If you are beginner in blogging or affiliate marketing then my recommendation for a starter hosting will be HostGator (a low cost but high performance hosting company)

But if you are more experienced and already have a traffic generating website then WPX hosting is perfect for you.

Most of my money making sites are hosted on WPX.net (I also have few high traffic sites hosted on Kinsta hosting, check my Kinsta hosting review here) . 

Note: WPX is a premium hosting and hence is much more expensive then HostGator (which I recommend for people who are just starting out and need a budget hosting which does not compromise on quality)


Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this article. If you decide to purchase a tool through one of those affiliate links, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I only promote tools I personally use in my business.

Other reasons why I love WPX.net:

  • If you already have a website that generates traffic then shifting to WPX will make your website extremely fast and you will get a boost in traffic and conversion rate for your affiliate commission.
  • When my website was hacked, instead of paying an expert $200-1000 to fix it, WPX.net support staff cleaned my website for free , that too in just one hour. Also, I have never found such a faster support than WPX.net and thus if you are building a site for the first time, I can stress the importance of having a quick and reliable support. 
  • You get free website migration from your previous host to WPX.net. So no need to waste time or learn this whole process.
  • Read the rest of the article for other reasons why you should shift to WPX hosting.

15 Reasons Why You Should Opt For WPX.net Hosting

Reason 1:  Your Website Becomes Ultra-Fast

The biggest challenge for any site in achieving a good performance score is the website speed and WPX solves this issue very efficiently.

 It offers the fastest WordPress hosting with excellent loading speed.


Source: WPX Hosting

wpx hositng

Source: WPX Hosting

Reason 2: Trusted by Some of the Popular Websites

This hosting offers quality and their services make them popular in all sections of customers. 

This hosting is used by some of the well renowned websites likes fearlessmotivation, robbierichards, & iamfearlesssoul etc. thus adding more feathers in their cap.

One can encounter rave reviews about the hosting platforms on various review sites including Trustpilot.

Reason 3: Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime 

This hosting offers almost near perfect uptime and its average response time on load testing is quite impressive. 

By above stat, you can witness that during this period, Uptime was constantly 100% throughout the month.

Reason 4: DDoS Protection

Security can never be a concern with WPX hosting as it provides free enterprise-level DDoS protection to all its customers. 

DDoS protection service is taken care by Imperva Incapsula which actually is paid service, however provided free-of-cost to WPX hosting customers

WPX hosting ddos protection

Reason 5: High speed and customized CDN (content delivery network)

Free CDN integration is the highlight of this web-hosting. With its custom CDN option, you can enjoy added flexibility, high speed optimization across various locations and easy integration with WordPress hosting.

Reason 6: 30-Second Support Response Time

Some hosting services leave you hanging by not getting back to you on time. This however is not the case with WPX hosting. They promote 30-second support response time over their website and yes, its true.

As soon as you access their website, the live chat-bot is ready to record your requests and put you in touch with the concerned authority. Within 5 minutes, the request is recorded and the issue is resolved.

In case of serious issues, it takes them not more than 30 minutes to resolve them and they make it a point to keep you informed with the updates so that you are not left hanging.

Thus, customer support is amazing and any possible issues are resolved rapidly.

Reason 7: Easy to Use Control Panel

WPX have a simple user interface. It is completely functional and has all the relevant tools that would allow you to manage your website with ease. 


The best part about managing your website with WPX is that it has a custom dashboard that gives you regular updates on your website.

The manage website button after you sign into the dashboard allows you to create new websites, create staging mode for previews, view details, create SSL certificates, and change your site settings.

Reason 8: “Fixed For You” Guarantee

If your website has gone offline or has stopped functioning, then with WPX hosting, you have nothing to worry about.

The FFY guarantee program fixes almost all such issues in no time for its customers and yeah! It’s free as well.

Reason 9: Free Site Migration

This is one of the best features which comes with WPX. You can migrate your site from any hosting to this hosting with just an email. Also, migration can be done unlimited number of times, provided you have empty slots. This service is free of cost.

However, Hosting migration with a change in domain name is charged.

Reason 10: Automatic Daily Backup & Manual Backup

A major characteristic of a reliable web hosting service is that it makes sure your data stays safe on the server. For that, it requires regular backup.

WPX has an automatic backup feature that is activated daily. The data is saved for 28 days.


In addition to this, you can personally do manual backups which are saved for 24 hours. You can save the changes for longer by downloading them onto your system. 

Reason 11: Free Malware Detection & Removal

It is a secure and reliable host as it daily scans to check for any malware. Even if it detects any malware, free and unrestricted malware removal can be done. 

Reason 12: Affordable Pricing As Per Features

WPX offers its brilliant features at most affordable price range. WPX allows you to host 5 websites at a lower price


If you will compare with the other hosting providers, this will be the best fit for money since it offers so many features in quite affordable prices.

Final WPX Review

Based on the observations mentioned above, Wpx.net is a high-performing and cost-effective hosting, it is one of the top competitors out there. 

The functionality offered otherwise is excellent. Several customers as well as tech reviewers have had an excellent experience.

This is also evidenced in the several positive comments, reviews, and customer testimonials that you will find if you search for them on the web.

WPX hosting services are oriented towards the customers. Their end goal is to provide customer satisfaction and a seamless experience of creating, operating, and managing your website.

Unlike other hosting companies, they care about the customers and ensure the availability of the best possible service.

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