they are not able to access the same control to other channels like YouTube. So that explains why Buffer doesn't consider offering support to YouTube, there isn't much within its scope of services. 

  • Hootsuite

 Hootsuite with its strong social networking feature assures that it spreads over various channels and platforms for creating more widespread customer bonds and brand recognition. Hootsuite advances by letting you view your responses, timeline, and even sends out replies to your chats. Hootsuite takes over in this segment by backing more social media platforms.

  • Buffer

Buffer can still coordinate with YouTube and other apps with the help of Zapier and its integrations. If you're someone who's seeking an app that regulates your social media accounts incredibly then Hootsuite is an ideal choice to pick and if you're someone who just wants to pick a simplified app that handles your social media posts then Buffer can do an excellent job for you. Buffer confirms to stay in the loop with the highly used social platforms that are actively used by a larger population, it doesn't however cover all of the social media sites facilitated by Hootsuite.


HootSuite and Buffer are the top game-changers for a reason, with significant services, they serve towards stimulating enriched customers. Their dashboard exhibits their area of undertakings by letting you operate multiple accounts and channels from just one location. 

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite with its dashboard displays its functions such as maintained timelines, responses sent out for chats on social media accounts, and more.  While HootSuite's dashboard is not as appealing, it certainly is more efficient with a diverse and vast range of services. With improved interaction, its dashboards enable the use of trending hashtags for Instagram, keeping all of your Facebook pages in sync, checking and maintaining your Twitter accounts with your timelines.  

While Hootsuite is more progressive with its approach, it is the only one with varied features. It's also possible to use Buffer's services with its distinct software for responding to your social media posts, known as Buffer Reply. It's quite straightforward with its usage. While more common features can be found among both while one integrates Buffer's basic app with other softwares, it becomes important to compare them from this viewpoint. 

Hootsuite's dashboard comprises numerous columns, it can get a little more confusing in comparison with Buffer's dashboard. With various tabs listed on your screen, one can control a single or many more social media accounts at a time. This implies a single dashboard could open distinct tabs to view responses, uploads, schedules, and more.

Although Hootsuite has a default setting that won't allow you to view all of your set posts together, you can still create a new tab and add all of your posts to view and access them together. Even though its dashboard is a bit confusing, it leaves more room for custom-made functioning. Hootsuite can make for an ideal option for large organizations with assorted features. 

  • Buffer

While Buffer's dashboard exhibits just the posts arranged for future uploads. The dashboards used by both the softwares display the distinct features offered by them. Buffer with its smooth, well-organized, and efficient dashboard displays just a single list of entries made for automated social media posts.

With the dashboard that they operate with, comparing their services is much easier. This means picking the right software for you gets even more simplified. If you're looking for an option that optimizes your posts by having them scheduled ahead of time then Buffer is a clear and recommendable choice. On the other hand, if you're hunting more specialized social media management services that handle the comments on your posts and their replies and also lets you follow other pages, Hootsuite can make an incredible choice. 

Buffer of course takes over the game by keeping up with HootSuite's features. Further, Buffer's limited scope renders its services to be more user-friendly. One can conveniently view the list of scheduled posts, the number of posts listed for each added account, it also lets you make changes in any of the posts as per your preferences. Its upgraded plans are more proficient with boosted management services. 

With these premium plans, one can easily integrate the posts set for future dates with the calendar, this lets you get a glimpse of the posts scheduled on a monthly or weekly basis. This also enables you to plan your posts based on the events and activities set on your calendar.

Buffer's integration with the calendar links each of your social media accounts separately, so there are low chances of getting all of your posts mixed up with lesser hassles and confusion. Along with a tab for viewing your posts, one can also take a look at the analytics achieved on your uploads. 

Regulate Your Posts

Both the softwares are inclusive of management systems that offer to schedule and upload services for all of your accounts. Where Hootsuite proves its expertise with personalized features just to enhance your account's interaction with a larger audience, Buffer focuses on attaining a better user experience with well-coordinated uploads on all of your channels. While both the apps are pretty similar in their approach to uploading content, they're completely varied when it comes to having these posts scheduled.

Both Hootsuite and Buffer authorize uploads to multiple accounts and pages, handles your chats and responses, plans your posts for future dates, and schedules them. They also work towards optimizing your social media accounts depending on each platform and the strategies that work for each of them. For instance trends on Instagram and those on Facebook might not be the same. This helps increase the impact with custom-tailored posts. Let's take a look at what sets them apart in terms of post scheduling.

Buffer: Its Post Regulation And Scheduling

Buffer operates its posts through its Buffer Queue that depicts the scheduled uploads onto your dashboard with a custom-made schedule. It also indicates the right time for your posts to be uploaded. With a scheduler that automatically sets the uploads onto the timings set by you. Suppose you have your scheduler set for timings like 12 PM, 6 PM, and so on, depending on the following timings available, Buffer will automatically post on your account. This implies if any of the given timings are unavailable or fully scheduled for an allotted date, it sets the posts for the closest timings available after the given date.

Of course, if one wants to consider setting up the timings manually for the uploads, they can do so. However, this automated scheduler makes the process faster and impactful by letting you control other important aspects. Buffer enables you to personalize the daily schedules for uploads, this lets you post more or less during weekends or weekdays based on your preferences and market demand.

Hootsuite: Its Post Regulation And Scheduling

Hootsuite takes over the scheduler and manages your set uploads more efficiently, the downside to it is that you gain minimal control as compared to Buffer. Its automated system runs analysis and chooses the best timings for your uploads. What causes it to be unappealing is the lack of control in your hands as Hootsuite schedules most of the posts on all your channels. Even if you pick a manual setting for scheduling all of the uploads as per your plans, there are chances that your uploads will function distinctly than as requested. 

If you're flexible with how your uploads work and would prefer leaving much of your activities in the hands of an expert, then Hootsuite can do that for you and make for an ideal fit. For instance, you can put in your content and let Hootsuite look after when it's to be uploaded and in which sequence.

Both Buffer and Hootsuite place constraints on the basic and free version of the application. Buffet limits the number of posts being uploaded and scheduled to a total of 10 for free account users. It still benefits users with more control and can be a good choice for someone who posts less frequently, however for sites like Twitter it can be a bit unsuitable. Hootsuite's free version wins over with a limit of 30 posts each day for all of your channels. However, posting on one account can affect the limits for posting on another.

Hootsuite with its upgraded plans expands the scope with the posting of numerous uploads at once with its Bulk Composer. With the capacity to facilitate a bulk of 350 messages, it saves and posts the same with significance.

Content Optimization

While the two social media management apps are both focused on running optimized content through your channels, they also assure improved audience reach and customization. Buffer, on one hand, focuses entirely on RSS content and optimizes your feed likewise, Hootsuite on the other hand maintains a track on the social media trends and lets you follow these trends impactfully. 

It's common for most social media users to struggle with bringing new and interesting content on their pages every single day unless one serves for a news agency. While posting on your page is an integral part of your account's functioning, interacting with other relevant accounts by commenting, liking, and sharing their posts can also make a big difference. To get your page recognized, Buffer, as well as Hootsuite both facilitate services that look up such relevant posts, snaps, videos, written content, and more. Further, it enables commenting and engaging with these pages for building up your potential community of followers.

Buffer's Content Optimization

Buffer offers a unique tool just for associating your social media pages with an enhanced feed. A tool known as the Content inbox is extending to users who have upgraded to its Enterprise and Professional plans. This enables linking of the RSS content identified by Buffer as influential with its dashboard. By finding RSS compositions, Buffer's dashboards stimulate the opening of a new tab that lets you attach all of the found outcomes. These contents can then be attached to the Buffer queue and also be personalized with a label or message for easy reference. 

Since the given services are only available for upgraded and paid plan users. Buffer also aids the users with basic and other low-priced plans to implement its services in integration with tools like Feedly, Pocket, and Zapier for more of such integrations. These tools also encourage you to find pages and attach them to the newly created tab. The only difference is that these apps let you take control over what you search and attach to your tab. You can also remove any of these pages from your feed.

Hootsuite's Content Optimization

Hootsuite operates as a one-stop solution to all of your content optimization services. By encouraging research within all of the aspects of relevance with your services, all from a single app, Hootsuite sure is more efficient. With its enlarged platform, there is sufficient space for preparing as many columns as one would prefer. One can conveniently formulate separate columns with the listed followers on your channel, columns for special research on significant keywords and tags, and columns with a list of content to be shared, commented, or highlighted on, and many more customizable columns. In terms of optimization, it is more progressive and extends RSS feed.

Web Extensions

Buffer and Hootsuite let you generally share posts from any page or channel, with the help of their web browser extensions. 

Buffer's Web Extension

Buffer with its web browser extension operates across browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Its extension works similar to web-based software that's more portable. It also arrives with an option to save all of the interesting feeds onto your queue with a special note and share them from all of your accounts. This implies sharing content is just as easier as browsing the internet, choosing the Buffer option from its toolbar, and setting up an upload. One doesn't even have to switch to the Buffer app for such postings.

HootSuite's Web Extension

Hootlet is Hootsuite's web-based extension that functions across browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Its web extension is even more favorable as compared to other extensions. Along with basic features like attachment of new pages to your list or associated links, it further creates an additional bar onto your Google search that displays the tweets based on your search history. You are also able to respond to these tweets. This is an extraordinary way of administering what the audience thinks about a certain topic that you're researching.

One significant disadvantage that one faces while considering these tweets is that it displays the tweets based on the most recent updates, rather than checking which topics are more impactful. Yet it is a good alternative when it comes to advancing your content composition. If your business operations are more biased by RSS optimization than Buffer is the perfect choice for you. However, if you are trying to optimize your page based on the search history, twitters, or concepts that are trending, then HootSuite can surely give you that boost.

Handle Teams Better

When it comes to handling teams and their operations, both softwares are skilled and dominant in their approach. Hootsuite lets you pace up the competition by facilitating services that are more varied and influential, it's suitable for a huge category of firms. Buffer is a bit simpler yet powerful and is suitable for new and small businesses. The prime point of consideration is the size and growth of your firm, teams handling these accounts, and the social media accounts that enable understanding of how well the services will equip you.

Buffer and HootSuite work through a system that permits the person in charge or admin to allocate each social media account to certain members of your team. It's a more logical way of confirming that all of the activities on your accounts are handled proficiently and in a proper manner. For instance, if you're operating on platforms like Windows, it would be more preferable to have them managed distinctly.

While new startups and small businesses with fewer members can boost their services just with Buffer's management services. With the firm's reduced work strain and flow, Buffer's streamlined services benefit their activities. Hootsuite with a wide expanse of management tools renders social media accounts of huge enterprises to be handled more impressively. 

Buffer's team handling services 

Buffer allows your firm's management or supervisor to manually assign social media sites across your team members. This is possible with the help of Buffer's shared services that lets you position your teams together and decide who is given access to which accounts. Such practices let you keep a track of the activities administered by each teammate, this can also help in measuring their work progress. Further, the admin also has control over whether the members will be allotted complete power over uploads or whether the admin would like to go through their posts before they are uploaded, functioning on an approval basis.

This maps the degree of power that Buffer orients its users within determining team handling services. It can make for a favorable system for firms with smaller teams. As your firm goes up the growth ladder, the features, and tools offered by Buffer fall short of some services.

Hootsuite's team handling services

Hootsuite on the contrary broadens its scope of the team handling services by delivering more features and tools. These tools stimulate the segregation of big teams into small groups. Your multiple social media accounts are operated more incredibly with groups or members assigned to each account. The admin has the power to form team mates, groups of these teammates, and further a larger group consisting of such formed teams. It allows a smooth flow of work across all individuals and groups.

Functioning numerous activities allotted to such individuals can also be traced more considerably. Stagnant growth and inefficient account handling can also be identified easily based on every individual's performance. This leads to a variety of ways to handle your social media channels. A big firm may also consider allotting half portion of its social media accounts to its marketing teams and outsource the rest half portion of its accounts to any renowned marketing agency. This makes sure only expert services are endorsed by your firm resulting in better outcomes.

Promote Your Content

If you're hunting for a social media account manager that does it all-inclusive of promotional services then Hootsuite is the best option. By producing, posting, and handling ad campaigns on your behalf, bring more traffic and engagement to your accounts. Clearly, Buffer is much simpler in its approach and does not offer any promotional services. 

The evolution of your social media accounts can be a bit slower towards the initial and growth phase, once you've reached a notable position, the sluggish growth is then accelerated. To pick pace with the initial period or to further boost your growth is possible with promotional campaigns. Advertisements stand as one of the top choices when it comes to promotions. It can also work as an impactful strategy towards attaining heightened growth. By interacting and striking the interests of the potential audience, you can bring in more followers to your accounts and enhance your brand's image.

Once you've analyzed the benefits of promoting your brand and content, you can then settle on to the decision-making part. Further evaluating what you'd want to convey through your advertisements, how you prefer for these ads to be structured, the duration that the ads will be up for and the platform that you'd like to position them on can make up some of the most crucial decisions. After you've concluded all the aspects of how the ad campaigns will function, you can move on to picking the best services. You have a clear choice here, Hootsuite is remarkably good at promoting your content and is the only choice accessible as Buffer doesn't include these promotional services.

Hootsuite's Content Promotion Services

With ad campaigns driven by Hootsuite, one can reliably stand by the experts doing their job at obtaining your social media accounts to be more competitive. With a single platform, you can administer a diverse range of services that handles everything and anything in connection to your accounts. Its dashboard allows you to position your ad campaigns and handle them effectively. All of the ads for all of your social media accounts can be managed from a single location.

Hootsuite Ads is a unique tool offered by Hootsuite that brings in all of these campaign-related services. Although it's a paid tool delivered by Hootsuite, it still administers all of your social operations from one location, rending the process smoother. It's ideal for someone who finds convenience in dealing with all of the tasks with the assistance of the same provider.

Buffer's Content Promotion Services

It is true that Buffer does not include any promotional services to leverage your content. However, this aspect alone cannot render its other services to be less efficient. In fact, its ability to integrate with other softwares and the diversity of its services make it more plausible. Although there are no direct integrations with third-party softwares for such services. There are additional applications like Google Ads and Facebook Ads that one can implement for driving such campaigns and promoting your brand. One will be required to install its separate app interface and operate it distinctly for incorporating such services within scope.

If you're seeking social media management services for a smaller firm or for fewer accounts, or are highly impressed with Buffer's services, then you can consider using Buffer and tagging it along with Hootsuite Ads tool. This combination can work well and also incorporate promotional features in your social media account management.

Handle Your ChatBox

A quick overview over both softwares in relation to chatting handling, Buffer covers up and wins over Hootsuite with its chat handling services, although it's on a bit costly side. Its unique application for chat handling named Buffer Reply lists more features as compared to HootSuite's approach at administering interactive chats. Buffer Reply being a distinct service charge over its usage, HootSuite on the other hand, operates with its general plan.

Interacting over social media is the most popular way of evolving. Make your presence known by interacting with more people from all your accounts. This ensures that the viewers have something to look up to and it isn't just a one-sided conversation with you uploading without any interaction. Of course, both the softwares let you engage with your customers by responding to their comments and messages and making them feel more valued. Their methods of engaging and replying to these actions are varied.

Hootsuite's Chat Handling

Hootsuite coordinates these chats through the same interface that provides its other features and services. Hootsuite and its dashboard benefit your enterprise with its fully flexible operations that let you custom-built its services that you want to utilize. It is also free to use with its primary plan, unlike Buffer's Reply app that costs a hefty amount. The free software also tailors its services based on your preferences, this involves interacting with your clients or a potential audience over chats, comments, and more.

By simply adding a tab, users can effortlessly create distinct sections for each social media platform and the category of interaction. This makes viewing and responding, even more, easier from one location. For instance, you can make different segments for YouTube's comments, chats from Instagram, your tweets and replies to them, and add them all under the same tab. Merging these robust chat handling services with team management can be very convenient with Hootsuite's dashboard. This also results in improved productivity, steady workflow, increased interaction, and implementation of competent marketing strategies bringing in long-term customer retention.

Buffer's Chat Handling

Buffer Reply is one of Buffer's powerful tools for enhanced engagement with your clients. It is a distinct software altogether and accesses its usage for a paid plan. The charges imposed for its implementation are comparatively higher. Talking about its charges, let's cut to the chase and get right at the prices, with $50 of a monthly charge it allows access to a single user and manages chats for a single account. Further to that, adding more of such social media accounts would top up with more than $10/month for each account.

For the value you pay for Buffer Reply's services, it extends the commendable set of tools with a single application. By giving you the power to assign chats to some of your best team members, you can confirm delighted customers. One can also put in details about the customer or make notes on their account to refer to the next the customer gets in touch. Another added advantage is that it enables monitoring of the chats undertaken by your team on a real-time basis. You can further train your teams based on their performance and achieve more happy customers.

By merging with Slack's services, you can also be alarmed each time a message or chat pops up. This makes sure you won't miss out on responding to any of your potential audience. On moving up its business plans, its paid plan costs $225 each month and enhances its operations by extracting files on your team's performance and how they interact, you can then study these files and strategically plan quality control. It authorizes you to conduct research on important keywords on platforms like Twitter and optimize your approach with automated services on how chats are allocated. 

However, with the expense that Buffer Reply operates at, it can give a hard time for small businesses to implement this service in their pocket. This particular service is only favorable for huge firms. On the contrary, Hootsuite which is known to be best suited for large enterprises delivers its chat handling service with its basic plan making it easily accessible for small firms.

Trace Your Growth

The ability to measure your account's growth can go a long way in aiding the process of improved development. By analyzing your performance, you are able to study and identify areas of potential and your strengths as well as your weaknesses. This can make more room for enhancements. While Hootsuite entices its users with such useful data for free, Buffer is an economical and preferable choice for large enterprises.

Formulating new strategies isn't as simple as just implementing them, by observing the growth triggered by these strategies, one can identify which successive strategies are desirable. With the help of competitive services offered by Buffer and Hootsuite, users can easily identify which strategies are impactful by observing the responses attained by your viewers, subscribers, or followers.

HootSuite's Ability To Trace Growth

HootSuite includes analytical features and tools to administer traced growth through its credible reports. Its analytical services are also free of any charges and allow you to obtain a summarized view into the volume of uploads, changes in the number of followers/subscribers, and other engaging activities witnessed by the reports. With its distinct rate that lets you track the interaction made by the potential audience makes the software more appealing.

As one goes up the plans and upgrades onto a professional plan, it is even possible to orient your enterprise with real-time analytics. It identifies the number of individuals interacting with your posts, their category, location, age group, and more useful data. A further upgrade to the Enterprise plan lets you get an insight into the efficiency with which your team members or their groups are interacting with your audience and their speed of interaction.

Buffer's Ability To Trace Growth

Buffer does not include any free analytical services, however, its paid plans like its Business and Professional plans involve these analytical reports as part of its service. Starting with its Professional plan which is also more reasonably priced, its Posts report maintains the lists of posts that interacted incredibly well and the videos or posts that attained more click-through rates. This aids in learning what type of content is keeping your audience more interactive and gaining better responses. The uses can then maximize such uploads and assure improved performance.

On an upgrade to a higher plan, your business plan enables you to achieve reports that are much more comprehensive in their approach. These explicit reports involve details on the number of followers gained over time, rate of interactions, and files extracted with more such details for thorough study and implementation. Buffer is also simultaneously working on creating a distinct software known as Buffer Analyze. This app plans on expanding the analytical details, however, it is still under development and is not out for usage just yet.

The analytical and reporting services furnished by both software, Buffer and Hootsuite are quite common and also cover the same areas. By focusing on improved performance and boosted interaction, they both encompass excellence with their services. However, Hootsuite wins this segment with free services and enhancements with paid plans. Its paid plan is more suitable for someone who wants to access real-time data.


Let's get to the most essential component in determining the right alternative for you, Pricing. Buffer with its simplified services offers limited plans and is more reasonably priced, HootSuite works like a tiered plan that upgrades with each plan. Although they both abide by a familiar pricing methodology, they differ in terms of the scope administered by their plans. One of the common aspects is the ability to use up to 3 social media accounts on their free basic plans and limitations on the number of posts permissible for scheduled uploads. 

While Hootsuite permits up to 30 scheduled uploads each day on a collective basis. Buffer permits up to 10 scheduled uploads each day for each individual social media account. They also facilitate a similar professional plan which is logically priced at $15 each month by Buffer and likewise charged at $29 every month for Hootsuite's users. Hootsuite's Professional plan authorizes up to 10 social media accounts and lets you access up to 50 social media pages. As one upgrades onto its paid plans, these limitations are taken off by letting you post more on your accounts. This brings more interaction and growth to your brand.

Buffer's Pricing Plans

Buffer varies in terms of its services, in correlation to Hootsuite, its approach is more restricted. It takes away the control to add in any additional and new members onto your plan. It also places a limit of 100 uploads to be set up on each social media account and it further lets you add up to 8 social media pages at a time. However, it seems to be more favorable as we move up the tiered plans by both softwares.

With a total of 3 business-oriented plans, it commences with its $99 plan for each month suitable for new startups and small businesses, it further upgrades you to a $399 plan each month suitable for thriving large enterprises. These plans enable access to management of social media accounts starting from 25 accounts up to 150 accounts depending on the plan and usage. These plans enlarge your scope with control extended to 25 new team members and further each plan adds on the ability to upload 2000 scheduled posts. The analytical services delivered by these plans also ensure the best possible strategies.

HootSuite's Pricing Plans

HootSuite initiates its plans at $599 each month for businesses. For smaller firms or team-oriented plans, its team plan costs $129 each month, although this plan is suitable for small firms, its tools, features, and services are more limited in comparison to Buffer's $99 plan. 

Hootsuite also offers an enterprise plan with quoted pricing attained on connecting to them. This plan leverages the conduct of large firms with control over team formations and works assigned, assess your team's performance and gain detailed analytical reports. This plan initiates with a demo service that can be attained by directly connecting to them. Based on your business operations and degree of performance, Hootsuite recommends their features and tools suitable for you. 

 Comparison Conclusion between the two

  • In terms of Social Networking, Hootsuite advances its reach by facilitating more social media platforms, Buffer is more simplified and extends services that aid with basic and frequently used social media platforms. Unlike Buffer, Hootsuite offers support to apps like YouTube and WordPress. Buffer is best for handling posts on your accounts and Hootsuite is best for analyzing and handling your accounts and related operations. 
  • While both the softwares furnish a robust dashboard, they do differ in terms of what's being displayed on the dashboard. HootSuite is more diverse with its functions and displays the responses on chats, timelines, etc, and Buffer's dashboard represents the posts setup for future uploads.
  • Buffer orients users with a simple and well-sorted posting regime with smoother schedules. Hootsuite is more intelligent with an automated scheduler that analyses the best time for uploads, however, it does take away some control from your hands. 
  • To free software users, Buffer limits each account user with 10 permissible uploads per day, HootSuite lets you upload 30 posts each day, however, this limit functions jointly for all your accounts.
  • Buffer optimizes your content based on trending posts across all channels, making your page more visible and visited. Hootsuite analyses RSS content more effectively.
  • If you're an entrepreneur, startup, or small scale enterprise then Buffer can handle your teams more persuasively. HootSuite with increased specialization and management services renders steady team management for huge enterprises. 
  • There are no promotional services offered by Buffer, this gives a fair win-win for Hootsuite which is also the only one formulating and handling promotional campaigns.
  • With regards to chat handling, Buffer takes over the bait with its Buffer Reply software that encompasses more features in correlation to Hootsuite's chat handling services. The only downside to it is that Buffer Reply is a paid service. 
  • While both Buffer and Hootsuite furnishes reliable reports and in-depth analysis for improved performance. Hootsuite provides numerous analytical tools without any additional charges, Buffer, on the other hand, serves as a reasonable and suitable option for big enterprises. Buffer is known for its detailed reports and its ability to extract these CSV files for comparatively more cost-effective pricing in comparison to Hootsuite's upgraded plans. Hootsuite offers an excellent analytical service for free and upgrades you to real-time analytical data.
  • It's clear by now that Buffer is the best fit for small businesses with its economically priced plans, Hootsuite operates differently with its tiered plans. With each plan, it unravels more features and tools, enhancing your social media management and operations.
  • Where Buffer starts with a Professional plan of $15 each month, Hootsuite upgrades its Professional plan to $29 every month.

Final Words

Now that we've viewed all of the dominant services and features offered by both Buffer and Hootsuite, considering which software excels in its undertakings from the other becomes essential. Before we get onto our final verdict, let's take a look at the last yet most efficient feature among both, an automated system executed by Buffer and Hootsuite.

Buffer vs Hootsuite: Showdown

After detailed emphasis on each segment and feature that falls within their scope, choosing the appropriate software for you and your business type is much easier. While Buffer and Hootsuite have more common features within their ambit of services, it's comprehensible that their goals are also somehow directed towards the same outcomes. With social media management services that bring in enhanced performance, it also seeks growth through efficient interactions.

While the similarities listed among them are many, it also comprises many differences in their approach and implementation. It's not logical to desirably pick one of these two softwares as an ideal social media manager. Where Buffer is best for small firms with reasonable prices, its Buffer Reply services are exceptionally high in pricing. 

Hootsuite on the contrary is more favorable with all-inclusive features and tools, its ads promoting campaigns give away more strength and compatibility to its usage. Although its pricing is slightly high as compared to Buffer. Of course, the excellence that both these softwares provide would differ based on your usage, needs, and goals. While both these softwares encompass free versions of their services, one can experiment with the features and services offered by them and come to a conclusion on what makes a better fit for you. Further with this detailed description listed above, your decision should be effortless even without any such experiments.While one evaluates social media management apps, determining advanced features like automation can help consider innovative ways that can lead to the saving of ample time. With the assistance of Zapier's integrations for efficient workflow, it is possible to set up posts depending on the happening of certain activities or interaction on your social media profiles. 

Whether you want to integrate all of your services from a single location or leverage your performance with the usage of assorted applications, it's all possible. The only step required to administer is to analyze what are your business needs, how are you planning to grow your brand, what is your approach, and what kind of services do you have in mind. Once you can analyze which product fits closely to your expectations, you can consider taking it up in integration with other competent softwares.

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