Top 10 Best secure email providers (2022): Compared & Reviewed


When email first came into existence, the security aspect didn’t matter at all as at that time most of the work was still being done on papers. In the 21st century, security is the most crucial part of any mode of communication because in today’s time emails are used for almost everything. Right from getting in touch with your loved ones, to sending the data of the utmost importance, everything is done through emails.


Do you think the Google alert that Gmail gives when it has been logged in from another device or location is enough security? Or other security protocols of other companies like Yahoo or Outlook. Just because they are one of the prominent companies, does this give them a certificate is very secure?

In reality, they are not the most secure email services available in the market. They have been continuously accused of invading the privacy of their users. This may come as a surprise to you but Google and Yahoo are not the safest options out there. If you think that these companies have the best privacy policy in the world, then you are seriously wrong.

Google has been at many times accused of using keywords to show personalized ads, Yahoo and Microsoft have never kept end-to-end encryption as one of their priorities, and adding more to that if your government decides that they want your data, these companies will give it to them. These companies have also been accused of selling your data by making premium plans.

The Wall Street Journal came out with a report that highlighted the privacy concerns relating to the Google email service- Gmail.  A similar report came out in 2019 by Forbes Magazine that talked about the same matters of concern, in-fact this was the first report that identified the use of keywords by Google to make targeted advertising.

We go to our sent tabs, delete the mails, and think we are as safe as the Queen of England but in reality, these emails are stored in the back end servers of the companies for years. This storage is used to monitor your activities, invade your privacy, and develop targeted ads for you.

After this, you may wish that the era of sending letters by owl should come back. Because it is much more secure than the regular emails that you use.

But you need not worry, with the grace of people who respect privacy; there are certain mail providers that give the best secure email services in the market. These emails are known to give end-to-end encryption with the best TSL technology. Their reviews have been better than the “big corporate giants” we talked about above. They provide state-of-the-art security that minimizes the chances of decryption by a third party to a minimum.

In this segment as well, there are hundreds of parties that give secure email services, but how do you identify the one that suits your needs. The following article will help you get the best service out there so that you don’t need to worry about sending those sensitive emails to your bosses in other parts of the world.

Now we will dig deeper into the ten best secure email providers.

ProtonMail is the solution for that. Founded in 2014 by the CERN scientists Dr. Andy Yen and Dr. Bart Butler, it is a highly secured email server based in Geneva. The location of the storage server of this mail is what makes this service one of the best out there. 

ProtonMail is equipped with state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption mail technology. It is an open-source technology that provides no logging facility i.e. it doesn’t maintain logs record thus it helps to keep the identity of the user very secure. It is said that the servers of this service are stored in a deep-ground nuclear bunker. 

ProtonMail uses a web-based client-server when being used on desktop and doesn’t have a dedicated app for the desktop. You may feel that this is very outdated after being with Gmail for quite some time but you will get used to the fact that privacy matters more than the GUI.


  • With ProtonMail, you need not worry about the tracking of your IP address, this is one of the major perks of being a user of ProtonMail. This enhances the chances of your anonymity. This is the main reason why this server became one of the best email servers in the world.
  • For using this service on mobile, it comes with an Android and iOS compatible app. This app review came out to be much better than its Web-based GUI since its app is much more compatible, has fewer settings and it has a much better user interface.
  • ProtonMail comes with several plans, one of its versions is a free version that allows you to have 500 MB storage and send across 150 messages per day. One of the drawbacks of the free version is less customer support. Though, it doesn’t compromise privacy and security.
  • The plus plan comes with the facility of storage of 5GB, better customer support, 5 email aliases, and a higher limit for messages. The platinum plan comes with 50 GB storage, ProtonVPN, 50 email aliases, and many other features.


  • Encrypted message to other users as well- ProtonMail allows the user to send encrypted messages to users of other service providers as well, that too without compromising the data of the user. This is one of the best features of ProtonMail because it enhances compatibility.
  • Facilitates more than 20 languages- ProtonMail facilitates user interfaces with more than 20 languages. It is beneficial for the users as well as the company itself because it allows the creation of a bigger customer base.
  • Import-export feature- ProtonMail allows the user to import the mails from the other services as well and vice versa. This feature allows the user to retain their data without compromising their privacy. 


  • Costly platinum plan- The visionary plan is quite costly. This restricts the users to very limited features of its basic plan or free plans. The drawback is that it doesn’t allow the professionals working on a budget to avail themselves of its services. This may prove to be a barrier for the company to expand its market base as well.
  • Lacks modern technology- ProtonMail lacks the features that popular services give in the market. Like it's a pretty underdeveloped web-based client feature. Everybody in the modern tech. The world needs an app that is flexible and adheres to the needs of the users.

2. Zoho

Zoho Mail is mainly targeted at B2B clients and for this reason, it is not among the most popular secure email servers.  It is used by individuals as well. Zoho is a collaborative tool that allows up to 25 users to share an email platform for their work needs. It comprises numerous IT solutions and secure data services. 

Zoho uses a strict protocol for malware and spam thus you don’t have to work about unnecessary mails that you get. This implies that Zoho doesn’t compromise its user data. It comes equipped with the best technology in the SSL segment that allows for end-to-end encryption, eliminating the chances of third-party interference.

Zoho has a decent availability of modern mail features like folders, tags filters, etc. This helps in organizing the data by the user.  One of the most attractive features of Zoho is that it allows you to respond to emails even after your internet is not working. You can look at your mails, respond to them, and they will be stored with the Zoho storage and as soon as the internet comes back, your email will be sent.

Zoho comes with web applications as well as a smartphone application. Thus, this provides better flexibility. It also allows you to access your mail through fingerprints, OTP, or QR code, plus the OAuth app can also be used to access your Zoho mail.


  • The design of Zoho is quite pleasing. It has one of the best GUI in the field of the secure Email market. This enables the user to access these emails on a daily basis. 
  • Zoho allows for the import and export of mails from the third-party client which allows the users to access all of their data without wasting time. With its premium plans, you can configure Zoho with third-party clients.
  • The free plan has a huge 5GB storage that is unseen in any other facilitator out there. This plan also allows an attachment of up to 25MB and users up to the number of 5.


  • Generous free version- As mentioned above, Zoho has one of the best free plans available in the market of secure email providers, so if your business is working on a budget, you can always rely on the services of Zoho Mail. The 5 GB storage is unseen in most of the email providers in the free segment.
  • Malware- Zoho has a very strict policy regarding malware and spam emails. Usually, the companies sell data to third parties for target advertisements and other purposes but Zoho has a very strict policy regarding this. This company at no cost compromises the user data. 
  • Secure servers- The location of the Zoho servers is unknown to most people in the world. This eliminates the chances of data breaches through physical means.

(Zoho has some servers in the USA and China, but it maintains a very strict policy for the data compromise and has never been found to sell its user data to governments or private buyers)


  • Free plan and mobile access nuisance- When using the free plan, it doesn’t have the feature of allowing its users to access the emails through the mobile app. This makes accessibility, one of the drawbacks of the Zoho mail service.
  • B2B- Zoho mail has been specifically developed for B2B purposes. This makes it less compatible for individual users. When a product is developed specifically for business purposes- the individual users are bound to face issues, for this reason, the Zoho is not among the most popular resources out there.

CounterMail can very well be said to be the most secure mail of all of them. They are known as the best security service providers in the market.

This mail service uses PGP encryption that is the best technology for end-to-end message encryption. This technology is known to have provided the best protection against third-party interference. If there is anything in the market that can compete with the ProtonMail, it is this service. Not in the terms of scale that they are used but in terms of security and privacy.


  • CounterMail is equipped with man-in-the-middle protection that safeguards the users from the prying eyes of hackers. 
  • They have a double-layered SSL protection; their SSL is made more secure with the help of AES and RSA algorithms.
  • This mail comes with the web client as well as the apps for its functioning. This service can also be used for interacting through third-party apps. It facilitates import, export, and usage through other service providers.
  • The apps of CounterMail are available on both the Android and iOS platforms,].


  • RAM-only servers- CounterMail is one of the best in the market for the mere reason that it is always ready to go one step ahead. They have these RAM servers that never store anything, so there is no chance of data compromise at any time. This mail service works in real-time, as soon as the work is finished, the data is not stored for a long duration.
  • Supports cryptocurrency payments- CounterMail offers its users the option to make payments for their plans through cryptocurrency. Let’s face the fact that crypto is on the way to becoming the world’s most popular fiat currency and thus it is justified for an email server to have that as a payment mechanism.
  • Secured payment- The users can be ensured about their payment security. CounterMail accepts anon payments and allows its users to hide their identity. This provides another major benefit as the email service can be secured from the prying eyes of hackers on card payments.


  • Outdated design- CounterMail has not upgraded itself in years. The design, the graphical user interface, etc. are pretty much outdated.  This also makes the service lag behind in providing the latest features to the users.
  • No free plan-CounterMail has only a 7 days free trial, unlike other services that provide lifelong free plans. In that also, you can only send and receive emails. No attachments or storage facility is available in the free trial. Other plans come pretty costly too. There is one plan that is $3.29/month for two years that provides only 4GB of storage.
  • This is one of the major drawbacks that make CounterMail not the best in the market. In terms of security, it is the best but when compared cost-wise, it cannot beat ProtonMail.  All of its competitors are providing free mail facility whereas; this is the only service which provides a 7day trial that too with just email service.

  • No free plan- Home country is a part of fourteen eyes country- Sweden is a part of fourteen eyes country, whose main aim in the past was to discover information about the USSR but at present nobody knows, till what level the parts of this group share information with each other. 

This is a Germany-based secure email provider that provides the best of the best services that you can avail. This email service is very secure as well. The intricacy with which this mail service protects its user data is commendable. Most of the emails ask for recovery mails which in reality is another way of accessing data but Mailbox doesn’t make it mandatory to provide this data.

Mailbox is a privately funded organization that provides additional protection against data breaches because usually, the functioning of other mail companies includes sharing data with each of their partners. The owners feel entitled to the data that they receive and use it for their own profit-making purposes.

This email can be normal as well as the most secured in the world i.e., it allows you to send general decrypted messages as well as personal decrypted messages. It comes equipped with the best PGP encryption and SSL technology that give a perfect 10 on 10 on user data security. 

It comes with the best of the features that are out there in the market. Mailbox has features like Calendar, Address Book, Drive (cloud storage), Tasks, Portal, Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Webchat. The reviews have also shown that the Mailbox comes with one of the best user interfaces.


  • As mentioned above it can be a mail of your general use as well as a mail that will never breach your sensitive data. 
  • The general messages are protected with SSL security thus you don’t need to worry about the decrypted communications as well.
  • One of the best features of Mailbox is that it allows the users to filter the list of the people who can send mails. It means that, even if someone gets your mail, you will never be bothered by unwanted spam or malware emails. This is one of the most popular features of this mail as well.


  • The Home country has strict privacy laws- Germany is among the very few countries that have very strict protocols for privacy and security of the user data. For this reason, also, Mailbox is one of the most secure ones because it is bound to follow the privacy policy of its government. 
  • Spam filters- Mailbox has filters that allow the users to segregate the category of the messages they choose to receive. It’s all upon the users to decide from whom they want to receive the mail.
  • State of the art PGP technology- Mailbox comes with the best ‘pretty good privacy’ technology that ensures the optimum encryption of the data. This technology is a must if you want to become one of the best email services in the world. 


  • User location tracking- Several users have reported that Mailbox tracks the user location while signing up, this is one of the major drawbacks of the mail system because it compromises the whole objective of privacy here.
  • No mobile apps- Mailbox doesn’t have any mobile app. This drawback taints the compatibility of this service. Any user in the modern profession uses their mobile phone for most of the communication, thus this reduces the chance of users accepting this mail service.

5. Posteo

Posteo is a secure email service provider based in Germany and focused on both businesses and individuals. Posteo offers a high level of security and privacy standards.

Posteo comes with various levels of securities like TLS, HTTPS, HSRS, and a high level of end-to-end encryption technology. Posteo is an open-source service thus you can be assured that you are not putting your data in the wrong hands. Posteo supports POP, SMTP, and IMAP protocols that make it very compatible with any of the apps that you use. This is the major benefit of using Posteo, you cannot have this service in most of the email service providers.

Posteo is the epitome of security; it is a boon as well as a curse for users. If you lose your password, there is no way you can recover your password. They went to the extent that the customer support also can’t help you with that.


  • Cure53 is the auditor of this company, and they are known to be one of the best cybersecurity companies in the world. They have the highest standard of protocols for maintaining security and user data privacy.
  • Posteo is also a privately funded organization which means that they are secured from external influence. We have explained the benefits of this thing in the mailbox section.
  • Posteo doesn’t maintain any log record, doesn’t keep the IP address record while handling the mails. This sets a very high standard for the security of user data. These intricate things show that Posteo takes data security very seriously. The users don’t need to feel insecure about their data being sold because as mentioned above Germany has very strict privacy laws and Posteo’s standards adhere to that.
  • Posteo doesn’t have a free plan but has a very affordable single plan, that comes at 1 euro per month. The plans offer up-gradation of storage as per the prices offered. The storage band comes in the range of 2-20 GB.


  • Every feature of the mail is encrypted- All the features of the Posteo including emails, calendars, contacts, etc. are fully encrypted and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They come with the best PGP policy in the market.
  • Completely open source- Posteo is owned by a verified and a certified organization. It’s a completely open-source program. The company is well established and recognized in the field of email servers and has furnished all the legal requirements with the people. They have also made all the mandatory disclosures.
  • Allows anonymous payments- This feature of Posteo is similar to a Mailbox. It allows the users to buy the plans using anonymous payments. The payment mechanisms allow the users to keep their identity hidden and make anonymous payments. The reason why this feature is beneficial has been explained in the mailbox section.


  • No PC or mobile application- Posteo doesn’t have any mobile or computer applications. This feature is one of the major drawbacks of this service. This reduces the compatibility of the app because nowadays most of us use application-based email services that are synchronized with our devices thus facilitating ease of use.
  • Doesn’t accept cryptocurrency- Posteo does not accept cryptocurrency payments. This doesn’t allow modern users to make the payment of their choice. A lot of people use crypto as a payment mechanism because of two reasons- first is, it lets the user stay anonymous and another is the flexibility of the crypto payment mechanism. 

6. Mailfence

Mailfence is based in Belgium and this is one of the great options in the market of secure email.

Mailfence is a highly-featured secure email that provides features like a calendar, contacts, and storage. 

It also comes with the world’s standard PGP encryption support. Belgium has a good privacy jurisdiction that has equipped itself with very strict data protection laws.


  • The features are only average if compared to the mails talked above. It comes with Open PGP encryption, which is what most email providers use. Mailfence allows users to digitally sign their emails. This proves to be another level of user identification. 
  • Mailfence adheres to the norms of both the individuals as well as the business needs. It comes with a high level of PGP protection that allows the users to maintain their identity and not compromise their data.
  • Mailfence does not compromise in functionality for security; with Mailfence you can enjoy the best user interface. This gives Mailfence a great place with the likes of Gmail, Outlook and Office 365.


  • Crypto payment accepted- Mailfence accepts crypto payments that make it very friendly to the people who want to keep their identity hidden.
  • Removes IP- Mailfence removes the IP addresses and headers from the emails thus making them more secured.


  • Not open source- Mailfence code is not an open-source one thus it makes users reluctant in trusting the mail service.
  • Logs are kept- At some level, this mail service keeps a log base with it which is counter to the privacy claims of the company.

Have you ever heard about The private Dutch search engine. This is the company behind Netherlands-based StartMail. StartMail is owned under the name of StartMail BV. StartMail is one of the most secure servers because of its full PGP technology.

If the other user has PGP-equipped mail then your communication will be completely secure.Another important aspect of StartMail is that it comes with two-level authentications, which means if somehow your passwords get leaked then also nobody will be able to penetrate your privacy.

The Netherlands is one of the most data secure countries in the world. Its privacy policy is what makes it one of the best choices for secure email services. The handling of end-to-end encryption by the StartMail is done on the server-side which means, it doesn’t allow the browsers to make the encryption thus leaving no choice of data leakage, even at the hands of the hackers. They have furnished a white paper in this regard as well on their official website.


  • StartMail allows the users to make multiple aliases on the go. It means that you can make multiple emails with different names for different purposes. This allows the users to filter out what kind of emails they have to send to each of their contacts. 
  • This also allows the user to create a disposable address on the go, which that means while registering for the things where you don’t want to give your details, you can always opt for the on-the-fly aliases.
  • StartMail supports IMAP and SMTP so that you can get its services with the usual mails as well. This feature is important in the manner that you will be able to retain your existing communications and won’t lose your data.


  • Headers and IP are not recorded - StartMail removes the headers and IP from your mail record. This feature allows the users to stay anonymous and also makes location tracking very difficult for hackers. The removal of IP addresses is one of the major security needs.
  • Accepts crypto - StartMail accepts crypto payments. It means you can use multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, and others to make the payments for buying the plans that the company offers.
  • Huge storage - StartMail offers a whopping 10GB storage for the mail backup. This allows the users to store data in an encrypted manner. Most of the mails in the market do not offer such big storage in all of their account types. StartMail offers 10GB with all of its accounts.


  • No mobile app- StartMail doesn’t provide any mobile app which makes it quite difficult to use. The issue with these types of services not having a mobile app is it reduces accessibility. Most people use only mobile to make communication and nobody uses any mobile browser to access their emails.
  • Not an open source- StartMail is not an open-source organization thus it reduces the credibility of the email service. Open source allows the users to establish trust in the company. If an organization is open-source, users don’t have to worry about the licenses and mandatory disclosures because an open-source organization adheres to the standard of statutory requirements.
  • Restrictive trial version- The trial version offers very few features and is just limited to a 30 days period. This makes it inaccessible for the people who work on a limited budget. Not everyone can buy the premium plans for an email. 
  • Bad user interface- StartMail comes with a very outdated user interface. Up-gradation has been one of the major drawbacks.

8. Runbox

Runbox is Norway based email service provider. Runbox comes with SMTP, POP, and IMAP protocols that are the accepted standard in the mail service industry. It also includes TLS and SSL technology. All the servers of Runbox are situated in Norwegian areas and these servers are clean and run on renewable hydropower energy.

Runbox doesn’t come with in-built encryption but has a very good privacy policy that substantiates the trust of the users.  It doesn’t allow PGP as a built-in facility but allows the external use of PGP tech. It has a two-factor authentication feature as well. You can access Runbox only after completing the two-level pass-through, one is password and the other is based upon the discretion of the user.

Norway is among one those countries that have a very strict policy regarding data protection. They have a very good legal framework for dealing with data breaches and data laws. Runbox doesn’t come with a free plan. It comes with various paid plans starting at $1.66/month with 2 GB storage and as price.


  • Runbox allows the users to create 100 aliases to make private emails. This is one of the best features of the service. This makes the email multipurpose. 
  • You can use a domain for your professional purpose as well for your private purpose, that too with the utmost secrecy of your data.
  • While making a Runbox account, you don’t need to give your personal details, which is a major advantage for the users. This is the main perk of having a Runbox account, anonymity. 
  • Also, in this age when there are people who don’t want to disclose their age, gender, etc., this is a major boon.


  • No ads- Runbox doesn’t display ads thus nothing will bother you while you are working. It neither has inbuilt ads nor it sells data for the targeted advertising. This proves to be beneficial for those people who don’t like them to get bothered with unwanted mails in their inboxes. This allows the mail to be used specifically for work purposes. 
  • Good user interface- Runbox has a very good user interface. It contains almost all the great features that the major email services of the world provide its users. It is a highly intuitive interface that allows the users to interact with all the elements in a sophisticated manner.
  • Accepts crypto- It is quite known that any email providing crypto as a mode of payment comes in the category of good email providers. Cryptocurrency payments are a must in the present day.


  • Nine eyes country- Norway comes in the group of nine eyes country. Even though locally they have a strict policy regarding the user data but it has been alleged a lot of times that the countries that are a part of this group have known to share data in the name of counter-terrorism and civilian security.
  • No in-built PGP- Runbox doesn’t have inbuilt PGP end-to-end encryption. This makes the communication vulnerable to third parties or hackers. End-to-end encryption ensures that the data cannot be read by any person other than the intended receiver.
  • No apps- Runbox doesn’t have any mobile or computer-based apps. It has to be accessed through a web-based client. This is one of the drawbacks of this mail service.
  • No open source- Runbox at present is not an open-source organization. Though it claims that it is going to be an open-source organization after it launches its Runbox7 email provider. It also claims that the above-mentioned drawbacks and several other issues will also be managed in its upcoming Runbox7.

9. Thexyz

This is a Canada-based email service. Thexyz has been operating since 2009. This is considered as one of the safest options for your needs of a private mailbox. This company focuses heavily on the spam filtering aspect. For this reason, it has got many levels of spam filters and also showcases a chart that depicts the numbers of spam that have been blocked.

One of the criticisms that this service faces is that it has a very small customer base that shows the lack of trust people have in its services. But, Thexyz has very intricate security protocols for data protection. All of its services like calendars, cloud storage, contacts, etc. come with high levels of data encryption. 

All of the encryption is done using AES 256-bit double geo-location redundancy. While the communication takes place, the only accepted standard protection measures of SSL/TLS to be used so as to protect the data from third-party interruption.

Thexyz doesn’t have a free plan. But its basic plans come with unlimited aliases and a storage capacity of 25GB and the user can attach files of up to 50MB. Thexyz premium webmail plan comes at $2.49/month. This is an affordable price according to the service that the company is offering.


  • Thexyz spam filters are one of the best bets in the market. Its graphical structure shows exactly why they boast about the best spam protection feature. This feature helps the user in a way that their email doesn’t become a target for unwanted mails. This also safeguards people from targeted advertisements.
  • They have a very easy migration tool that allows the users to integrate their existing mail service. This allows the user to retain their data and previous communication. 
  • This tool allows the users to synchronize their calendars, contacts etc. This email also has an inbuilt auto-responder which allows the user to easily answer their mails.


  • Applications for both devices- Thexyz offers both computer and mobile applications that make this email service very compatible. Users can easily access their emails through any of their devices. This makes juggling between works much easier. 
  • User interface- Thexyz gives a very attractive user interface. It upgrades itself from time to time thus giving users services of the utmost quality. 
  • Unlimited aliases- Thexyz gives the user the facility of unlimited aliases. You can create unlimited on the go emails as per your needs. You can create aliases for your professional as well as private uses.


  • Based in Canada- Canada has its servers stored in the USA and thus you can never be assured that your data is protected. The government always tries to meddle with these types of companies so as to gain access to their data and their users’ data. Canada is also a part of five eyes countries and thus has a flexible data policy.
  • No free version- Thexyz doesn’t have a free or trial plan. This drawback restricts the company from attracting new users to the company. It only has paid plans thus people can’t understand its features without paying.

Free plans help to attract a lot of customers thus helps in creating popularity and trust among people. When the companies restrict themselves to paid plans, they are not able to generate new user databases. 

Tutanota is a German-based open-source organization. This company has got a huge client base of almost 2 million users. This email service has world-class AES and RSA encryption, which is more secure than the other standards.

The encryption level of Tutanota is so high that it encrypts even the names of the users. That can be both senders and receivers.

The encryption standard of Tutanota is self-developed and can be upgraded as per the needs of the user, for instance upgrading your AES protocol so as to fend off attacks on your computer.

Another reason why Tutanota is so popular among people is because of the ideology behind it. It is owned by the individuals who advocate for the user's privacy and data protection. It is a completely privately-owned organization that is free from external influence.

t is a very user-friendly service that comes with a great user interface and ease of access. With all this, Tutanota still is one of the most secure email services in the market. Sometimes companies compromise certain security levels to make the apps user-friendly but Tutanota is adamant about it. It remains completely dedicated to user security.

The free version of Tutanota comes with 1GB storage and some other features. Then it comes with business plans and business pro plans for $116.46/month with a custom domain login, logos, and contact forms.


  • The messages and emails remain encrypted in all the servers of Germany that means that if you are emailing a fellow Tutanota user than the email will self-encrypt with the means of asymmetric encryption and if you sending emails to users of other services than you can encrypt your mails with symmetric encryption.
  • The Tutanota service strips IP addresses from the mails and removes the headers as well. It also doesn’t keep a log record. This means that Tutanota allows users to maintain their identities. It also reduces the chances of third-party data leakage to the minimum.


  • 20+ languages- Tutanota supports more than 20 languages. This is also one of the reasons why it has such a vast user base. The availability of multiple languages facilitates communication among users who don’t speak English. This also proves to be a boon in terms of smooth communication.
  • Spam filter- Tutanota provides users with a great spam filter that removes the unwanted spam mails that the users get. This also helps in filtering out the malware mails that may be intended to hurt the whole system of the user.
  • Apps- Tutanota has applications available for all types of devices. It supports macOS, Windows as well Android devices. This makes the email more accessible and user-friendly.
  • Free account- Tutanota comes with a free account that can be used by people who want a budgeted private email server. This free plan comes with 1GB storage, encrypted mails and messages, a calendar, and an attachment facility.


  • Notifications - The notification feature does not work for mobile as well as a laptop. Several users have testified for this aspect.
  • Expensive up-gradation- The upgraded plans of Tutanota come at an expensive price. Tutanota’s business plans are basically the plans for the individual and another upgrade is Pro that comes at $166.46/month with a custom domain login, logos, and contact forms. There is always a provision to buy extra storage at the rates of 10 GB, extra email aliases, and many more features.
  • Victim of downtime- Tutanota showed a lot of downtime in the past couple of years for the reason of DDoS attacks. These types of attacks on a secure email provider are bound to raise questions about its credibility and raise security concerns among the individuals.

Factors that will help you decide which the most secure email provider is-

1. Jurisdiction- Jurisdiction in simple words means authority has control over the domain. For the case at hand, we need to consider under what government the email service is functioning. The location of the service provider matters the most because the privacy policy of the countries varies. 

Another factor that comes under jurisdiction is where the data is physically stored i.e. the location of the storage servers. Some companies store their data in their home country and some store the data locally. This all depends on the policies of the regime.  

2. Encryption- The most prominent mail services are equipped with the best encryption facility that is out there. They use end-to-end encryption so that no third party can decrypt the data that is being sent through the email service.  The best email service providers in the market have equipped themselves with transport-level encryption by using TLS technology. This allows for safe communication over a computer network.

3. Features- While selecting the email, you need to consider what in-built features the email provides. The features like contact synchronization, calendar, storage capacity, compatibility, etc. Email service has become one of the most important parts of our daily work thus having an email with the best features is a must for modern-day working. 

What matters more is that whether the company has the ability to upgrade with time or not? Every day the email providers are coming up with new features and it is very important that your email service provides state of art technology.

4. Security- If your work includes handling and communicating sensitive data then it is very crucial that you have a good look at the company’s security standards and policies. The thorough reading of their policies because there are a lot of hidden terms that allow these companies to share this data with third parties. You need to be very clear about what protocols they follow what standards they have regarding user security and privacy.

5. Privacy- Each email company provides the duration for which the data will be stored with them. This is also one of the crucial factors in terms of privacy. You need to have clear knowledge about what data that company is storing with them, what is the duration for which the data is stored and why is the company storing that data i.e. how is it going to use the stored data?

6. Import mechanism- If you switch to a secure email service, you need to look at whether the service provider has the feature of importing emails from the previous domain or not? It is very important in regard to the continuation of work. If any email doesn’t provide an import facility then you may end up losing your previous work and communication.


Privacy is one of the major concerns of the world. In the earlier times, we were not connected as much as we are today. Today every work that we do is directly or indirectly connected to the use of the internet. Right from people making their most private conversations through the internet to doing the work of utmost professionalism, the internet plays a very keen role.

There are many tools that can be used to secure your privacy and data but not all of them can be used by general people. Signal jumpers, IP masks, multiple servers’ proxies, etc. are the products that are familiar with the bad side of the internet. Secure email servers are one of the easiest ways to communicate in private without breaching your data.

This article gave you some very popular email servers of the world. It depends on each individual’s need which they want to use. Some people are beginners, some people are unfamiliar with technology, some people work on budget, some people want to establish secure interconnectivity in their businesses, etc; there are emails for each of the needs. It depends completely on your needs and what email you want to use. It is a decision that requires due diligence, proper research, and a good assessment of your email needs.

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