Top 10 Best Audio Editing Software (2022): Compared & Reviewed

Most audio editors are equipped with a varied range of editing tools and with diversified types of features. You need to choose the most suited one based on your needs. Novice or amateurs work better with those programs that are easy to handle and can lead to one-click repairs. Whereas the professionals require multitrack editing options with no hassle and a modified quality. There are several audio editing software available out there in the market. From creating, editing, and adding the final touch from the music videos to the podcasts, there are several other needs of an audio editing program.

However, you need to choose it according to your requirements. The majority of the people need creative effects and filters which will manipulate the sounds and audios and present them with a unique touch. The professionals try to search for the one which has the editing tools as well as the recovery ones and the tools for integrating all the small sections of audio. 

It is not that the more the price, the faster the application is capable of working. Rather, many programs have both versions, a free one, and a premium version. The price mainly ranges between $200-$600 depending on a number of factors. While one needs to pay just for getting access to certain tools or effects, the others might charge for offering a richer quality.

Some software makes the work of the editor a lot hassle-free and quick with its intuitive feature. Whereas some programs demand more time from the editor and one needs to work with it for some days to get habituated to handling it. Even the professionals need to work for several hours for getting the best results. Almost everything depends on what purpose you are going to use it for.

Editing an audio file is not just recording and joining the whole thing together. Effects are used for improving the places which need repair. An equalizer is also used to compress audios that do not have an even range of volume. So applying an equalizer can make it smooth. Some editors also do prefer to support external effects except the in-built ones with plugins. Lastly, a software must be capable of supporting and working with varied types of audio formats. It must have the feature to change the audio file type from one form to another for easy access. 

Adobe Audition is one of the most powerful audio editing software in the market right now.

The software is specially designed for cleaning and editing the audio for commercial use as well as for podcasts also.

The software comes in an all-in-one kit allowing the user to mix multitrack waveforms.

The user can also see the spectral for mixing. 

The software comes for Windows and macOS. Adobe Audition also provides a cloud-based application for collecting the user's data. The software provides two key modes which are the Waveform View which is basically used for stereo editing and the other one is Multitrack view which allows to mix multiple tracks together. The software provides all the professional features which are very easy to understand and use.

Why use Adobe Audition?

Adobe provides the best services in different professional fields. When it comes to audio editing, the software is very easy to use and helps in mixing multiple audios.  It is focused audio editing software that accelerates the workflow of audio editing. 

If someone is thinking of creating their own podcast or music then adobe is the perfect software for them. The software also provides a free trial to its users. Adobe also provides tutorials that help in enhancing the skills of a user. The Customer support team of Adobe is very responsive and provides quick answers to all the queries.


  • Tracks panel - The software allows the user to track panels to show or hide tracks or groups of tracks. This feature of adobe allows the user to focus on a specific project. The software allows the user to create their own personalized track groups and save presets for a wonderful editing experience.
  • Audio extraction - The software allows the user to extract audio from a CD file. The user needs to insert the CD into the drive and then select the track they wish to extract. The software extracts the specified track without reducing the quality of the track.
  • Auto duck music - While working on a specific project the software allows the user to add music behind dialogues, add sound effects, or any other clip using the ducking feature. This feature of Adobe Audition helps in achieving the highest quality of audio editing.
  • Better backup - The software provides periodic backup of the files to prevent them from any loss due to system crashes or file corruption. The software provides Adobe Creative Cloud Storage system to backup multiple tracks.


  • The software provides a full-screen dual-monitor view for better workflow. Helps in editing sound effects of video and recording multiple audios.
  • The software has an excellent noise reduction plugin. The user can remove any sort of noise with this wide feature. The noise reduction plugin of Adobe Audition is very effective and powerful.
  • The software also allows the user to schedule their important recordings in advance.
  • The software also provides a frequency band splitter which is used for creating multiple copies of an audio clip. Each copy has a different frequency and the user can edit the copies separately using multiple effects.


  • The user interface could be tricky for beginners in audio editing. It takes some time to understand all the features of Adobe Audition.
  • The software doesn't provide MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) support.
  • The Multitrack editing and recording feature of Adobe Audition is not preferred by many professionals.


 Adobe Audition provides flexible payment options - 

  • Annual Plan, paid monthly - $20.99/month
  • Annual Plan, prepaid - $239.88/year
  • Monthly Plan - $31.49/month 

2. Cubase

Cubase is a digital audio workstation (DAW) which is developed by Steinberg.

The software provides MIDI recording and editing to its users.

The software provides all the basic tools for recording, editing, and mixing multiple tracks.

The software provides all the basic tools for the music of different genres. 

The tools provided by Cubase are very easy to use. The software comes for Windows and macOS operating systems. The software also provides cloud-based platforms for better results and production. The software allows the user to keep the track of chord changes.  The software also helps in harmonizing audio and MIDI tracks easily. 

Why Use Cubase?

Cubase offers a wide variety of tools that are used by musicians to create songs of any genre. The user can edit, record, and mix tracks like a professional with high-quality standards. The software unlike other software is very easy to use. When it comes to MIDI (Musical instrument digital interface) Cubase is the most powerful and widely used audio editing software. 

Cubase works very smoothly allowing the user to create music for TV shows, video games, movies, advertisements, etc. The software also provides tutorials and tips to understand all the features of the software.  The user can talk to experienced artists to solve their queries and clear their doubts.


  • Audio alignment - With this feature the user can match the timing of audio they want to play continuously. The software also allows the timing a dialogue takes. It also allows the user to solve the problem of phasing while using different microphones on the same take.
  • Mixing - The Mixconsole of Cubase is known for its usability. The operation is totally mouse-free. All the important elements can be accessed through the computer keyboard and screen reader software for individuals who are visually impaired.
  • ARA support - The software also allows Audio Random Access (ARA) extension. Through this feature, the user can edit the audio more easily and effectively. ARA allows the user to integrate with important plugins such as Melodyne and SpectraLayers.
  • Advanced control room - It provides the user with better audio mixing facilities. The user can monitor the setups of recording and mixing workflow. Cubase allows you to manage and create up to four unique studio mixes.


  • With the group editing feature, the user can edit multiple tracks from multiple microphones all at once.
  • With the availability of a Multichannel true peak and a loudness meter, the user can monitor and measure the loudness of their project in real-time.
  • The chord editing section allows inserting and editing multiple chords directly in the key editor.
  • The drum map feature allows the user to solve the problem of MIDI drum kits. The user can use sounds of different drums from different instruments in the same kit.


  • The auto-tune stock plugging provided by Cubase is not that much efficient.
  • The software doesn't provide a free trial.
  • The user interface of Cubase takes some time in loading general things.


Cubase provides three pricing plans to its users - 

  • Cubase Pro 11 - $587.98
  • Cubase Artist 11 - $337.98
  • Cubase Elements 11 - $99.99

3. Reason

Reason is a powerful collection of multiple instruments, effects, and synthesizers that allows the user to create high-definition sounds.

It may be any instrument from drums to guitar, reason has covered all your needs.

The software provides advanced features for recording and editing audio.

Reason provides multiple effects which are very easy to use.

Some of the important effects that reason provides are Channel EQ, Softube AMP, Audiomatic Retro Transformer and M-class Equalizer, and much more. Reason also provides mobile applications to its users so that they easily create their music whenever they want it to. The software also provides video tutorials to use it to its maximum level.

Why Use Reason?

Reason provides every sort of feature to create amazing music. The software also provides MIDI support to its users. The software comes for Windows and macOS. The software provides more than 29,000 device patches, loops, and samples. The tutorial videos provided by Reason are very helpful as they are created by the developers of Reason. 

The tutorials clear the basics of an individual in audio editing allowing them to increase their productivity. The software is basically designed for professionals in music production. Reason also provides recording and mixing of SoundFX. The user interface of Reason is very easy to use and provides a smooth workflow.


  • VST plugin - The software provides VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugin support to all its users. The user can add any instrument of their choice. The software also provides them with multiple effects plugins to make amazing audio.
  • MIDI instrument - The software allows the user to control synthesizers, samplers, and keyboards. The user can also sync important hardware systems to Reason's interface.
  • Advanced exporting - The software allows to export multiple mixer channels including different effects and tempo tracks.
  • Europa Player - Europa Player has three spectral wave engines, where waveforms are loaded and warped through traditional wavetable sweeps and spectral waveform modifiers. It also has a set of unique spectral filters, customizable envelopes, fantastic effects, and more.


  • The software includes all the advanced features allowing the user to relax. While using Reason, you don't need another DAW.
  • Reason provides an easy-to-use platform and designs. It provides a more realistic approach to music editing.
  • The software provides remote mapping to manage external MIDI controllers and different hardware used.
  • Reason provides its free trial version both for Windows and macOS.


  • Shortcuts in Reason are very difficult to find out and it's very tricky to use them.
  • Reason requires higher system requirements to run the software effectively.
  • The clip editor feature of Reason is not very effective.


Reason provides three types of packages to its users according to their needs-

  • Reason 11 - $399.00
  • Reason 11 Intro - $299.00
  • Reason 11 Suite - $599.0

Audacity is a free digital audio editor and recording software.

The software comes for Windows, macOS, Linux. It is one of the widely used audio editing software.

The software over the years has been constantly updating its interface with new features to be in the market.

Every editor has used audacity because it is a basic software that provides all the functions. 

The visual look can be confusing for beginners, but the user interface is very easy to use. The software also provides a manual to explain all its features. The starting window of audacity is somewhat complex and it seriously demands a well-guided manual. The software is well suited for any situation, whether you are willing to create your own podcast or trying to record any commercial music.

Why Use Audacity?

Audacity is a free software. The software contains all the professional features that a user needs for audio editing and recording. If someone is starting with audio editing then this software is perfect for them.  Audacity supports multiple audio formats such as AIFF, WAV, .mp3, FLAC, etc. Audacity provides huge libraries of plugins to select from. Audacity has been awarded with the Community Choice award for best project for multimedia. The software provides a wide range of effects for editing such as trimming, fading in-out, normalizing, etc.


  • Recording - The software allows the user to record live audio through a microphone or mixer. The user can also digitize recording from other media. Users can monitor volume levels through level meters. The software also provides the facility to dub existing tracks to create multi-track recordings.
  • Effects - Audacity is equipped with a wide range of effects. The software allows the user to change the pitch of the track without disturbing the tempo. It also provides features such as Noise reduction, changing the tempo, crossfading of tracks, and much more.
  • Plug-ins - The software supports LADSPA (Linux audio developer's simple plugin), LVT, Nyquist, and VST effects plugin.
  • Editing - The software comes with modern features of audio editing. It includes control of the navigation panel, amplitude editing, maintaining the pitch, and converting Cassette tapes into digital audio.


  • The software provides a detailed spectrogram view mode for better visualization and frequencies.
  • The software provides a large number of keyboard shortcuts. Tracks can be fully edited using the keyboard.
  • Audacity is a great open-source audio editing platform that works perfectly on both Mac and Windows.
  • Noise reduction tool of audacity provides excellent results.


  • The software lacks behind in controlling dynamic equalizers and doesn't provide real-time effects while recording.
  • It takes some time to really understand all the capabilities of this software.
  • It takes some time to really understand all the capabilities of this software.

WavePad audio editing software is a well-known audio and music editor which is available for both desktop/laptop and mobile.

One can easily use it for Mac and Windows as it offers a variety of useful features for audio editing.

You can record and edit both music and voice and also other audio clippings.

It is useful for both amateur users and professionals.

Even though this software is usually free, one can opt for the premium version if he needs it for professional work as it lets the user access a number of other beneficial features. Launched by NCH Software, it enables the users to manipulate and customize the audio clips according to their choice and the software is quite user-friendly too and one can use it efficiently, irrespective of the level of experience they are having. 

Why Use WavePad?

WavePad is useful for both the new users and the professionals as the software is pretty light and quick compared to the other sophisticated ones on the market. It is a versatile program that allows its users to record music, voice, and other audio types and edit them too. It has a cool and easy-to-operate interface with an assisting hand tool ribbon. 

One can also change the format of a certain file besides adding a touch of advanced features such as reverb, amplify and echo. The added perks of this software are that it offers an audio restoration characteristic that lets you eliminate or lessen noise, popping sounds, and other unwanted notes. Usually, it functions smoothly without any slack or disturbance.


  • VST plugin- WavePad supports VST Plugin which gives you the added advantage to access thousands of other effects and tools.
  • Audio restoration- This particular feature of the software lets the producers reduce or remove a certain noise or disturbance and click pop removal.
  • Supports a variety of audio formats- From Vox, WMA, GSM, WMA to real audio, AU, AIF, FLAG, OGC, and a number of other file formats is supported by WavePad which is more than an advantage. It also allows you the opportunity to modify or convert the audio file type from one form to another without any hassle.
  • Diversified audio and sound effects- The editing tools let you cut, copy, paste, insert, delete, silence, auto-trim, shift pitch, compress and do several other edits to the clippings. Besides these, the audio and music effects are really very diversified as well starting from amplifying, equalizing to a variety of other kinds.


  • This software is equipped with a number of advanced tools such as spectral analysis, FFT, and TFFT which allows the user to modify the audio clippings in their own way. A Voice-activated recorder, text-to-speech synthesis tool, reduced vocals, distortion, chorus, and the feature of bookmarks are available as well.
  • WavePad has an easy-to-navigate interface and that is what helps it to stand out amidst its other competitors.
  • WavePad has an easy-to-navigate interface and that is what helps it to stand out amidst its other competitors.


  • Removing unwanted noises and sounds might be time-consuming at certain moments according to the device (desktop/laptop or, mobile) you are using.
  • Processing audio restoration takes up quite some time.
  • The other advanced tools and effects cannot be accessed unless the user opts to use the premium version in place of the free software.


WavePad provides three pricing plans to its users -

  • WavePad Sound Editor - Master’s Edition - $99
  • WavePad Sound Editor - Standard Edition - $60
  • WavePad Sound Editor - Master’s Edition (Quarterly Plan) - $2.77/mo

It is a powerful audio editing software that is easy to master.

The software provides a very user-friendly interface to all its users with colorful buttons and better visuals.

The software works very fast in editing multiple tracks.

Ocenaudio contains all the advanced features to fulfill the demands of professional users.

The platform of Ocenaudio is basically based on the Ocenaudio Framework. It is a powerful library which is developed to simplify and standardize the development of audio editing. The software is totally free of cost. The software comes from Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Why Use Ocenaudio?

Compared to other free audio editing software programs, Ocenaudio allows the user to use multiple preview effects in real-time. The software allows the user to adjust the playback features directly. The software allows the user to work with the files stored on the cloud and PC. The interface of this software is very simple and enchanting. The software provides a wide range of inbuilt keyboard shortcuts which can be used to increase the productivity of the workflow.


  • Real-time preview - Applying effects such as EQ and filtering are important parts of audio editing. But it is also important to get desired results while listening to the processed audio. The software allows the user to hear the edited audio while adjusting the multiple controls.
  • Cross-platform support - Ocenaudio’s performance in every operating system is unique and excellent. The software is equipped with unique features. The skills that users learn in one platform can be used in others too.
  • Editing - The software allows the user to edit a large number of audio files. While using the advanced memory management system, the software allows the user to save their computer memory also.
  • Spectrogram - The software provides a fully-featured spectrogram view. The users are allowed to analyze the spectral content of different audio signals with excellent clarity.


  • The spectrogram settings of Ocenaudio can be used in real-time. The display is immediately updated after changing the features.
  • The software allows the user to select different portions of an audio file. They can edit and listen to them also.
  • The software is very light weighted and its features can be easily understood.
  • The software allows the user to edit online audio files also.


  • Updating features is not regular in Ocenaudio.
  • The software doesn't allow multi-track editing.
  • The Plugin feature of Ocenaudio is not very effective.

Ashampoo music studio is one of the best music editing software widely used for editing songs and audio files.

Be it cutting, removing, or adding a part, you can do it all without any hassle.

The best part is it lets its users prepare a device-compatible playlist in no time!

One can bring in amazing changes to a sound clip with just a few mouse clicks.

You can retrieve and add the missing information on the audio tracks and can easily organize the titles according to your needs. This software lets you convert and interchange formats and create mixtapes for you. One can also easily enhance the quality of audio by adding certain features or by splitting it up into different sections. 

Why Use Ashampoo Music Studio?

It is more of a multimedia device and less of an ordinary audio editor. It is equipped to read and manage songs besides editing songs and voice-overs. It allows the users to extract audio files from video quite smoothly and this software works pretty sleekly which lets the editors get done with their job in no time. It has a huge bunch of media management tools and a well-functional record editor. 

Ashampoo music editor is capable of functioning on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and 7 OS. Along with that, it is compatible with 32 and 64 bit systems. One can create and edit tracks by importing a single audio clip or by importing a complete folder. This program can also edit and convert commonly used formats and hunt down corrupted metadata in files.


  • Audio extraction- This software lets you burn the audio tracks to discs and its rich features allow the users to extract audio tracks from videos. 
  • Edit any kind of audio - It is not always possible to record all audio tracks perfectly. And that is when you are going to understand the function of this cool software. Besides helping to cut the audio into small sections, it also lets you crop or mute certain portions. 
  • Supports a varied range of formats- This program lets you convert the music files quite easily and allows you to adjust or make changes to the quality effectively. From MP3, AAC to lossless compression with FLAC and WAV to uncommon formats like APE, OGC, and OPUS, this software is capable of handling all of it.


  • From extracting audios out of a movie or video to extracting audios from a CD, Ashampoo is capable of dealing with all of the needs of its users.
  • In case, your computer or any other device is having a messed-up playlist, the Organizer will detect it automatically, rename it and move the files swiftly to a CD.
  • You can make a customized playlist easily and because of being convenient to use, one can use it for an ample range of purposes.
  • With a powerful user interface, it is pretty easy to burn movies, animated videos, and audio clips on a CD or DVD.


  • The range of features is so high, that mostly it makes the user feel puzzled while using it.
  • There is no option for automatic crash recovery which can be quite distressing for the users.
  • This software also does not have the feature of audio restoration.


Ashampoo has an original price of $29.99 but it is free software and hence the users do not need to spend any bucks for customizing their song and music tracks.

This is one of the best audio editing software for beginners.

The effects which it is equipped with comes with an ample number of presets.

And that is definitely a big advantage of this software.

As each of the effect types has 90 audio presets and that makes your work easier to understand which one seems to suit the most with your track.

There is also an option to preview the effects and their presets before applying them. Even though its counterpart is pretty expensive, this version of Sound Forge Audio Studio is quite cheaper and it is best suited for the ones who are dealing with the basic editing kinds.

Why Use Sound Forge Audio Studio?

One of the biggest advantages of using this software is that its interface and toolbars are extremely customizable. One can edit and change the layout of the audio editing windows. Moreover, you can design your own customized version of the toolbar for getting an amazing audio editing experience.

It has the capability of extracting audio files from videos and movies. It supports multiple effects, enough for an amateur to work with. One can also readily edit the spoken audio, remove pauses by using the marker feature. And once, you cycle through the markers, the uncut versions will be put together to present you with the required audio file.


  • Attractive effects feature: The 90 audio presets allows you to spot the one you require easily. And the preview option of the effect before applying it makes your task seem to be a lot easier.
  • Cool user interface- Besides that, the user interface is intuitive and completely customizable which gives you an amazing sound editing experience with Sound Forge.
  • Easily customizable tools- This software has enough tools for a beginner to use and the option to customize and prepare your own set of tools to serve your purpose is the best feature.


  • It comes with built-in filters and supports VST plugins.
  • The basic audio recovery tools allow the users to remove unwanted sounds and noises easily.
  • All the basic functions function without any hassle even in the devices which perform poorly.
  • The optimization and functionality of its mobile version is really good. The interface is really user friendly. The software allows the user to add curated content.


  • It works only on Windows computers.
  • The batch processing is really poor and the effects chain cannot be heard properly because of that.
  • It performs quite slowly when you are working with a large file.


Sound Forge Audio Studio comes at a price of $59.99.

ACID Pro comes with a strong effects variety that allows the users to remix and compose the tracks easily.

After recording a certain file, one can easily include this software’s looping tech into the tracks.

It is an amazing audio editing suite and DAW designed to inspire the creators to give their best while editing a clipping.

By using the MIDI keyboard, one can rearrange the samples, loops, and recordings and play with the Morph Pads to create an innovative piece. This software’s huge library of loops and samples can be easily matched with the key and tempo. It has nice time-stretch filters and suits the best for loop-based music and audio files.

Why Use ACID Pro?

ACID Pro is equipped to function in Windows 10 and Windows 8 and supports all kinds of audio file formats such as AA3, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, etc. the innovative and unique features and tools are mainly designed for sample-based and loop music production. It is one of the best digital workstations and is the best known because of its dependable and versatile features.

It lets the user combine several audio files together and insert tracks in between with the required volume. Developed by Magix, it is one of the best software one can use to produce music as it offers endless possibilities. Even though the user needs a bit of time to get habituated with the different effects and tools, it is completely worth the wait.


  • Loop-based sequencing- It is the best software one can use for producing loop-based music.
  • Envelops- Volume fades, crossfades and other envelope-based audio manipulations of the waveform can be done easily by using the ACID Pro software.
  • Batch processing- You can easily edit a track by breaking it into small parts and add effects according to your choice.


  • ACID Pro is an extremely intuitive software that is known to remove the sample artifacts on its own.
  • It is compatible with a number of third-party plug-ins.
  • This software is extremely unique, innovative, versatile, and simple to handle.


  • It does not provide an option for audio restoration.
  • It does not really function that well while MIDI sequencing.


ACID Pro is available in a variety of price ranges and the user can choose it according to their needs and requirements:

  • ACID Pro: $199.00
  • Pro 365: $9.99/month (annual plan)

                $12.99/month (3 month)

  • Pro Suite: $399.00

The Reaper software is compatible with more than 20 most well-known audio formats and can perform on both Windows and Mac computers.

The users can also use it to record audio in any format.

This software delivers virtual recording as well as live instrument recording with video scoring support.

It does not really need any such high resource to run. It supports all kinds of third-party plugins including professional packages such as Native Komplete.

Both the MIDI editing tools as well as the audio tools are powerful but easy to use and are highly flexible for changes. This program is capable of supporting 64-bit internal audio processing. 

Why Use Cockos Reaper?

Cockos Reaper is an efficient audio editing software that loads and functions quite quickly as it is tightly coded. It can easily function on any network drive. Reaper is highly known and recommended by most of its users because it is capable of handling a lot of changes at a time.

One can easily record audio and make changes to it using its customized tools. Cockos Reaper helps to delete or mix different small audio parts. One can also add a new touch to a recording with the alluring effects of Reaper. There are a huge number of tools including the drag and drop files option to arrange, render and import them. Cockos Reaper also allows you to copy or move different regions according to your choice.


  • Ample variety of tools: This software is filled with several mixing tools that let its users move, split, and loop any audio easily. The tools also do assist in changing the tempo without any hassle.
  • Customize the software: The automation, grouping, modulation, VCA, surround, macros, OSC, scripting, control surfaces, custom skins, and a whole lot more options are going to assist you to prepare the software in the way you want.
  • Strong features: Reaper has thorough MIDI hardware and software support.


  • This program works with almost all video formats and helps the user to prepare an audio file for the video and improves its quality.
  • It also does allow you to sync separate audio and video files together.
  • One can use Reaper to replace or eliminate audio from all kinds of popular video formats.


  • A number of useful tools are not there like the repair and refurbishment tools.
  • There is no feature of audio restoration or batch processing.


The price of a commercial license of Reaper is $225 but before that, it does offer a two months free trial.

Why is Audio Editing Important?

There can be a number of unwanted sounds or noises or even mistakes that need to be removed from a certain recording before the final production. And that is when audio editing software comes into the picture. 

From removing the unwanted noises, adding different effects to correcting the volumes, and integrating all the parts, there are many steps of editing an audio file. For producing the best music clip, one needs to edit, remove or replace and add certain filters according to their choice.

Uses of Audio Editing Software:

Be it for creating a music video, adding audio to a pre-filmed video, or making a podcast, there can be a number of other times when you can feel the need for audio editing software. There is not really any software which can serve you with all the needed features. 

Rather the features which they offer are exhaustive. No matter what you are editing, you might feel comfortable working with a certain kind of tool while someone else might have other choices. And when it comes to the filters or effects, it completely depends on your taste and requirement. 

Here are some of the uses of audio editing software:

  • A software that can edit the audio might be used for creating unique advertisements for radio or an online music application. 
  • One can also use it to extract an audio portion from a video file or to add an audio clip to a video.
  • The software might be used for adding various effects like mixing, crossfading, or other kinds of DJ applications.
  • Almost all of the software is equipped with the tools to convert one file type to another. However, the types of audio or video file formats are really huge and the ones which software supports might differ from one another.
  • One can use the sound editing software for adding a small clip to a college or office PowerPoint presentation. Adding a piece of music or certain audio can sometimes increase the depth and engaging capacity of a presentation. 
  • These software programs can also be used for removing certain audios from a video clip.
  • If audio is recorded on a microphone, it might have some static noises. And again, an audio editing program is all you need to make the background sound clean. Effects like fade, amplification, or loops are also highly used to modify the original recording until it sounds crisp and clear in a speaker.
  • For forensic uses, these software programs can be used to remove a recorded phone conversation or for cleaning a surveillance tape.
  • Software for audio editing is useful for zoologists, ornithologists, or marine biologists for analyzing animal sounds.
  • For projects with a limited budget range, these applications can be very useful to remove or add sound to your movie or series before the final production.
  • With an audio editing program, one can easily remove the unwanted sounds from an audio file that was recorded live.
  • One can use it to add clips to a certain commercial for business promotion which would turn it to be more attractive and welcoming among the audience or customers.

Except these are a variety of other uses of the audio editing programs. And in the present-day market, the availability of these softwares is really huge. So, at times, it becomes a real struggle to find out which one to use and which one to leave. Each of them is rich in features and customizable tools and that is what turns them to be more useful for the audio clip editors.

Market Size:

The market size is directly proportional to the needs of the application. And nowadays, the productions of OTT platforms are rising rapidly. Rather the demand for producing quality content has risen a lot over the past few years and that is what is making the producers take the assistance of applications to edit and modify the sound or audio clips.

The global audio editing software market is growing rapidly even amidst this pandemic. As the web series, movies and animated films are what keep the world busy and indoors. The connected markets have seen a sudden upsurge in the past few years because of producing quality content and that is what pushed the audio editing market to grow too.

Besides this, audio editing software is being used by many. From college and school students to the newly joined members of the film production industry, there are a number of people who might take help from these programs because of a low budget. Most of the software comes with a free trial period and that is indeed one of the best perks. As in most cases, a month or two of free trials is enough time to sort out the needs of a certain person. 

A number of podcasters started using these applications to improve the quality of the sound which is further pushing their content to gain more attention from the audience. The rising adoption of audio editing programs across applications for recording, audio optimization, etc is increasing the income rates of merchants in the software market. The increasing need to produce raw but clean music and audio content has pushed the audio editing applications to face a sudden upsurge of growth. 

The constant development of innovative and unique ideas for productions and the growth of the connected fields has helped this sector to bloom rapidly over the last few years and months.

Which one to prefer?

In the growing need for audio editing software programs, there are various software released, each software offering unique features, supporting various operating systems, playing various file types, providing a user-friendly interface, or providing customer support. These software may suit each user separately, professionals may like more advanced features, while beginners may like easy-to-use features, users with a high budget might be able to purchase the premium version, while users with a low budget may prefer free software.

Adobe Audition is a software preferred by professionals. It is specially created to edit audio for commercial use. The software is supported on both Windows and macOS. The software also provides a cloud-based application and it contains all the professional features with an easy-to-understand user interface. It also contains tutorials to help the user and its customer support is quick and responsive.

Cubase, Audacity, and Ocenaudio are preferred by both beginners and professionals. They have easy-to-understand user interfaces. Cubase and Audacity are available on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, while Cubase is available on Windows and macOS. They contain all the professional features. Low- Budget producers may prefer Audacity and Ocenaudio, as they are free software, whereas Cubase is a paid software, but it provides tutorials and tips for its user to completely enhance their experience and the user can also talk to experienced artists, in case they need any help.

Ashampoo Music Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio, ACID Pro are preferred by Windows users. Ashampoo is inexpensive software that provides a very easy user interface and you can bring amazing changes to an audio file with just a few clicks. It is compatible with various versions of Windows and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Sound Forge Audio Studio comes with an ample number of presets. It is the cheaper counterpart of ACID Pro, and it is best suited for basic audio editing. ACID Pro is one of the best software, one can use to produce music as it offers endless possibilities. It is available for Windows 8 and Windows 10 and supports almost all audio formats. It is extremely unique, innovative, and versatile software, though it is a little expensive.

Cockos Reaper and WavePad are preferred by various users as they are quick and function. Cockos Reaper works on Windows and Mac computers. It features virtual recording and it does not need many resources to run. WavePad is a versatile tool. It runs on various devices like mobile, desktops/laptops and it is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It is user- friendly and inexperienced producers can also use it efficiently. 

Reason is a very powerful audio editor, it allows users to create high-definition sounds. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS. It also supports mobile devices so the user can create music anywhere. The tutorials provided by Reason are very helpful. It has a user-friendly interface. Reason provides thousands of device patches, loops, and samples.

Clearly, there are various audio editing software programs, each good in various respects and each preferred by a different type of user.

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