If you have read my HostGator Review then you would know that I host all my new sites on HostGator hosting.

However, once a website scales to more than 100,000 visitors per month, then it starts generating a good income.

After that all your money making assets require special consideration and resources which a shared hosting like HostGator (although they are the best in low cost shared hosting industry) can provide but the services would not be up to the mark.

This is when I shift my sites to a much expensive but premium hosting platform like Kinsta.

kinsta review

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Other reasons why I love Kinsta:

  • Your website will be loading at lightning fast speed, and once your website is driving high traffic, you need to treat every visitor with respect by giving him/her the fastest experience.
  • Once a website starts generating revenue from its traffic, every microsecond that the sites takes extra to load, will cost similar deduction in money you make. So, shifting to Kinsta will be the best financial decision.
  • Yes, Kinsta hosting is much more expensive compared to a normal shared hosting (or even cloud hosting of SiteGround) but it offers many extra benefits like: Quickest support, easiest dashboard, fastest websites,  and ease of access.
  • You get free website migration from your previous host to Kinsta.
  • The dashboard is the real power of Kinsta. It's extremely fast unlike other hosting providers like Bluehost, GoDaddy etc which takes forever to load. Also, the site management, and stats snapshot shown in the dashboard itself is very helpful.

Since it's much more expensive, I only host my money sites on Kinsta.

Also, since I am building a personal brand now, and I want to give you all a seamless experience on the site, hence marketersfeed.com is also hosted on Kinsta hosting.

I have multiple accounts with Kinsta, I use the Business 1 account which cost $100 for hosting this site. One of my accounts is paid on an annual basis which hosts a couple of my money site.

What Exactly is Kinsta?

Starting in 2013, Kinsta is a premium, fully managed WordPress provider that puts speed, performance, and security at its centre. Now, when I say 'fully managed,' I mean taking care of everything that's under the WordPress.

It also allows custom CDN and Data Centers to all its users irrespective of the packages. Is the title tag of the “best WordPress hosting ever” justified? Yes, absolutely, and let’s have a look at the top 10 reasons which has clinched the numero uno position for Kinsta. 

Below are some of its main features suitable for various purposes.

1. Access Google Cloud-based Infrastructure for Blazing Fast Speed

This is an exclusive feature which distinguishes Kinsta from its closest competitors. How? Well, simply put, this means that traditional shared hosting platforms host through a single server in a data centre. Where does Kinsta stand in comparison?

A cloud-based service utilizes a virtual server space which is built over an integrated network of physical servers across the world.

As a host of leading companies like Coca-Cola, HTC, Spotify, Philips, Kinsta too uses Google’s private fibre network spread across the world which can reach speeds of 10,000TB per second.

google cloud platform kinsta

Kinsta has access to state-of-the-art infrastructure as a Google Cloud Platform partner, which translates to a choice of 22 global server locations for you to host your website on.

This provides you with the option of choosing the data centre closest to the geographical business location for your website, ensuring low latency and lightning-fast loading speeds for your audience.

Moving a notch higher, Kinsta is also signed to Google Cloud’s premium tier which ensures premium speed and optimum performance for Kinsta users.

2. Speed Obsessed Architecture

Coming to the second biggest asset, it is the speed again, and this time, it’s through turbocharged software.

 Kinsta’s architecture is built-in with PHP 7.4, HTTP/2, LXD software containers, MariaDB, Nginx, and premium DNS, which deliver uncompromised speed by virtue of using secondary memory and can also handle higher loads of traffic.

These software help the website become more mobile-friendly with easy and simplified loading.

  • PHP 7.4 offers better performance and security in comparison to older versions of PHP. The user can also continue using the older versions like PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and easily switch between the older and newer versions with the click of a button.
  • HTTP/2 ensures a faster SSL and is a major improvement over HTTP/1
  • LXD software containers ensure 100% isolation for every website, thus, virtually putting an end to sharing of server resources along with enhanced security
  • MariaDB offers improved performance in comparison to MySQL databases
  • Nginx, in particular, deserves a special mention, as it offers the best way to serve static files. Visually intensive websites handling a multitude of visitors like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram use Nginx to achieve maximum website speeds
  • In contrast to the free DNS offered by various domain registrars, premium DNS offers a faster performance

One of the major advantages of using Kinsta is its integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) which speeds up the delivery of your content to your visitors by taking the load off the server. This has a fourfold effect on website performance.

It improves user experience through minimized loading time, reduces bounce rate, minimizes bandwidth costs, and improves the scalability of your website. Kinsta’s collaboration with KeyCDN, a top tier HTTP/2 and IPv6-enabled content delivery network, is also an added bonus.

Kinsta users are allocated a set amount of free CDN bandwidth nicknamed “Kinsta CDN”, which allows super fast delivery of content, built upon KeyCDN’s extensive global coverage across 34 locations.

3. Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

This is not one of those loud advertisement claims. It’s backed up by a Service Level Agreement and money gets hived off your bill if the uptime falls below this level. How significant is this?

With cheaper WordPress hosting options, it often happens that your website is inaccessible or unavailable for a certain amount of time, which gets classified as downtime. Even 99.9% uptime boils over to more than eight hours of downtime in a single year.

kinsta uptime

Various reviews and reports over the years have instead reported the uptime to be a perfect 100%. This is made possible by Kinsta’s cloud hosting infrastructure which is highly reliable and efficient in terms of performance.

Kinsta doubles this up with regular monitoring and uptime checks carried out every minute. Your account gets credited in case of no response to an error code within a 30 minute period; a commitment which is honoured 24*7, throughout the year.

4. Perfectly Managed Hosting  

The idea of managed hosting is to basically allow you to focus on content and growth, without worrying about website technicalities- and Kinsta follows it to the core. There are a host of features which make website management extremely easy even for technology novices:

Speed Tuning

Kinsta ensures round-the-clock superior speeds for your site through regular checks and caching. This automatically optimizes site speed and you don’t have to worry about speed checks at regular intervals.

Kinsta Dashboard 

Content management on WordPress becomes more efficient and user friendly through a dedicated dashboard for all tasks on WordPress. This is a major improvement on the typical C-panels in use earlier.

Updates Management

Gone are the days when you had to struggle with forced updates and worry about the impact it might have on your site performance. With Kinsta, you have the option of allowing its team to deal with the updates while you can be busy with more important things.

One-click Installer

Installation and launching of a WordPress site had never been simpler. With its one-click Installer, site management has become hassle-free. Newer WordPress versions, codes, and plugins can be tested in a safe mode before going live with a single click.

The same also applies for WordPress site migration, which gets initiated after filling up a simple form and gets completed in a jiffy. There are options for site migration being handled by a team of experts or being completed manually with expert support.

The entire migration process is completed without any downtime.

5. Unmatched Technical Support

Kinsta’s awesome support team is definitely something to boast about and is one of their biggest strengths. Comprising mostly pros in WordPress development and experienced engineers in Linux hosting, the support team is definitely comparable with some of the best in the world in terms of technical expertise.

Post raising a ticket, well-versed and knowledgeable experts are available in well under two minutes. In addition, there is a glossary of self-help articles, blogs along with DIY tips, and an extremely handy and well-updated knowledge base.    

People at Kinsta live and breathe speed. Its best-in-class tech support makes the lives of business owners easier with its quick turnarounds and service requests.

All the queries are handled in less than a few minutes, and you can directly talk to understanding and helping technicians who may go above and beyond to provide you with an effective solution.

Right from creating an account to getting tech support, Kinsta keeps its words to deliver quality and speed at equal shares. However, its sheer simplicity does surprise me in each of its steps. For example, Kinsta provides at least one free website migration from any host, via its in-house team of experts.

This may mean a lot for any business owner and the developers, as it makes tasks easier by a thousand times, compared to that of manual migration methods. Without any downtimes or hassles, you can just place a migration request right from your dashboard, and you're all set!

6. Well Managed Cache

Caching is a great way to make WordPress page loading faster by reducing the load on the servers. Caching is mainly put into effect through four different types of cache: Bytecode Cache, Object Cache, Page Cache, and CDN Cache.

Implementation of Cache in a website can sometimes get complicated with a host of different available plugins. Kinsta makes the entire process stress-free by having ready-to-use Cache implemented in their setup.

7. Robust Security Network

WordPress, being the most used platform for hosting websites all over the world, is also a common target for hackers and cyber frauds. It’s imperative to opt for a hosting platform which prioritizes ultimate security.

At Kinsta, your website is under strict surveillance and heavily monitored 24*7 with scans performed every 60 seconds to ensure zero security breach.

Coupled with a strong firewall system, GeoIP blocking, DDoS scanning, self-healing PHP, GCP firewall and various other different mechanisms, Kinsta ensures a safe environment for your website.

Login is through a two-factor authentication process and IPs with more than 6 login attempts are automatically banned by Kinsta. Development is, however, a process in continuity and developers are granted granular access through multi-user permissions.

If under any circumstances, the hosted site gets hacked, Kinsta commits to free fixing of the site.

8. Full Backup with Automatic Scaling   

Kinsta offers complete peace of mind through various tools for safekeeping of website content.

The hosting provider takes daily automatic site backups which can be accessed from MyKinsta dashboard for up to 14 days.

There is also the option for taking a maximum of 5 manual backups with a single backup available for download every week.

Kinsta provides a simple, safe and private staging environment which enables testing new updates, working on-site development features, or switching to a new theme. Switching from staging environment to a live site and vice-versa is extremely easy and managed by just a few clicks.

It creates an automatic backup in certain events like switching from staging to production, in case something goes wrong.

There’s absolutely no need to be worried about disk space usage as the backups are excluded from total disk space usage count.

In case of high traffic websites, backups are taken every 1 to 6 hours to ensure added security of data. In normal shared hosting servers, a sudden spike in traffic can lead to temporary sight outage and requires physical upgrades to sort out the issue.

With Kinsta, high traffic is only great news as the cloud-based servers have the perfect flexibility to handle sudden increases in loads. This is especially advantageous for an e-commerce site where sudden spikes in visitors are a common occurrence.

Website crashes accompanying a sudden spurt in traffic are definitely outdated at Kinsta.

9. Free SSL for Websites

Digital certificates to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for websites are provided by Let's Encrypt for ensuring website security and privacy. 

SSL and HTTPS secure a website through encryption of data between the site’s server and the user’s browser. “Let’s Encrypt” is available as a built-in integrated feature on Kinsta.

This enables free SSL hosting and certificates for all websites on the platform.

Automatic renewal of these licenses saves both time and money for the users. One-click SSL integration has saved users from the complex process of generating certificate keys and ensured enhanced safety for the website.

10. Competitive Pricing  

After thoroughly going through the technical details, this is something which is sure to gain prominence at the back of your mind by now. What are the pricing options? Are there budget-friendly options or is it entirely a premium service?

Kinsta was launched in 2013 with a debut package pricing of $100 which was undoubtedly a tad too expensive if you were looking to step into the online domain with your own blogs. Post-2018, prices have highly rationalized and have been segmented into entry-level, mid-level, and premium blocks.

Entry Level plan is offered for $30, which permits 20K views in a month and is a fairly competitive price in relation to the features offered.

You can choose from their Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans as per your individual requirements.

11. Anything Which Kinsta Doesn't Provide?

The only feature of significance and utility missing from Kinsta’s WordPress package is Email hosting.

Kinsta feels that this part is best left to expert providers and recommends G Suite to their clients.

Please know that these are just the tip of the iceberg amongst the many promising features that Kinsta provides, and each of them has its advantages and ROIs.

12. Kinsta's Amazing Dashboard

I know what you must be expecting when I say dashboard - a black and white background, with a bunch of digits, jargon, and lots of yawns.

I'm delighted to share that with Kinsta, you'll never feel the same about dashboards again. It is an innovative, intriguing, and intuitive place where everything is well-organized and relevant so that you can absorb it in one good look across the panel.

Unlike cPanel dashboards, Kinsta dashboards are the place where you can catch all the live action in important ways:

  • You can easily access all your websites through the dashboard in just a click
  • You can also refine the initial setup methods, make new FTP accounts, check for plugin updates, and more on the dashboard
  • It can also provide you with the option to overview previous site migrations
  • The Kinsta dashboard also comes with analytics section that can provide you with all the latest activity reports right then
  • It comes with a 24/7 available live support team to take care of any queries, raising service tickets, and more

All caught up till now?

Kinsta's game-changing features include providing direct services to the luxurious network of Google Cloud, its blazing fast speed, and its legendary customer service.

But is that all that it offers? I mean, going with the hype and the glory Kinsta usually receives, does it truly deliver the same?

Kinsta Review Conclusion

Web Hosting is an extremely crowded marketplace, dominated by lofty claims from varied service providers. Sorting out the best-managed WordPress hosting services strictly as per your requirements is really a tough ask.

If we recollect the three premier features - Speed, Performance, and Security, the options narrow down fast. Add to it the fantastic Customer support and Kinsta is head and shoulders above all competitors. Choose them for outstanding delivery on all their commitments.

Experience hassle-free and flawless web hosting with Kinsta, and in return make your website offer the ultimate experience to your audience and clientele.

In case you were wondering if Kinsta is a one-size answer to everyone's requirements, it works out the best for:

  • Business websites that have a pretty substantial growth rate per month
  • Established business websites with steady traffic flow and the owners hate any last-minute surprises like downtimes or outages
  • For direct online e-commerce websites where speed, optimization, and performance matters the most
  • For business websites that have a track record of going viral at times, and need a substantial solution to handle such surges

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