Top 9 Best Note Taking Application (2022): Compared & Reviewed

Whatever your profession is, be it doctor, lawyer, businessman; one thing which is common among all us is us-making notes. We have to make notes in the meetings, on the bus, on your flights, anywhere. Our work has become so hectic that we have to make notes on the commute. Earlier, during the quill and notebook era, it would have proven a bit of an issue but today with our smart gadgets, it’s a piece of cake. 

This is very small but a crucial task of taking notes in the modern days is done using the note taking apps. They have become a very common part of each of our lives. These mobile apps allow you to write anywhere and access this anywhere. These note taking apps are usually pre-loaded on our devices but the more professional people prefer apps with many more features.

These apps come with multiple features, like multiple languages, sharing facility, ability to add images, checkboxes, some apps even provide the facility of adding audio files, video files, you can even draw sketches on certain note taking apps. 

There are multiple choices available in the area of note taking apps; it depends completely on the users’ needs which app they want to use. This choice is based on features they provide, their costs, their drawbacks etc.

Why note taking apps?

We are the generation of technology, and most of us if not all own a mobile phone and we obviously use gadgets to make our everyday notes. We can make notes on these apps very conveniently, very easily and can access them from anywhere. 

Earlier the volatility of anyone’s work wasn’t like the work of today. Today’s modern working professionals have to juggle between a lot of things at the same time. They have to take notes for the meetings. They have to develop their presentation ideas on the go, attend numerous calls in a day, and make notes for several lectures in a day and what not. Doing these Everest of tasks in very less time requires people to make notes in a handy manner and this is where these simple little apps come into play. 

One of the best things about these apps is that they provide cloud storage; you can access your notes from any part of the world using any device. Earlier it would have been impossible to access your notes if you had forgotten your notebook at your home but today you carry your notes anywhere and can access them anytime without hassle.

Evernote has the ability to capture the information in a way that makes the tasks of organizing notes very easy. It has got a wide range of organizational features; many users don’t even hesitate to call Evernote the best note-taking app out there. Evernote has the ability to handle both simple and complex workflows using a combination of its state of art features, it has at times proven to be the best option in terms of keeping everything organized.

Evernote allows the users to take notes in multiple formats- audio, visual, text, websites, numeric; anything. You can even create or insert PDFs in this app. The created notes on Evernote can be organized as a ledger or a notebook wherein you can name tag each note for the ease of identification.  You can even create check notes as per the use. The formal documents like ID cards, debit or credit cards, anything can be scanned on Evernote using the phone’s camera. These documents are then stored in a digital format on the app. 

Evernote is a highly compatible app that can be used with any device and with any software like Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and everything else on the land.


Undeniably, the best feature of Evernote is its web clipper feature. This feature allows the users to save web pages and highlight them. Whenever you are browsing the internet for whatever reason and you find any page worthy enough to store, you can just use the web clipper feature to save that webpage(s). 

Evernote has the inbuilt feature of automatically synchronizing the notes, thus allowing you to access those notes from anywhere and from any device. If you buy Evernote’s premium plan, you can access these features in offline mode as well.


  • Artificial intelligence voice assistant- The latest features in Evernote include the usage of mobile’s voice assistant as well. You can use your Siri to make, access, share, export, or delete your notes. This feature enhances the ease of access for the user.
  • File format- not a restriction- In Evernote, you can store any kind of file. You can store PDF, text, Powerpoints, Excel sheets, spreadsheets, or any other said format in the text area. You can even store audios, graphics, and images as well. Evernote also allows the user to even paste Google doc links, Google drive’s link or any kind of access URL.
  • Web clipper- As already mentioned, the web clipper feature is also one of the biggest benefits of Evernote.


  • Doesn’t integrate with Microsoft 365- Evernote has this as a major drawback that it doesn’t integrate with Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 has thousands of users across the world and people use it for most of their regular as well as professional tasks. Evernote doesn’t share, export or import data to/from Microsoft 365.
  • No markdown- Many users have complained about the lack of markdown support in Evernote. The professional writers or students mostly use this feature for the ease of writing. Markdown is one of the very integral parts when it comes to writing. 


There is a free plan with the storage of 60 MB which is considered to be very less for the professional writers, researchers, students etc. Even though there is a free plan available for Evernote, it contains a very limited number of features.

The Evernote Premium plan costs $7.99 per month that gives multiple features like integration with a higher number of apps and higher storage space. 

The Evernote Business plan comes at $14.99 per user per month. The minimum requirement for no users is 2. It comes with all of the features as well as the collaborative and team integration features.

Google is undoubtedly the best technology company in the world. The Silicon Valley giant has its presence in aspects of technology. They have technology regarding communication, data management, data analytics and what not. One of its data storage software is Google Keep-A note taking app. 

Google Keep is one of the easiest ways to make notes through your devices. It is easy in terms of interface as well as the usage. The users can make notes through typing, voice notes, or import data from anywhere else. The best feature of Google Keep is its speech to note features that can convert the voice notes into text. These notes can be organized as the pinned notes and they can be customized in terms of color, pattern, etc., as per the choice of the user. Google Keep also provides the user with the checkbox feature that allows the user to create a to do list. 

This app is highly compatible and can be used on any device. It can be used on devices with Android, iOS or Windows. Google Keep is available online as well. You can access Google Keep notes on the internet, synchronize them with your Gmail and you are good to go. You can access them anywhere, anytime.


Google notes allow the individual to add reminders in each of the notes. There is also a feature of selecting the data and time of the high priority notes. The crucial notes can be pinned at the top of the screen for ease of accessibility. 

There is a feature of inviting others to collaborate with you on your notes. You can send in email invites to invite people and then give them access to the notes. This allows for team collaboration. There can be certain instances when the team requires accessing the notes remotely to complete their task, then this feature comes into play.


  • Free- Google Keep is completely free. There are no charges for accessing any kind of feature on Google; thus, the users on a budget find this a great boon for their work. Google is known to provide the best of the features, and when these features come at no cost, then the users are bound to use this app.
  • Synchronization- Google Keep can be synchronized with Gmail and can be used remotely. The accessibility to Google Keep is enhanced with its sync on the mailing platform. The users can access their data from anywhere using any device. They just need to log in through their mails
  • Ease of access- Google Keep is termed to be one of the simplest yet one of the best note taking apps. Google Keep has kept its features so easy that users find the whole interface very convenient.


  • Can’t undo changes- Users can’t undo their changes, once they have edited and clicked saved; they cannot go back. This is one of the drawbacks of Google Keep.
  • Data mining- Google at times have been accused of data mining. This harms the privacy of the users. Privacy is one of the major concerns of any user because in notes we tend to write the most sensitive things. This information is exploited in terms of targeted ads, phishing mails etc.
  • No text formatting- Google Keep doesn’t allow for text formatting, this means that the data is stored in one single text type. This proves to be a drawback in terms of aestheticism and user choice.

Google Keep offers 15 GB of storage for free. But for more storage you need to pay for it. For example, if you need an extra 100 GB, you need to pay $1.99 per month, $2.99 per month for 200 GB and $9.99 per month for 2TB. 

As we explained, Evernote doesn’t integrate with Microsoft so if you are looking for an option that integrates with Microsoft and can compete with Evernote, OneNote is the one. Microsoft is considered as one of the biggest technology companies to ever exist on the planet. It gives one of the best user solutions in terms of technology. It hasn’t held back in the note-taking app as well. With its OneNote app, the users can get the world class features at no cost for taking their notes.

OneNote allows the users to note down anything that you want to store, capture, write, scan, and save. Be it audio, visual, graphics, web pages, handwritten pages, documents; anything and everything. It has a notebook type set up and is designed in terms of our general diary. There are colored sections and tags with multiple pages. Similar to how we used to put our headings in the notebook and use multiple pages to write the notes. There is also an option to highlight the notes and sentences as per the need.

As we have already said, OneNote is the one if you are looking for integration with Microsoft. As it’s a part of Microsoft's long list of apps, OneNote is very easily compatible with any part of MS Office. This app can be downloaded on Android as well as iOS.


In OneNote, one of the attractive features is its ability to attach PDFs. Users can make use of the data in the PDF as well. You can use voice features to create your notes or to-do lists. You can create this content through a notebook system. OneNote is equipped with team collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on a single note/project. OneNote also supports touch ID that provides more security to the notes of the user.


  • Cloud storage- OneNote comes with a cloud storage facility. We have already given our points as to why cloud storage is a must. On OneNote, you can sync your data thus allowing you to access OneNote on multiple devices.
  • Completely free- OneNote is completely free. It means that users don’t have to pay for accessing any of the features of OneNote. You just need to download; login and you are all set.
  • Freeform- Users find this feature of putting notes anywhere on the screen very attractive. There is no fixed space as to where the users can pin their notes. This allows the users to work in a freeform just like how we pin our sticky notes on our notice boards. 


  • Complex interface- Users have at times complained that the OneNote has a very complex user interface. It means that the users sometimes find the OneNote workflow messy because of multiple tags, colors, headlines, dividers, and many more.
  • Lacks sorting- OneNote lacks features that allows the users to sort the notes as per dates, time etc., like the newest or the oldest. 


OneNote is free and offers 5GB for everyone. Although if you want more storage, you can get 1TB extra with a payment of $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

This note-taking app launched in 2016 is a highly collaborative note-taking app. The Dropbox Paper has been created with the main purpose of team working.  This app allows the multiple users to work on a note with utmost ease of ease. 

Dropbox Paper offers you (and your team) a collaborative workspace where you can not only add and edit notes but also brainstorm, review ideas, and even handle meetings. Dropbox Paper has a package of tools for managing multiple tasks efficiently. The users can assign tasks as well as their deadlines. It can also set projects' works as well as their deadlines. 

Dropbox Paper has the ability to add any type of note in the app, like formal documents, images, graphs, audio, visuals, and YouTube videos as well. Dropbox Paper is a highly integrative app that can be customized according to the needs and types of each user. 

Dropbox Paper is available on iOS as well as Android platforms.


Dropbox Paper is the best option for collaborative tasks. The Paper allows multiple users to share anything related to the tasks, like images, audio, video, GIF, and even YouTube links. It also has a very integrative interface that can connect with apps like Sketch and Invision. It can also integrate with Calendar and Slack. The latest update has added a very attractive feature of Dropbox integrating with Spotify too. 

Sharing work platforms is the need of every modern-day professional. If your work involves doing tasks with the team in a collaborative manner, Dropbox Paper is the best option in the market.


  • Dynamic documents- It allows for the creation of dynamic documents. In Dropbox Paper, the user can simply copy the URL and the video will be added to your documents. In addition to that, Dropbox is highly integrative with Soundcloud, Maps etc. These are the features that allow the users to create highly dynamic documents that have an attractive interface..\
  • Not a standalone- The Dropbox Paper requires the users to have a Dropbox account. In order to create documents on Dropbox Paper, you will have to log in to the browser for Dropbox and then in the paper section, you will see that all of your documents are stored in one particular menu. Here you can create new documents, edit the existing ones, and store other files. 
  • UI similar to gallery- While storing the images in the Dropbox, the users are witness to features similar to gallery. You can drag and drop images and these images or graphics will be stored in a grid manner, similar to the gallery of our phones.


  • No fonts- Dropbox Paper doesn’t have an option for changing the font.  It only has one particular font that is Atlas Grotesk. This reduces the aestheticism in the application. Sometimes users prefer to have different fonts for different types of work.
  • Limited export option- In Dropbox, users have to get satisfied with limited export options. The data from the paper can be exported to only words and few other non-prominent options. The users don’t get the option to export data in the Google doc or PDFs.
  • Lack of editing options- Dropbox gives very limited options for editing texts in the note. Users can use italicise or underline the text. This reduces the usability in terms of users’ requirement to mark important tasks or sentences.
  1. The Basic plan is completely free.

Dropbox has 2 major categories for pricing- Personal and Business 


  • Plus (for individual)- $9.99 per month when billed yearly.
  • Family- $16.99 per month when billed yearly.


  • Professional (for Individual)- $16.58 / month when billed yearly.
  • Standard (for small teams)- $12.50 / user / month when billed yearly.
  • Advanced (for large teams)- $20 / user / month when billed yearly.

Apple is in the business of giving you the best that can ever be made. Be it the state-of-the art devices or a note taking app. It gives you all. If you are an ardent Apple device user, then you don’t even need to look for a third-party app. The Apple Note is the best option for you if you use an iPhone and/or an iPad. This app is the best package of tools for making notes if you are into iOS. 

Apple Notes also allows the user to create notes that have the data including maps links, documents retrieved from your mails etc., and this too can be done for the new notes as well as the old notes. The data can be shared using the options of mail, Safari, Chrome etc.

In Apple Notes, you can create long texts, to-do lists, lecture notes, presentation bullets etc., anything on your iPhone. It also allows the user to attach web links, web pages, scan your ID cards, documents, and even sketch.

Apple Notes also allow the users to hand sketch in the app. There are multiple colors, brush styles, fonts, brush sizes, and what not. This is an attractive feature if you like creating small graphics on the go.


The best feature of Apple Notes is its voice assistant. Siri allows the users to create the notes using their voice. This improves accessibility for the app. Many of the users find this feature as one of the best features of Apple Notes. The main reason for this is that users can create notes on the go. The notes can also be made using the Apple Pencil; this is mainly preferred for iPad. These notes can be accessed from any Apple device using your iCloud account.


  • Completely free- Apple Notes are completely free. It means that the Apple users don’t need to pay for any feature of the app. The amount of features that Apple provides at no cost is commendable. Even some of the paid applications don’t have the features that the Apple Notes are providing. One of them is its ability to create nested lists of hierarchical folders. 
  • Privacy- This is one of the biggest concerns of any user. Users want privacy for any of their data. We all know the reputation of Apple in terms of user privacy. The strict policy that Apple has formulated is also reflected in the notes app as well. There have been instances of user data compromised from this app. 
  • Best formatting tools- Apple gives the users the best formatting tools. Many apps lag in this area. They don’t have the best editing features for the text. In Apple Notes, you can use bold, italicize and underline. These formatting tools are also helpful if the users want to create high priority notes. 


  • No markdown-

    he coders find this as a major drawback. In Apple Notes, there is no markdown facility. Markdown allows the users to create plain texts that will be converted in HTML or XHTML formats. This proves to be a boon for the coders. 

    Its non-compatibility with the Windows or Android devices can’t be termed as a drawback because Apple Notes were specifically created for the iOS or the MacOS users.


The apple notes don’t have the requirement to pay for anything. Apple Notes comes at no cost. You just need to download the app, login through iCloud and you are good to go. For every user Apple Notes offer free 5 GB of usage and then you need to pay $0.99 for 50 GB.

This is another iOS based note taking app. Ulysses is another option available for the Apple users for taking notes. This app is available for iPhone, Macbook and iPad. This app is generally used for long forms of writing. This is the app that users prefer when they want to have very focused writing and don't want to get bothered too much with the background sounds. Ulysses is the app that has the bare minimum. You can do long writing like novels etc., in this app if you don’t have the requirement of too much editing. 

In Ulysses, you can only add images in the form of the links; you cannot insert actual images in the note taking app. While writing, you can just click on the link and you will be able to see thumbnails of the images. In several apps, the users are coached for their drafts in terms of grammar and sentence choices but the users don’t have this facility here, this is done with the aim of promoting much more free form of writing. 

Ulysses has the facility of iCloud account and storage that allows the users to save and sync their documents, and then export them to a number of other formats, including PDFs, word docs, HTML, XHTML etc.


The subscribers require sometime to understand the working of Ulysses. It is professional writing software that has got the minimum but the best features for the professional writers. 

There is a cheat sheet available for the markdown feature of Ulysses. Markdown is a simple way of applying basic formatting to the text without using the buttons on the screen. There is a popup menu that comes in the form of a cheat sheet as mentioned that allows the users to edit the text using the markdown language. Most of the users prefer markdown because they find it easier to focus on writing while using markdown.  For example, if you want to bold your text, you simply need to type *xyz*.


  • Best user interface- Ulysses as compared to its counterparts has the best user interface.  This app has a very beautiful UI that allows the users to work on this app easily. It's good user interface is one of the reasons that writers prefer this app for their long writing.
  • Focus mode- Ulysses gives its users the option of non-distraction mode. Those writers that prefer not to be disturbed during their writing process use the focus mode.  Here the users are not distracted by anything else on the system and they are able to focus completely on their writing. 
  • Customization- This app has the best options of customization. It has got a dark mode and a light mode. The users can select these modes as per their choice. 
  • Direct publishing- After writing and editing their content for the blogs, users don’t have to log into their WordPress or Medium accounts to publish their content. Ulysses allows the users to directly edit, format and publish in the WordPress and Medium. 


  • Only iOS based- Ulysses doesn’t come for the users of Android. There are huge numbers of people who prefer Android over iOS. This proves to be a big drawback for the Ulysses as it is only available for Apple users. 
  • Expensive- Ulysses is an expensive app. It doesn’t have a free version; this only leads to professional writers to subscribe to this app.  It takes a hit due to this reason. Apple Note comes at no cost at all, with almost similar features.


  • Ulysses’s yearly plan costs $49.99 per year 
  • Ulysses’s monthly plan costs $5.99 per month.

7. Bear

Another addition to the list of options for the Apple users, Bear is an iOS based note taking app. This is somewhere on the lines of Evernote made for iOS. It comes with power packed features, good user interface, and various customization modes.

Bear note taking app is one of the latest additions to the niche. It is quite new as compared to other variants we are talking about.  Bear is a quite flexible and easy note-taking app that even allows for good length writing. But it works better for writing small notes or quotes. Users also prefer to use Bear if they want to write small codes as well.  

There is a Slack-like three-pane interface using which the users can arrange their notes through the medium of hashtags.  Hashtags also allow the users to search for their notes in a much faster way. This is one of the latest ways of creating folders and sub folders for your notes.  Bear is quite extraordinary in terms of addition of types of notes. You can add normal texts, URLs, images, graphics, PDFs etc.

Using the Apple Pencil, users can scribble short notes, graphics, doodles etc. This is also one of the attractive features of this note taking app.


Bear is the best option for iOS users if they are an ardent user of markdown. This app uses the best markdown language for editing and formatting notes.  Bear is among those very few apps that allow the users to insert images, being a markdown language app. So, if your work includes a lot of images and you are a fan of markdown, Bear is the best choice. 

As we have already mentioned about certain apps that guide the users in writing, Bear is one of them. It has got the auto complete option that coaches the users regarding sentencing and word formation.

Bear has multiple customization features like light and dark themes; this is one of the most popular features that can be seen in most of the application, software and devices nowadays.


  • Archive notes- This is one of the rarest features of note taking apps. The users can archive notes in Bear. It means that without deleting the notes, you can remove them from the primary search dashboard. It will stay in the archive folder. 
  • Markdown- As we have already mentioned, Bear has one of the best markdown features. If you like to use the markdown feature for the ease of your working, Bear is the best option.
  • Focus mode- Bear has a focus mode facility in the app. It allows the users to create their work without being disturbed by anything else on the screen. Some users really prefer this option.
  • Good writing experience- Bear gives the users the best writing experience. It comes with a clean writing experience and has the features that create the best interface for sorted writing. 


  •  IOS only- Bear is designed for Apple users only. If you are a Windows or an Android user, you cannot avail the facilities of this note taking app.
  • Hashtag a boon as well as curse- Many users even found the hashtag facility to be quite attractive but after a certain amount of time they started facing issues with it. As the number of notes started increasing so did the number of hashtags.


Bear Pro costs $1.49 per month and comes with a one-week free trial and if billed annually it comes at $14.99 per year and has a one-month free trial.

This upgrade includes cross-device sync, multiple app themes, and advanced file export.

If you are a fan of simplicity and not too much customization in your notes, Simplenote is your best bet. As the name suggests, Simplenote is basically the simplest option to take notes. If you just want to clearly keep track of your notes, in textual forms without any complex interface, this is the one. 

Simplenote mainly focuses on the textual aspect. It has got the options to save, edit, format, and share your notes that are in a textual form. It hasn’t given much attention to anything else. There is no other type of media support. No images, no URL, no links- nothing. It has got the note tagging facility, with the features of collaboration over notes. It also allows the users to work on multiple platforms without using an ounce of data- this is its cross-platform functionality. 

The selling point of Simplenote is exactly the simplicity with which the users can create notes. You just need to simply launch the app, make your textual notes and you are done.  It also allows the users to track note history and edit them whenever the user requires.

Simplenote is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux. Users can also access Simplenote using a web client.


Simplenote has a very good searching facility that allows the user to find any note that they are looking for easily. The users can check for their entries by simply entering the keywords. To start your Simplenote, you just need to simply download it. 

Simplenote synchronizes the data on the cloud storage that allows the users to access their data on multiple devices like your phones, tablets, computers etc. This feature allows the users to remotely work on their target work.  Higher accessibility and simplicity are the best features of Simplenote.  Simplenote also has the best collaboration features for team work.


  • Completely free- Simplenote is completely free. It provides all the features at no cost. We need to give this to the Simplenote that it has created a very niche market of users that only require textual form of notes.
  • Cloud sync- Simplenote allows the users to store data in the cloud. Users can synchronize their data on their emails and can login from anywhere. After logging in users can simply access their data from any of the devices using the app or web client. 
  • Simple user interface- This point can’t be emphasized more that Simplenote is the most simple note taking app. It has got the best user interface thus providing the users with ease of access. A simple user interface is always better than an attractive yet complex UI.
  • Multiple platforms- Users can access their data through multiple platforms including iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android etc. sometimes users use different interfaces at different places, this feature of Simplenote proves to be a great advantage. Suppose you use Macbook for your personal work and then you use Windows at your workspace- this is where Simplenote comes into play. 


  • Format of notes is text only- When it comes to Simplenote’s counterparts, it lags a lot. Its competitors give the users the best packages of tools and allow them to insert their notes in multiple forms. Users today like to make the best of the notes using the most integrative of tools.  They like to make use of their creative skills while creating the notes and Simplenote doesn't allow them.


The pro version of Simplenote costs $10 a year.

9. Notion

Notion is the best option for developing a collaborative workspace. Notion is a data-base driven note taking app. This can’t be seen in any of the other apps. Here there are multiple options for the users to create a customized workspace with multiple users, and this enhances interactive work collaboration. In these developed workspaces, the users can add texts, images, links, URL, etc., and share them with everyone who is a part of the workspace.

The Notion works on the basis of adding customized blocks. The shared workspace allows multiple users to create blocks using various types of notes. In this collaborative workspace, the blocks can be added or dropped very easily. If there is a need to remove certain notes from the workspace, the block allows the editing of them. 

The users can also use the feature of spreadsheet in the Notion app. They can use this feature if they wish to note down in tabular forms. Notions give multiple options to edit texts in the tabular format. This is one of the most unique features of this note taking application. 

Notion is a highly compatible app that can be used on any device whether they have Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS. It can be accessed using the applications or using the web based clients.

Notion has a free version that allows you to save around 1000 blocks or paragraphs. This can be synchronized on various platforms. The free version has a number of limited features for formatting and editing of the various blocks.  There also has a premium version with better features and no limitation on blocks. 

As already mentioned, Notion is powerful for the user who wants to note down their data in tabular forms. Notion has the best of the features that make a great data driven software.


  • Highly flexible- Whenever you are developing a collaborative workspace, it is mandatory that you make it as flexible as it can be. Notion is one of the best examples for this. It is a highly flexible app that allows the users to work in the easiest way possible.
  • Powerful database structure- The Tables features in Notion aren’t simply a tabular form of storing data. They are more of a highly upgraded database. The rows in the tables of Notion are a page in themselves and you can anytime go and update these blocks and pages.
  • Personal plans free- The Notion app just made the personal plans completely free. This means that the users can now have access to Notion at no cost if they are a single user creating a database.


  • No offline working- The users cannot work in offline mode. This is the biggest drawback for any note taking app because the users usually tend to make notes on the go and it is not mandatory that they will be having access to the data network. Notion with even its best of features takes a big hit in terms of offline non-availability.
  • Formatting is complex- The block system has made it quite difficult for the users to format the data. The reason behind this is that whenever you select a block, you will have to edit the whole paragraph and when you select multiple paragraphs, you select multiple blocks. It becomes very difficult to allot different patterns, colors, etc., to the text.

Pricing of Notion

  • Personal plans $0
  • Personal pro plan $4/month (if billed annually).
  • Personal pro plan $5/month (if billed monthly).
  • Team plans cost $8/month per user if billed annually and $10/month if billed monthly
  • Enterprise plans come at custom rates

Other application that you can consider

  • Squid Notes is an Android based application that is a very handy choice if you want to scribble and sketch your notes. This application is mainly used when the user wants to work around images and graphics very easily. There are multiple themes available on this application. It also allows the user to add PDF, URL etc. File importing and exporting is also available in this application 
  • Quip is a very similar application as Notion. It is also a collaborative workspace and spreadsheet processor. This is not very often used for personal work but is used more for business working. This is very suitable for those departments that require team level working or project management. It comes at the price of $30 for five users per month. 

Zoho is a company that can be found in every type of customer solution. It is a very reputed company that has a notebook segment as well. Zoho is a great package of features for note taking.

How Does a Note-Taking App Work?

A note-taking app is an app that lets the users make notes of anything on their Smartphone. Be it your grocery list or your transaction details, anything can be noted down in the note taking apps. You can anytime, just open the note, type or insert what you have in your mind and save it. Anything that you make a note of will be captured in the apps for the duration as you decide. Sometimes these notes are stored on your cloud storage as well so you access them from anywhere.
These apps allow you to organize your thoughts on the run. You have a certain task that you have to do; you can just note it down in the app. You have a certain quote coming in your mind; you can just make a note. There is a certain joke coming to your mind for evening stands, you can just note it down in the app.
These apps are very easy, flexible and accessible. It can even help you note down images, pictures, etc., on the go. Suppose you see a good sunset and you want to make a note about it, just click the picture, insert it in the app and make the note about it. These apps help the user to organize notes in a categorical manner and help you to keep these notes sorted according to criteria you choose.

Factors deciding the selection of note taking apps

The availability of all these factors creates a perfectly balanced note taking app for any individual. The user while selecting these apps should take into consideration each of these factors while making the right choice of the app. Ease of access, convenience, flexibility etc. are very common features that are found in each and every note taking app. Here, we are going to make you informed about other factors that affect the selection of note taking apps- 

  1. Synchronization

One of the main requirements of users today in such apps is the ability to synchronize their notes. This synchronization allows the users to access their data from any part of the world by just using their emails and password. You don’t have to ‘carry’ your notes everywhere anymore, whether they are for your meetings or lectures. You can just log in to access these notes. 

  1. Privacy-

We use note taking apps to store our most personal information like transactions, poems, stories etc. It becomes very crucial that this data is stored in a secured space. Privacy is the biggest need of today’s people. We should always look for the privacy features that these apps are providing so that you may be assured about your data being secured. 

  1. Cost-

Most of the time users require their note making app for their professional use. There are certain apps that provide the best features when their upgrade plans have been subscribed to. If the users want to use the note taking apps with the best of the features, sometimes they have to buy them. Thus users have to take into consideration the cost of the app. This factor is also a determinant in selecting the best note taking apps. 

  1. Integration

Users at some point may come across a situation where they will have to export the data of note app to any third-party platform. The users should also look at the integrative ability of these apps, whether it is possible to export data or not. 

The people may also need to do this on a regular basis, like taking the notes on these apps and then exporting them to their presentation. It may also happen that there is a certain mail they have to compose and they first compose that on their note taking app. This is every day’s requirement and an integrative app is always the best choice.

  1. Language support-

The greatest of writers write in their mother tongue, and the reason for that is they are most familiar to that language. Not all of us are pretty fluent in English but it may happen that you still need to make notes like a Spanish writer or French writer. While deciding which app to choose, users should also look at the number of languages the app supports. It is also one of the crucial factors while deciding the app.


What note taking application you will consider is completely dependent on whom you are- i.e. a working professional or as an individual. The choice of selecting the note taking app is mostly dependent on the factors that we have mentioned in the article but the most important factor is what your specific need is.

If you are a writer and need to write long texts and novels, we have mentioned several options for you. This is also bifurcated depending upon what device you use. Suppose you are a student then you ought to choose the app with the best markdown features but that should come at no cost. If you are a lecturer and you plan seminars regularly, you need to choose an application that allows you to create the data based on good research. There are applications for that too.

Note taking is one of the very personal choices and it completely depends on you. Whether you choose highly customizable text formats or you choose simple textual formats, one thing that every individual should consider is the privacy aspect of any note taking application. No individual wants to risk his/her data getting leaked and going into the wrong hands.

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