Top 10 Best Social Media Management Tools (2022): Compared & Reviewed

There are two things having no boundaries, first one is the universe and the second one  is social media and there are no ifs and buts in this case. Social media marketing plays a very essential role in establishing new businesses now, since it provides a greater opportunity of engagement with the customers. Companies target the audience by putting up and promoting content that is relatable to all age groups and catches up their attention quickly.

Here is the list of important points to consider to grow business effectively on social media -

  • Decide which social network is best for the business - It's better to grow on a particular platform than to struggle on multiple platforms. Get to know about the right social network which targets the eight audience suitable for the business.  Different social media target different audiences and it is highly recommended to first choose the right social media platform.
  • Define and assess your goals - Before starting to post content on social media, it is useful to define the guiding themes and overall goals while planning the strategy, as these will help to provide better shape to existing marketing strategies.
  • Consistently post high quality content - Content is one of the most important parts in social media. It is something which attracts the audience, something which makes the base of a particular company or an organization. Post entertaining, helpful, inspirational,  valuable  stuff  that people will like, comment, click and share.
  • Measure performance with Google Analytics and other tools - Understanding the performance of  a brand on social media is the key to being able to succeed in the long run. One of the most cost-effective ways to monitor social media conversions is through Google Analytics. With Google Analytics setup and monitor goals, like completed sales, enquiries, and engagement.

Sendible is a social media management tool. It provides the company with an effective business platform.

The software is known for its observance, the ability to analyze data, and the impact that enhances audience engagement.

Sendible is an ideal tool that will meet the requirements of both small as well as large business organizations. 

It is available on Windows, iOS, Android. It provides live ROI from the exact same dashboard while scheduling and managing messages and network. 

With the implementation of Sendible, your business will surely grow rapidly as it offers dynamic social media management solutions. The aspect of communication between the concerned brand and the target audience is greatly simplified as you will be able to get a bird’s-eye view of your business within the field of social media.

Why use Sendible?

Sendible is a good tool for managing social media platforms across different channels. It allows the user to effectively coordinate and organize social media posts, track messages, enhances audience engagement, and it offers a greater potential for return on investment. Lead generation can also become significantly smoother with the incorporation of this software. 

Sendible allows scheduling of important posts while simultaneously managing creatives that are to be posted on different platforms. With the assistance of Sendible, one can effectively manage multiple accounts handled by various users. All-in-all it is a fantastic tool that will allow you to manage your business social media profile with complete convenience.


  • Better integration - The software provides access to all major social media platforms. Manages multiple profiles and pages across different social media platforms. Its integration system includes Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Analytics - Allows the user to create dynamic and in-depth reports of different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Provides best and understandable analytics through different modules.
  • Better engagement - Allows the user to track different brands, competitors, and key players in the social media market.  Stay at the top of the market while providing best and quick responses to the clients.
  • Focused dashboard - Sendible provides a well-focused and user-friendly dashboard. It's quite easy to navigate to multiple options and use them. Dashboard contains some key sections such as: Inbox section, engage, calendar, orders, tracker etc.


  • With a content suggestion tool, create the highest quality and precise content to increase growth.
  • Support team of Sendible is very helpful and professional. They always address customer problems and queries effectively and very quickly.
  • Allows the user to repeat social media shares on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • The software allows the user to save a lot of time by avoiding switching between multiple platforms. It also keeps track of social media posts and followers on different networks


  • Reporting feature of Sendible is limited and doesn't provide enough customization worth using. 
  • The software also provides 360-degree mode which is not well organized. Classic mode is much better.
  • Connection with LinkedIn and glitches related to it are usual.


Sendible provides four types of pricing plans to its users - 

  1. Starter - $49/month
  2. Traction - $89/month
  3. Scale - $199/month
  4. Expansion - $399/month 

Final Thoughts- Companies and influencers only want their social media needs to get fulfilled. They are always looking for options providing better facilities at a better price. Sendible is a customizable social media management tool and it works according to business needs. It contains all the basic tools to increase growth on social media.

Agorapulse is a social media management tool used by businesses, agencies and big enterprises to manage their social media profiles effectively.

It is one of the most powerful tools in the SMMS category and allows precise monitoring, messaging, and targeting of the audience. 

Agorapulse provides scheduling of posts, publishing good content, tracking reports, building good relationships with influencers and customers. 

It provides a user-friendly platform with excellent customer service and learning tutorials. Agorapulse provides better flexibility and optimization facilities to maintain better relations. 

Agorapulse supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese. Agorapulse is also providing a cloud-based platform to its users. The software comes for Windows, Android, iOS and web based.

Why use Agorapulse?

Agorapulse provides a very unified interface to its users by managing all important aspects from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The software automatically notifies every tweet, message, and comment happening on the ongoing posts. It also allows to focus more on critical situations, concerns, and tasks. It provides a centralized dashboard to its users. No need to open new windows and tabs, thus saving time.

Agorapulse is considered to provide good monitoring systems to monitor different messages, engagements, and mentions. The system identifies new opportunities while analyzing the whole market increasing the chance of the brand to grow. With an advanced reporting system, the software's capability to increase its performance and social media analytics increases.


  • Engagement - The software has the capability to combine all conversations from different profiles at one place. It captures important and useful insights such as mentions, comments, and direct messages. It also provides instant and correct information to the audience.
  • Analytical Approach - Provides highest quality reports to know the value of the content and its reach. The reports provide deep and user-friendly information. It also tells whether the metric has gone up or gone down.
  • Calendar - With advanced calendar view, the software allows to create a big picture of the content overview. Schedule all important posts and tasks in the calendar. Calendar also includes multiple social media profiles and unlimited users.
  • Flexible Platform - The software allows the user to interact in different languages with different websites from across the world. The software's performance is always consistent; saving both time and human effort.


  • The scheduler of Agorapulse is extremely easy to use, and allows you to build posts across multiple platforms at the same time. Content calendar is very easy to use and easily navigates to the scheduling section.
  • The reporting facilities of this software are really good. It allows the user to download professional reports each month for a better view of what's going inside the whole market.
  • Client support system is amazing and their response time is always quick and straight to the point.
  • The flexibility of its inbox system is amazing.


  • Social media sites or applications disconnect some time consuming more and more time.
  • The software doesn't allow you to send weekly and monthly reports to the customers.
  • Integration with Google My Business is absent.

Including free trial, Agorapulse provides four pricing plans to its users-
1. Pro plan - Available at $79 per month when billed annually.
2. Premium plan - Available at $159 per month when billed annually.
3. Enterprise plan - Custom [Negotiable as per the need of the customer].

Final Thoughts- Agorapulse is a user-friendly social media management tool. It can seriously cover all the aspects of any startup, small account, or big profile on any platform. The pricing is scheme because the tools they provide are worth the price. It is a tool worth trying to increase growth on social media.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool which is developed by Buffer Inc.

It comes in web and mobile platforms providing better engagement and healthy interaction with the audience.

Buffer manages the posts of multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 

The software comes for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. With the availability of effective tools, the software analyzes all the data and drives meaningful engagement and results on social media. With Buffer, the user has the right to schedule and plan the posts. With an advanced and user-friendly interface, the software provides the facility to post on multiple social media platforms in one click. Buffer is used by small to medium sized businesses and large enterprises also. It also connects RSS feeds to Buffer.

Why use Buffer?

Buffer is a very user-friendly application. It keeps on updating social media accounts on a daily basis. With a good analytical approach to gather reports and insights about the audience, the software is worth trying. It tells the user when is the right time to post the content and get higher and effective engagement. Buffer also provides different browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox to share content on different web pages. It also provides cloud-based platforms to its users. Buffer is known for its transparency, trust, and good customer service. It offers a 14 days free trial with limited functions and tools.


  • Publish - The software allows the user to build the ideal and best audience to increase the growth of a brand on multiple social media platforms. It also plans and schedules important posts beforehand. It drives traffic and sales from social media bio.
  • Analyze - The software measures social media performance through good analytical tools. It provides better reports to understand leads and sales efficiently. It provides the ideal audience to boost the engagement on posts.
  • Integrations - Buffer provides integration with most widely used tools such as: Twitter, WordPress, Mailchimp, Slack, Google Calendar, Evernote etc.
  • Good collaboration - Allows different teams to work together to produce highest quality content for your audience. Reviews posts for quality and plagiarism and shares posts with team members for better understanding.


  • The software provides in depth insights about engagement and sales to grow the business on social media effectively.
  • It allows the user to use specific hashtags for specific posts.
  • With an advanced calendar management system, the users can easily schedule and plan top posts.
  • It provides better visualization of data with effective import and export facilities.


  • The software doesn't provide any monitoring options for hashtags and searches.
  • The advanced analytics options are only available in an expensive package.
  • Some of the basic social media features have been separated as a distinct feature and are tedious to use.


Buffer provides three type of pricing plans to its users, along with its free user plan -
1. Pro plan - Available at $15 per month when billed monthly.
2. Premium plan - Available at $65 per month when billed monthly.
3. Business plan - Available at $99 per month when billed monthly.

Final Thoughts- Buffer is a good tool to manage multiple social media profiles in one interface. Buffer is a B2B software.  It doesn't provide all the features to meet requirements of businesses of various sizes. Some of its features allow it to easily digest the important data for better growth.

Hootsuite is considered as the global leader in the market of social media management tools.

Hootsuite is a Vancouver, Canada based company founded in 2008 by Ryan Homes.

The software provides world class analysis and protects the sensitive data from any kind of breaching activity.

The software plans important tasks and schedules posts. The unified dashboard of Hootsuite provides better team collaboration. The software is available for Windows, iOS and Android. The software is available in multiple languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and many other languages. The software allows social media to launch marketing campaigns to identify the correct audience. It also spread the message of the company across multiple channels.

Why use Hootsuite?

With its free plan, the software allows the user to schedule 30 posts. The software provides excellent customer service to their clients. The analytical system of the software is also better as compared to others in the market. Provides critical information such as how many followers, the time when most people are active on the site and rate at which they click on links. Hootsuite is a very well marketed and user-friendly software. Contains all the basic and advanced features to grow on social media. The software is value for the money. It also creates connections with multiple social media brands on multiple social media platforms.


  • Advertise -The software manages and boosts social media to engage more and more audiences. It allows the audience to target with age, location, and personal interests.
  • Monitor - The software never allows the user to miss any important post or any important and unique engagement. It monitors ongoing trends on social media and responds to the situation effectively.
  • Analyze - The software allows a 360-degree view of all the investment, campaign, and monitors the performance. Provides meaningful facts and figures to digest all the reports.
  • Better engagement - Manages customer queries with an ease, monitors inbox sections from multiple networks in a single stream and respond and address customer queries with the right team.


  • With availability of Hootsuite insights powered by Brandwatch, it helps to analyze millions of conversations happening online.
  • With Hootsuite impact, one can calculate the return revenue from all the investment on multiple platforms to make business more solid and organized.
  • The Panoramic Multiview option manages all the interactions on Instagram. Monitor and respond to comments, mentions in posts etc
  • With Hootsuite Ads manage both time and budget. The software really simplifies the workflow and advertising process.


  • Hootsuite is unable to detect whether the traffic is originating from an actual human or an automated bot.
  • The software doesn't allow any schedule system for IGTV.
  • Reporting and analytical approach is weak as compared to other tools.

Hootsuite provide four type of pricing plans to its users-

  1.  Professional - $49/month (manages 10 social profiles, 1 suer and includes 30 days free trial period)
  2. Team - $129/month (manages 20 social profiles, 3 users and unlimited scheduling)
  3. Business - $599/month (manages 35 social profiles, five users and 24/7 customer support)
  4. Enterprise – custom solution for unlimited users, 50 social profiles etc.
Final thoughts- Hootsuite is a worth using application to manage social media accounts of any size. They also provide a free trial of 30 days. The software security and privacy policy are also authentic. It provides good security and multi-factor authentication options. It provides all the features from basic to advanced level to grow a particular business on social media platforms.

TweetDeck is a social media management tool designed for managing Twitter.

Originally it was developed as an independent app to manage multiple social media profiles across different platforms.

Currently TweetDeck is acquired by Twitter Inc. and was integrated in the Twitter interface.

TweetDeck is a pretty flexible application which presents customizable rows and columns of data. 

The software also provides the user with Twitter timeline of the user, mentions, hashtags, direct messages, and trends etc.

TweetDeck supports managing multiple accounts. It is a free application which is used by individuals, organizations and large corporations. It is considered as the best social media management tool to manage Twitter. It is used as a web app, chrome app and desktop app.

Why use TweetDeck?

Twitter is a wide platform for intellectuals, politicians, global leaders and celebrities across the world. TweetDeck is made for someone who is looking to expand their business or brand on Twitter. The software allows the businesses to effectively manage tweet feeds from anywhere with maximum flexibility. TweetDeck saves most of the time as its workflow is designed in such a way.


  • Social media management - The software allows good creation of posts, management, sharing, and scheduling of content. The software identifies trends and engages the right customer. It also manages multiple ads and marketing campaigns.
  • Collaboration - The software collects direct messages of all the customers at one place. It ensures that the tweet is approved by the manager or client by using a content approval system.
  • Content management - The software permits the user to visualize the calendar and schedule future posts. It provides essential tools to manage and share content.
  • Security - The software consistently monitors and reports social media activities while identifying frauds, misleading, and socially unacceptable mentions.


  • The dashboard of TweetDeck is very user friendly. It provides fast and effective response to its customers and clients.
  • It is considered as the perfect tool for managing and organizing multiple twitter accounts.
  • Provides constant notification of latest engagement and interactions and also of what's going on Twitter.
  • The software also provides a free plugin for Chrome.


  • The software doesn't allow editing of scheduled posts and switching to a single account. The process is very tedious.
  • Scheduling tweets containing video or GIF isn't allowed.
  • Provides no active lists of what is scheduled within the app.


TweetDeck is a completely free tool that can be accessed by any individual or business with complete convenience

Final thoughts - TweetDeck is a free tool first of all and its user interface is very simple. Any organization irrespective of their size can use this tool to grow more on Twitter.

With all the basic features, the user gets the availability to get insights and reports understanding the real concept of the Twitter marketplace.

Sprout Social is a social media management company.

The company is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The company was founded in 2010 by Justyn Howard and Aaron Rankin.

The software is an all-in-one powerful package. It allows all the important functions such as monitoring, optimization, supporting, engaging, etc. 

The software can be used by small to medium sized businesses and even by large enterprises as well. 

The software comes for Windows, Android and iOS. The software supports multiple languages such as: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and many more. The software allows the user to connect with the right audience in a very organized way. The software also provides streamline publishing workflows, collaborate in real time and turn social data into meaningful insights for better growth in multiple social media platforms.

Why use Sprout Social?

Sprout Social has many profitable features, like it helps in linking various social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn; and has provisions of having a greater insight about the analytics of company's development and reach. 

Sprouts is very simplified and user-friendly. Its handling is basic and easy to use. Sprouts Social has been helping leading agencies like Ticketmaster, Chipotle, GrubHub, Subaru, Zendesk, with their marketing and management.


  • Streamline Engagement - The software allows the user to increase visibility, improve responsiveness and boost results and revenue. Stay at the top of the market and save time by using automated features and customizable workflows.
  • Analytical Tools - With the availability of advanced analytical tools, you can save more time by speeding up data collection, prove ROI using sprout social and Measure metric from day one. You can also collect precise insights and organizable education and training materials.
  • Works Practically- The software allows the user to dig deeper into problems. Get social conversations from different platforms and uncover business-critical insights about the audience, industry, and competitors. 
  • Better Publishing - The software allows to save time by avoiding publishing obstacles. Plan and schedule posts in the calendar for long term strategy. The software also allows users to master social publishing methodology quickly using Sprout’s intuitive tools.


  • Sprout Social regularly works on their social listening capabilities while providing quick and excellent responses and solutions.
  • With premium analytical tools, one can uncover the in-depth analytical approach. The software allows the user to use metrics to visualize the reports with ease.
  • Sprout Social does a great job when it comes to social media marketing. It monitors social media content and allows searching options with specific keywords.
  • The reporting interface of Sprout Social is very easy to understand.


  • The software doesn't allow posting GIFs.
  • The integration with some of LinkedIn's company pages is really weak.
  • Some basic functions and approvals are not available in the starter package. The price is really high as compared to the features included.


Sprout Social provides three types of pricing plans to its users - 

  1. Standard - $99/user/month (Manages 5 social profiles)
  2. Professional - $149/user/month (Manages 10 social profiles)
  3. Advanced - $249/user/month (Manages 10 social profiles)

All of the plans offer free 30-day trial period as well

Final thoughts- Sprout Social is a good social media management tool and price is the only option where it lacks behind some of its competitors. The software allows the user to collect and measure the data right in the users’ browser, or export to PDF format for sharing. It also provides a robust set of analytics for Twitter, Google Analytics and Facebook Fan Pages.

Eclincher is a rich tool to manage different social media platforms.

eclincher is considered as a most powerful social media management tool.

elincher is changing the way to monitor multiple social media platforms through its advanced features. 

Software's advanced features allows the user to publish, engage, and use analytical tools to grow the business. It is a time saving social media management tool for startups, organizations and large enterprises.

The software is very user friendly and contains some advanced features which are pretty easy to use. Some of its features include centralized dashboard, tracking of insights, all in one inbox, content creator, and advanced security options.

Why use Eclincher?

eclincher provides a 14-days trial period to its users. The software guarantees to boost social media ROI across multiple channels. eclincher also provides cloud-based platforms to its users. It supports Windows, Android, iOS and web-based platforms. It integrates with some of the most useful tools such as: YouTube, Pocket, Google PLUS, Canva, Pinterest, Instagram and many more.

eclincher allows the user to manage multiple social media profiles from a centralized dashboard and perform important automated tasks with a few clicks.


  • Smart inbox - With the advanced feature of smart inbox, it unifies all your messages live at one one place. The software never allows the user to miss a social communication, prioritize conversations, and collaborate with different teams.
  • Analytical Dashboard - The software all to drive strategic data through rich and precise niches. Generates reports, cross-channel analysis & Google Analytics. The software also evaluates campaigns and hashtags performance.
  • Brand Monitoring - The software allows the user to get access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, reviews and more. With advanced brand monitoring systems, it uncover ongoing trends and conversations of any keywords, hashtags and phrases across the web.
  • Flexible Platform - The software allows the user to use multiple languages. The users can also start their ad campaign across the world.


  • Eclincher provides supports to mostly all the social media networks and connects to blogs, bitly, Google Analytics, Google
  • Eclincher allows the user to generate beautiful reports using visualization, statistics and graphs.
  • The software also provides intensive investigating analysis tools for better understanding and insights.
  • The schedule feature of Eclincher is pretty good and very easy to use. The software easily fills the calendar.


  • Some of Instagram's functionality options are lacking and not working properly.
  • The post doesn't get into its correct format when posted across multiple social media channels.
  • Options like transcription of messages and personalization/optimizing platforms are absent.


Eclincher provides three type of pricing plans to its users - 

  1. Basic Plan - $59 paid monthly.
  2. Premier - $119 paid monthly.
  3. Agency - $219 paid monthly.
Final thoughts - Eclincher is available for small to medium sized businesses, large enterprises and even corporations. With a unified and smart inbox, it easily opens and responds to messages of clients from multiple social media platforms.

SocialPilot is a social media management tool which provides a better analytical and practical approach to all the social media platforms.

 Software is widely used by small to medium sized businesses and even enterprises as well.

 The software comes for Android, web based and iOS platforms.

Some of the important features of SocialPilot include social media calendar, social inbox, team collaboration, client management, and content curation. The software is known to provide excellent customer service by providing quick and accurate responses through email, phone, and live chat.

Why use SocialPilot?

The software also provides cloud hosted platforms to its users. Free trial is also present. SocialPilot is good and contains all the basic tools to manage social media platforms. The software's best capability to schedule and plan bulk posts is pretty awesome. The software also provides deep URL shortening integration. The software provides a single interface to its users to access multiple social media platforms.


  • Publishing and scheduling – SocialPilot allows the content to grow and increase the reach on social media. Some of the options include social media scheduling, social media calendar, RSS feed automation, and content curation.
  • Client management – It connects with clients effectively in real time. Customize tools according to the business needs and create the right impression by onboarding clients with a customized invitation that showcases the good branding and logo for a seamless, branded experience.
  • Bulk scheduling - Schedule bulk posts in a very easy and time saving way. Effortlessly schedule up to 500 posts in advance. The software allows the user to bulk schedule Facebook posts as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Instagram posts.
  • Analytics - Download pdf of important reports and insights and get to know more about the growth metric. Some of its sub functions include best time to post, audience insights, content performance, and comprehensive analytics.


  • With a smart inbox feature, bring all your conversations to one place. Get a clear view of messages, comments, and engagement. Add pictures and GIFs to make conversation more user friendly.
  • With SocialPilot's white label feature, user get complete control over a specific web address
  • With the availability of SocialPilot's white label email setup, you can get the email address of your own choice.
  • The optimization and functionality of its mobile version is really good. The interface is really user friendly. The software allows the user to add curated content.


  • The interface of SocialPilot lacks instinctive nature and needs some changes.
  • The app crashes while editing pictures. There is no option to edit a visual post and completely start from scratch.
  • The analyzation feature of this is not the best in the market, but gives you basic information. The cheapest version includes only 3 people teams.


SocialPilot provides four type of pricing plans to its users along with a 14-day free trial - 

  1. Professional - $25.5/month (manages 25 social profiles)
  2. Small Team - $42.5/month (manages 50 social profiles)
  3. Agency - $85/month (manages 100 social profiles)
  4. Enterprise – custom plans for white label set-up

Final thoughts - SocialPilot solves some of the key problems that other top applications are unable to tackle. The software provides a better social branding. Graphics play an important role in its interface. Tools like Canva, Stencil make things easy. With the help of SocialPilot’s browser extension, you can schedule image posts from Canva itself. is a perfect platform that allows you to manage customers and social media simultaneously.

It is one of the best software and is widely used by different organizations as a social management tool.

 It is a social media management tool used to increase the publishing rate, analytical approach, and management of customer data.

The software covers all the aspects of small to medium sized business. 

The software also provides cloud-based platforms to its users also. The software comes for Windows, Android, iOS. With its effective system, it generates regular reports such that the concerned company can track the growth and returns upon the investment made on various social forums. 

Why use

It is a Saas Software which saves a lot of time. It handles crowded feeds, changes algorithms, and increases the audience. The interface of is very user friendly and unified. The software provides a single dashboard to its users so that they don't need to open new window, tabs and different pages.  The software also provides excellent customer service

Services include on-site training and 24/7 support, including in-app webchat.


  • Better engagement - Engage with a better audience and manage all the key functions. The software allows us to build customizable inboxes. Boost customer loyalty while empowering team collaboration.
  • Analytics - Break free from the spreadsheet system. Get real time insights and reports of all the marketing campaigns. Create great dashboards in seconds with our intuitive templates.
  • Understands the audience - With the availability of an audience profile card, get a 360-degree view of the customer's interest both at individual and professional level.


  • provides a digital library called content pool to save published content. The user can also stock items such as images, copy, and video.
  • The software allows to cross promote the message very easily across different social media platforms.
  • The user interface is user friendly and the suggested actions are logical and easy to understand.
  • Scheduling and planning the posts and duplicating them for other social media platforms is very time consuming.


  • The price of this software is very high and some of the basic features are also missing.
  • Some of the objectives of social listening facilities can be also improved.

Pricing of Notion

  1. Essentials Plan - $108 per month for a single seat
  2. Suite Plan - For multiple seats at negotiable pricing plans.

Final Thoughts- provides a highly flexible API and integrates with some of the widely used tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This social media management tool provides advanced features and the price is also high.

10. Loomly

Loomly is a social media management tool basically known for its advanced cloud hosting platform.

 Loomly provides its users with a calendar that helps you to manage social media posts and schedules adequately.

Various social media platforms can be effectively managed with the assistance of this tool which include - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other relevant portals. 

Loomly has a very user-friendly interface through which creators can get useful creative ideas that allows you to enhance and improve the social media posts that you wish to create for your specific brand. The software allows the user to boost posts with right advertising. Loomly comes for Android, iOS and web-based platforms.

Why use Loomly?

Mostly individuals are lost in the spreadsheet system to find important insights and information. This tedious method can be too confusing and the user can even miss the basic or the right information. Loomly makes users free of spreadsheets and bring them into a more organized and advanced world. The software automatically organizes the scheduling aspect of all the posts aligned with the assistance of a user-friendly dashboard. It enhances and improves the workflow related to social media.


  • Brand management- Build your brand better and engage the right audience through a Loomly's advanced brand management system.
  • Optimization - Loomly allows the user to optimize live posts and see the ongoing engagements such as live comments, likes etc.
  • Centralized dashboard - Loomly allows access to all the important tools from one place and  to preview the posts also.
  • Analytics - Provides good measurement systems to track the metrics of the post made through Loomly.


  • With the availability of a central intuitive library, save all the photos, videos, links and post templates.
  • The support and the customer service section of Loomly is highly appreciable.
  • This platform allows the user to plan and schedule the post for better future engagement. It enables us to easily submit our work and gives us options to limit accessibility to a particular audience.
  • Calendar view is very easy to use and allows you to post at the right time.


  • Directing posts to Instagram isn't allowed.
  • Integration isn't allowed in Loomly. One needs to use a third-party application.

Pricing of Notion

Loomly provides five type of pricing plans to its users when billed annually -

  1. Base - $25/month (includes 2 team members, manages 10 social profiles)
  2. Standard - $57/month (includes 6 team members, manages 20 social profiles, allows $1000 budget)
  3. Advanced - $119/month (includes 16 team members, manages 35 social profiles, IM integration)
  4. Premium - $249/month (includes 26 team members, manages 50 social profiles, allows $5000 budget)
  5. Enterprise - Contact them

Final Thoughts- The overall impression of Loomly is pretty satisfying. It covers all the unique needs of the customer and also comes with a very good price. It supports businesses of all types: small, medium, start-up and enterprises.

About Social Media Management Tools and their Uses

Social media management tools or software is an application program that helps the organization and companies to increase their growth by engaging them with the right audience at the right time. Social media management software (SMMS) is considered a must to grow a specific brand online.

SMMS provides automation posting, i.e. posting the same content on multiple platforms at one click. This allows the organization to share and schedule the content on multiple social media networks from one place. Social media management tools allow the user to respond and engage to customers who react to the post. It can also make it easier for teams to work together in managing one or more social streams.

Here is the list of some important uses of social media management tools - 

1. Manage multiple social media accounts through one software: Keep records of all important data such as passwords, important credentials, etc. With a user-friendly interface, it allows business to grow easily.

2. Manage customer relationships effectively: Each and every customer is important for an organization. The software avoids canned responses and allows the user to keep track of all the past conversations and services to ensure personalized customer experience.

3. Provides good team communication ensuring streamline workflow: Working with big organizations with different teams on a single social media platform could be a little bit of confusion. Thus this software shows all the interactions for better  and clear team communication. 

4. Social media management tools provide better analysis: The software also allows to understand what numbers means to the company. 

5. Monitor relevant keywords with SMMS: Get to know who mentions your brand and who does not. Allows the user to track competitors in markets, brand terms and key product phrases to gather intelligence on new products, customer needs, and business analytics.

6. Schedule your strategies and posts by building a social editor calendar: Plan monthly tasks beforehand and focus more on market and customer engagement.

7. Simplifies the content and increases its reach: Creating the precise content for the audience is one of the most challenging tasks faced by present day organizations. Social media management tools provide content curation capabilities. This could be as simple as RSS feeds to give you quick access to relevant articles, or more advanced integration options.

Market Size - Social Media and the need for Social Media Management Tools

Social media is such a wide platform. The market is increasing day by day with users constantly increasing on social media. With the outburst of Covid-19, everything is going online like workshops, interviews, classes etc. The increase of social media users on a worldwide scale has automatically boosted the demand for social media management tools. The social media management tools market is expected to grow by $1.31 billion from 2020 - 2024 at a CAGR of 18% in the forecast period.

Since people spend much of their time on social media now and like to connect and engage online; companies look for efficient social media management tools to spread globally. The market of social media management is progressing at a high rate, with its high demands and low expenses involved in software development and exit barriers. With the exceeding demands, the competition has also increased among these vendors which are involved in the market of social media management tools. And some of the major candidates in the field include Buffer Inc., Agorapulse SAS, Big Propeller etc.

North America is considered as the largest social media management tools market in 2019. It is considered to provide a lot of employment opportunities for youth. With increasing competition in the market, companies and organizations are understanding the need of social media management tools, surely allowing investors to invest more in SMMS to grow their business. The United States is a key to the growth in the market in North America. The market growth in this region is even faster than Europe.

Cloud-based solutions and tools are also emerging to manage multiple social media platforms.  With more features and flexibility, the market is growing at a fast pace.


Social media is considered as another world basically made up of ads, campaigns, audience and reports. To manage this world of enormous opportunities, social media management tools are available. Some of the key functions they provide are engaging with the right audience, promoting goods and services through ad and campaigns, and providing useful insights and reports to the company. All the tools mentioned above have their own pros and cons and are suitable for some businesses considering their specific features. Lastly, it is very important to choose the right tool as per the demand.

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