Top 14 Best Podcast Hosting(2022): Compared & Reviewed


The digital space is constantly changing and today we have various forms of entertainment that we did not have before.

From blogs, social media content, OTT platforms to podcasts, consumers have the opportunity to choose between engaging in whatever content they would like to.

This also brings the importance of quality content. Because now, a consumer can shift to the content of your competitor if they are dissatisfied with yours.

It becomes extremely important to catch the attention of your consumer immediately. They always have the next best alternative in their hands. 

When we look at the online world, the trends that keep millions of people hooked to their devices instantly get replaced by another.

The attention of the users is fickle and what they invest in might be unexpected at times. However, there are digital marketing strategies that could help you use these in your favor.

People might wonder how people make money out of making content. Advertising, sponsorship, and affiliation are some of the popular methods to make money online. 

Another key thing to point out is that with the changing digital space the lifestyle is also constantly changing.

While binge-watching is a new norm, at the same time consumers struggle with the lack of time due to the increased competition in the marketplace. This is when content forms such as podcasts come into play. 

They have majorly gained popularity because you can multitask while listening to these podcasts. It doesn't take much of your dedicated time.

You can listen to them while driving, cooking, or even bathing. This makes podcasts fit for the lifestyle we have today.

A lot of people listen to podcasts that focus on self-help and meditation. Others like to listen to stories or listen about other concurrent issues. 

This article explores the best podcast hosting platforms that are available. It mentions the top 14 podcast hosting platforms.

We also look into various aspects such as the idea of the podcast hosting platform. Their features, pros, and cons are measured.

This helps us get an insight into each of the podcast hosting platforms to get the options to choose from.

These podcast hosting platforms have different functions and will be suitable for different people.

You have to identify your requirements, preferences, and aspects such as budget as well. This will determine what sort of hosting platform will work for you.

Unless this is not clear, it will not be effective to choose a podcast hosting option either. 

Later in this section, we also explore what podcast hosting really is, why should one start a podcast, and the things to consider before starting a podcast.

We also explored the state of podcasts today. This article is written in a way, hoping to provide you with all the information you might need.

By the end of your read, if you are looking for a podcast hosting service, you will have a much clear vision and be able to make your decision.

Buzzsprout is a podcast host that has been around since 2009

and offers a free plan throughout along with unlimited team accounts. 

You can also upgrade with payment to get more features if you require them.

However, the free version itself provides enough features as well. Their interface is easy to use.


The free version of Buzzsprout allows you to upload content that can be hosted for a period of 90 days. You can then upgrade your plan if you are planning to do podcasting seriously. You can embed a podcast on your website or choose to have the entire playlist on it also. The analytics dashboard is easy to use and allows you to understand how many listeners it is reaching.

For audio-quality, you can upgrade to 128K stereo optimization and it is also possible to schedule your podcast. The upgraded version is paid month-to-month so based on the uploads, you can choose your monthly plan. 


  • It is extremely easy to use. The interface is user-friendly and does not require you to have extensive technical knowledge.
  • The analytics are another good feature offered by Buzzsprout. These can enable you to understand your podcasts and improve them. They are easy to comprehend.
  • The price is fair. You get to try before paying for the hosting. It is a good option for people who are unsure but simply want to start.
  • The customer support offered is really good and all issues are resolved on time.
  • It offers an affiliate marketplace that allows you to join its affiliate programs to make some money out of it.


  • When it comes to website customization, there are limited options. You cannot customize the website completely to your liking.
  • There is no free or paid plan in Buzzsprout that offers unlimited audio.

Buzzsprout is one of the best podcast hosting platforms. It is simple to use and the website looks appealing to the eyes as well.

Even if you want to start a podcast as a hobby even, then also there are options to earn some extra money.

The Rebel based media that created Podcast websites also created Captivate and is relatively new.

It is a podcast hosting platform that is focused on growing the audience of podcasts.

Also of the plans have an unlimited number of podcasts and team members.

It also comprises advanced analytics and marketing tools.


As mentioned above, Captivate is a podcast that focuses on growing your audience. It is a growth-oriented podcast hosting company. They have features such as an automatic podcast website and built-in call to action to help you draw your audience. Each plan has a mobile-friendly option that is customizable.

It also has the option to generate new leads with podcast player calls-to-action and you also have the option to insert your email list. There are leads such as pop-up email list call to action. Their analytics software also keeps on upgrading constantly. It is also possible to import your podcast from a different platform easily on Captivate.


  • It is an amazing hosting platform when it comes to marketing. Not all podcast hosting services offer these.
  • It allows you to host multiple podcasts at one price. This can prove to be very beneficial.
  • It possesses an excellent embed player.
  • Captivate offers unlimited audio storage. This can become important for a podcast hosting service.
  • It comes with a one-click sponsor kit which can make it easy for you to reach out to sponsors as well.
  • The user can insert unique cookie-cutter CTAs in every episode.


  • It can be difficult for people who are just starting to pay the fee. There is only a 7-day free trial possible. There are other less pricey options.
  • There are no overall stats that we get. They are extremely important as well.
Captivate is a really good podcast hosting option for people who require extensive marketing and are considering podcasting as their side hustle or business.

It also has an attractive user interface and offers a variety of built-in features.

Transistor is one of the new podcast hosting platforms but it has gained popularity in no time.

 Some of the services that it hosts are ‘Cards against Humanity’ and ‘HoneyBadger’.

It is known for providing everything that you might require in a podcast hosting service. 

It also comes with simple migration tools to help you import your podcasts from different sources.


When it comes to Transistor, it offers tools for hosting unlimited shows, and you can also manage multiple accounts per user. If you have a branded podcast, it allows the user to have their own domain name. It also enables disturbing of the podcast and the analytics are advanced in nature. 

Marketing such as Mailchimp can also be integrated easily with Transistor. Talking about Transistor, one of the major benefits that are received by the user is the analytics. The dashboards show you trends and statistics such as what is the average number of downloads per episode, downloads over time, and the number of subscribers.


  • When it comes to Transistor, as mentioned above, the tier analytics provides all the information that one might require.
  • It allows the user to host unlimited podcasts.
  • It helps in focusing on team management as well. That is if you have producers and editors, they can access it on the platform.
  • The design is very intuitive and modern in nature because it is recently found.
  • It is an excellent choice for a company that is planning to host a podcast.
  • Transistor allows flexibility and helps in creating premium quality content.


  • Limited monthly downloads are also possible which brings in a certain amount of restriction.  
  • There is no free model for you to even try. It is completely paid and can be considered more expensive than some options.

Transistor is one of the best podcast hosting options, it does provide more benefits for a company as compared to an individual.

However, there are a variety of features that could enable you to create a personal brand for yourself as well.

If you have been looking at podcast hosting options, you must have heard about Podbean.

It has been around for 10 years and when you go through it, you will realize they know exactly what they are doing.

They have a huge number of podcasters, users and their downloads go up to 7 Billion on an approximate basis.


Podbean provides unlimited hosting services and this always acts as a plus point. You can distribute and promote on all major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Alexa to name a few. The user interface is extremely easy and is not complicated to understand. They also have a free plan where you can upload up to 5 hours and get a bandwidth of 100GB. 

Podbean’s unlimited plus plan offers a variety of features. There is unlimited audio and video storage with Podbean. It is also possible to monetize your podcast by adding sponsored ads to your podcast. Podbean offers the ability to feature on YouTube for free. It can be auto-uploaded to your channel for free once you sync it.


  • The rate is reasonable and the free version also offers a considerable number of features and analytics.
  • The free option can be very useful for a new podcaster that is looking to test and see what they can do.
  • The data analytics provided by Podbean are very visual in nature and extremely easy to look at.
  • The sharing of your podcast on different platforms is another benefit that is provided by Podbean.
  • Podbean allows you to easily incorporate sponsors on your Podcast.


  • While there is a free option and the paid plan is reasonable, if you want good features you will require to pay more. With each feature, the payment will increase.
  • Audio transcription is not offered with Podbean.
Podbean is a really good option for both beginners and people who want to take Podcasting seriously.

Some of its options might be costlier but they are worth the price. Some of the features are unique to Podbean which makes it to the list of best podcasting hosting.

Simplecast is a more affordable option for podcast hosting but the features that it offers are commendable.

Simplecast has been in the industry for 6 years now and some of the clients it has are Nike, Facebook, and HBO.

It has three paid plans that you could make a choice from based on your budget.


When it comes to Simplecast, they offer a large number of features that can be considered industry-leading features. Some of these are one-click publishing that saves the users from hassle, they also provide a fully-functioning website and also comes with an analytics tool that is advanced. 

A recast is a standout tool that Simplecast offers. This tool allows you to schedule and share your podcast on social media. This can improve the engagement and reach of your podcast as well. Scheduling provides ease in uploading your podcasts on time and maintaining regular uploads.


  • Simplecast is extremely easy to use as a podcast hosting service. It is simple, intuitive, and you do not need extensive technical knowledge to use it.
  • When it comes to Simplecast, it offers three paid options. All of these are varied and based on your affordability, you can choose. The lowest one is extremely affordable.
  • Customer support of Simplecast is one of the best. There is 24x7 availability.
  • The recast feature is a really good feature and can provide really good benefits.
  • The analytics of Simplecast provide all the required details.


  • The audio hosting feature and the RSS feed feature are both rated below the industry average. These can be worked upon.
  • The uptime feature is also not up to the mark. It can be improved over time.

Simplecast is a really good alternative for professional podcast hosting. The major benefit provided here is the social sharing option.

It is extremely important to do that in order to advertise your podcast. It is an industry level podcast hosting option at really affordable rates..

6. Castos

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard of WordPress.

Castos is a plugin for WordPress. If you already have an account on WordPress, you can log into Castos and try their free or paid version.

Then you can use your WordPress plugin and add podcasts to your WordPress Podcast section.


As mentioned above, Castos is a plugin for WordPress. The process is very simple and can be followed by anyone. There is a 14-day free trial version available where you can check if you are comfortable with it. After this, you can go through their available paid options. There is a variety of options available for the paid version. 

When you select a higher-tier plan, you can also get the option of republishing your podcast on YouTube as well. One of the standout features of Castos is the automatic transcription process. This transcription could either be copy-pasted as your WordPress post also. There are discounts offered by Castos for NPOs and religious services.


  • The major benefit of Castos is the ability to manage it from the dashboard of WordPress itself.
  • It provides unlimited storage and bandwidth with its plans.
  • It also helps in simple sharing to all platforms that you would want to.
  • The interface is simple and clean.
  • Automatic transcription is a really good feature that is not present in all podcast hosting services.
  • The free trial allows you to access almost everything. This helps in getting an idea of the functioning.


  • With Castos, comes a web design. However, you do not require it because it is used as a plugin for your WordPress site.
  • There is no cheap option in terms of payment. Some of the features require higher fees.

Castos is one of the best WordPress plugin podcast hosting services. It does provide a variety of features and can be extremely beneficial if you can afford the premium plans.

It can be used by both beginners and people who are already in the advanced sector.

Developed by the popular podcaster Pat Flynn, Fusebox is an incredible option for a podcast hosting platform.

Because it is developed by a podcaster himself, it offers features that are required by podcasters but not offered by many.

This podcast hosting service provides you with a free version and has paid options as well.


Fusebox offers various exciting features. As mentioned above, one of its unique features includes email capture. It is one of the only podcast hosting services that offer this feature. It also has a transcript plugin that offers an SEO-friendly live text as well. The functioning of this player is also very simple and straightforward.

It enables you to host files and send them to podcast networks. You can also display them on your WordPress site. The player is very appealing to look at design-wise. It looks at the process of podcasting from a marketing point of view. It is priced reasonably as well.


  • It has a free version that people can check and use before they go for a paid option.
  • There is simplistic social-sharing and the buttons are built-in to the player itself.
  • Transcripts make your podcast more accessible to even the people who are not able to listen to your podcast.
  • Fusebox transcripts plug-in is free which can prove to be beneficial to many.
  • The SEO-friendly feature in transcripts enables easier marketing.
  • It is one of the easiest to use WordPress plugins.
  • It is easy to integrate with your WordPress website as well.


  • The major con of FuseBox is that it only works on WordPress sites.
  • There is no live chat or ticketing system available for those who want to incorporate that.

FuseBox is a really good option for people who want to try a WordPress integrated podcast hosting option.

It might not be the best option for everyone but if you have a website on WordPress it could do wonders for you and provide you with all the features you might need.

Spreaker is a podcast hosting platform that has been around since 2010.

If you are looking for a podcast hosting platform that has it all, it is Spreaker.

The entry-level Spreaker is free and you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan as per your requirements and preferences.

Naturally, when you upgrade, you get more pro-level features.


This one-stop podcast hosting offers a wide range of features. It connects the audience, the listeners, and advertisers on one platform. It is extremely easy to monetize your content when it comes to Spreaker. The content management system of Spreaker is what makes it stand out. It allows the user to distribute their podcasts to all major platforms. 

You can also schedule and manage various podcasts on Spreaker. Being certified by IAB makes the Spreaker and the data trustworthy. When you upgrade your account here, you get many benefits such as more storage, monetization, and detailed statistics to name a few.


  • It has a very easy to navigate, clean, and appealing user interface.
  • One-click distribution can increase your discoverability. It is extremely easy to share with Spreaker.
  • Spreaker studio allows its users to record and live stream.
  • The analytics are so detailed that it can help one to identify what is working. This can contribute to increasing the quality of your podcasts.
  • There is a free version available for you to try out what works for you.


  • The customer service is somewhat limited and you cannot expect to get help 24x7.
  • If you want to cancel your membership after you have renewed it, it can be a tedious job to cancel the same.

Spreaker is a good option for users that want to start their podcasts and take it to a professional level where it could eventually become their career.

The features offered are definitely worth the price of the paid plan. It is truly one of the best podcast hosting services that we have.

Audioboom is a popular podcast hosting service.

It is simple when it comes to hosting, embedding, and distribution.

The unique selling proposition of Audioboom is its ability to help you with monetization.

This can be useful especially for those who are looking at podcasting more seriously.

The features offered by Audioboom include the ability to host, distribute, and monetize the podcasts. It allows the distribution of your podcast on platforms such as Spotify and Google Podcasts. Along with this, it provides certain features that are embeddable for your podcast. The analytics tools provide details about podcasts such as region, device, geographical location, and app-related information.

Talking about monetization, Audioboom provides several benefits. Once your podcast crosses the 10k download mark, it can contribute to monetizing your content with the help of sponsorship and ad opportunities. This can be very beneficial for the podcasters that are looking to make money from their podcasts and not doing it merely as a hobby.


  • It always lets you perform three functions: host, distribute, and monetize the content through their one single platform.
  • It can be advantageous for both singular and multiple channels.
  • There is an embedded player available.
  • You can add dynamic ads and sponsorships once you have reached 10K downloads.
  • The customer service is really good and can help you in case you find yourself stuck.
  • Social sharing is easy with Audioboom. This is important for podcasters in order to increase their reach.


  • High thresholds are required to make use of the pro plan that includes monetization.
  • There are limited search and privacy features that can irritate the audience and they might not access your podcast.

Audioboom is a really good podcast hosting service. It provides a good opportunity to monetize which all hosting services do not provide.

It is a service that is more appealing to people who want to podcast seriously and not simply as a hobby. It is quite affordable; one can try the free version first.

10. Blubrry

If you have been going through podcast hosting providers for quite some time, you might have come across one called Blubrry.

It is a popular option and also offers managed WordPress hosting with PowerPress. They have a creator-first approach which can be extremely important for creators.

They have various paid plans and their professional plan can be priced based on your needs, that is customized pricing.


Blubrry is popular for the features it provides. The easy integration of the WordPress plugin can be very useful for someone who uses WordPress. The approach of Blubrry is customer centric or more especially creator centric, which is appealing to many. It also offers statistics that give you an in-depth overview as well. 

All the plans, regardless of price, come along with the option of unlimited bandwidth and statistics that provide great insights. You can also buy more storage based on your requirement if your plan does not offer so. You can also upload more content than your plan, without being charged extra.


  • It is extremely effective. It is optimal for people who use WordPress.
  • There is 25% overage allowed with your plan and you are not charged for it. This might seem small but not all hosting services provide this.
  • There is unlimited bandwidth for even the cheapest plan.
  • IAB certification along with analytics that are extremely detailed.
  • There is a possibility of free media migration and thus can make more people aware of your podcast.
  • The customer support you receive from the company is incredible and all your queries will be solved.


  • The design is easy to configure if you have used such sites previously. It is not user-friendly.
  • There is no free plan available to even try or test.
  • The price is not very affordable, it can be considered better than its competitors, especially if the user is not on WordPress.

Blubrry is the best option if you are someone who does or plans to use WordPress. It provides really good features for the same.

However, you will have to look at affordability if you are someone who does not use WordPress but wants to start a Podcast.

If you are looking for a podcast hosting service that is simple in its functioning, you should definitely consider Podcast Websites.

It is a service that is fully responsive and offers security along with daily back-ups.

‘Podcast Websites’ is an efficient website that offers all the features that one might need.


As mentioned above it offers facilities such as security and backups. These can be very important in today’s digital era where there is some amount of insecurity with the online world. It also offers digital marketing support once you are a member of the podcast hosting. Again, this is an extremely important feature for those who are looking to take this seriously. 

Podcast Websites create a community where you can converse with other podcasters and learn through their process as well. Builder is a drag and drops design tool that could help you create your own theme unique to your podcast. This could add an extra element. It is an all-in-one platform.


  • Being an all-in-one platform, you find everything in one place. This adds to the convenience.
  • It enables you to make an email list and allows you to connect to the top email service providers also.
  • The academic membership can help you learn about podcasting through tutorials. This can be useful for beginners.
  • 24X7 support is provided to the customers that can help you get through problems that you might face.
  • The statistics are extremely detailed and all the information that you might need is provided.


  • There is no free option available with Podcast Websites. This means that beginners cannot test the website before choosing to go for it. The paid options can prove to be expensive for people who are starting, especially those who are young.

Podcast Websites is a comprehensive podcast hosting platform that can be useful for those who are looking to explore podcasting as a business.

It is more usable for those who already have some experience with it.


From the early days of podcasting, Libsyn has been around.

It has become one of the most popular podcast hosting services amongst beginners and professionals as well. 

Launched in 2004, they have hosted over 35,000 podcasts.

Their price starts extremely low and you can pay more if you are willing to get that benefit.


Because this platform has been around for quite some time it can be said that people rely on it when it comes to podcasting. It helps you to monetize your platform and advertise it as well. It has options such as double-opt advertising and opportunities such as premium paywalls. It focuses heavily on the promotion of the brand.

When it comes to podcasting, a significant feature is to have distribution capabilities. Libsyn offers this and enables you to distribute your platform to various platforms. The customer service provided by Libsyn is commendable and ensures that you are provided with solutions.


  • The price of the plans is quite low and can be useful for beginners.
  • Libsyn has a reputation and is considered a reliable platform.
  • Being an old and reputable platform, it has a good amount of reach and some consumers come directly to this platform.
  • It is very easy to upload your content as an RSS feed.
  • The user interface is easy and not complicated.


  • When you go to Libsyn, it is not self-explanatory. There has to be some amount of research done to make the most of the platform.
  • Libsyn is not free. While it is extremely affordable, it is still not free.

Libsyn is a really good option for those who are looking at a reliable podcast hosting platform. It is affordable and provides a good amount of features. Some features need to be upgraded, but more or less it does the job nicely. It is definitely one of the most popular podcasting software.

Podomatic is another podcast hosting platform that provides a platform that encourages creators to create audio files, upload and promote videos as well.

It is a social platform that enables you to share your content.

paid options are varied in nature and based on your preference you can choose your plan.


Podomatic has a variety of features and this is the reason it has made to the list of best podcast hosting services. When you are a creator on Podomatic, you can record and then upload your audios. You can also promote your audio. All of this is done on one dashboard making it extremely convenient. 

A strength of Podomatic is to develop the advertising for your podcast and also crowdsource with the help of Patreon and Advertisecast. They also enable easy social sharing to applications such as Facebook or Twitter. They have also partnered with Weebly which can help you to create a website and have a free podcast app for iOS and Android.


  • It is extremely easy to use and has a straightforward interface. Hence, it can be beneficial to beginners.
  • The free version and the paid person, both provide a good amount of storage. This is important for someone who does podcasts.
  • You can also access the podcasts via a mobile. This is audience-friendly. A lot of the time, people hear podcasts on their way to work, a mobile-friendly feature always helps.
  • The design is very clean and the interface is intuitive.
  • The free version also provides a lot of features.


  • It does not have a feature to schedule posts. This can be frustrating when you are someone who posts regularly.
  • There are only limited editing options available with Podomatic.

Podomatic is a really good option to choose if you are starting. The free version provides a variety of valuable features.

One should definitely consider it when they are looking for podcast hosting options. 

SoundCloud is another very popular streaming platform that enables around a million listeners to stream. It has really good reach.

It was founded in 2015 and new content of 12 hours is uploaded every passing minute on their site.


When you use SoundCloud, it allows you to get access to features such as embedded players and times comments. You can get access to Twitter cards as well. There are paid as well as free options available. The SoundCloud pro unlimited offers features like a more advanced time, scheduled releases, control on the embed to name a few.

As one of the features mentioned above, timed comments are those comments that enable users to comment on specific parts of the audio. This can be very useful with podcasts. Several aspects of one topic are covered, this can increase user engagement about a particular sentence spoken


  • There is increased audience interaction on SoundCloud. This is a major benefit.
  • The platform is designed in a way that it makes easy to access content on the podcast.
  • You can schedule your episodes and pin the episodes that are most popular as well.
  • SoundCloud has its own application which makes listening to podcasts a lot more convenient.
  • There are various plans available in the paid options as well.
  • It is a platform that is convenient for a lot of users. Hence, it can prove to be beneficial.


  • SoundCloud is not only for podcasters. It has a variety of content hence your audience might shift to other types of content, not giving you the recognition.
  • The uploads are limited.
  • SoundCloud will not automatically import your episodes from your podcasts.

Soundcloud is a really good option for a podcast hosting platform especially when you are planning to start it even as a hobby.

If you are someone who is looking to interact with people on a similar subject and get audience engagement, you are at the right place.

What is podcast hosting?

The first thing to understand is, what is podcast hosting. In layman’s terms, podcast hosting is a specialized service where the audio files of a podcast are stored and distributed.

It is more or less like a hosting service for a website. Some services often have both WordPress plugins and are a podcast hosting service.

This can be proven to be very beneficial because a lot of weight is shifted out of one’s shoulders. It makes the entire process very convenient. 

Podcast directories on the other hand are applications such as iTunes or Spotify.

They receive your files and then the audience is able to listen to your podcast through these directories.

Different podcast hosting services have different features. This is where aspects such as affordability, preferences come into play.

Many times, it is not possible for the user to spend so much, they can go for a more affordable option.

Other aspects such as whether you are doing it as a hobby or you want to pursue it professionally also come into play. 

Keeping in mind about these aspects, you can choose the podcast hosting platform you would like to go for.

Before this, it is important to understand why starting a podcast would be a good idea if you want to start one.

Why do you need to start a podcast?

A lot of times a question might arise such as why does one need a podcast and will people listen to it? Starting a podcast can have many reasons.

All of us have thoughts and opinions. There are some things we professionally know and other things that we generally just feel.

Podcasting can be an outlet for these thoughts. This is when it is done as a hobby.

It can be very fulfilling to share your thoughts with the audience and even get a response in return, building a community of active listeners.

A community that is interested in what you talk about and wants to discuss it.

This can also be done through a blog. However, writing cannot always decipher the tone you would like a certain aspect to be heard as.

At the same time, reading is not something that fits comfortably in our lifestyle. Anyone who reads on a regular basis is putting conscious efforts to do so.

While listening to a podcast does not require you to sit down and actively give dedicated attention to it.

This means that there are chances that the people who might not read your blog, will listen to your podcast.  

You do not have to choose. You can run a blog as well as a podcast. There are easier options for it as well.

Apart from the fact, expressing your own thoughts gives satisfaction, at the same time, you can also generate revenue from it.

You can get sponsors and this is how you earn money. While you might not initially plan for it, eventually it can also translate to being a permanent source of income.

If not that, it could always be a good side hustle that provides you with fulfillment. Hence, starting a podcast might be a good idea, and in some cases, free.

Things to consider before you are starting a podcast

Now that we have concluded that yes, you must start a podcast, there are certain things that are required to be considered first.

These are talked about in-depth. Taking these things into consideration will help you have a smooth journey.

  1. Niche

    Whether it is blogging or podcasting, a word that is often talked about, is a niche. You must discover your niche before starting.

    Today, there is tons and tons of content on many popular niches, however, if one masters a particular niche, they do stand out from the rest.

    You need to first select what you are interested in and try to make yourself reliable. Deciding on your niche will also help you decide a workflow and create everything else cohesively. 
  1. Target audience

    The previous point and this one are related. When you have a niche or are thinking about choosing one, it is important to define who your audience is.

    While the audience can be anyone this can help you identify and cater to the audience you want to.

    This will also determine aspects such as the way you speak, the language you will use, and so on.

    For example, if you are someone who has a finance podcast you probably would not talk like you are narrating a children’s story.
  1. Podcasting equipment

    When it comes to producing content for a podcast, it can be confusing. So, to help it, there are several pieces of equipment which can make your work easier.

    Good quality equipment can help you produce quality content. Because there is so much competition, this becomes an important aspect for creating content.

    Users can easily shift to better-produced content if they won’t like your content. If you are a beginner and want to only try out, it's okay to skip out on this.

    However, if you want to take this up professionally, it is better to invest.
  1. Editing programs

    While podcasting sounds like merely sitting in front of a microphone and speaking what you feel, it is not the case.

    You will be required to edit in a way it sounds appealing to the audience.

    This editing will naturally require software that will help you to edit your podcasts to make them more engaging to your listeners.

    There are paid and free versions available for such software as well. 
  1. Podcast hosting and streaming services

    You require a hosting service for your podcast. We have gone in-depth about these podcast hosting services in the above section of the article.

    Hosting and streaming of your podcast are required for your audience to be able to listen to them.

    Here, they can comment on your podcast, engage, and download it. You can choose these platforms based on your budget and goals.

    When you are a beginner, you can opt for free options until you can afford to go for paid options. 
  1. Promotion, planning, and launching

    As pointed out previously, podcasts are a lot more than sitting in front of a microphone and speaking.

    You need to promote your podcast for reach out to people. Social media is a really good tool to attract an audience and promote your podcast.

    The platforms you choose will depend on your target audience as well. 

It is always a good idea to plan your content and if you are calling out guests, plan that as well.

You can create batches of your content and then upload them one by one to avoid frustration and overworking. 

These are things you must consider when starting a podcast. Aspects such as budget, your goals 

And expectations as these factors will also determine the success or failure of your podcast stream..

State of podcast today

As established earlier, podcasts are a popular form of consuming content today. However, how far is it true?

There are 15,00,000 episodes of overall podcast as of October 2020 and the episode has reached the count of 34 million.

This is not a small number and was identified after removing accounts that might be double or irrelevant at that point.

This shows the massive reach of  a podcast and indirectly confirms that it is a popular form of sharing and creating content.

Even on popular streaming platforms, sections for podcasts have attracted more audiences.

When it comes to genres, the most popular ones in the U.S. are identified as comedy, news, true crimes, and sports.

Genres such as health and fitness, and productivity are also popular. 

You can also be someone who creates content on different platforms such as social media, blogging, and podcasting.

Various podcast hosting sites are plugged in with WordPress. This can also be a good option.

You need not pursue it professionally but starting a podcast as a hobby could also inculcate more knowledge about your subject and develop confidence as well.

It can definitely be a good side hustle for young adults.


So in the above article, we have presented the 14 best podcast hosting options that are overpowering the podcast market.

All of the options stated above, fit well for both beginners and experienced one.. Hence, you can choose the podcast hosting option you would like to based on the level of difficulty as well.

Most of the podcast hosting sites that we have enlisted come with a free version. You can always try them and then choose whichever host you want to go for.

This will definitely give you a better insight.

Another important aspect to consider is the features and the price.

Make sure you compare the features at the price you will have to pay for different host options. If you are a working adult, it might not be a huge problem for you.

However, if someone is starting and is young, all the options may not be feasible. Doing this comparison will give you an idea of how much you are going to pay for the features you would like to be incorporated into your podcast. Do not try to go over budget for the host because there are other equipment that you will require to pay for as well. 

Keeping these aspects in mind, you can choose your host option. Starting a podcast or switching to a better host is a good idea. There are various ways by which you can derive satisfaction from podcast such as expressing how you think, getting inputs from your audience, and helping people live better lives. As it is said, if you have something worth sharing do not rob the audience of the pleasure of sharing this. The article is to make your journey and the process of starting a podcast simpler. Happy Podcasting!

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