Top 14 Best PowerPoint Alternatives (2022): Compared & Reviewed


Whether you are a student or a professional, one thing to understand is that you will be required to make presentations no matter what. They are an easier way to explain things and give your ideas the visual kick that they might need. As a professional working in a firm, you will have to attend to clients and make presentations about your ideas. Start-ups are increasingly becoming more and more popular. However, before launching a successful start-up it is important to get funds for the same. While talking to investors, having a presentation at hand, to showcase what you are planning to do visually can create a greater impact on them as well. 

However, a lot of times people assume that making a basic presentation can work just fine. That is not really the case. There are many aspects and tips that you can use to create effective presentations which are discussed below. We have also mentioned what a good PowerPoint presentation alternative should possess, for it to be useful for you. People might get confused about what a PowerPoint alternative actually is. PowerPoint alternatives, as the name suggests is a software that can work as the alternative to create these presentations using features that are provided by it. 

These can provide the extra jazz that you might require for your presentations. It is not possible for the PowerPoint to do that on its own. While there are people you might think it is unnecessary, there is a certain section of people who take the job of making a presentation very seriously. Students also get projects in school to make presentations and present them to their classes. They are always on the lookout for better templates to make their presentations stand out. 

We have shortlisted 14 of the best PowerPoint presentation alternatives that could help you to do so. Their features, pros, and cons are discussed in depth. It can become difficult to narrow down based on the number of options that are provided today. The tips provided on making presentations could also help you to decide what all you need to work on, and which software would best suit you. You could either use one of the software or use more than one in order to make your presentations. We hope that the article helps you to increase the potential in your presentations to reach the audience more effectively using these PowerPoint alternatives.

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1. Visme

Visme is one of the most popular PowerPoint alternatives that there are.

It allows you to make infographics and other creative visuals that you could add to your presentations.

There are three types of paid plans that are available with Visme.

The basic plan is available for free of cost.


Visme provides a wide range of templates and layouts to choose from. They are available both in free as well as the paid version. You can select one layout that you prefer from the various layouts provided such as agenda slides, timelines, and charts or graphs as well. You can start by choosing a template and then editing it based on your preference of fonts and color. 

There are customization tools such as text kerning as well which can be used. The animations provided by Visme are limited but useful. It is a web-based presentation application and can be used by anyone.


  • There are various customization options that are available.
  • There is a wide variety of templates that are available. You also have a number of layouts to choose from.
  • The interface is very user-friendly and does not have a high learning curve. Anyone can navigate through the site.
  • You can use many royalty-free images and create interesting infographics to add to your presentation.
  • You can also collaborate with your teammates and then work on the project.
  • There is a free plan available which you can try.


  • You can only create linear presentations.
  • The design options that are provided are limited in nature.
  • There are no widgets for graphs or infographics.

Visme is a really good option who is looking for an easy-to-use PowerPoint tool and can be also helpful in making infographics. The free option can be used to understand whether or not you like the site. It can be used by students as well as professionals equally. 

Google Slides is one of the most accessible software for PowerPoint presentations.

It is available for free of cost and all you need is a Google account.

You can also subscribe to it, there are Business standard, business plus, enterprise plans for getting a G suite.

It is a cloud-based software and you can work on it collaboratively with a team or download it.


Google Slides is one of the most accessible software for PowerPoint presentations. It is available for free of cost and all you need is a Google account. You can also subscribe to it, there are Business standard, business plus, enterprise plans for getting a G suite. It is a cloud-based software and you can work on it collaboratively with a team or download it.


  • It has various customization options that can prove to be useful.
  • The user interface is very intuitive which means there will be no requirement to spend time learning how to navigate the site.
  • It is very easy to collaborate with Google slides and this can especially be helpful in group projects in school or help you work with teams in offices.
  • In the presenter view, Google slides have an option of presenter tool that can help in making the Q and A section much more interesting.
  • The version control functionality is good.


  • It can become difficult to edit charts because they are living and the data is pulled from a Google sheets document.
  • The capabilities of adding design and animation are also very limited to the standard features that there are.

Google Slides are one of the most accessible options that there are. The standard features that are provided can be very useful for both students and professionals. A major benefit is that it is for free. You can also use it along with other alternatives.

Microsoft Sway is another presentation software from Microsoft.

If you have a Microsoft account you can use it for free.

You will get premium features along with Office 365.

You can also use it along with Microsoft PowerPoint to add more interaction to your presentations.

It is an application that is cloud-based.


Microsoft Sway is easy to use and does not require you to be a designer in order to use it. There are various layout options provided such as vertical, horizontal, or slideshow. There are built-in transitions that can help you to give a smooth flow to your presentation. The Sway is mainly designed for simplicity and the features provided are also thus very simple in nature.

You cannot animate individual objects but transitions are added with slides. There are a huge number of images that are available in the software and can be easily discovered with an online search. The layout changes based on the kind of device you are using.


  • Microsoft Sway is a very simple software to operate and can easily be learned. The site is very easy to navigate through.
  • The layout is such that it automatically changes based on the device that is being used. This can prove to be very useful for presentations.
  • It comes free with a Microsoft account.
  • It can be a really good option for portfolios such as for photography or designing.
  • There is a wide range of available images.
  • You can embed charts and documents from other sources and use them in your presentations.


  • You can only access it online which can prove to be a limitation.
  • You can't share the files or collaborate easily. If you want to share the members need to have access to the account.
  • There are no options to present data that you might need to.

Microsoft Sway is an application that is very simple to operate and can be used along with other software in order to make the most of it. If you are a student or have a non-profit organization it could work perfectly for you. Microsoft users can use it free of cost. 

4. Canva

Canva is another application that is extremely popular for making content on social media.

It can also be used as a powerful PowerPoint alternative.

Canva is available free of cost and you can also get some premium features by paying for it.

There are two paid options that are available. 


Canva provides a wide range of features. With Canva, one can get access to photos of up to 2 million and over 40,000 templates. You can also create your own layouts and templates as per the requirement. There are smart guides in the application that can help you navigate through the same. 

This is a template-based application, however, it is possible to edit these templates as per your use. The texting editing options are also simple to use but effective. In the Canva pro version, there is an animation option that is available. There is a basic animation that is possible.


  • There is a wide variety of photos and template options that are available. It can be useful for your presentations.
  • The collaborative working features that are offered can be useful for those who need to work in teams or along with other people.
  • There is a wide range of chart options available for presenting data as well.
  • The user interface is easy to use and the learning curve is not high.
  • Apart from presentations, it can allow you to create infographics, newsletters, etc.


  • It can be a hassle to find a template you would like because there will be a lot of scrolling required to be done.
  • Advanced design options such as 3D text, circular templates, and cutouts of text are not available.

Canva is a really good option for someone who would like to experiment with templates and images. It is easy to operate and can be used to add simplistic elements as well. Canva is available for free, so you can try it first to see if it suits you. It is very easy to edit layouts and templates as well.

5. Prezi

If you have been looking at PowerPoint alternatives, without a doubt you must have come across Prezi.

Prezi has been around for some time and is popular software.

It is a cloud-based software that is available and has a free trial. 

You can choose one from standard, plus and premium plans


Prezi is known for its smooth transitioning into the next slide creating a storytelling effect. Being used by many students and teachers, Prezi is also a template-based software. Here there are again a lot of attractive and modern templates that are available to the users. You can store all your presentations in this cloud software and access them from any device without a problem. 

You can also download it for offline use and it is possible to edit your images using the advanced tools that are provided. The tool is considered to be ideal for freelancers. It provides features that can help you edit your templates based on the brand that you are working for.


  • There is a huge amount of options available for templates. These templates are quite unique.
  • Features such as team-collaboration and Prezi analytics are also very useful. The analytics provide insight into how good your presentation is thus helping you improve over time.
  • You can also use different devices to view your Prezi presentations.
  • It is possible to create presentations that are non-linear easily.
  • The software is made for people who are not designers and works in a very simple manner. You can learn it and use it easily.


  • The non-linear transitions can be difficult to navigate and you might end up making a mistake.
  • The user interface is not very intuitive.
  • The transitions can be slow and crash the device you are using.

Renderforest is another PowerPoint presentation alternative that provides features that are unique to it such as being a video presenting option.

It is a paid software and has two options: either subscription-based or paying for each video that you export.

You can create videos in the free plan but in order to add branding or quality, there will be payment required. 


Renderforest is a software application that is used by a variety of industries ranging from public relations departments or marketing departments. You can create video presentations for your clients. This can also prove to be useful for freelancers who are looking to show their creativity to their clients. 

There are three simple steps in which this software helps you make video presentations. This includes editing the slide, customizing the colors, and then selecting the music. You can also directly publish your video presentation on social media networks such as Facebook or YouTube. It is a site that you can use easily and navigate through.


  • The interface is very user-friendly and can help even beginners create videos that look professional.
  • There is a free option available that one can try to make the video first and then pay based on the satisfaction of the final product.
  • There is a good range of video templates that are available for the same.
  • The site provides video tutorials that can help in a better understanding of the functioning of the site.
  • The storage options and pricing can be considered competitive.
  • You can use commercial music as well.


  • You cannot add particular music to each site.
  • Videos might take a long time to render. This can become frustrating.
  • The pricing can become difficult to calculate.
  • It is not possible to visualize the video while making it, this feature could be useful.

Renderforest is a really good PowerPoint alternative for those who are required to make video presentations. There are certain fields, especially those that are creative in nature which can make use of these video presentations to give a better chance for the client to be able to visualize the ideas. 

Keynote is a software that is part of Apple's iwork suite.

It can be used on devices such as ipads,
iPhones, or MacBook.

You can use it for free of cost and create slides for your presentation.

You can also make use of the Apple pencil to make the process of making the presentation simpler and fun.


When it comes to the Keynote, it is exactly what the apple represents. It is intuitive in nature and is very sophisticated to look at. There are powerful features that are provided such as interactive charts, reflections, adding pictures, and giving the opportunity to have cinema-like transitions between each slide.

Access over 30 texts and objects in order to create cinematic effects. It is possible to make the charts more interactive and can enable us to add animations to them as well. It is possible to also collaborate with other users and work on your presentation.


  • It is compatible with PowerPoint hence it is possible for you to make changes accordingly.
  • There is a wide range of themes that are available when using a Keynote.
  • There is a good amount of customization that is available with Keynote.
  • You can add spice to your software by creating charts that are interactive and animate them based on your liking.
  • Real-time collaboration is possible with other apple users.
  • You can either use it on iCloud or you could download it on your MacBook.


  • It is difficult to convert it to Google Slides. It can be converted to Microsoft PowerPoint easily.
  • It is only available for mac users.
  • There is no slide library available.

Keynote is one of the best standard software that is already there in Apple products. It is free of cost and provides a wide range of features for you to be able to use. The design is sleek, sophisticated, and easy to use. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint.

There are often users who might be required to make presentations but are not fully aware of the aesthetics that might be needed to make their presentation more appealing.

Slidebean is an AI-powered software that can be used as a PowerPoint alternative.

It has two payment options that you can choose from.


Slidebean enables its users to work in two different sections: design and content. You can choose the content and the AI will then help in choosing the design based on it. You can also start working by picking up your template first. There are existing color palettes that can guide you to do so. 

While it might seem like everything is powered by AI but there is some degree of customization as well. It is possible to customize your design as well. You can change blocks, edit the color and font of the template that you choose. You can also edit the animation flow based on your preference.


  • Slidebean is AI-powered which means that if one is not very gifted when it comes to design, it can come in handy to be able to just let the AI decide what will suit your site.
  • There is a good degree of customization that is available.
  • You can link Slidebean to Unsplash, the Noun Project, or giphy if you are required to take content from there.
  • When your design and animation are taken care of you can focus solely on producing quality content. 
  • It is possible to share and collaborate with other users as well.


  • There are limited color options when it comes to the editing of icons.
  • There are not many animation options that are available.
  • It can limit you when it comes to designing the templates.

Slidebean is a really good option, especially for professionals who might not give much importance to the design of the templates. This can help them focus on their content and add more quality to it. There are free templates that one can try as well.

An online web-based suite of offices in the Zoho Show.

This platform can help with word processing, spreadsheets, web-conferencing to name a few.

It has a free as well as a paid option.

It looks similar to PowerPoint and has an easy-to-understand user interface. It is basic in nature.


This PowerPoint presentation alternative allows you to access presentations and also operate with them. The color scheme and fonts are also regular. You can create slides similarly in the way you can create in PowerPoint. There are smart elements that are provided which you can edit based on the use.

There is some degree of customization that is possible. There are editing options such as spacing, indenting, fonts, and superscript to name a few. There are good available chart options. It is also possible for users to create freeform shapes. There are a lot of available animation options.


  • The animation options that are provided with Zoho Shows. You can get options such as motion paths. You can also change your animation order and delay the animation if you wish to.
  • You can export and import PowerPoint files and then edit them here easily.
  • You can also do collaborative work here. It is possible to work with teams and get real-time feedback as well.
  • You can also embed live tweets and Flickr images.
  • You can showcase your presentation on any kind of device.
  • It is also possible to publish your charts in different blogs.


  • The transition options are quite limited even if they are more than some options that are there.
  • The presentation functionality that is provided is very limited.
  • The shadow effect can be improved, it does not look good.

Zoho Shows are a good option for a PowerPoint alternative for someone who is comfortable with PowerPoint but wants to change their software and add some more features. The interface is different. You can try the free version first before proceeding to go for the paid version of this application.

10. Ludus

Most of the applications that we have seen today are beginner-friendly.

However, Ludus is an application that is known to be creator-friendly.

Three pricing options are there. You can also state your needs and there will be a custom price for the same.

This can prove to be very useful for professionals.


The interface of Ludus is clean and dark. The templates that are already provided by Ludus are quite limited. However, it is a fun application if you are someone who likes creating templates it is definitely software you would enjoy. There are smart guides and other tools for helping you make these templates on your own. 

You can customize your presentation with the help of tools such as texting editing and adjusting tools. You can also save elements you create that you really like and then use them later on. There are multiple transitions that are available. This is enough for a presentation.


  • The customization is very high and you can make templates from scratch. This can be very useful for the creators.
  • There are enough animation options available.
  • The collaboration features are excellent. You can share the smart locks that you save as well. It is protected with a password and there are custom URLs for sharing as well.
  • You can export it to different formats easily.
  • If you are a graphic designer, Ludus can prove to be very useful for you. It is possible to sketch files from illustrators as well.
  • There is a free trial option available that you can use to see whether or not you are comfortable with it.


  • The animated Ludus presentation can only be done online.
  • You can choose the font size only by typing the number hence it can become a hassle to change the font over time.
  • It cannot be used by beginners.

Ludus is a really creative option for people who want to make presentations and are creators. They can make amazing templates for their presentations that can suit the client perfectly. The free trial can help them get an insight beforehand. Professionals should really consider this option.

Flow Vella is a PowerPoint presentation option that can be used on the web, macOS, and iOS.

It is an option that is free to download and there are paid plans as well.

Various features are provided by Flow Vella which can be useful for the consumers.


Flow Vella is a unique presentation solution. If you are going to present at a conference or a booth it might be difficult to ensure that the technicalities are in check. There might be issues with the device or Wi-Fi. With Flow Vella that is not the problem anymore. They have a kiosk mode that can help in turning your presentation into a digital billboard.

There is a large variety of presentation applications to choose from. These templates can work both on mobiles as well as large screen devices. It is made to be portable and can work as a gallery.


  • There are a large variety of templates available. They can be used on different devices.
  • There is a free plan available along with the paid plans.
  • The kiosk plan can help in solving the problem of facing Wi-Fi issues whenever you are presenting. It can simplify the process.
  • It is an ideal application for those who have to present in areas such as conferences.
  • There are a good number of features provided. They can be very useful for adding and editing templates as well. You can also analyze it.


  • There are a few drawbacks in terms of the variety of available options. You might not get all the features that you would want.
  • It is only available on the web or iOS/ macOS operating systems.

Flow Vella is a really good option for those who want to showcase their presentations at conferences. It can help in solving technical issues that generally occur. It is a really good option for professionals especially. The free plan can be tried first, before going to the paid plan that provides more features. is another artificial intelligence-based platform that can work as a PowerPoint alternative.

 The basic plan provided by is free but it has pro and organization plans as well.

The organization plan is still in the making. It aims to enforce the best practices for making presentations.


When it comes to it has been observed that it has a smaller section of themes and templates available for its users. You can edit the style of the template using the fonts option, you can have your own color palette and also add slide numbers. There are AI elements that you can change based on your preference as well.

The AI switches all the elements and has a decent collection of images as well. You can also import images from your laptop and customize them in different ways. It is also possible to add audio from your computer for the respective slides.


  • The AI base can contribute to making the whole process very simple for everyone.
  • There is a good range of options available for using images and customizing them.
  • There are detailed animation options available for this program. The program will add animations for you that are simple and suit your presentation on its own. You can also add animation to each object if you would like to.
  • It is easy to create slides.
  • The basic plan is free and can be used by students as well.
  • It is possible to change elements based on your content as well.


  • The AI oversimplifies the presentation and may not suit everyone’s taste. The AI can get a few things wrong making it look awkward.
  • There is no control over the function of text wrapping.
  • There are limitations with animation. is another great option for students or professionals who want to make presentations that look basic and deliver the message. The ai can do most of the work helping you focus only on the quality of your content. One can try the free version first in order to understand the functioning. 

13. Focusky

Focusky is a desktop presentation software that also provides a free hosting cloud service.

It is mobile-friendly as well. The pricing plans of focus key include free, standard, professional, and enterprise.

All of these fulfill a variety of functions based on the plan. It is a really popular option


Focusky is known to have a clunky interface and has everything on show. This means that in one glance you can see more or less all the features. There are different types of templates that are available with Focusky. The application can be stored on your laptop or computer however, the templates can only be accessed online. 

There are quite a good amount of useful tools that are provided by Focusky. This application is highly customizable. You can change the templates based on your needs. It can be considered similar to PowerPoint but offers a good range of features to it. Even with animation options, there is a wide variety.


  • There are a lot of options when it comes to customizing the templates or adding animations. This can really help in adding an extra element to your application.
  • It is possible to hide as well as show your sections in show mode.
  • There are a lot of functions that can help you edit your presentation as well.
  • The animation painter is also a really good feature that Focusky has.
  • It is capable of screen recording.
  • It is possible to add triggers and other interactive elements to your presentations.


  • It is not very different from Microsoft PowerPoint. Hence, it does do the job well as an alternative. There are not many extra elements that it provides which cannot be found in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Focusky is a good option for making presentations for someone who likes the interface of PowerPoint. It provides a good range of templates, themes, and animation opportunities. Having a free plan does make it possible for the users to try the application. There are a variety of paid options.

Haiku Deck is an online platform that works as a PowerPoint presentation alternative.

It can help you create ideas that are simple in slides.

The pricing of the Haiku Deck is also divided into three options such as basic, pro, and premium.

It is definitely a great option for professionals such as teachers. 


The interface of the Haiku Deck is extremely simple to use and which is why it is very popular especially amongst the older generation. The layouts and texts can be restrictive but work perfectly fine for people who do not require complicated projects. There is a selection of templates that are available in various colors. 

The decks have a low degree of customization, hence will work well for you if that is not a priority. You can add texts, images, and graphs with the help of this software. It is not possible to control the size of your text. There are limited features that are offered by the Haiku Deck.


  • You can get access to over 400+ royalty-free images and templates.
  • The interface is extremely easy to use and does not require one to be technologically gifted. Even people who might not be comfortable with using this software can use it. This is why it is known to be popular among teachers.
  • There is a live presentation option available. This means that if you want to present your presentation you can broadcast it on all the screens of your students easily. This can prove to be very useful especially in the field of education.


  • As one might have observed the features that are offered by the Haiku Deck are very limited and not much can be done. There are not many tools available.
  • There is no amount of animation provided by the software.

A Haiku Deck is a very simplistic alternative for a PowerPoint presentation. It can be used by teachers as mentioned above. It can also be useful for people who are old and did not make presentations previously but have to learn. It is a good idea to learn with the free version and then switch to other applications.

Tips for making an effective PowerPoint presentation

When you are making an effective PowerPoint presentation, one thing to keep in mind is that the goal is for the presentation to reach the audience in a way that they understand it. While it might seem obvious, people often forget that the audience needs more explanation and end up making a presentation for themselves. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that the presentation you make is effective and has a greater impact.

1. A simple design template: When it comes to choosing a template one thing to remember is that it will set the mood for your entire presentation. It is not necessary to choose a very dramatic template. The objective of the presentation should always be the content you are producing and should not take away from that. However, this does not mean you cannot get creative. You can choose unique yet simple styles of templates. The design template you choose should also relate to your topic. For example, if you are presenting on the topic of fashion, having a plain white corporate background will naturally not suit you well. You can also create your own templates.

2. The number of words: There is a lot of debate when it comes to the number of words that are presented on screen. Most people agree that your presentation should not have a lot of content or words written in one slide. In fact, it is suggested to merely have points in your presentation so that there is a value-added to what you have to say as well. If you write down everything on your slides it gives the idea that you might not know enough about the content. The audience knows how to read, presentations require to be presented.

3. Formatting tips: Whenever you are writing content in the presentation, one thing to make sure of would be to avoid using too much punctuation and also not writing in all caps. It gives a very unprofessional feel to it and could have a negative impact instead. When you leave a gap on the sides of your written content, it allows the user to be able to easily read what is written and give more attention to it. You should select fonts that fall under the category of sans-serif. They are easily readable.

4. Using transitions and effects: There are two types of presenters: one who loves transitions and overdo it a little and the ones who hate it. Using transition can be tricky and have the power to break your presentation. Sometimes these transitions could make your presentation smoother, however, most of the time it ends up being the center of attention. This will distract the audience from your content. It is also not necessary that your transitions work in the same way across all forms of technology. The focus should never be shifted from your content at any cost.

5. Builds: Builds are those transitions where a word appears on the screen and on clicking a full sentence is formed. At times, this feature can prove to be successful if there is an interaction with the audience and they are supposed to guess. However, most of the time, it ends up becoming another distraction and breaks the audience’s focus. Use it only when it adds value to your presentation. 

6. Clipart, images, and videos: Adding images and videos to your presentation can prove to be far more useful than you might imagine. This can help in making the visualization process easier and also contribute to breaking the monotony of your presentation. However, the images that you insert must be of good quality because it will pixelate on the screen. Ensure that you tried playing the video if any inserted in the presentation and audio is supported.  

It has been observed that over the years, clipart has become redundant. It no more acts as a factor that adds value. If you want to add, you can make your own graphic images and then insert them into your presentation. There are various tools to add such images to enhance the quality of your presentation. 

7. Technological aspects: Whenever you are presenting, whether it is in your own office or school or an unknown place, an important thing to make sure is that you have checked everything in advance. Reach the destination before time and have a backup in a different format in case the general form does not work. Try to present it at least once and make sure to play videos and check if everything is going well. Having a technological failure while the presentation is going on could break your confidence. Make sure to get everything checked beforehand.

8. Research and color: As we have mentioned earlier, the content that you are presenting is the most important part of your presentation. However, you must spend enough time ensuring your content is valuable to your audience. Make sure that you have researched well about the topic and are confident with the information that you have. Do not compromise the quality of your content. 

You will inevitably add color to your presentation, make sure they are not casualized and do not burden the audience member with a lot of colors. Try to keep it simple. 

These are the 8 major tips that one would require in order to ensure that their presentation is received well by the audience. To enhance these aspects, PowerPoint alternatives can be used.

How to deliver your PowerPoint presentation

No matter how appealing your presentation, an important thing to make sure you deliver it just as effectively as well. There are a few things to keep in mind in terms of how to deliver a presentation to ensure a good presentation.

1. Write points and present, not read: As mentioned in the previous section, your slides should not be wordy and have full sentences. It is important to ensure that they are just points that the audience can read to decipher what you are talking about. Never face the presentation and speak. Face the audience. For this to work, you will have to know your presentation well.

2. Practicing: Apart from technical aspects, you need to practice your presentation in order to know what you are supposed to speak when. A lot of times there will be some back and forth that you might have to do in your presentation as well. This will also help you know how much you should pause on one slide. 

3. Different views: There are different views that are generally available in a PowerPoint presentation. These are the presenter view, the slide show view, etc. Select the kind of view you would like and can handle. You must also practice with the same. Keep in mind aspects such as slide time and transitions when selecting the view of the presentation. 

4. The ‘me’ factor: By this point, the user must have become so familiar with the concept and content of the presentation you might not be able to see the presentation from the audience’s perspective. However, an important thing to remember whenever you are making the presentation is to think of it as the audience has no idea and you have to explain the points holistically as well. Remove yourself from the picture and look at it from the perspective of someone who has not seen the presentation and asks yourself questions such as, is it comprehensible? Am I understanding?  

Keeping these points in mind, deliver your presentation. When you have enough knowledge of the topic you are going to talk about, the confidence will come naturally. You will also look comfortable while speaking. Make sure to make your session interactive and ask questions to the audience to keep them in your loop. If you are presenting it in a corporate meeting, keep the question-answer session for the end.

Elements of a good PowerPoint alternative

We have already established what a PowerPoint alternative is. It also contributes to helping you make PowerPoint presentations that are effective for your audience. Different setups need different kinds of presentations. Hence, while a student and a professional both will be making presentations, their environment and setup are so different that the templates that they use cannot be interchangeable. Hence, different features offered by various PowerPoint alternatives will be useful accordingly. 

A good PowerPoint alternative provides different varieties of templates for one to use in their presentations. There are also different features such as Visme when it comes to adding graphic pictures or images in your PowerPoint presentations. There are a few aspects that you need to take into consideration when looking for a good PowerPoint alternative.

1. Pricing: The pricing pattern will differ for each alternative. Some software is completely free and others might have paid options. There is software that might be freemium. Freemium means that they have both free as well as premium options. Depending on your usage you can choose whether or not you want to pay for the software. Students might choose software that is cheaper as compared to businesses that can afford more expensive tools.

2. The process of creating slides: Naturally, for a PowerPoint presentation alternative you will have the feature to create the slides. There are various features such as grid, making templates that will differ for each software. One must look at these features whenever they are looking for the software.

3. Customization: The degree of customization differs from software to software. Some software provides a high degree of customization, other applications such as Slidebean are AI-powered and may not offer as much customization as one would desire. Depending on your requirements you can choose the option. 

4. Animation: The degree to which there is animation possible in a particular software will also differ. For business presentations, one does not require a lot of animations. However, teachers who are preparing presentations for their students might want more animations to make their presentations a lot more interesting. 

These are the features you should look at. Every presentation software will have these. Depending on the software, there will be additional features. Below we have looked at 14 of these PowerPoint alternatives and discussed these features in-depth. 

You can use more than one alternative to make the best of your presentations. It is important to see whether or not the software is compatible with your operating system as well. While most options can be operated from the web, some software might only work for iOS or Android for that matter.


As we might have noticed in the 14 different PowerPoint presentation alternatives that we have seen, that there is a variety. All of these options have different paid or free options. The features provided also differ. Some of these applications are meant for people who might want a difficult version of the PowerPoint, some options are simpler. There is software that provides a lot of choices when it comes to features such as templates, themes, animation, and so on. However, not everyone might want to decorate their templates or edit them consciously. The reason for providing such a wide range of options is to be able to choose based on the requirements. 

Hence, it becomes very important to know what you are expecting from the alternative option you are required to use. The requirement will depend on the kind of environment you are required to present in along with the identity you have possessed. There are other factors that are discussed in the previous sections as to how to identify which software you might need. We have discussed these factors of all 14 options in-depth as well. This can help you make a decision. We hope that the article was helpful to you. 

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